2020 Board Meeting Minutes

New Decade



ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Frank Glowacki, Greg Bass, Linda Tenuta, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah and Tracy Stevens.

The minutes were approved as read. Jim Discussed the minutes and the indication that we were all on camera.

Treasury Report: The totals are Checking: $1827.83 and the money market was: $4,998.49 The total as of this date were $3,482.32 and $6574.39. The taxes have been paid, Parmenter has been paid, Bob Kerecz has been paid, there is also a BMO fee. The board discussed transferring accounts to a different bank.

Action Items:

Cameras at the park. Frank discussed the language that will apply in the clarifications of the by-laws in the by-laws that will be distributed. Frank advised that the language as to whom will be able to view the video on the camera. After reviewing language with Pleasant Prairie police, Frank’s recommendation is as follows: Recorded film will be overwritten over a certain amount of days. Upon the request by law enforcement, the camera will be viewed by the board president and technology chairman. Frank discussed a sample event in terms of when that might occur. He also discussed what we wouldn’t be able to do. He discussed the scenario. The film has been volunteered to the police or requested by the police. Frank also discussed that we do not need the community approval suggested that we ask for the community approval, to get support. Frank advised that he send the language to the board electronically for approval. Then we would advise, then it would go into the clarifications of the by-laws. Linda asked the question as to the difference between a closed community and an open community. Frank explained that we are an open community. The events that include use of the video is property damage at the park. Frank explained what his conversation with the chief of police was. The police advised they would secondary viewers. Vic suggested two people view.

Dan is looking into he signs we need to post. Jim discussed that we have never recorded anything like the illegal dumping.

Lakes: No Report.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan discussed the beaver damage. Jim had asked the local trustee as to what we can do about the beaver damage. Jim said that next week is the planning approval for the apartments that will be 147 units back acme powder plant. The meeting is next Monday at 5:00. Jim asked about getting quotes for grounds maintenance for next year.

Architectural: Vic discussed that he has approved the remodeling of a home on 87th street. The exterior is not being affected. Frank discussed that we need to clarify better what we mean by architectural control. He discussed an example, clarifying if someone spends $5,000 on an external change to property vs: $15,000 on an internal change to a home, such as remodeling. Vic volunteered to address that. Vic discussed the idea of someone buying a house, tearing it down, and then building a new home. Jim and Frank discussed language to address antennas, dish units, etc. Greg and Linda discussed things such dish units on a separate stand, dead trees, and other issues as to what we as a board can address and what we cannot address. Frank discussed the changes have occurred.

Jim discussed that there is another trailer sitting in a yard on 84th place. Linda said that she had addressed that. A neighbor complained because they had to move their trailer.

Tech: Dan did a rebuild of the site. He said it is simplified and put a button on it to link to Face Book. He said there are some people who have registered but haven’t used it for 3 years. So, he’s going to clean those out. Frank said he would write the flyer for the spring to alert the neighborhood of the changes, and the clean out. Dan said there is only a handful that have logged in the last year. Let’s look at taking our Face Book private due to what we do for the lake etc. Frank asked about regulating a closed group. Vic suggested we discuss guidelines.


Tracy discussed that she has started a private used Facebook for us, that is welcome to residents of River Oaks. She is building that site. She shared it with the River Oaks current page. Frank said that will also go on the spring newsletter. River Oaks Pleasant Prairie Group. This is a private Facebook page. Tracy said that other people in the group can approve other people. Jim asked if Tracy had a list of current residents. Jim has a list as well as Dan to share. She said she also started an Instagram account. River Oaks-of-Pleasant Prairie. Frank and Jim discussed when dues go out-March 1 is the target date. Jim discussed stuffing the dues envelopes. We must staple them if we also include the newsletter.

Old Business: We are seeking quotes for roads and grounds and for cameras. Jim said we should be able to buy cameras around April. Linda asked where the camera unit is housed. Dan explained it will be a closed-circuit system with a lock box on the gazebo unit. Linda asked if there is a concern about tampering with the equipment. Dan said the difficult part is not the price of the equipment but the placement of the equipment. Dan made suggestions as to the placement of the cameras. He talked about doing the placement the best way and other ways that allow viewing as well tampering protection. Dan said that we must check as to the power source. Vic said there is power to it.

Boat storage rack and improvement. Vic showed a drawing of the proposed racks and improvements. The board discussed accepting Brian Conway’s proposal to do the racks. The board discussed how many racks we need. The discussion was around doing one now as well as another one later. Jim discussed what the racks will be accommodate. Because it can be adjusted as well as locked. Jim talked about boats do not have tags or names and what we have to do with them. The board discussed putting all the footings in.

New Business:

Jim discussed the antennae policy. Vic developed some language and discussed some ideas as to clarifications for antennae policies. Frank discussed the guidelines, which will be made to B2 section in the by-laws where the changes to the solar panel language was.

Beach Maintenance: Jim brought up the idea about people who do not maintain their beach area. Frank brought up what we can do according to DNR rules. We must do some investigation. Vic said there is always going to be a debate as to a lake front and this is what should be done, and those who say, it’s my yard I can do what I want. So, the board discussed what we can do and what language needs to be done. The board tabled the discussion.

Newsletter: Must be done by March 1, 2020.

Illegal Fences letter: It did not happen. We have several people who have fences that were identified-8 residents. We had talked about sending out a letter to them looking for authorization to erect a fence. Jim advised that before we go to an outside legal counsel, we must get information from the present residents as to when and why they received approval. We must address the issue. Frank discussed options that we can take with people who have “illegal” fences in their yards. He suggested that we give those residents notice of a lean due to having an illegal fence. The board discussed putting liens on properties where there are illegal fences. Frank had suggestions as to if people have been here for a long period of time and do not have approval for the fence that when the house is sold, then the fence must be removed. Frank discussed the clarification in the language that we made in 2016 that did not permit fences but had loopholes. Therefore, the clarifications cleared up the language. The board discussed the legal grounds that we have and don’t have. And as to the amount rights we have and don’t have. The board discussed going to the board attorney. Jim said he will go to the attorney. Frank made a motion to go to review with the attorney if it is within our legal rights, for those with a fence in River Oaks that upon the sale of their home, that the board can demand the removal of the fence as part of the sale of the home. Linda seconded it.

Prairie Cleaning day at the park. Ryan said he will talk to Bob on Saturday to see what day would work best for Bob and the board members.

Frank said he would swap meeting dates with Tracy to hold the board meeting in February and Tracy will take September and Linda will take March.

Jim reviewed the action items for the February meeting. Tracy asked when the annual garage sale is, Linda advised that it’s the first Saturday in June.



ATTENDEES: Frank Glowacki, Greg L. Bass, Jim LeSage, Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Tracy Stevens, John Skalbeck. Missing Linda Tenuta and Ryan Zettle.

Treasury Report: Currently we have $3,099.47 in Checking, and $6559.67 Money Market. Linda paid out several bills including the porta potty. Linda was not in attendance but sent the report.

The Minutes from the January Meeting were approved.

The board discussed the dues invoices, Frank will do a letter. He said that he will do a draft to the board, and after approval will get to Jim for stuffing. There will be several reminders included in the letter. The dues letter with the invoices will be in the mail by the end of February.

Action Items: Verbiage and purchase of the Cameras at the park. Dan discussed the estimates sent out to us. Dan said we are looking at options. He discussed using home grown using wireless or cellular service or using a company to buy and implement. Frank asked about the monthly cost for the basic data plan, Dan said about $7 to $10 a month. Dan said in general we’re looking at about $900 with us installing. The mount would be put up on the pole which includes a solar panel. Jim and Frank discussed if we must get permission from, WE energies to put on the pole. Dan said that our main goal is to have view of the lake and the park. The pole has the best angles of surveillance. Greg asked about if was installed what would be the cost, Dan said anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. Jim advised that we should have someone come out and look. Dan discussed the difference between just what we need and the higher end system that cities might have. The budget number, Frank said, was around $500. He said, it’s okay to start and then maybe add later. Dan discussed that he did a lot of looking around with a traditional DVD, but those are a bit expensive. The wireless cellular route is less maintenance intensive. Dan provided surveillance video language. He said is quote at $900 includes 5 signs. Jim said we need signs at the entry ways. Tracy asked how we mount the signs. Jim advised that we have posts in most places with signs on them. The board discussed putting up the signs. Vic made a motion to buy signs, it was seconded by Tracy and approved by unanimous vote. Frank will include a note in the letter that goes with the dues. Jim discussed that if we need money, we can go with one Kayak rack instead of two this year.

Frank discussed the clarification of the language that will go in the by-laws. He had made a few clarifications. The board discussed the information we received from the police chief as to how it is to be viewed. Tracy made a discussion as to a language change. Frank said that it is in the spirit of supporting law enforcement. The board discussed how the police will use the video. Frank discussed the difference between open communities and closed communities. Vic reminded everyone as to what the police chief said. John asked that if there were 4 officers who have access to the tape, there would be 4 beginning with the President and Vice President. Jim suggested that there should be at least two members of the board. John suggested new language that Frank agreed with as the original language he had suggested, last January 15. He said the tighter we can get this the better. Dan said this is all accessible through an app which the board officers will have. Jim said that we’re overthinking it a bit. Greg asked once the language is agreed to does it go into the minutes. Jim discussed a problem with an abandoned dish washer on 84th street. Jim said it is in the driveway.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: John discussed that there is a bill for the fall stocking of fish the bill was $721.62. He also discussed that we’re ready to do the spring order. He said he has had some discussions as to what we should do. He went through a list of the fish that we have done in the past. He asked about suggestions that we might want to think about. He had gotten a suggestion as to Muskies. John said he had gotten input about that, and then asked the fish supplier. He said routinely people are catching Bass, some reports as big Yellow Perch, and Walleye. John said that’s a good sign. He also said people have caught some smaller Northerns, which means they are reproducing. He said overall the fishery is good. He said the number is 1 to 2 per acre, so our lake would be 20. He said Tiger Muskies will not reproduce. He said they last 8 to 12 years. The cost he said is $35 each. John suggested maybe 10. We have budgeted $2000. Greg asked about if Muskies were overly predatory. John and Dan discussed that might not be a concern because they are no more predatory than Northern. Jim asked when they’re stocked. Dan advised that with the Muskie, they’re just larger Northern Pike. Vic said he would rather get our Northern Pike population sustained and asked about Yellow Perch. Frank said he would rather the Northern Pike, and that Muskie are expensive. John said the last time we did Pike, we did only 10. Vic suggested we do some more Pike as well as Yellow Perch. John said we should do some more walleye. Vic agreed. John said he would work up some numbers and then report to the board as to the price and include around 50 pounds of minnows as well. He said we will discuss weed treatment later.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan sent out an email that he is looking for another $1,000 for mowing and landscape, as well as pruning, and beach raking. Jim said he’d like to go back and ask for prices from alternate places. Jim said that all the contractors are lining up the stuff. Jim will go back to Ryan and advise we are maxing out our budget at this current time. He said he’s asking for detail to be presented at next month’s meeting.

Architectural: Vic said he has a request for an updated beach front. He approved it. He said that one other beach was redone as well. He did work on some clarification language on fences and antennas. He put together some language on it.

  1. Fences language. “homes with swimming pools or similar required by Village of Pleasant Prairie” are allowed.
  2. In the event the pool is removed the fence must be removed as well.
  3. Language for antennae will have specifics as to size, placement and restrictions.

Frank and Vic discussed the current language and what it means as to details. Vic said he could put a general clarification around the discussion. Vic and Frank discussed.

Tech Committee: Dan said the resident directory is now up. All the meeting minutes have been sent to Dan, back to 2010. John said he went looking on the website, he said he found some issues with the webpage. Dan said that shouldn’t exist anymore and that shouldn’t be up anymore. He said he’s working with Linda on the old treasury information. He asked if we’re using Quick Books anymore, but she’s not using it anymore. He asked if Paul gave her a laptop that had been purchased by the board. He said he will check it out. Greg asked about putting on Face Book that the directory is up, but Dan said let’s wait until the dues and letter are out. He must check the registration page.

Communications: The new Facebook Group page is up. Tracy asked if we have new people do, we get any communication as to who they are and what information is provided to them by the realtor or us. Vic talked about a sticker on the car that advises you’re a resident of River Oaks. Greg agreed.

Old Business: Parking of construction equipment.

New Business: The geese control agreement was signed. That invoice is coming up. The antennae policy has been discussed. Greg asked about dish satellites not being allowed on the roof anymore. That is correct. Greg advised as to the homeowner policy increases that are coming due the size of losses.

Vic talked about where the antennae should be placed.

Jim brought up rules for resident beach maintenance. Do we treat the beach areas the same as we treat the front yards? Jim discussed the difference between the natural areas vs: those that had been upgraded. John discussed that if there are complaints, then we can deal with it on case by case basis. Vic said we must deal with in the same way we address the front yard issues. Greg asked about formal complaint process. Such complaints about yards must be in writing, it was clarified and discussed by the board. Tracy suggested that we do updates on Facebook before the board meetings and as well as reminders after the board meetings as where the minutes have been posted.

The board discussed putting out the orange warning tags on auto’s that don’t belong. Vic discussed again the idea of stickers on cars.

Jim discussed the park issues, the dead trees, the cracked pavement, and some of the park issues. John asked about it, some of it can be done during cleanup day.

Jim talked about the 2020 improvements, the kayak rack and the charcoal grill. John suggested a target date before July 4th. The board discussed the cleanup day, the dead tree issues as well as people within the community who have volunteered to do so. Jim said that we have a license for goose depredation, and that we can do it because we have a license.

Ryan must schedule the cleanup day when Bob Kerpec is available. Jim talked about the review development. He discussed the Illinois law that discusses the restriction of the Des Plaines river. He discussed the Review Development. Frank asked what you can do now, because the engineers that have this all figured out now. Vic said they’re supposed to look at all the probabilities as to rain fall events etc. Vic said they must put in retention ponds. John discussed that he said the issue with the plot of land, that for 30 or 40 years it has been un-engineered with development all around it without any engineering. This created problems for the Chateau area and created artificial wetland areas. He said they were not historical wetlands; they were artificial due to construction. This means they can engineer around it. There was no group who could treat the property as should have been treated. Now they say they can engineer the whole thing. John said they hired wetland delineators. He said his overall take is difficult water area, we have all this water, and it’s shallow. He said that is why it’s been a difficult area to develop, and that development has been haphazard. But now they are correcting it through water drainage areas. He said that he was skeptical until he saw the plan, and the engineered management is better than un-engineered planning. He discussed must how the engineering of the highway occurred. He said he feels it’s going to be better especially for the Chateau folks. Jim said his concerned is that the project is under-engineered. Jim said that it is good that the board is paying attention to this development. Greg noted that his concerns, as he spoke about at the village meeting that was held are about the capacity of the river to take on any more run off or drainage without flooding the River Oak neighborhood and other surrounding neighborhoods. It is a very, very large project being built in a flood plan several other companies have not been able to engineer or build in. Jim ask that his comments regarding the project being under engineered to prevent flooding be recorded in the minutes.

Jim said we have the insurance coming out for the association so we should bid it out.

Frank will redo the proposal for an electronic vote. Dan will firm up estimates for the cameras. Jim will go back to Ryan as to the extra money. We will review the clarification verbiage. The motion was made and passed. Vic will send the word document to Frank. Vic will update when residents need to do architectural controls. Frank will do the newsletter. Jim will check to see if we can use the pole for the camera.

Next month’s meeting is at Linda’s house, on March 19th.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.


MARCH 24, 2020


ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass,


March Board Meeting 2020

2/24/20 Online WebEx Meeting


Minutes Approved by Online Vote


  • Verbiage & Purchase for HOA Cameras in Public Areas-Frank/Dan
  • Verbiage For B-2 Fence & Antennae Clarifications








  • Verbiage of architectural approval for parking of construction equipment long term
  • Denial by WE Energies for camera on pole at park


  • Neighborhood Book Exchange Boxes
  • Rules for Resident Beach Maintenance
  • Cracked Blacktop/dirt fill required/dead tree@ Park
  • 2020 HOA Improvements? Kayak Storage Racks/Charcoal Grill Replacement at Park
  • Prairie Cleaning Day @ Park w/Bob K- Should Village Clear Buckthorn on River side?


ADJOURNMENT: Board Meeting Dates/Host

Next Scheduled Meeting: April 16, 2020 Ryan Zettle 8616 111th Ave

Board Service Terms Jim LeSage President 2021

Frank Glowacki V President 2021

Greg Bass Secretary 2020

Linda Tenuta Treasurer 2020

Vic Thompson Architectural 2020

John Skalbeck Lakes 2021

Ryan Zettle Roads & Grounds 2021

Dan Noah Technical 2020

Tracey Stevens Communications & Social 2022

Minutes distributed and reviewed prior to meeting:

Minutes for February meeting were approved as edited and corrected.

Reports submitted:

Treasury Report:

Treasurer Report/ March 2020 Deposit: $15,000.

Interest $0.26 Paid Out: *2/20 WE $96.41 *3/20 WE $84.87 3/13 #1696 Wis. Lake Pond Resources-Walleye and bl. Crappie-$721.62 3/13 #1695

Pats Porta Potty $94.95 3/16 #1698

Dan Noah Camera Notification Signs $132.44

Balances: Checking MM 3/24/20 $1,518.67 $6,544.93 + 15,000 —————— $21,544.93 * Automatic Payment Withdrawal Submitted by: Linda Tenuta

The Board discussed sending out notices in May, which would be a delay from the normal process. The board discussed picking up the mail for the dues. Linda said she had received 60 payments. Linda discussed switching to another company. We are still getting the $15 charge. She has checked with the Educators Credit Union. We could avoid the fee if we moved our accounts over.

Action Items: Purchase of the Cameras: Dan said they are meeting with 3 different camera providers. There is a low, media, and high resource. One came, LasTech, in at $900, a traditional system with a camera mounted on the gazebo, and cables run from there. There was another option which would add $300. A more complex system would use a point of site antennae system. The cameras would be mounted. In this case what they would do would mount their own pole and wiring internal to the pole. It would be a 10-foot pole. We would be able to access the system via an app on the phone. The drawback is the hardware would be in Dan’s house. It could be changed. As long as the house can see the system, then it works. Vic said this sounds like a deal breaker. Dan, we told the company that it may be a problem. Greg said we should go simple and budget conscious. Jim agreed that we should just do baby steps. Dan said what we’re looking for is a perspective on different systems. Jim said whatever we do, we must have to have an electrician run the electricity which will be another $250. Frank said he agreed with Greg. We can play small ball and then get larger. Frank had a question, He asked where cameras might be placed on the pavilion the site lines don’t seem clear, is there a concern? He said there will be trees in bloom that would create a problem. Dan said the solution that we were looking for was looking out at the parking lot and the street. Jim agreed and said we interested in people who are not residents, and not people who are residents. Ryan, said we should have view of the lake due to if an accident or injury happened, we would have to have view of that.

Dan said, we are looking at systems that can be added to and that we need to address the immediate need first, looking at the park, the parking lot and the road. Jim said that we just need to begin somewhere because we do not have the finances to put in the highest-level system, it’s just a beginning. Jim said, he had not put the signs up yet, but they will be up this week. Dan said that’s a good first step. Frank agreed, and said our biggest concerns is the parking lot, and the area where we’ve had dumping. But we need to take a step. We must let the community get comfortable and then we can expand. Jim said then we’ll wait for the third party to bring their quote in. He said let’s look at a low cost start up and then grow with that. Dan is waiting for the third quote and he will prepare a matrix. Frank asked low cost, Dan said low cost would be $500-$600. Commercial low cost $900-$1000, and then the solution of $2000 or more. The complex system would be up to $4000. Frank asked for clarification. Jim said there is only one tree in the way. The low cost gives us 4 cameras in 4 areas. Frank said, what we’re talking about is planning. Greg said we need to stop the discussion and allow Dan to finish his process. Vic said we need to talk to the guys with the low-cost option and then get all the details done and then see what the site lines are. Greg asked a question about antennas on the roof and what the height is. Vic answered the question as to be 20-foot antennae at maximum height. Jim said that we have been discussing this for a couple of months. John asked about how we respond to the person who requested the information. The response we have considered today is not a result of that.

Camera Rewarding:

Architectural Committee Report: Frank discussed the language clarifications in B-24 regarding lake use and cameras at the park. Frank refined the language according to what was agreed at the February meeting. Jim advised that we need to get the language out there. There are two other pieces. Dan offered a change in the wording to “recorded media.” There was also changes in the language regarding fencing. The board agreed to the new language clarification regarding fencing in B-18. There was also architectural control language. Jim said he has been looking at FCC regulations. It regarded the use of Satellite dish and antennae use. He said once you go beyond 50 feet, you must have a light on top. Vic said he investigated it, and we don’t want to get into commercial antennas etc. Vic discussed we had a guy who wanted 60-foot antennae up. He said that’s too much. Jim said that the 60 foot is way beyond what is needed. Dan said that that is not needed to do ham radio. John said that in the River Oaks there was a precedent because someone had a Ham Radio. Greg advised that you don’t need 60-foot antennae to do Ham radio. Tracey said her husband is a ham radio operator and he said a tower of that size is not needed. The board made a motion to adopt the new language as proposed by Frank, and the motion carried. 8-1.

Architectural Controls Committee Report, March 2020 V. Thompson, Chairman • One request for approval of a driveway resurface, from Davis family, approved. • One request for approval of new siding, from Horswell family, same color as current, approved. Clarification Update on fences and antennae 1. Updated fence verbiage in clarification: There shall be no fences erected by any owner without the consent of the architectural control committee, and upon consent by the architectural control committee, such fences shall be erected in accordance with the ordinances of the town Village of Pleasant Prairie. In general, no permanent fencing has been approved within River Oaks. Exceptions are for placement along property lines that run parallel along Highway C (but fencing may only be placed along the property line adjoining Hwy C), homes with swimming pools and/or similar as required by the Village of Pleasant Prairie, and fences existing prior to the adoption of the River Oaks By-Laws. If the pool is removed from a resident’s yard at some point, the fence must also be removed at the same time. Fences may be of wood or vinyl in an earth tone color or decorative wrought iron or aluminum. Critter guard fencing (max 2’ high) for gardens: privacy divider (max 8’length 6’ high) as example by a hot tub and near the residence structure, or a split rail fence (max 2 sections 8’long) to accent their property lines will be considered by the architectural committee. Viable alternatives within individual property lines to consider may be landscaping implemented for screening purposes, “invisible” pet fences. (June, Spring 2016; Feb 2020) 2. Add language to Clarifications for Antennae. (Feb 2020) Satellite dish antennae less than 3 ft in diameter or mast antennae shorter than 30 feet from the ground or 20 feet above the roof peak are allowed. If the antenna is ground mounted, it must be in the rear of the residence, and not clearly visible from the street. Current language in the Covenants for Architectural Control: PART B COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS B-2 ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL No building, wall, well, other structure or facility shall be erected, placed, or permitted to remain and no alteration of any of the foregoing costing more than One Thousand Dollars, and no alternation of the physical conditions of any lot which would appreciably affect the appearance of the vicinity or the value of other lots shall be made, unless and until the design plans and specifications thereof, showing the nature, kind, shape, size, location, externally visible materials, colors, and general appearance thereof, including the proposed landscaping of the lot, shall have been submitted to, approved in writing by, and a copy thereof as approved permanently lodged with the architectural committee (as provided in Part C), its successors or assigns. In the even said design, plans or specifications are disapproved, or that the same are not approved with thirty (30) days of their submission, then within sixty (60) days following such disapproval or following the lapse of such thirty (30) days of their submission, the owner of the lot submitting said design, plans, or specifications shall have the right to notify in writing the architectural control committee, its successors or assigns, of the intention to seek approval thereof by a committee of three architects, and by appointing in such notice the first of said architects. Within ten (10) days following receipt of such notice, the architectural control committee, its successors or assigns, shall appoint a second architect and within ten (10) days thereafter the two architects so appointed shall appoint a third; the decision of two of the three architects so appointed shall be final. PART B COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS B-2 Architectural Control No building, wall, well, other structure or facility shall be erected, placed, or permitted to remain and no alteration of any of the foregoing costing more than Five Thousand Dollars……… PART C ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE C-1 Membership The Architectural Control Committee is composed of William Dean of Park Ridge, Illinois; Roy G. Gromke of Arlington Heights, Illinois; and Donald A. Mitroff, of Mount Prospect, Illinois. Most of the Committee may designate a representative to act for it. In the event of death or resignation of any member of the Committee, the General Partner of Pleasant Prairie, P.U.D, a Wisconsin limited Partnership, shall have full authority to designate a successor. Neither the members of the Committee nor its designated representative shall be entitled to any compensation for its services performed pursuant to this covenant. Ideas for new Clarification Opening Paragraph on the Architectural Controls Committee. • Simply put, the purpose of the Architectural Controls Committee is to help maintain the beauty and charm of our neighborhood, as in turn, help maintain our property values. • We are not intended to be the Landscape Police, nor do we want you to feel like you need to contact us every time you plant a shrub or replace a window in your home.

• We DO need you to let us know if you are making a change to the exterior of your home that substantially affects the appearance of it, including: new exterior color, new driveway, new roof color, lakefront renovations, new deck, new hot tub, additions to your home. In many cases, you will need a Building Permit from the Village of Pleasant Prairie, and they will require written approval of the HOA before your permit is issued. Vic Thompson Mar. 24, 2002

Vic said he had two activities last month, a driveway and a residing project. Both were approved. The rest is in the statement above. Vic said, he and Frank had discussed in general clarifications in the architectural controls. Vic, said he is suggesting some general verbiage to put in. He said he and Frank will put a general statement in as to when people need to contact architectural control. Frank advised that the verbiage needs to start with a general statement. Greg suggested that some language be put in that says who the control committee is.

Lakes Report:

Lake Russo Committee Report

March 24, 2020

John Skalbeck

Whole lake treatment will be conducted in spring 2020 to control invasive aquatic plants. Marine Biochemist (aquatic plant control applicator) will three applications of herbicide over a treatment period of 56 days (8 weeks). Initial application depends on weather and temperature which in recent years has been in early May. The cost remains the same at $3,924.

We have a fish stocking order with Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC to deliver fish to the lake in spring and fall 2020. The 2020 order includes: Fathead Minnows (50 lb., 2-3 in.), Black Crappie (100, 5-7 in.), Bluegills (100, 3-5 in.), Largemouth Bass (100, 2-4 in.), Yellow Perch (100, 5-7 in.), and Walleye (50, 5-8 in.). The Largemouth Bass will be available for fall delivery. The order cost is $1,997.33.

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource indicates that number of fish and size may vary from the order depending on availability. Any substitutions will be done within the order budget.

John discussed the lake treatments in terms of 3 treatments in order to keep the herbicide levels low. John said they generally give us notice prior to the treatment dates.

John put an order in for fish stocking as described above. John said the breakdown is routine. He said, one thing is that he did not have Northerns in the report. There will be 10 Northerns also delivered in the fall. He said the overall order cost is in our budget of $2000. John said that this was based on last month’s feedback.

Jim discussed the fish stocking last meeting. He said we have been very aggressive in fish stocking. He proposed that we reduce the budget from $2000 to $1,000 and alternate year after year. He said that the ice fisherman are not fishing and throwing back. He said agreed and there were other things that we need to discuss. Jim said he understood that. John said that it would more appropriate for next year but not change that this year. He said that it would be inappropriate. Vic said we already spent the money and we must find it somewhere else.


Roads and Grounds:

Ryan discussed the spreadsheet that he put up. He said he built a matrix of 7 areas for roads and grounds. Please see below. Ryan discussed each section of the matrix. He said he had three different proposals for lawn cutting, $4968 for 24 cuts, $6003 for 29 cuts, $5850 for 30 cuts. Then there was one at $6,330 flat pre-tax. The proposals were from: Garcia’s landscape, Grasshopper Lawn Care, and Ben Reimer. Greg asked if anyone of these firms doing business right now. Grasshopper has been around for 12 years. Greg suggested we talk to Grasshopper in order to get his services. John added that would be 26 cuts. Jim asked Ryan to go back and see what he can get for $5000.

Bob Kerpec-weed control, path maintenance and prairie maintenance and boat launch. His bid was $2750 total, in 5 payments.

That would bring our total $7750. The beach maintenance and control would be $105. Greg asked about keeping the payments down to the fewer the better. Jim said that if we could get resident to do some of the work, it would keep the cost down. Jim said that the residents need to know that if we can’t get some resident help, we’re all going to have to pay for it. Greg proposed that we put on Facebook a request for park clean up each for once a month. Jim discussed the spring clean-up. Greg discussed the idea of doing a schedule. Jim said we need to ask for help and have someone take control of it. Tracey said that we should start in May and do a May, June, and July, and August. She also said she would volunteer to be the lead of the park. Ryan said that he had talked with Grasshopper and Bob about the maintenance package. Jim said we should talk with Bob. Greg asked Ryan to negotiate with Grasshopper and Bob Kerpec. Jim asked Ryan to get the negotiations as soon as possible.

Economic Summary Total : Parts, Labor & Training $2,073.93 Terms: $1350 Deposit with signature acceptance, balance upon completion Scope of Work Guard Dog Surveillance Systems proposes to provide the necessary hardware (defined in our PA listing) and the integration and installation thereof to develop a functional IP video system. The system will comprise of… An imbedded software, Network Video Recorder (NVR) with capacity for four (4) inputs, dual NIC, and, 1,000 GB of storage capacity * Qty two (2) 5.0 color (by day) MP IP with night vision infrared (b/w by night) cameras, Pole mounted on a 4” x 4” x 12’ aluminum pole, A 5 port network POE switch enclosed in an outdoor enclosure and direct burial network cabling to a point to multi-point wireless LAN Bridge radio which will transmit the camera data to the home of your choice, Where a point to point radio will capture the camera data and transmit it to the network recorder (noted above) via a second 5-port network switch. Network switch and NVR will be located at, receive power from and share Internet connection with other devices at that location. Trenched (from the pavilion) and buried conduit enclosed direct burial Ethernet CAT5e cabling. * 1-TB of storage calculates to 21 days stored history at 100% recording on two (2) 5-MP cameras. 25% recording (on motion only) is very conservative and moves the stored history value from 21 to ~80 days. Likely 15-20% recording is more logical thus we’re designing for better than 90 to 100 days stored history.

We will create a separate (from your PC) network for the camera system but connect your PC to the NVR via the second network interface connector on the NVR. We do it this way so that the continuous high bandwidth network traffic generated by the network cameras does not negatively affect your LAN. The system will be viewable and be able to be administered directly at the recording equipment as well as remotely from your existing on-site (Windows-7 or higher) network PC and/or other network connected devices (wired/wireless laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.). The video monitor we are supplying can be used to view live/recorded video, but its primary use is configuration of the NVR. 30- and 120-Day Optimization Guarantee We understand that after the sale service and your ability to fully utilize all the benefits of your new digital video system are paramount to maximizing the value of your investment. Therefore, as part of our proposal package, we let you know – up front – how we’re going to be there for you after the sale. In addition to make certain that every piece of installed equipment is fully functional on the day of installation we come back ~30-days later and (if necessary) again in another 90 days. Not only does this provide peace of mind knowing the equipment will work and continue doing so, it also happens to be the absolute best way to assure our client training works. You see, on day one, we tell you all about your new equipment and we show you how to use it. That said, even the very best of our clients only retain a portion of that first day’s training. After you’ve had an opportunity to “play with” the equipment does a lot of what we taught begin to make sense and the questions you have are qualified by the trial and error perspective… “I tried this, and it didn’t work… how do I…?” Virtually every customer says that 30-day training really helped them put it all together – so much so that the 90-day later session is seldom deemed necessary. Nonetheless, if you want it, we’ll be back ~90-days later for a refresher. Conclusion To execute this proposal just return the enclosed Purchase Agreement page with your acceptance signature and the noted project deposit. We’ll order any necessary components, acknowledge receipt of your order and schedule installation – usually 3-4 weeks ARO (depending upon existing schedule). We work very diligently with each of our clients helping them to be as much a part of the system development process as possible. Usually this also helps to minimize post proposal questions however, if we’ve missed something or you or any of your staff have a question about any aspect of this proposal, please contact us at your first convenience. If there are no questions, may we be favored with your business? Best regards, Guard Dog Surveillance Systems

Dan discussed that he is working on the directory and finishing that up. He also said that maybe we should get a picture of each of us to put on the board of director’s page. He also said that the webpage is being completed. Tracey talked about a “get to know your board member,” but the COVID-19 interrupted the project. She said that it’s in the works.

To: you Details

Lawn care



Cost per Cut

Number of Cuts

Payment Due Date

How Often the Grounds will get Mowed


Start Date

End Date







25th of the Month





Cut the grass to 3 inches in height, remove trash before each cutting


Garci’s Landscaping Proposal A







3rd Week of April

The Last Week of October

Spring Clean Up the 2nd Week of April


Garcia’s: Landscaping Proposal B





1st Week of May

3rd Week of October


Ben’s Lawncare

$6,000 pretax




Would combine Beach Maintenance with Lawn Cutting for a total $6,857.50


Beach Maintenance and Volleyball Court


Ben’s Lawncare


$105.50 per month


Path Maintenance


Bob Kerpec

$2,750.00 for All the Below

$550.00 per payment

Twice a Month

1st of the Month Starting in June


May 1st

October 15, 2020

Weed Removal and Limb Pruning


Prairie Restoration


Bob Kerpec


Twice a Month


May 1st

October 15

Handling of Invasive Species


Play Area Maintenance


Bob Kerpec


Twice a Month


May 1st

October 15th

Removal of Weeds within the Play Area


Entryway Maintenance


Bob Kerpec


Once a Month


May 1st

October 15th

Maintaining of Entryway Beds, Clearing of Weeds and Garbage, Spaded Edges


Boat Storage and Boat Launch Maintenance


Bob Kerpec


Twice a Month


May 1st

October 15th

Weed Management


 Reply Reply All Forward

Communications: Tracy said she is working on the Face Book page, she asked that since we do have the website where people have to register, can we create an email directory, so that when we have projects to be done, we can connect everyone. Dan addressed that and said it would be possible. Jim discussed putting it in a message once a year. That’s all she had.

Old Business: Clarifications to by-laws and covenants: Submitted by V.P. Frank Glowacki

B-2 Architectural Control Dish / Antennae Satellite dish antennae less than 3 ft in diameter or mast antennae shorter than 30 feet from the ground or 20 feet above the roof peak are allowed. If the antenna is ground-mounted, it must be in the rear of the residence, and not clearly visible from the street. (March 2020)

Jim discussed verbiage for discussion and using the pole for the camera’s-the answer was no.

NEW Business: Neighborhood book exchange boxes. A presentation was made on 2/2017 meeting. The idea had merit. There was an issue where the resident wanted the board to pay for it. Jim did write a letter to the resident however we did not have money to pay for it at that time. There are lots of questions he has about the neighborhood book exchange boxes. Vic said he wanted us to put it in the park. Jim said it is and issue. It has to do with what is an out-building, they cannot have roofs and doors. There is a question as to having a roof and door, who’s going to pay for it, the maintenance of it, who wants to design and approve it. Greg discussed the question. Tracey spoke to the idea there were several book boxes and exchanges. It is not an outbuilding. She said a resident has said they would put it in their yard. Jim said that it has merit, however, who is going to maintain it. Tracey said, that if the person who puts it up in their yard then it’s their duty to maintain it. That’s all the resident’s responsibility. Jim said, that at the end of the day, it will become the board’s responsibility. Tracey said if a resident wants to put it up in their yard. John said the proposal was to put in the resident’s yard. John said the resident was looking for guidance. Jim said he would like to refer it to the architectural control committee. He said it’s a maintenance issue. Vic said he was not in favor of it putting up other stuff in yards is something that he’s not in favor. Jim said there are a bunch of questions that need to be answered before it can be approved. Frank said that we set a precedent back then. What he said that was his remembrance was that if the person wanted to pay for it, put it on their yard, control it then it was okay. Frank and Jim discussed it. The board would support if the guy paid for it and controlled it. Then the board would approve. Frank discussed that we may want to start fresh. He said when there is recorded record of something similar, the board must discuss, it was discussed and there was a path. It’s one thing if it was not discussed. Jim said he will formulate a letter then discuss it with the board, before any action would be taken. John discussed that the minutes of the approval of the concept and that we have approved under certain circumstances. We can’t change that.

