2020 River Oaks Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

Dear River Oaks Member:                                                                  

As a result of COVID-19, our annual meeting will be virtual this year. A virtual meeting will provide more residents with a greater opportunity to attend – all from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, the Village of Pleasant Prairie recently cancelled outside use of their meeting rooms, our past location, limiting our available options. Below is pertinent meeting information:


TIME:  7:00 pm CST – 9:00pm CST


MEETING INTERNET LINK: Email board@river-oaks.org between now and 2pm day of the meeting to insure receipt of link

The board has put together a Powerpoint presentation of committee reviews that will be shared including the 2021 budget. To limit technical issues, only board members will have the ability to actually speak. However, all residents will be able to use the “Chat” feature to type any questions or comments they might have, as well as vote. No outside guests are scheduled for this year’s meeting.

Our Zoom room will “open” at 630 PM! We look forward to seeing you!

Please click on the icon below for the 2020/2021 Annual Budget:

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