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About the River Oaks Homeowners Association Board of Directors

We are here to serve your needs and to zealously protect the quality of life in River Oaks and for our homeowners. The Pleasant Prairie area is growing and the demands on River Oaks are changing. Accordingly, we at the River Oaks Home Owners Association recognize we must change as well. Over the past few years, we have evolved from an organization focused primarily on lake use and residential issues into one much more focused on matters impacting the general quality of life of our homeowners. This year, this evolution continues. Our focus for the remainder of the year is simple and clear:

  • Understanding the impact of the I-94 and Highway C construction on traffic and businesses in our community.
  • Protect our quality of life in River Oaks by working with you and the police to combat crime, environmental pollution, and other activities which negatively impact the fabric of the River Oaks community and Pleasant Prairie as a whole.
  • Continue to track and combat variances in zoning and unreasonable development which risk impairing the aesthetics of our surroundings.
  • Continue to assist you with any specific homeowner issues, whether they are with neighbors, an institution or the city.
  • Finally, to develop a proactive coalition that bolsters our membership base and automates our communications processes (we need your email addresses!) so that we may all work together to improve our community.

We trust that by focusing on these key issues, we can make the most impact on your behalf in the coming year.

~ James Lesage, President

About the River Oaks Homeowners Association Board Members

The River Oaks Homeowners Association Board of Directors consists of a diverse group of volunteers. We are all proud homeowners looking to provide stewardship that ensures that River Oaks maintains the well established features and benefits that those before us worked tirelessly to establish and grow.

We are homeowners here to look out for our fellow homeowners. If there is anything we can do to assist you in you and your family’s growth in this community or if there is anything that you see our ideas that you have to improve our community, we are always there to listen, provide direction, and provide assistance.

Below is the current roster of board members. Any one of us is available at any time to answer your questions, address your concerns, or help in any manner that we can to benefit you and the River Oaks Homeowners Association as a whole.

Board Officers

  • President | James Lesage
  • Vice President | Frank Glowacki
  • Secretary | Gregory Bass
  • Treasurer | Linda Tenuta

Committee Officers

  • Architectural | Victor Thompson
  • Lakes | John Skalbeck
  • Roads & Grounds | Ryan Zettle
  • Social & Communications| Lorraine Eddington
  • Technology | Daniel Noah

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the River Oaks Homeowners Association Board of Directors via the contact form below

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