Rules for Resident Beach Maintenance: The beach is the same as the rest of their home and their yard. Vic said he’s done nothing to it. Jim said that there are some people that fall in that category, there are a few left to maintain the beach front area.

Crack fill and dead trees: Jim said he was at the park and cleaned out the drain tubes. Greg has volunteered to cut down the dead trees. Pat’s has repaired the gate. There’s other work that needs to be done. Jim said we had approved purchase of two kayak storage racks. If we do the aluminum racks, we’re looking at $4000. Jim said a resident has volunteered to put the footings in. The board discussed doing the footings. The racks give the residents who do not live on the lake the ability to store their boats on the lake. Frank asked if we approved two, the budget is $5000. Frank said we are running tight to the budget. Jim said we’ve done so many things for the lake, more people would use the lake if they had access to the lake. John made the motion that we buy the two racks.

The motion passed. Jim said he’s willing to put it on his credit card. The board approved. The racks will be here sometime next week.

The Charcoal grill replacement. The new grill is sitting in his garage and he will mount the grill.

The prairie cleaning day with Bob. Ryan will follow up. Jim asked if Bob could give us two dates that are at least two weeks off. Ryan said he would recommend a Sunday. Ryan will discuss with Bob.

Jim asked about the spreadsheet with the lawn care. He said we’re close on the budget, he said there are some opportunities we can look forward to. He said the insurance came in at $2374. The board should look at board improvements at $3400. The kayak racks are $4500. The increase is the cameras at the park-it looks like $1200 rather than the $500 budget. John discussed the treatment budget; the treatment budget was $6,000 and it will come in at $4000 so that’s a $2,000 budget. Tracey said with that we should leave the fish stocking as it is. The board left the fish stocking as is. The some of the savings will go toward the cameras, with a cap on what that spend will look like. Vic suggested that we cap it at $2,000 to be safe. Jim said we have some wiggle room in the budget then.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.


APRIL 16, 2020


ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Greg L. Bass, Frank Glowacki, Dan Noah, Tracy Stevens, John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Linda Tenuta

The Meeting was called to order by Jim Lesage at 7:01 PM.

Action Item: Meeting with Steve Predania. Steve Predania Steve presented a discussion regarding B2 regarding dish size and height. The discussion regarded 30 feet about ground and an antennae 10 feet above roof line.

Jim discussed the Pleasant Prairie specific language that applies to antennae and towers. Vic discussed the River Oaks language. Steve Predania then asked about what is meant be “rear in the back yard.” Vic discussed the idea of being visible from the front. Jim then discussed the action due to all the injuries that have occurred and companies that do not want dish placed on the roof anymore but must be ground mounted. He discussed that the board’s intent was to be able to work with the resident. Steve discussed that the dish must have southern exposure. Jim discussed that each individual instance would have to be considered in a discussion as to receptive abilities. Steve discussed the wording and how they can be interpreted. Jim discussed that we have had had many instances in regard to people discussing the language being interpreted by an individual point of view, the board attempts to look at the community rather than one individual. Steve presented the idea of the recent house. Greg discussed the sequence of events regarding the construction of a tower and antennae. Jim advised that we are not talking about ham radio and but communication towers. Frank discussed that we have several ham operators in the neighborhood. And they we researched the recent bill in the senate, but it is not law yet. It is a presentation from the amateur radio communities. There is no law yet. Frank said whether it is the village or the River Oaks HOA to maintain the maintenance of the River Oaks community. It is difficult for us to look at the point of issue and then work with other organizations as to what should be done. Steve sent a letter and was concerned about as a board why would we want to get involved when we are already covered by the village. He said that prior boards should pick and choose where we want to spend the effort. The main thing he wrote was that covenants are deemed to run with the land. He said that we need to research if we have violated the by laws and what authorities we have. Frank said we constantly refer to the covenants and that we regard them seriously. He read the item from B2 of the covenants. Frank read that the language has been in there since 1976. He also read the by law from 1976, clause .083, that regards the authority of the board as to adoption of rules and regulations, regarding architectural controls, recreational projects, and other affairs of the HOA. He said we have never held in higher regard the covenants and by laws. Jim discussed outside legal review as to what we can do and what we can’t. It is the intent and what our intent is. We cannot change a covenant, he said there is room for clarification and explanation. He said the basic rules and underlying provides those authorities. Steve asked for clarification as to creating new and covenant. Jim said any board can clarify the covenants and by laws. Steve said offense is not intended. He said he was trying to present his view as to his interpretation and that the village does not have an issue with visibility. Steve presented pictures that were not in the back yard. The pictures that conflict with the language of the change that we put in place in the clarifications. Jim said we really don’t want to go back to the village and then ask the village to see if there is a permit in place. Steve discussed his point of fairness and that we should not go down this path, and that we should just abide by the village rules and ordinance. Jim said he will go to legal and share that with Steve. He asked that we get a legal opinion regarding visibility and the ordinance regarding antennas and towers. Jim said he will discuss with our attorneys and we’ll see what path it leads us to. Steve discussed that he was just trying to protect us from further legal action. Steve’s intention was just to discuss if can do what we’re doing. The board agreed to table the motion with Steve until a legal opinion is secured.

The minutes were approved as edited and corrected.

Treasury Report: There was a deposit of $8500. There is $6986.98 in the checking and $17,270.70 in the money market. Linda processed several checks including Utilities, new grill in the park, porta potty, boat rack, Naturescape, Sam Eddington for concrete work, Migratory bird control.

Treasurer Report/ April 2020

Deposit: $8,500 (34 homeowners); Interest $0.31 (27 outstanding dues) Paid Out: *4/20 PL. PR. Utilities $186.00 *4/20 WE $82.92 3/26 #1699 Jim LeSage replace grill and printing of newsletter 3/27 #1700 Pats Porta Potty $94.95 4/6 #1701 Jim-(Dock Doctors) Boat Rack Purchase $3,783.77 4/6 #1702 Naturescape Mosquito Control Park $299.00 4/16 #1703 Sam Eddington concrete for footings for boat racks in park $68.58 4/16 #1704 Migratory Bird Mgmt. Goose Depredation $1,500 Maintenance fee $15 + excess check fee .18/check = $9.54 Balances: Checking MM 4/16/20 $6,986.98 $17,270.70 + 8,500.00 —————— $25,770.70

* Automatic Payment Withdrawal Submitted by: Linda Tenuta

The board discussed the banking charges and fees and decided to put off exploration until the Covid 19 issue was over. Jim and Linda discussed outstanding dues. Jim said they we need to step back another month or so and forgo the late fees this year. Linda said that people may be forgetful. Tracey discussion a gentle reminder and that we put something on Face Book. Linda said it was due March 31 and there are people in arears. Jim asked Tracey to put something out there. Ryan said he is okay forgoing.

Action items: Cameras for parking area. Frank approved the security camera language. It’s on the most recent clarification. Dan said the Camera corner will not be coming out due to Covid 19. We are still receiving quotes. There are three companies which are in competition for the placement of the security cameras at the park. Jim said that the kayak racks are now installed, and people are using them. Jim discussed that we would want to have a system that can be upgraded over the years should it be necessary. Jim said we have two quotes, one basic and one high dollar. Jim said that there is a sign up. Vic agreed we need to put something up fairly quickly. Jim discussed that we have a $600 do it yourself, the other option $1200, and $2300. The advantage of the $2300 comes with its own mounting. Dan said we lose value with the cameras posted on the present building. Dan favored the $2300 because it was an all in one solution without us doing additional work. Jim said we have to get something done, the parking lot is an issue, the kayak, the camera’s in the pavilion, etc. Dan said he will get an option. Linda asked about the budget and the money we budgeted. Jim said we have $500 in the budget. Linda suggested that we have extra money from savings from like the kayak rack, the insurance. Linda and Jim discussed that we can’t get to $2300. Dan summarized that we have then, around $1500. He offered to float the remainder until next year. The board rejected the offer. Dan will get a final offer. He said he needs to go back to Guard Dog.

Lakes Committee: We received a signed water management agreement. He said he wanted to point out the cost of the treatment. He said the number of treatments is 2 not 3. He recalled that we cut back from 3 to 2 to save on the budget. We have done two applications the last few years. It does appear to be working. We’re good to go. When they start is temperature dependent so it may be a month from now when they start. The treatment last 45 days, it doesn’t impact use of the lake. Signs will be posted. Vic said that the only complaint was that they did the treatment on a Friday and should have waited until another day.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan produced invoices from Bob Kerpec. Ryan discussed that one of our residents weeded the front entryways. He said this was part of Bob’s duties under his quote and contract. The Grasshopper invoice was provided as well. Grasshopper will do the lawn maintenance.





River Oaks Subdivision



ADDRESS River Oaks Homeowners Association Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 ADDRESS

6105 109th Avenue Kenosha, WI 53142

OWNER PHONE 262-914-4125 CONTRACTOR PHONE 224-213-0586 (cell) OWNER EMAIL mzettle26@gmail.com CONTRACTOR EMAIL BobK24@hotmail.com


2020 River Oaks Subdivision Maintenance Tasks


Park and 111th Avenue Entranceway


TASKS -All tasks will be conducted between the dates of 4/15/20 to 10/15/20.Social distancing guidelines will apply while working on these tasks. 1. PATH MAINTENANCE (twice a month) -Activities to include weed removal and limb pruning within and immediately adjacent to the paths. This may involve some buckthorn removal in which the stumps will be cut flush with the ground. 2. PRAIRIE MAINTENANCE (twice a month) -This work shall consist of applying herbicide for control of targeted invasive species. Some hand pulling or cutting may be required. -Target species shall include teasel, Canada thistle, burdock, perennial clovers, and buckthorn and sandbar willow resprouts. 3. PARK MAINTENANCE (twice a month) -This work will be limited to removing weeds within the interior of the playground area. 4. BOAT STORAGE MAINTENANCE AREA (twice a month) -This work will involve weed management around the boat storage area. 5. ENTRYWAY MAINTENANCE (once a month) -This work will involve maintaining the two landscape beds at the 111th Avenue entrance. -The perennial plant beds shall be 100 percent weed-free and clear of litter and debris after each visit. -The beds shall have a neatly spaded edge between the mulched bed and the turf. 6. BEACH MAINTENANCE (twice a month starting in May) -The work will include pickup of loose material such as but not limited to: woody debris, garbage, goose droppings, etc.

Herbicides-non-restricted-use broadleaf herbicides will be applied.




5/1/20 TASK 2 400.00 $ 6/1/20 TASKS 1-6 620.00 $ 7/1/20 TASKS 1-6 620.00 $ 8/1/20 TASKS 1-6 620.00 $ 9/1/20 TASKS 1-6 620.00 $ 10/15/20 TASKS 1-6 620.00 $ 3,500.00

Architectural control: Beach front management was approved. Vic summarized the antennae discussion, the language, the timeline of activities. What it was all prompted by, so Vic provided a history.

Architectural Controls Committee Report, April 2020


V. Thompson, Chairman


• One request for approval of a beachfront area renovation, from Glowacki family, approved.



Language was finalized and added to Clarifications under B2 for Antennas.

Satellite dish antennae less than 3 ft in diameter or mast antennae shorter than 30 feet from the ground or 10 feet above the roof peak are allowed. If the antenna is ground mounted, it must be in the rear of the residence, and not clearly visible from the street.

This was prompted by the new antenna added to the rooftop at 11018 87th St., the Oberhoeffer residence as part of their January remodeling project.

• We received a request from a realtor, Mr. Kranstover, who was representing a buyer for a home for sale within River Oaks on March 24, indicating that his client would like to erect a 60’ Amateur Radio antenna in his yard.

• I responded to him on March 25th that that would NOT be allowed and cited the above language as well as the Village Ordinance governing Residential Communication Structures.

• He replied on March 26th that the potential buyer would be willing to install a retractable 45’ tall antenna, and I responded that that, too, would not be allowed. I supplied him with a letter on River Oaks letterhead stating that we would not allow this antenna. (See attached letter.)

• On March 28th, Mr. Kranstover emailed the board stating that his client would not be purchasing a home in River Oaks.


Vic Thompson

Apr. 16, 2020



To: Paul Kranstover Coldwell Banker Real Estate One Kenosha WI


Mar. 28, 2020


Mr. Kranstover,

Our Board of Directors held a special meeting last evening to discuss your request to allow your client to erect a retractable antenna that extended to 45 feet tall.

The board has decided to not allow this deviation to our stated standard, which is a maximum height of 30 feet for a ground-mounted antenna.

I am also enclosing a copy of the Ordinance covering antennas from the Village of Pleasant Prairie, which includes additional setback requirements for antennas of this type.



Best regards,



Vic Thompson Chairman, Architectural Controls Committee, River

Tech: Dan discussed some more clean up on the River Oaks site. People can click on a link to go to the board, and he also sent a note to google to get the old site down. So, he wanted to make it a little more presentable. He also tested the pavilion reservation system and it worked. He also worked on the directory. Jim asked to the website, and clicked on “contact us,” It takes them to a form and then they can fill it out and it goes to the board. Dan said he is going to get a new master set up for the boat tags because the old number doesn’t work anymore. The new tag will say “contact” the board at River Oaks.

Communications: Tracey said she will put up something for a reminder of dues. Village of Pleasant Prairie has a camera partnership arrangement and Tracy will post that. She will also post information on the new kayak racks. Greg asked about the June Garage sale. Jim said Jan B. that with everything in place right now, they would switch it to the end of the summer. Jim said we’ll reschedule to a later date and Tracey will post. Tracey will repost the River Oaks Website again.

Old Business: Language for parking equipment for long terms. Vic said he will get it accomplished. He said the dump truck that was an issue is now gone.

Jim discussed the cracked blacktop and removal of dead trees at the park. Greg said he will do the dead trees. Jim said he will assist. He also said that the evergreens around the porta potty are dying. The kayak structures are all very nice. Sam Eddington poured the footings using 1600 pounds of concrete and poured it by hand and leveled it. His charge was only $60. Jim said there is a little bit to be completed on the racks. He said we’ll put up a barrier about two foot high. Jim said that next year we’ll have to have some landscaping done there. He put out a spreadsheet as to the boats that are at the park. He said several boats have been there for 5 to 10 years. There are some boats that have no tags and some that are not registered. He said he is trying to gather email addresses hoping that board will do some enhancements of the area. He said there have been no storage rules at all. He put together some thoughts he’s had about storing the boats at the park. He said that these rules should be put out to the people who have boats. The board discussed the language. Frank discussed suggested language. John discussed that we should strike certain language. Greg suggested that we review the language and Tracey suggested that we review the language. Frank said he would review the language and present the next board meeting. Jim said it was his suggestion and that we adopt such language. Jim asked Frank look at the language and get something out to the board members, to make it a better playing field for those who do not live on the lake. Frank will do.

Jim discussed a trailer that is on 84th place. Jim said we received several neighbor complaints. It has to be addressed. Vic said he can send a letter when the board authorizes.

Beach maintenance language, treating the beach the same as treating your yard. Jim said it’s getting to be less and less. We have a resident that has a structure area, but it has to be maintained. Ryan said it is hard to enforce. Ryan suggested that there is peer pressure from neighbors to keep up their yard. Dan, they have an idea if the person is capable of keeping up the back yard. Greg and Frank discussed the always tried to make a human appeal first, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Jim discussed that they live on the south end of lake. Jim suggested we table it until next month’s meeting.

The board discussed the improvements at the park, John said they have really brightened up the place. We discussed redoing the lake events. He said the improvements are looking nice. Frank suggested that the wood that we have the stockage fencing and he is going to get some material and do some repainting. He said we should also do the deck on the fishing pier. Jim talked about new faces volunteering to do things. Greg discussed the beaver damage that is along the river. Jim said he has asked the village board member regarding such damage. He has gotten no response. Jim said he has referred people to the village. John said the village doesn’t have jurisdiction over that area. Jim said that damage has been done. Ryan asked about the specifics.

Dan asked about the goose control. He asked about the schedule. Jim said they go by a matrix so that they do return to address new nests. Dan and Jim discussed how they are working.


Action items:

Tracey will post something about dues payment. Also, she will post the camera relationship ideas.

Dan will get a requote from one of the camera providers.

Frank will rework the storage area rules.

Jim said he will look the into the beaver issue.

Linda said she reviewed the fixed cost that we found spots that she’s paid bills. She came up with another $1400 so before we do the camera’s that we might be able to do the best camera deal. Jim said it would be a good idea to look at what items are there. He said we will probably need $300 or so for the attorney. Linda and Jim agreed to sit down and look at the budget again.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 pm.




APRIL 27, 2020

To: River Oaks HOA Board Members

From: Greg L. Bass-Secretary of the Board

Re: Pursuit of Legal Advice from Godin, Gerahghty, Puntillo, Camillo, S.C.

I have been asked the question as to what pathway according to rules of order we should now pursue regarding the following:

Issue: Seeking a legal opinion as to the boards rights and authority to develop and implement clarification language to the by law that regards the placement of, and height of communication towers at homes within the River Oaks homeowner’s association.

Background: Late in 2019 the board was advised that cable service operators would no longer place satellite TV dishes, meant for Television reception, on the roof any home. Such dish objects, or communication installations would now have to be placed as a ground unit. The board discussed options and language regarding such placement in January of 2020. The board assigned the task of reviewing the by-laws section regard such architectural structures to an officer of the board. The officer did so and brought language of clarification to the board for consideration.

The board had two members volunteer to review the language for clarity and compliance with the by-law in place. This was done and discussed in February and placed on the agenda for final approval in March at the March meeting.

In March, a home owner who has their home for sale, in the River Oaks Home Owners Association received an offer on their home subject to the buyer installing a 60 foot tower with an antennae on top, plus supplemental wiring to be strung through the surrounding trees of the home’s back yard.

The board was approached by the buyer’s real estate agent for a response as to if such was permitted in the River Oaks Homeowners Association. At the direction of the board, the Architectural committee Chairman corresponded with the buyer’s agent and advised that such a communication installation was not possible under the clarification language of the by-law which regarded such architectural structures. The chairman also advised the buyer’s agent as to what would be permitted according to the clarification language. As a result, the buyer withdrew their offer on the home.

A third party, not related to either the seller or the buyer, approached the board submitting a letter questioning if the board had such right and authority to develop such language as clarification to the by- law that regards such architectural structures. He also brought forth, in an open discussion with the board, that the Pleasant Prairie village had language in the village ordinances that applied to such architectural language, and why then, did the River Oaks Board need to create clarification language to the by-laws in the River Oaks By Laws. The River Oaks clarification language differs from the Pleasant Prairie Village ordinance language and in one sense, as to height and placement, is more restrictive than to said village ordinance. The third-party complainant questioned the board’s authority to create such clarification language and offered warnings as to the consequence of creating and implementing such language in the clarification section of the by-laws.

The board discussed the complainant’s concerns and during the discussion, the complainant made a motion to seek a legal opinion as to his complaint(s). The board discussed seeking such an opinion and accepted the motion and it was seconded. The president of the board and the vice president then volunteered to research the issue and the cost of such opinion. They did such research by contacting the legal firm as named above. They were advised that the cost would be in the range of $1200 to $1500 in order to receive a written opinion on the matter.

The President of the board submitted such research as to issue and cost to the board members. The cost would subsequently place the River Oaks Home Owners Association budget in excess, thus the board members had to approve by vote not only the pursuance of such legal opinion, but also spending money which would then be in excess of the budget.

The final vote tallied on April 26, 2020, was 6 yeahs, and 3 nays. Thus, the president and vice president were assigned to move forward to seek such a legal opinion. The secretary was asked the following since the motion was made by a third party, non-board member, “how do we treat this motion and what should we do according to rules of order?” The secretary’s response is as follows:

Since the motion was seconded and discussed with approval to research, the motion is essentially accepted. Thus, since a vote was not taken at the April meeting where the discussion took place, a vote had to be taken and subsequently was. Even though the cost of seeking the legal opinion places the budget in excess, that is not the subject of the issue. The issue is whether to seek legal opinion on the issues as discussed. Therefore, after the research was performed and submitted to the board with the cost ramifications included in the research, the vote as presented, researched and informed to board, would include both the pursuance of the legal opinion as well as cost to acquire such legal opinion. Given the 6 to 3 votes, the board must move forward presenting the issue and the subsequent research to the legal firm as named above, and thereby seek such legal opinion as presented in the motion.

All communications, due to the COVID-19 issue were performed virtually with meetings held virtually, and communications done on-line.


MAY 21, 2020


ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Greg L. Bass, Dan Noah, Ryan Zettle, Vic Thompson, Tracey Stevens, Frank Glowacki, John Skalbeck, Linda Tenuta

Reading and approval of April Minutes:

Minutes approved as presented.

Treasury Report:

Linda deposited $4050.00. The checking is $2399.91, and MM is $30,081.20.

Two residents paid dues with the extra $25 late fee. Linda went over the outstanding dues owed. There were 11 remaining to be paid. Jim asked about charging the late fee. Greg added that we haven’t sent out a late notice, but when we do then we charge the $25. Linda asked about the two that paid the $25. Dan suggested we just pay the money back. Jim suggested we just credit the money for next year’s dues. Frank asked about who has not yet paid. Linda went over the list of 11 people. The board agreed to send out second notices and charge the $25 late fee.

Linda read over a letter from Ken Lehman, he had a number of suggestions regarding security improvements in the subdivision. Even though Ken is not a member of the HOA he did pay 2 years of dues.

Treasurer Report: May 2020 Deposit: $4,050 (15 homeowners); plus, Lehman Interest $0.96 $9.54

Service Fee returned (11 outstanding dues)

Paid Out: 5/20* WE $88.32 5/20 #1708 $128.28 Jim LeSage; rebar, cement, fence rail, pea gravel for park grill/gate repairs and HOA annual state filing/registration fee 5/3 #1706 Pats Porta Potty $94.95 5/3 State Farm, Annual Insurance $2,374 5/12 #1707

Grasshopper Lawn Service $192.30 5/20 #1709 Pats Porta Potty $94.95 5/20 #1710 Bob Kerpec; Park Tasks $400.

Balances: Checking MM 5/21/2020 $2,399.91 $30,081.20 * Automatic Payment Withdrawal Submitted by: Linda Tenuta

Action Items: Verbiage and purchase of cameras at the park. Jim reviewed the last three quotes. Guard Dog was the last proposal submitted. Dan reviewed where we are. Dan went back to Guard Dog and reviewed the system. Dan had him add another camera, so we would have 3 in place at the park. They would be located on a pole. They would be in a secured lock box where the recordings would be kept. There will be a 45-day memory of data on the system. There is no additional need for electric hook up because we have that. The total proposal amount quoted was $2658.82 including labor, system, and materials. Dan presented the communications with all 3 quotes presented. Dan said that Guard Dog quote was the best for us due to convenience and maintenance. The Guard Dog proposal includes everything as well as a pole. Dan also said they have an excellent service plan that is included. Greg asked about the budgeted amount and the amount of the proposal.

Jim said the insurance came in at $426 less, the Nature Path came in at $400 less. So that is savings, what we do have, he said, under the playground, we have $5000. So, it is not allocated for anything. Jim said that we saved over $1000 on the kayak racks, so that will cover the expense of the legal fee. Jim went over the areas in the budget where we have savings. He recommended we go with the Guard dog proposal. Vic asked if it was possible to do a part of the work at a time and if there were any savings. Jim and Dan suggested that we just move forward with the proposal. Frank went over crafted language that we came up with. He said the balance of the language proposed, did not address a 3rd camera. Frank said we have to change the language. Dan said, we have to include the pavilion and parking lot to the language. Frank said changing the language was from the idea of what is it that we met. Frank said it is out on the site and it is listed. Jim said there is nothing wrong with modifying the language. Frank agreed and said we are doing this in the best interest of the community. Dan agreed with the change. Dan said we just spent a lot of money putting in storage for canoes and kayaks, therefore we need the other camera. Jim said all of the residents he’s talked to have no negative feedback regarding the cameras. John added that we budgeted $500 for the cameras and asked if we should hold off until it’s announced to the entire community. Jim added that he thinks we can do this, and we’ve been talking about it for 3 years. So, we should just go ahead. John said we can provide ourselves some cover by announcing it at the annual meeting in November. Tracey said that the camera’s themselves are not itemized so that the extra. Frank made a motion to accept the $2658 proposal from Guard dog, it was seconded by Linda. The vote was 8-1. The motion was approved and passed. Frank will do the up date on the language in the by law clarifications as to the cameras. Dan was instructed to move forward with the Guard Dog Proposal.

Jim said he called diggers hotline to put flags up where the wires and underground wiring is at. Dan will work with Linda to make the payment. Ryan said that the upfront money was $1700.

PROPOSAL-Accepted by the board vote of 8-1:

Prepared For: Site Location Prepared By: Daniel Noah Daniel Noah Brian Downey Daniel Noah Daniel Noah – Pleasant Prairie Guard Dog Surveillance Systems 11269 84th Street 11269 84th Street N3183 Hwy. 26 Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 Juneau, WI 53039 0 0 920-342-0703 A A QTY A A A 1 EMBEDDED VIDEO SERVERS 1 8 Channel Embedded NVRs 1 1 S-075-NVR-08-DH-4K-H.264/5-2SA-8P8ch (8PoE),200/96 Mbps,4K,HDMI/VGA,Audio/Alarm,2 SATA 0 A Embedded System Storage 2 1 S-075-1000GB-01P WD Purple Surveillance 1TB AV 3.5″ 64MB Cache 0 A IP (network) DOME type Cameras 3 1 S-075-CMIP-TD5.0-28-WDR-VCA-IR30Fixed Turret,1/2.7″,5MP@15FPS,2.8mm,IR(98ft),True WDR,VCA 4 2 S-075-CMIP-TD5.0-27135M-WDR-VCA-IR50 Motorized Turret,1/2.7″,5MP@15FPS,2.7-13.5mm,IR(166ft),True WDR,VCA,SD Slot 0 A Network Switches – POE 5 1 SW-4-10/100- 4POE +2 4 POE Port + 2 UL port 10/100, 65W POE Budget Network Switch 1 MONITORS or MONITOR RELATED COMPONENTS 6 1 LCD-19 Monitor, 19” LCD Monitor 23.2 INSTALLATION MATERIALS A Wire 7 0.2 CAB-5-PVC1000-Wht CAT-5e, PVC-350 MHZ, 4pr AWG 24, UTP, 1000′ – White B 0 A Connectors & Hooks 8 8 CON-RJ45-5EZea RJ-45 EZ Connector, CAT5e – Each 0 A Enclosure(s) & Misc Items 9 2 Special Bell Box 10 3 0.50 x 10′ Sch 40 PVC 1/2″ x 10′ PVC Conduit-Schedule 40 11 2 0.50 PVC Male Adapter 1/2″ PVC Male Adapter 12 2 0.50 PVC 90 Carlon® 1/2″ Schedule 40 Standard Radius 90-Degree Belled End Elbow 13 1 19179 FGE 19.6×17.6×8.8 Fiberglass Enclosure 14 1 Special 4×4 Alro Steel (Auminum) Pole – 12′ 0 15 4 Special Bags QuickSet Concrete Mix 0 A TOTAL SYSTEM COMPONENTS: $1,512.72 A A INSTALLATION LABOR and OTHER RELATED ITEMS 16 1 Installation Labor (Base Rate) $762.90 17 4 ON-SITE Hours $0.00 0 4 Conduit burial and pole setting $0.00 A A TOTAL LABOR and/or SERVICE: $1,062.90 A A State and Local Taxes @ 5.50% 83.20 Invoice Total: $2,658.82 A TERMS: Deposit with Signature Acceptance of Purchase Agreement $1,700.00 A Balance Due upon Completion $958.82 A A A 4/23/2020 A Name Title Date A Purchaser Company Approval: A A Name Title Date ITEM # GSS PART NUMBER EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION PROPOSED LOCATION Purchaser agrees to purchase and Guard-Dog Video agrees to sell and deliver the equipment described herein (the “Equipment”) in accordance with the prices, terms and

Lakes Committee: John Skalbeck

Lake Russo Ready for Summer

The first application of treatment for invasive aquatic plants in the lake occurred in early May and last week a batch of fish were released into the lake. The second treatment application will happen next week which will minimize the growth of the invasive aquatic plants. The recent rains have raised the lake water level which will remain high for a few weeks during the treatment period.

While paddling around shoreline in my kayak I have noticed a fair amount of algae growth which is somewhat unusual this early in the recreation season. Algae growth occurs due to excess nutrients and warm water temperatures. Although the algae growth may be a nuisance, its presence is typically temporary and thus manageable. The best management strategy is to rake the algae onto the shore and permanently remove it from the lake. Removal of algae results in removal of some excess nutrient from the lake which reduces the condition that leads to algae growth. The algae is composed of nutrient rich organic matter that can be added to compost material or directly to plants.

John Skalbeck, River Oaks Lake Committee Chair

John said we started the chemical treatment on May 6th. The second one is usually 3 weeks later. It is weather dependent. We also had the fish stocking that occurred. We couldn’t get the 5 to 7 inche crappies so we got more smaller ones.

John discussed the level of the lake. He said its balancing act as to the high water and the gate open or shut. He said the gate was opened. He said that there are a large number of carp banking against the gate to get into the lake. He said there are some that got into the lake. He said it’s a balancing act as to letting water out and letting carp get in. We’ll have to live with the high water of a bit. John offered that we have had carp coming and going for a long time going in the lake but we’re now managing them much better. Please see John’s report above.

John discussed the difference between the aquatic plants and algae. He said that it would cost us a “ton” of money to have them machine removed. He said the nutrients and the temperature cause the algae to bloom. He said that they will bloom for a while and then die out. He said it tends to accumulate along the shore. The best way to remove it is to rake it out. He said he has done that, but it works and is the best approach. Please the report above. Dan said he’s gotten a golf course rake and has raked it out and it works very well. Jim asked a question about an area that may be clogged. John said Paul Youngman has been monitoring that and there’s always materials going through. So, when the river is high, you can’t really get it at. There’s not a good seal on the river side. He said with Vic and Paul monitoring the river, we have it honed in as to 8.5 feet on the gauge on Russell road so that is when we have to close the gate. Vic asked about looking at screen to keep the carp out. John said that may be the next step, some kind of mechanical thing to keep the carp out. John said it needs to be a clever thing.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan Zettle

Ryan said that with roads and grounds everything is running smoothly thus far with Grass Hopper and Bob Kerpec. He is communicating with them often.

Architectural: Vic Thompson: Vic talked about that we had two requests for landscape improvements that we okayed. These projects were approved but Vic also added that they have to get a village approval. Vic discussed that he offered that to these people that they must be careful not to get their patio’s not too close to the lake. Vic said that there are people doing siding and roofing on their houses without approaching the board. They have not contacted the board for approval. Jim asked if the resident having the lattice work had contacted him. Jim said that we have had enough problems with fences already. Jim said he would talk to the resident to discuss if the work was lattice work for flowering landscaping trellises or fence work.

Tech: Dan Noah-Dan said we have our first reservation for the park. Dan said we now have all the meeting minutes from 2010 to current. He said there were quite a few new reservations for the website. He said he did post out the rules for boats and the kayak storage area. He said he will have a sign posted with rules very soon.

Communications/ Social: Tracey Stevens: Tracey said she sent out “Get to know the board” for all the board to fill out so she can post on Facebook. She asked about a clean up day. Jim said we had one scheduled prior to the corvid issue. Jim advised that we should wait until this issue is over. Tracey asked about the Geese management. Jim said there was someone on the island today. Vic said there were two active new nests. Dan counted 15 Goslings in the backyard. Vic said a number of the Geese are coming over from the pond area. Tracey, discussed the website. She said she had comments on the website as to an announcement page. Dan and Tracey will work to get that done. Floating doc, a question was presented as to having a floating doc. It is a liability issue and the board cannot support it. John said the idea has come in the past. But that the legal issue is it’s too big of a liability so we cannot support. She said someone asked about a ramp to get their boats into the lake. Jim said that that is in next years plan. Tracey said that there is only one space left in the kayak rack. Jim said that this is all in preparation for the plan next year. Jim said that he talked with a resident who had a trolling motor on their boat. Tracey asked about if there are going to be more Kayak racks next year or boat storage area. Ryan will research for next year. She asked about the non-marked boats in the area as to what we’re going to do with them. Jim said that the board will have to make a decision for next year. Vic advised Tracey that there is an old John boat there that anyone can have. Tracey said that her husband is interested in it.

Old Business:

Jim discussed the verbiage for the parking of construction equipment. Vic said he will get that done. Jim and Greg discussed the dead trees in the park and when they could be removed.

Jim discussed his communication with the attorney. He said the attorney will have something in the next two weeks.

New Business: Resident maintenance of two beaches. Jim said there are two that need updating and maintenance. Vic said that one of them has been cleaned up. Jim discussed a resident’s concern about one resident having two boats, and if there is a waiting list for boat storage. Vic said, if you live on the lake, those racks are not for storing your boat. People who live on the lake can store their crafts on their lake area. The racks and storage are for people who don’t live on the lake. Frank discussed the idea of waiting for a storage rack. Frank and Dan discussed the language on the signs, that indicates that the storage area is for residents who do not live on the lake. Jim said looking at the stickers all the boats that are there, are all from people who do not live on the lake. Linda advised that we might put a wait list on the website, and then we know. Dan agreed and will get done.

Linda brought up that if there is a way to encourage getting people’s email so we can communicate with them. Dan discussed that we have attempted to do that but they have to register on the website.

Greg discussed what had been done in the past the survey results that resulted. We may do something next year. Linda brought up asking residents about doing things like mowing. Greg added that we must contract out due to liabilities such as workers’ comp etc.

Frank suggested that do something in terms of a letter next year whereby we can survey and then get confidential email addresses that can be kept somewhere whereby we can communicate with them via email in urgent situations as well as needed communications. Dan said we are always going to have people who do not want to do email or given their information. But due to Covid-19 things may have changed. Dan said that the more we can push toward having electronic communications it saves money as well allows quicker communications. Tracey said she’s going to put something out on Facebook about getting people’s email address etc. Tracey had a suggestion for the annual meeting. Frank asked how many resident homes are active on Facebook. Tracey said she will print out the number of members on Facebook, she said there are 86 members as of right now. Greg asked about cross referencing the Facebook members with the HOA members. Dan said he would give Tracey a list of the residents. Jim said we need to send out with the annual dues letter next year.

Dan discussed the idea that he does not write checks anymore and that we need to put in place the ability to pay dues on-line. Dan and Tracey how PayPal works and that we would have to include a convenience charge because of the PayPal charge.


Investigating 2021 pay dues on line.

Dan will follow through purchase of camera’s

John will look into a screen for the river.

Jim will talk to the resident about the lattice work in their backyard.

Tracey and Dan will look into a wait list for boats at the park.

Dan and Tracey will look into an announcement page.

Dan will get the sign down on the boats.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48.