Board Meetings

The River Oaks Homeowners Association Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis. The meeting is routinely held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7PM. With the exception of the annual meeting held at the Pleasant Prairie Village Town Hall, all meetings are held on a rotating basis at the home of a board member.

River Oaks residents are welcome to attend any of these meetings in order to raise concerns or obtain information. If you wish to attend a board meeting, we ask that you notify the board in advance so as to allow for the board member hosting a meeting to make appropriate accommodations.

You may contact the board at any time to request attendance via our online contact form.

Below is the current dates and locations for this year’s meetings. These dates and locations may be subject to change based on availability of board members.

MonthTentative DateBoard Member HostMeeting Address
January01/16/2020Jim Lesage8616 110th Avenue
February02/20/2020Frank Glowaki8538 110th Avenue
March03/24/2020Online MeetingOnline Meeting
April04/16/2020Online MeetingOnline Meeting
May05/21/2020Online MeetingOnline Meeting
June06/18/2020Online MeetingOnline Meeting
JulyNo MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting
August08/20/2020Victor Thompson11007 84th Street
September09/17/2020Tracey Stevens8706 113th Avenue
October10/15/2020Greg Bass8605 110th Avenue
November11/19/2020Annual Meeting9915 39th Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI
DecemberNo MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting

Should you have questions, concerns, or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the River Oaks Board of Directors at: