2020 Board Meeting Minutes

January 16th, 2020 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Frank Glowacki, Greg Bass, Linda Tenuta, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah and Tracy Stevens.

MINUTES:The minutes were approved as read. Jim Discussed the minutes and the indication that we were all on camera.

TREASURY REPORT:The totals are Checking: $1,827.83 and the money market was: $4,998.49 The total as of this date were $3,482.32 and $6574.39. The taxes have been paid, Parmenter has been paid, Bob Kerecz has been paid, there is also a BMO fee. The board discussed transferring accounts to a different bank.

ACTION ITEMS: Cameras at the park. Frank discussed the language that will apply in the clarifications of the by-laws in the by-laws that will be distributed. Frank advised that the language as to whom will be able to view the video on the camera. After reviewing language with Pleasant Prairie police, Frank’s recommendation is as follows: Recorded film will be overwritten over a certain amount of days. Upon the request by law enforcement, the camera will be viewed by the board president and technology chairman. Frank discussed a sample event in terms of when that might occur. He also discussed what we wouldn’t be able to do. He discussed the scenario. The film has been volunteered to the police or requested by the police. Frank also discussed that we do not need the community approval suggested that we ask for the community approval, to get support. Frank advised that he send the language to the board electronically for approval. Then we would advise, then it would go into the clarifications of the by-laws. Linda asked the question as to the difference between a closed community and an open community. Frank explained that we are an open community. The events that include use of the video is property damage at the park. Frank explained what his conversation with the chief of police was. The police advised they would secondary viewers. Vic suggested two people view.

Dan is looking into he signs we need to post. Jim discussed that we have never recorded anything like the illegal dumping.


ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan discussed the beaver damage. Jim had asked the local trustee as to what we can do about the beaver damage. Jim said that next week is the planning approval for the apartments that will be 147 units back acme powder plant. The meeting is next Monday at 5:00. Jim asked about getting quotes for grounds maintenance for next year.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic discussed that he has approved the remodeling of a home on 87th street. The exterior is not being affected. Frank discussed that we need to clarify better what we mean by architectural control. He discussed an example, clarifying if someone spends $5,000 on an external change to property vs: $15,000 on an internal change to a home, such as remodeling. Vic volunteered to address that. Vic discussed the idea of someone buying a house, tearing it down, and then building a new home. Jim and Frank discussed language to address antennas, dish units, etc. Greg and Linda discussed things such dish units on a separate stand, dead trees, and other issues as to what we as a board can address and what we cannot address. Frank discussed the changes have occurred.

Jim discussed that there is another trailer sitting in a yard on 84th place. Linda said that she had addressed that. A neighbor complained because they had to move their trailer.

TECH REPORT: Dan did a rebuild of the site. He said it is simplified and put a button on it to link to Face Book. He said there are some people who have registered but haven’t used it for 3 years. So, he’s going to clean those out. Frank said he would write the flyer for the spring to alert the neighborhood of the changes, and the clean out. Dan said there is only a handful that have logged in the last year. Let’s look at taking our Face Book private due to what we do for the lake etc. Frank asked about regulating a closed group. Vic suggested we discuss guidelines.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Tracy discussed that she has started a private used Facebook for us, that is welcome to residents of River Oaks. She is building that site. She shared it with the River Oaks current page. Frank said that will also go on the spring newsletter. River Oaks Pleasant Prairie Group. This is a private Facebook page. Tracy said that other people in the group can approve other people. Jim asked if Tracy had a list of current residents. Jim has a list as well as Dan to share. She said she also started an Instagram account. Riveroaks-of-pleasantprairie. Frank and Jim discussed when dues go out-March 1 is the target date. Jim discussed stuffing the dues envelopes. We have to staple them as long as we also include the newsletter.

OLD BUSINESS: We are seeking quotes for roads and grounds and for cameras. Jim said we should be able to buy cameras around April. Linda asked where the camera unit is housed. Dan explained it will be a closed-circuit system with a lock box on the gazebo unit. Linda asked if there is a concern about tampering with the equipment. Dan said the difficult part is not the price of the equipment but the placement of the equipment. Dan made suggestions as to the placement of the cameras. He talked about doing the placement the best way and other ways that allow viewing as well tampering protection. Dan said that we have to check as to the power source. Vic said there is power to it.

Boat storage rack and improvement. Vic showed a drawing of the proposed racks and improvements. The board discussed accepting Brian Conway’s proposal to do the racks. The board discussed how many racks we need. The discussion was around doing one now as well as another one later on. Jim discussed what the racks will be accommodate. Because it can be adjusted as well as locked. Jim talked about boats do not have tags or names and what we have to do with them. The board discussed putting all the footings in.

NEW BUSINESS: Jim discussed the antennae policy. Vic developed some language and discussed some ideas as to clarifications for antennae policies. Frank discussed the guidelines, which will be made to B2 section in the by-laws where the changes to the solar panel language was.

Beach Maintenance: Jim brought up the idea about people who do not maintain their beach area. Frank brought up what we can do according to DNR rules. We have to do some investigation. Vic said there is always going to be a debate as to a lake front and this is what should be done, and those who say, it’s my yard I can do what I want. So, the board discussed what we can do and what language needs to be done. The board tabled the discussion.

Newsletter: Has to be done by March 1, 2020.

Illegal Fences letter: It did not happen. We have a number of people who have fences that were identified-8 residents. We had talked about sending out a letter to them looking for authorization to erect a fence. Jim advised that before we go to an outside legal counsel, we have to get information from the present residents as to when and why they received approval. We must address the issue. Frank discussed options that we can take with people who have “illegal” fences in their yards. He suggested that we give those residents notice of a lean due to having an illegal fence. The board discussed putting liens on properties where there are illegal fences. Frank had suggestions as to if people have been here for a long period of time and do not have approval for the fence that when the house is sold, then the fence has to be removed. Frank discussed the clarification in the language that we made in 2016 that did not permit fences but had loopholes. Therefore, the clarifications cleared up the language. The board discussed the legal grounds that we have and don’t have. And as to the amount rights we have and don’t have. The board discussed going to the board attorney. Jim said he will go to the attorney. Frank made a motion to go to review with the attorney if it is within our legal rights, for those with a fence in River Oaks that upon the sale of their home, that the board can demand the removal of the fence as part of the sale of the home. Linda seconded it.

Prairie Cleaning day at the park. Ryan said he will talk to Bob on Saturday to see what day would work best for Bob and the board members.

Frank said he would swap meeting dates with Tracy to hold the board meeting in February and Tracy will take September and Linda will take March.

Jim reviewed the action items for the February meeting. Tracy asked when the annual garage sale is, Linda advised that it’s the first Saturday in June.