2019 Board Meeting Minutes

January 17th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Greg L. Bass, Jim Lesage, Linda Tenuta,

MINUTES: The minutes were approved on-line. The vote was taken and approved.

TREASURY REPORT: Linda gave the treasury report.

President Lesage called the meeting to order at 7:01.

TREASURY REPORT: Linda reported that we have $6,143.67 in the checking and $16,394.59 in the money market. Linda made nine payouts including taxes, garbage pick-up, We energies, and for herbicide work.

We talked about stuffing the park tags in with the invoices for the dues payment.

Action Items: Jim said we haven’t received any invoices for the playground equipment. Vic asked about the order we made last year, because we received a discount for early payment. Jim said we must advise them when we want them done. The board discussed that the invoice and treatment include mulch.

Jim said that he hadn’t had a report from Frank on the Cameras.

Jim brought up a discussion about a directory. He said we could do a flyer in the dues invoice. Ryan and Dan talked about trying to get more people to opt in because it’s an opt in and opt out choice. Dan will get verbiage to Jim for the flyer.

Jim brought up verbiage in terms of language on the bottom of the invoice. He passed around the verbiage as the penalty, attorney fees, and lien language. In the past we sent out three notices, the invoice, a notice and then a warning. The board discussed cutting down the notices down to two, the original and the follow-up. There is a due date on the invoice, 30 days within invoice date. The board passed the motion to include the verbiage on the invoice. Jim discussed fines for violations, there is no language regarding fees or penalties for violation of bylaws. The board deferred the discussion to a later date.

LAKE REPORT: There was not report. Due to the level of the river, the culvert and the gate is regulated and controlled. Jim asked if we needed to continue to report the gate. The board agreed that if we have a person who controls it that we didn’t need to continue to report. Vic said the lake has only 2 inches of ice on it, so it is NOT SAFE ENOUGH FOR WALKING OR ICE FISHING YET. The board discussed language as to warning people that the board is not responsible for such accidents.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan asked about if we are going to continue to use Bob to continue to clear the area and take care of the park. Jim discussed that we should that we should pay Bob. Vic asked Ryan to get a price from Bob as to the work and his price. Greg asked for a list of the work, and Vic added that we really need a proposal. There are more invasive species to be removed. Jim asked that Ryan speak to Bob about any assistance.

Ryan brought up the Parmenter proposal for park maintenance and entry way maintenance. The total last year was $5407, this year the proposal is $5600. Ryan asked about a list of what we want done, and what the cost is going to be for all the items we asked for. Ryan discussed getting prices on the itemized list. There was a discussion as to the entry. The board discussed what should be in the beach list. Vic and Greg discussed that there should be expectations as to items and quality. Linda asked about what three we should contact and choose from. Ryan went through the work and the bids he went to last year. Jim discussed that we should do 3 bids on the work. Ryan said he will develop a list and get it out. The board approved the bid process to be done by Ryan.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic said that there are two things the additions that are being added to the big house by the lake. He also talked about the additions being added to the Ventura home. Jim said he is updating the tax assessments on everyone’s house around the subdivision. Jim asked that we grandfather all the homes that have been built that do not meet the square footage requirement. The board deferred the project to Frank Glowacki Vice president. Frank will develop language for the motion.

Jim brought up the issue with the Box Truck and the Dump Truck, Jim asked for language as the construction vehicles being stored on the property.

TECH REPORT: Dan discussed the hang tags, he said there will be updates to the website. He asked if we are going to move forward with the security cameras. The board discussed moving forward with the security cameras at the park. The board approved putting up signs as well. Dan said he will be getting prices on the camera’s and the installation. Vic discussed the lightening detector. He said all the golf courses have them. The board discussed if there is any liability if someone gets struck by lightning at the park. Jim said that the language, “At your own risk” is on the signs. Dan said no one has reserved the park yet. The board discussed that the park had a lot of usage last year.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Jim said he would discuss events with Lorraine so that the board can develop a list of the events. Jim discussed that we have discussed a Venetian Night toward the late summer.

OLD BUSINESS: Lawn Maintenance discussed above.

NEW BUSINESS: There are two boats that don’t appear to be owned or used. The board discussed the issue, and Jim said he was going to check those boats.

Planting of trees in the park. Nathan Teal from the Village said that if someone wants to put up the money, the village would help. The latest letter said that if anyone wants to pay for them and plant them, go for it. Jim discussed what are we going to do in the park with the maintenance and the master plan. The board discussed that we need to do more on the park side. Jim suggested we spend another $3500 for trees on the park side. He asked if Bob might want to give us direction. Jim suggested that we plant two trees on the other side to advise the group that we are doing something. The board discuss spending $1000 for a few trees to plant on the other side. The board discussed doing the planting in the fall.

Village Items: Jim discussed that the vacant land by the roundabout, there is a request to build 3 small manufacturing plants. Also, on 120th, there is going to be 12 story Hyatt hotels, and there is also going to be a “Kings and Conflicts” micro-brewery and restaurant next to the Hyatt.

Frank is preparing a letter to go into the dues which will be a newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14.

February 21st, 2019 Meeting

NOTE: the minutes from February’s meeting were deleted by computer error (somehow). Therefore, this is a brief “reconstruction of the minutes.”

ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, Greg L. Bass.

TREASURY REPORT: Jim presented the Treasurer’s report: The checking account balance was: $6054.99 and the money market was: $16,395.29

Major bills paid: New Mirror tags for all members, Utilities, Pat’s service, and postage for sending out dues which are all due March 31, 2019.

Action Items: The board discussed new language that will be considered as a clarification as to catch and release requirement for fishing in the lake, either in spring, summer, fall or winter.

The board discussed payment options and approval of early payment for playground equipment as well as well ground texture replacement by the playground.

The board discussed the negotiations with the Village for placement of trees on the river side of the road along the park. The negotiations are not going well and doesn’t appear as though the village will cooperate with our request.

The board discussed and approved the purchase of more trees for the park. It was decided not only evergreens can fulfill the purpose but that perhaps we should investigate purchasing a few oaks, since our name is River Oaks.

The board discussed the “non-language” in the bylaws which allows the truck to be continued to be parked, for months now, by one of the member’s home. We may consider clarifying language so there is time limit on allowing equipment to be parked even when a property is undergoing reconstruction, remodeling, or landscaping is being done.

The board discussed the large number of ice fishermen who have been on the lake and if they were residents or non-residents.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan presented the Parmenter proposal for continued mowing and maintenance of the park area, the entry ways, and other areas where such landscape maintenance is to be done. Ryan presented Parmenter with a list of maintenance jobs the board considers to be done that is mandatory, such raking the sand at the lake, as well as other services we expect to be accomplished under the contract. Ryan sought out 3 other bids, and Parmenter was the still the lowest cost, however, the board moved to see if they would provide a lower cost if we paid them up front rather than on a month to month basis. Ryan will go back and negotiate terms.

LAKE REPORT: John provided Jim with proposals for Lake Treatment and fish stocking. The board discussed whether we should include an additional lake treat (3) rather than two. Two board members brought up that they know of algae growth occurring in places and will check it out once the ice is out of the lake once more. We cannot have treatments done until the ice is out of the lake for at least a month. The board approved doing 3 treatments if necessary because the money was put into the budget. The board also discussed and approved the fish stocking proposal and discussed that we may want different species stocked such as Walleye and Blue Gill.

ARCHITECTURE REPORT: Vic said that he has two issues that he is researching and that he may need to send out a couple of letters as to people parking vehicles in the street as well as parking large equipment for extended periods of time. The board discussed that hence forth we will send out a notice letter and then a warning letter, but after that there will be an attorney involvement and that the home owner in question will hence forth be responsible for all attorney fees and costs associated with rectifying the violation or circumstance in question. The consequence of no action by the member will be a lean placed on their property and they will be responsible for all legal costs associated with such action.

TECH REPORT: Dan presented the options for placement of security cameras at the park. The board had a long discussion as to methods and process as to who was going to view the digital recordings on the camera. It was decided that the none of the board member would do so, but we would have the local village police do so but only if there had been some violation, or event that took place at the park that was vandalism or some other violation of covenants-by laws, or illegal action that had taken place at the park. Frank is looking into language that we will consider placing into the by-laws and clarifications needed in order to place the cameras in the park.

SOCIAL REPORT: Lorraine was not there but provided Jim with information as to events that she is considering proposing for the upcoming year that include lake activities and other member get-togethers. The board discussed types of events but tabled until the March meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Jim, his wife Darlene, and Greg his wife Heidi, did the stuffing of the dues letters and mirror tags as well as the opt in or opt out letter for the online directory. The envelopes were all sent out via U.S. mail by Jim.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

March 21st, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Frank Glowacki, Linda Tenuta, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass, Loraine Scanlon, John Skalbeck, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah

Jim Lesage was not present therefore Frank Glowacki lead the meeting.

The minutes were approved contingent upon corrections being made.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Linda reported that we have $6395.92 in the money market and $29,914.05 in the checking. She reported that several bills were paid with $12,200 being paid to Gerber Leisure products for the playground equipment, and another $671 for the addition on the playground equipment. We paid these amounts because we received a lowered total cost for payment up front. There is another payment due once the work is completed.

There is an annual insurance payment due at $2494. Linda discussed another bill, a QuickBooks filing, the cost is $200 per year. Dan added that we were going to use it to accept payment on-line. He suggested that we look for other alternatives. The board discussed whether we are a tax-exempt LLC. Frank said he will go back through and examine if we are tax exempt LLC. The motion was made that we explore not using Quick books anymore and find another alternative as soon as we can. The motion passed unanimously.

Frank brought up language for the by-laws considering the use and viewing of the security camera footage. Frank said once we approve the language, it will be sent for legal review.

The next action item was to request that Paul Youngman will check the steel door culvert for overflow maintenance. John said that he would volunteer to do the checking.

The next action item was the concern that if a vehicle owner, car, 4-wheel vehicles, fall through the ice, the responsibility belongs to the owner of the vehicle.

LAKE REPORT: John discussed the lake treatment contract. We are set to go there. They will inform us when the temperature and water is correct to do. He discussed the caveat of doing a third application if necessary. John asked to discuss at what point would we do a 3rd application. He said the firm who does that treatment requires lead time. He said it is a rather inexact science. Lorraine suggested we schedule the third and cancel if we need to. Vic brought up that there was a lot of weeds last year. Frank brought up the circumstances last year whereby we couldn’t do the treatment. John suggested that it is easier to cancel a third than to add it. Vic suggested that we could give a thirty-day notice. Linda said she believes we would have the money to do three. Lorraine made a motion that we schedule 3. The board approved and passed unanimously.

John discussed the fish stocking and talked about including Walleye. He said that the firm doing the stocking said the Walleye does not look good for the spring, but they can do that in the fall. He also said that there is a chance the Blue Gill may not be good for the spring but could do again in the fall. John said we order up black Crappie, blue gill, walleye, large-mouth bass, and fat head minnows. Lorraine asked John about the catch and release rule. He said that he believed that catch and release was encouraged. Frank said the language at the park says, “please practice catch and release.” He read from the by-laws, “no member or their family or associates shall be allowed to catch more than 10 fish per day.” Frank discussed whether catch and release is policy or just suggestion. Lorraine brought up why is there a limit if it’s catch and release. John said, it was meant, originally as you can keep 10. But it was suggested that the practice of catch and release be encouraged. Frank said he thinks we leave the covenant as it is, but that we encourage catch and lease. Frank and Lorraine discussed the action of the clarification language and the board agreed to clarify the language according to what it says on the sign- “Please practice catch and release.” Linda discussed that we have $1000 for the stocking and an additional $500 for water test that we can use for

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan proposed that we pay an upfront fee to Parmenter for the lawn maintenance and mowing. Parmenter will reduce their fees by 5% for upfront payment. Ryan read over an updated maintenance request as an addendum. We removed the playground mulch will come with the playground equipment. Frank asked about what is specific in the contract. Ryan will go back and make clarifications to the contract. Vic made a motion to approve- the board passed the motion with the removal of the mulch. John suggested we pay Parmenter paying per time and pass on the 5% discount. The board agreed. Greg added to John’s comment that should we not be happy with the work; we can then cancel or only pay for what it is done.

Ryan suggested that we get new sand for the truck. It has been several years since we added sand to the beach. Lorraine suggested we get a quote for doing it. Ryan said he will do the research. We have money in the budget for it. Ryan will contact three parties for the sand and delivery to the beach.

Lorraine brought up the mulch for the playground equipment, it is included in the playground equipment and is certified wood fiber.

TECH REPORT: Dan said he is developing the directory list and discussed the “do not add me list.” Security camera, Dan said he is going to reach out to flock a company that specializes in HOA and public groups.

NO reservations have been made for the park.

SOCIAL REPORT: There is nothing for social, but she said she is giving up her social chair due to her pregnancy. John suggested that Lorraine put on Facebook that if someone wants to be the social person, we can invite them to an ado position if they want to do the job. Lorraine said she will continue to be the communication chairman.

OLD BUSINESS: Boat Auction, Frank discussed it. Lorraine said she will put pictures on Facebook and auction them off on Face Book. Verbiage for parking of construction of equipment long term. Vic discussed it and said he was going to investigate it. He said he will notify them that time is coming due.

The board discussed the split rail fence item. Frank said that it is more of a decorative thing and not a fence. Linda said that the fence has been there for a long time. She said it has been there a long time since the previous owner. Therefore, it is grandfathered. There is not action.

Planting of trees in park and payment by village-no payment from village.

2019 tree payment at park: Linda said it is in the budget. The amount in the budget included the entry way improvement. It was at $425 a tree. Vic said he is doing a park plan drawing. So, the board tabled the discussion until Vic is done with the drawing.

Spring clean-up date: The board discussed doing it in May. The board discussed doing it on the May 19th from 1:00 to 4:00.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

April 18th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass, Jim LeSage, Frank Glowacki, Ryan Zettle,

Reading of the Minutes: The minutes were approved as read.

TREASURY REPORT: The balances are Checking: $31,729 and MM: $6396. There are $5250 in outstanding dues. 41 dues have been paid. The Energy bill, the insurance, and QuickBooks have been paid. There are, as of this date, 15 have not been paid.

The board discussed late fees, and late notices. The attorney fee for all late fee payers will be at least $125. Jim discussed the payment of around $8,000 coming for the playground equipment. He also discussed what kind of a reserve account can a HOA have.

ROAD AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan presented the sand replacement, the Parmentier mowing and grounds keeping, and Bob Kerpec the horticulturalist for the invasive species restoration. The beach and the sand Ryan said was rather pricey. Ryan asked for 4 yards of sand. The total amount Is $2457. The board discussed going down to 3 inches. Jim said it’s been 8 to 10 years since we have had the beach done. The volleyball court was $1170. John asked Ryan to go back and ask for 3 inches. Ryan calculated that the total cost at 3 inches would be around $2700. The passed the resolution that if the price is not to exceed $3,000 for 3 inches in the beach and volleyball court.

Ryan also discussed the lawn services from Parmentier with the first payment is $729. There would be 7 installments or a total $5106.20. Jim said we’re nearing our budget amount with sand, Parmentier and Bob. The board discussed moving money from one item to another. Vic motioned to approve the lawn budget.

Bob Kerpec, doing the invasive species, mulch, beds, and removal of buckthorn, and other species. Total $1775. There will be 3 invoices beginning June 1. This includes the removal of teasel and application of herbicide. Ryan made a motion to approve, and the board passed.

Action Items: Verbiage for camera area. Frank went over three sections of the language to be in the clarifications: Purpose and location. Frank is using the village guidance. Value of the camera security system. And what is most important, the viewing policy for suspected illegal activity. Frank is working on finalizing the language. Dan is working on how it works. The board discussed where it would be placed in the covenants/bylaws. Vic suggested that we put in the communication in Facebook that we took input from the annual board meeting. We will use Facebook and our website to notify what we’re doing. The section where the language will go will be B24. Jim asked if we purchase the equipment, installment and then have the police chief to discuss the issue at the annual meeting. This means that we will not have it completed until year end. Vic suggested that we don’t start up the system until after the annual meeting presentation. Then we can put the signs up. Frank discussed what this means to our community and value of the homes in the community. Vic discussed the paint cans that were left near the park. The village came and picked them up. The board approved Jim’s idea of having it installed and explaining at the annual meeting.

opt Out question: Jim printed a list of 15 people who have chosen not to be included on the registry list. Frank and Jim discussed what we must put in the directory as to those who do not want to be listed. The board discussed that we should wait until we see how it is going to be listed.

Vehicles and boats: Removed by owners. Frank and Jim discussed. Frank said we do not need further clarification according to the by-laws. The part of the covenant is B25 with the further clarification. Greg asked about the detail of the issue in terms of abandon boats, boats sinking, and another watercraft left unattended. Frank discussed the issue of boats without a sticker. John offered that this may be too much of a burden. Greg suggested we need language because people have moved and left their crafts behind for the board to take care of. Vic asked if we should have stickers on stand-up paddle boards, the board said yes. It’s a watercraft.

LAKES REPORT: John spoke with Marine Biochemist. He said the first treatment may be the last week of April. He said he spoke to them about the third application. He told them to plan on 3 treatments. He spoke with the fish stocking place, he mentioned it’s early yet. John was told that mid to late May is what we’re looking at. He said fish stocking is delayed to flooding in the Dakota’s where the fish hatcheries are. The walleye would have to be done in the fall. John suggested we get a video of the stocking to put on Facebook. Frank discussed the signs that are posted when the treatments take place. He said Lorraine confirmed that the sign does not say you cannot go in.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic had one client that requested a lake front upgrade. He approved. The board discussed the dump truck parked at Bonners. Several neighbors have complained. The truck has been there for 6 months. Vic address through a letter.

TECH REPORT: Dan is working on the directory and working with Frank on the Cameras.

SOCIAL REPORT: Frank and Lorraine are going to make announcements about parking tags, boat stickers, fishing, reminder of practice of catch and release. An on-line auction of the boats. Lorraine is working on that. There are 4 boats that are unattended and not claimed.

OLD BUSINESS: We’re still waiting for the violation language. Jim said there is a kayak sitting out in the storage area that is not claimed. Jim is going to put a picture out on Facebook. Parking of construction equipment. Vic said he will present language at the next meeting. Trees at the park. The village said if we do something they will participate. Jim said if we go to a nursery and ask the village to pay partially and plant them. There is new building going up that will change the noise pattern. So, Jim will talk to the village. Venetian Night-Jim asked about doing a Venetian night celebration. Vic talked about keeping it simple, for a September night event. Where people would decorate their boats and meet at the park. The split rail fence is decorative. Jim suggested that when it needs repair it should be taken down. Jim doesn’t think it shouldn’t be grandfathered. However, at last meeting the board approved that it was grandfather. The spring clean-up day is May 19, 1:00-4:00.

NEW BUSINESS: Is the HOA is a non-profit. Jim researched and it we are a non-profit association. We should not have had to pay sales tax which we did on the playground equipment. Jim has a number, and the number is filed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29

May 16th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Frank Glowacki, Greg L. Bass, Lorraine Edington, Jim LeSage, Ryan Zettle, Linda Tenuta,

Minutes: The minutes were approved as read and reported via the internet.

Jim LeSage called the meeting to order at 7:10.

TREASURY REPORT: Linda reported that we have $29, 656 in the checking, $10, 381 in the money market. She has paid the first payment to Parmentier for maintenance, Pats Services, Carson Skalbeck for garbage pick-up, We Energies, and the Village of Pleasant Prairie. There are still 4 outstanding dues: Parent, Garside, McIntyre, and Warren. Second notices have been sent out. Late fees of $25 plus attorney charges will be assessed. The board discussed taking further actions after the second notice. If not paid by the end of May, then the attorney will be involved and legal letters advising of the fees plus late fees, plus attorney fees, and potential lean against the properties. The board discussed the action and approved the use of the attorney. The board discussed placing the clarification of the process in the by-laws. If the dues are not paid by end of the month, Jim will contact the attorney to send out the legal notification letters.

Ryan brought up that after Carson Skalbeck leaves for college John Zettle will take up the garbage pick-up.

Action Items:

Cameras and items. Frank is working with Dan. He did get the language from the local police authority as to what we need in our by-law clarifications as part of placing the security camera’s in the park. Dan is exploring equipment and installation. Several neighbors have security cameras around their properties. The board has been exploring placing security cameras at the park for the last two years. The cameras will be digital and only viewed by local authorities if an incident or event takes place which is consider vandalism or fraud.

Directory: Dan has the directory ready to go. Those people who opted out have provided notices so they will not be included in the directory at this time. The directory will be on-line through the River Oaks website.

Vehicles of any type including boats verbiage added to by-laws that the owner is responsible for removal. The discussion was tabled to next meeting. The discussion regarded if a boat sinks who is responsible, and what happens to it. We have had that 3 or 4 times over the past two years. Frank discussed the need and whether we need clarification language. Greg and Frank discussed the issue as to who’s responsibility it is to remove such boats etc.

Sand for the Beach: Ryan said that Ben will place 3 inches on the beach. Ryan negotiated a compromise to bring the price down. The final price for the sand and placement, spreading it was under $3000. The board directed Ryan to see if it could be done before Memorial Day.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan said that for $729 a month Parmentier will be doing the park maintenance, as well as all the directed instructions. The board discussed that we are going to hold payment if the work is not done properly. The board gave Parmentier specifics as to what must be done each month. Ryan will be reporting each month. Lorraine said some the drain tiles that we had put in have come up from the frost and the winter. We will have to put them back during the spring clean-up, Sunday at 1:00. The rain date will be the 26th at the same time. The board discussed making sure the invoices from Parmentier are paid by the 15th. implementation for the new playground equipment is May 28-31

Bob has been doing seed spreading, spreading herbicide to kill invasive species such as teasel.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic has sent a letter to remove the truck that has been parked there. The board approved the new front of the house for Slatery home. Architectural approval for parking construction equipment. The board discussed that we must have language that addresses length of time a construction vehicle can be parked there.

Jim discussed his ongoing discussions with the village for the planting of the trees. If we do the buying of the trees, they will plant, but if they die, we will have to buy them. The board discussed doing the new planting in the fall. Jim discussed the green kayak at the park.

TECH REPORT: Dan was not present to report

SOCIAL REPORT: Facebook has the clean-up day on the Facebook. The board discussed posting the boat auction as well as the park vehicle hangers on Facebook. All boats need boat tags.


NEW BUSINESS: River Oaks HOA as a non-profit organization which does not pay taxes on any purchases. There is non-profit tax ID number that we must provide to all vendors. Linda gave out the tax ID number so we can check it for non-profit status. Lorraine suggested that we contact the attorney as to why we’re paying taxes and the status of our non-profit LLC.

Greg brought up the idea of a HOA sponsored plan for homeowners’ insurance. The board approved having a representative from the Starr Group to come down and discuss the idea.

Geese problem: Lorraine discussed that she didn’t think there is an over population. Jim discussed that he thought we do have an over population. Jim discussed getting authority from the state in order to manage the goose population. Greg discussed that people have been controlling the geese population. But as Frank discussed we cannot authorize anything that is not legal. He also discussed that the number one problem on a survey was that we have a goose population issue. Frank discussed that we create a lawful policy. The board agreed. Jim advised that we do the same thing as we did with the solar panel issue. Lorraine, said that we do the proper permits and oil the eggs in the spring, and destroy only so many nests. Jim, said his issue, is that we must report to the DNR, and he has reservations about that. Jim said that the village will say we have done a good job managing the lake and of the geese control. Frank asked if we have a professional do this just like the rest of the things we have done. Linda add that it will depend on the cost. Lorraine said she looked at the permit cost, we must do on January 1. She said Vic is willing to do it. Lorraine said the permits are free through the state. Jim discussed getting a cost on having a professional to manage the goose issue. Greg discussed the issue of the latest fine put upon the person who destroyed the eggs and got fined. Jim said he will investigate having a professional company do the task of geese management. The board discussed the approach to managing the geese problem. Greg made a motion that we investigate the permit and the cost of professional geese control process. Frank seconded and the board approved.

Frank discussed the unclaimed watercraft. Frank brought up doing a silent auction of the unclaimed watercraft during the neighborhood, River Oaks garage sale days. Lorraine said she will put pictures on Facebook.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

June 19th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Linda Tenuta, Dan Noah, John Skalbeck, Jim LeSage, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass

Reading of the minutes: on-line reading-approved

TREASURY REPORT: Reported that we have $33,471.14 in the checking and $6366.95 in the Money market. Linda also discussed that we still have two people who have not paid their dues. McIntyre and Warren. She paid bills for Parmentier, and Pat’s service. Jim discussed the WE energy bill which is paid electronically as is the Pleasant Prairie energy bill. He also discussed the invoice from Nature Scape. There is no record of payment. Linda said she hasn’t received a bill yet. It will be paid and then the park sprayed. The bill is $279 for 4 treatments. Jim discussed the rate.

Jim discussed the two parties who have not paid as of this time. The board discussed moving to the attorney option. Jim said he will go to the attorney and have letters written. The board approved the report.

Action Items:

Cameras: Dan and Frank are in discussion. Dan recommended we start small and put up signs first and then the cameras. Dan said he and Frank must complete their research and discussions.

Sand on Beach and Rototilling: Jim brought up the discussion that about having the sand done prior to the 9th. John said he spoke to Ben’s lawn mowing. So, Ben said he will try to get it done prior to. Ryan reported that Ben canceled the equipment so, he can’t get it done by the 4th. The board discussed canceling the delivery. Greg asked how we hired Ben in the first place. Vic discussed that Ben has done a bit of work for us in the past. Vic and Jim discussed going back to Ben and advising that the work needs to be done prior to the 4th. Jim will communicate with Ryan yet today.

Geese control: The citation victim is going to court to contest the citation. Jim asked that if we say anything, we cannot advise that it is a board action. A single person cannot commit to the board without board approval. Jim talked to the DNR. Jim discussed with wildlife services, and we will get a permit. He said that the wildlife services will collect the geese. The second year the geese will be slaughtered. Migratory Bird management does manage using dogs but there is a weekly cost. Vic discussed that we can get a permit to manage the geese. The DNR recommends the service.

Jim advised that the dump truck has been removed. Vic sent a letter to them last week.

LAKES REPORT: John said he has a bill for the fish stocking which is $1306. For Blue Gill, large-mouth bass. They stocked on May 24th. The Walleye and Crappie are scheduled for fall. On the lake treatment we had an application on the 7th and on the 30th. A third treatment will be done on the 20th. There is a treatment for buttercup and other invasive algae. John said the invasive algae comes in from the river when we have overflow. Vic provided a livestock application permit. John said he will get it completed and submitted.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: The boats are still surrounded by weeds. This has not been done.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic said the dump truck letter went out. He also approved the Ventura driveway etc. There was a discussion regarding a home near the entryway that is drawing complaints. Greg and Linda discussed what the letter we should send should say. Jim read from B17 bylaws that addresses grass and lawn maintenance. Vic will send out a letter this week.

TECH REPORT: Dan said the directory is ready to go. He said he will also put out something on Facebook. He said we are way down on reservations for the park. He also said that he and Frank will be in discussion since Frank is taking over Facebook while Lorraine is in recovery.

OLD BUSINESS: Fines for bylaw violation. Jim said he will discuss with the attorney as to what the board can do if a resident does not abide by what the board requests. Jim also discussed the new trees that are planted, and the new ones are doing well. Jim asked if we are going to look for trees to plant this fall. Vic approved that we should continue to plant trees, 6 at an estimated cost of $4000. Linda said we paid $2500 for 6 trees last year. Dan said we should not wait around for the village to do any planting. Jim asked about planting Burr Oaks. Jim said he will go to Schwartz nursery where we got a large discount.

Green Kayak at the park. Jim placed a note on it. We don’t know who’s kayak it is. Dan asked if we got a list of which boats will be up for auction.

NEW BUSINESS: Wisconsin Tax Exemption. We don’t have a tax ID number or a CES number. There was a discussion as to if we have a tax ID number or CES number. Linda said that the CES is our tax-exempt number. Linda will research and find out if we have been assigned such a number. Jim said he has the original documents from when the association was formed. The board discussed the files that we need to fill out and update.

Jim discussed the park and playground equipment. Jim was discussion the 3 invoices as well as the breaking up of the drain tiles. Jim went over the invoices and the response was that they would replace the drain replacement as well as the fill that was put in. Vic said they spread the mulch today. Jim is suspect if they replaced the drain tile.

Summary: Jim will talk to Ben about the beach, Ryan about the weeds and boat area as well as the playground area. Jim will have a discussion with the attorney about the bi-law violations. He will also talk to the nursery about the trees. Linda will look up the filing for the non-profit. Vic will send out the letter on the lawn maintenance. Ryan will talk to Ben to get the beach done prior to July 4th. Dan and Frank will discuss the cameras for the park.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 The next meeting will be at Vic’s home on August 15th.

July 18th, 2019 Meeting


August 15th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, Dan Noah, Frank Glowacki, Linda Tenuta

GUESTS: Marco Briceno from the Starr Group presenting Secura options and Community Stars program.

The meeting was called to order by Jim LeSage.

Minutes: The minutes were approved.

Presentation by Marco Briceno from the Starr Group. Marco presented that the Starr Group analyzes individual homeowners’ coverage. He explained about the Starr Group and the personalized coverages. He explained that he has researched different organizations to develop a plan for a HOA organization. He said he went to several large carriers to explore opportunities for the River Oaks HOA. Marco explained the service organization and how we act as a fiduciary. He explained that if coverage for any person goes up by 4% or $100, they automatically bid the coverage out. They also have a 24-hour policy. The Starr Group is one of the largest agencies in the state. He also discussed the Community Stars Program. He talked about the philanthropic aspects of the program and how our HOA qualifies as a non-profit organization. He explained they’ve given back $20,000 to the non-profit organizations. He explained how Secura turned out to be the best option for our HOA. They will offer a 5% discount across the board for all members of the River Oaks HOA.

Marco spoke about the coverage aspects that they analyze in most policies. He spoke about having homes up to code as well often missed liabilities that occur with people and policies. Greg asked a question about umbrella policies as well as flood insurance. Marco explained what normal and necessary umbrellas are. Greg asked the question as to the board liability. He explained that the board director and officer positions then explained that our coverage is much better than most. He talked about officer and executive disputes, as well as board coverage. Greg asked about the Secura option for individual policies. He explained how the options are fitted with the client. The plan does not require any number of plan holders or number of policies. Jim asked how often policies are reviewed. Marco explained that there is a proactive role, and that they monitor the policy according to the individual. Marco presented the steps that would be involved sponsoring or endorsing the plan. Marco explained how flood insurance works and what must happen. Greg had a question as to what the steps would be to endorse or put into action the process. Frank discussed the opportunity and the thought process. Vic also discussed the issues and the fire we recently had in the neighborhood. Greg will gather questions from the board members for the next meeting.

Jim tabled the discussion until the next meeting.

TREASURY REPORT: Linda has paid off the playground equipment and the lake treatments. She has also paid the bills for the park, the mowing, and the lake maintenance. She also paid the energy bills as well as maintenance bills. She did receive one due’s payment from the Warren’s which was late.

Linda reported that we have $12, 756 in checking and $6587 in the money market.

Jim discussed that the other late payment was paid to the attorney at $475. So, we will be receiving a payment from the attorney.

Action Items: Cameras: Frank reported that at the end of his research, he delivered the purpose to set up camera surveillance in the park and area around the park. His report discussed not only the purpose but also the reason why as well as what we’re doing. Frank said that the other purpose is to run it by our attorney and then how to proceed. Vic discussed that we presented had discussed at the annual meeting and had a consent from attending members present at the annual meeting with only one descension. Frank is asking about approval from an attorney to present to the membership. Frank explained that we do have a document that explains that, covenants, bylaws and clarifications. Vic discussed we really don’t want so much detail in the clarifications, but we want it to be simple. Dan talked about starting simple and having the ability to adjust if needed. Jim asked about how many people in River Oaks have the community camera partnership. Jim discussed the program, in some subdivisions, when enough people in a subdivision have video, they put up signs. Vic said he has a ring doorbell and belongs to the neighborhood chat group. Dan and Frank discussed what is a common standard. Linda asked about why we had to be so concerned, Frank answered as to legal opinions that he received. He also discussed the idea that since we’re not a gated community.

Directory: Dan said it’s published and ready to go on-line. He has updates yet to be done. Linda asked about a column with outstanding balances. Dan said that should not be on the site. Otherwise he said that it’s ready to go. He said he will ask Lorrain to post on Facebook when it’s ready to go.

Verbiage on if someone’s car or boat sinks in the lake. We have verbiage to speak to that in our bylaws and covenants. Frank said that B25 covers the issue. Jim brought up the issue in terms of if someone’s boat sinks.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: The lawn mowing is getting done and being paid monthly. Bob Kerpec is being paid for prairie restoration. The sand in the beach has already been done. Frank asked about the quality of the sand on the beach. He talked about it not being the right sand, and Linda thought it was too expensive.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic said not too much activity. The snowmobile trailer has been removed. He approved a beach front restoration. Linda discussed that there are two trailers that hidden, and we should have them removed. Vic will address.

TECH REPORT: Dan said there is nothing that needs to be done. The board discussed how we can use Dan and the work he does at a higher level of significance. Frank discussed a few ideas about things we could have on the web. Dan presented we need to concentrate on coordinating Facebook with our website. Vic discussed what the Facebook page is for and how he uses it to post. Greg discussed how to log in and reserve the pavilion. Vic said that if you send an email to the board Dan will take care of it. Linda made a request that we research getting rid of quick books and come up with a better program. Dan explained that we had ideas about using quick books. The board discussed about being able to pay online. There was a discussion about making payment online. Dan asked about a road map going forward. Vic discussed the Facebook page. Frank discussed about activity on the Facebook page, and the benefits that we have because of it. Linda discussed using mass emails in terms of advising people of events etc. Dan discussed the percentage of who wanted to be in the directory and those who didn’t. Dan said around 20 out of 144. Dan discussed having an assistant to help with Facebook and Website issues. Greg suggested we do a post to find out if there is anyone who would be interested in assisting Dan.

OLD BUSINESS: Fines for by laws-1500-2500 to review and redo by laws as proposed by the attorney. Vic suggested that this is a review in 2020.

Wisconsin tax exemption for non-profit, from out attorney, around $5000 and $6000 to do research and do filing for tax exempt status as a 501C corp.

Geese Egg Depredation: March through May, $1500. Turn-key and we do nothing. Vic made a motion for next year, it was seconded and approved unanimously. Jim will send out a job description for board members. What the annual things you must do. Frank said there is language in the covenants that apply to this and bylaws. Jim said he wanted the annual things in detail.

NEW BUSINESS: Some of the beach front properties are in rough shape. He suggested we put into action that the property near the lake must be looked at. We also need to look at the boat front area to include kayaks as well as regs that if you have a boat there, you must clean up the area. It has never been cleaned. Jim asked about people who have boats that are not being used. The area needs to be cleaned, and we need gravel. Vic and Jim discussed how it needs to be upgraded and that is no access to the lake in that area.

Venetian night: Jim said a lot of people said yes, they want to participate. Jim discussed rules such as dry cell batteries for lights. We should be putting guidelines on Facebook, such as bring your ow beverage and treats and chairs.

E. coli Reading: Lake functions responsibility. Jim said he is unhappy with the lakes committee. We have a great talent and expertise; however, we need to address the issue. Vic discussed the issue that we don’t have anybody else with such expertise. We had a high reading therefore we need to act on it. Vic and Frank discussed the issues in terms of continual lake readings. Vic said readings fluctuate from one day to the next. The board discussed having E. coli readings done once a month during the summer and then posting it on Facebook and on the website. The board discussed including the issue in the budget next year.

The board also discussed soliciting for people who are interested in being on the board.

The board discussed the issue of board position requirements.

The motion was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

September 19th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, John Skalbeck, Frank Glowacki, Linda Tenuta, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle,

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved as read on-line

TREASURY REPORT: Money Market is at $10,587.77 and the Checking was at $7,267.11. Linda discussed the banking fees and that she had them reversed due the amount we had in the bank. She paid Swartz Nursery for trees and planting at $2592.77 and Innovative water care at $1082. There are new trees coming in October. The placements have been staked out. 4 more Evergreen trees were purchased. We looked at oak trees, but they were not compatible with our park system.

Action Items: Verbiage for camera areas: Frank discussed cost of equipment, placement etc. of the cameras. Frank said it is recommended that we run language by our legal representative, as long as only law enforcement will be viewing the camera results, it is not necessary. Jim asked if anyone had idea as to how many residents have cameras of visionary doorbells. Vic said you can’t tell who has doorbells or not. Frank and Jim posting signs as to neighborhood under video surveillance. Frank said all we need to know is what is the cost. Jim said that the cost of the camera’s is minable and it’s the installation that matters.

LAKE REPORT: John said the fall the delivery is dependent upon the hatcheries, so the delivery time is between October and December. The board heard from Frank that the fishing has been awesome this year. John discussed closing the gate to prevent the river from getting into the lake. The lake has gone down several inches. John said that he has a group of 12 students that will take part in the lake study this year. Frank asked a question about lake weed. John said that it’s kind of a mystery as to whether the weed is good or not. The curly lake is not good, but we’ve gotten rid of that. So, the native plant growth is happening, fishing people like it, but not necessarily swimmers and other lake users. It can be both good and bad. Frank and Vic discussed that if you pull it up on the shore it rots and stinks. Vic said the zebra mussels are not as prevalent this year as in the past. John discussed that this happens in cycles.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan got two checks from Linda for Parmentier services for July and August. Ryan discussed that we have paid Bob, the invasive species as well as Ben Raymer for the sand and beach. Bob had a meeting with Jim regarding the trees and prairie grass. Ryan said nothing new except for the park mowing service.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic said he is a bit behind in his letters for trailers that need to be moved. Linda reported that one of the trailers has been moved. The other trailer is still there. He also said he wrote to the people who did the beach renovation and said that we must know the next time. He said the renovation looked very nice. There is a pond now in the back yard as well. Vic approved a spa -hot tub implementation. Frank discussed the number of people who are on our Facebook page. He said that every chance we must remind people that they need to check the covenants and by-laws. Greg asked about sending out a copy of the covenants and by-laws with the dues notifications every other year. Linda said all the dues mailings were sent via mail. Frank said he believed it was worth it to send out a copy. A discussion was held as to the top problems that occur in the neighborhood. Frank said we do that, but we need to do it again-the last time was in the summer of 2017. Frank said we have the formats, so we need to do something. Frank said he and Lorraine talked about the communications with those on Facebook. Greg asked a question about the repair of the garage that was burned up. It has been 90 days issue. Vic said he approved his own hot tub installation as it was approved by the Village.

OLD BUSINESS: Venetian night was a success. Now next year will improve. There is nothing happening with unidentified boats. Jim said we need to think about it. Planting of trees in the park. Jim said if the village plants it, it’s $1,000 a tree. There is an issue with trees falling onto the road. Jim asked John to discuss with representative Blemish.

The opportunity to take part in the Starr Group Community Stars program: Frank talked about whether we take part an association insurance. There is no downsize to this. However, he said he thinks it would a good idea. Vic said he would put on Facebook, and asked people to meet. John said do we run the risk of endorsing a commercial venture. Frank said he thinks we can position it as a non-profit. Jim said we are chartered as non-profit. Jim said, if we have an open meeting who we invite. Frank said he looks at it the other way-in terms of value added. John said, is where does it stop. The board discussed whether or not it is the board’s charge to take part in it or not. Frank said he knows that we would not be the only HOA that allows us discounts as a service organization. He said it is a value added as the HOA. Frank said that John’s question as to being a part of our charge or not is an issue. Frank said we should have policy or scope of the board as the direction where we should go. John introduced a motion that we should not consider such actions as a board of an HOA. Jim accepted the motion but then commented on the motion. Greg seconded the motion. The motion was tabled. John discussed why he did not support the action. Frank discussed his view of it. Frank said we must move into the modern idea of an HOA.

Goose Depredation: $1500 will pay for our licensure as well as the activity to manage the goose population.

TV Antennae: There was a discussion about people having TV antennae on their roof. Vic said we crafted language for solar panels, so he will investigate language that addresses.

Rules for beach maintenance: Jim said we will discuss next year. Jim said we will include as an agenda item for the annual meeting next year.

Jim discussed the idea of repairing the black top at the park. He said that we should purchase topsoil and place it over the area. He also discussed removal of a dead tree near the beach. Vic discussed the idea of addressing dead tree removal that people have a large dead tree in people’s yards.

2020 Homeowner improvement: Charcoal Grill replacement. It can be replaced for $200. Jim asked if we should buy and then replace next spring. Vic made a motion to buy a new grill with a budget of $500. John second. The motion passed. Jim discussed the rack for the kayaks. The kayak rack is $2300, and it stores 8. Frank said that would mean we’d have to buy two. Jim said there are concrete footings. Jim said people are asking for such racks to be put in place that can be used for canoe’s as well. Frank asked about a launch area. Jim said he talked to Brian Conway, as to what we can do for a walkway, and a launch area near the beach. Jim said, we also have a two-week period whereby whoever has a boat out there must move their boat so construction could be done. John said a launch was built but is now overgrown by cattails. He said keeping it open is an ongoing maintenance problem. Frank asked why we couldn’t just include such maintenance in the current contract. John said it was a major issue as to controlling the cattail growth and keeping that clear. John said it takes a lot of money to build and maintain. He said it is a 10-foot-wide swath of cattails. It took 3 years to overgrow. Ryan said he didn’t think the lawn maintenance people would be willing to keep the area clear. Jim said back in the history we didn’t have kayaks and paddle boards. He said there will be a lot more use and that will keep the area clear. Vic said that it would be a value to those people who live off the lake who also have kayaks and boats. Linda asked about if there is a gradual entrance to the water or is it deeper? John said, if we cut an opening there, you would be launching in a mucky bottom. He said we would have to dump tons of more gravel and sand. He said it’s not a small task. He said he loves the idea of a small area to launch so that it should be closer to the beach. Jim said let’s start with some ideas from Brian.

Prairie cleaning day. Jim said he was wondering if we’re going to have another day to clean the prairie area. Vic discussed cleaning the island. Jim discussed how much we really want to do. Jim said we should have Bob look at the island and what we should do with it. He suggested that we do the park first. We should do after the first frost.

2020 BUDGET: Linda said we are probably going to have around $7,000 to $8000 left which will include our required $5000 in checking as a contingency fund.

  • The income projection should be the same as last year.
  • Linda said bank maintenance fees are around $40 and property taxes will be around $60 and state taxes around $50. Linda said the cost per envelope last year was around $.50 an envelope.
  • The board discussed all the items in the budget item by item. The board reviewed all the major items in terms of park maintenance and all related expenses. Lake management and stocking. Lake survey was deleted. The board did include water testing as well as goose depredation management.
  • The board also budgeted projects trees and a new kayak rack. The board also discussed a legal expense for the research and filing for a non-profit organization.
  • The board approved budget was $36,660 with anticipated revenue $36,000 with carry-over of reserve $4000.
  • There is still discussion as to other projects.
  • The resultant is that we now must pay for goose management.
  • The board also approved the construction of two kayak racks-boat storage racks and launch area.
  • The board discussed placing the boat storage area where there is currently in the drainage adjacent to the beach, we have a problem with maintaining the drainage system.

Linda will develop a total budget and send it out to the board for further discussion and approval. The board also discussed making sure we have one major improvement project each year.

Jim went through a summary of the items that the board discussed. Jim will share the list of action items on-line:

Antennae policy

Ryan is working with Bob to determine clean update at park.

Jim will discuss with Brian Conway as to what can be done at the park.

Discussion as to the board service terms:

Jim LeSage as president, Frank as V.P., Greg as Secretary, Ryan as roads and grounds. Vic is not up yet; Lorraine is not up yet nor is Dan Noah. We do have a few people who would like to serve on the board.

October 17th, 2019 Meeting

ATTENDEES: Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, John Skalbeck, Greg L. Bass, Jim LeSage, Ryan Zettle, Linda Tenuta.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Jim LeSage.

Minutes were read and approved via online vote.

Action Item: Iola Funk, resident to discuss fence covenant.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM at Linda Tenuta’s home.

The first action item was a discussion of the by law that addresses the fence. Vic gave a summary of the fence issue. The issue is a 6-foot-tall fence that goes around the perimeter of the yard. Vic advised that we had denied the fence around the yard but approved the fence along the back which is along Co. Trunk C. Her issue is that she has dogs and would like to have a fence to protect the area for her dogs. She explained that since she was along Co. Trk. C she could fence in her yard. She said there are other people along C that have their yards fenced in. She explained how she read the provision in by-laws. Frank addressed the confusion that we have since there is a fence in the area. Jim said there is one property that has a fence. He explained that they were grandfathered in because the association was in its infancy. There was only the Lehman home and the home Ryan lived in. The next homes that went up were those along HWY C. Those homes may have had a grandfather provision put them. The other provision is for swimming pools because the village of Pleasant Prairie requires that. Ms. Funk advised that there are other fences in place not just the grandfathered home. Jim advised that we check those areas out as a board, the addresses etc. He advised, that until we do that, we must advise that we cannot approve. Jim advised we will get back to her by next week. Jim advised that there have been other residences along 88th that have requested fences, but all have been declined.

TREASURY REPORT: Linda reported that we have $10,588 in the Money market, and $2831 in the checking. Linda discussed the bank fee situation as to how much we must keep so much money, $5000 balance in order to keep from paying fees. She said that she has concerns that we will be below that amount in the Money Market so then we will have to pay fees. John asked about what account the minimum balance is required. She said it is the checking account. She paid the Parmentier bills, Pats and WE energies. John asked how far into the year that we have the grass mowed, Ryan advised it is through a 9-month contract. Jim asked if the Village invoice, $185 had been paid, water usage for the park. Linda said the fee was quarterly. It is budgeted at $186 per quarter. Greg asked about the use of BMO Harris, and how long have we been using it. The board approved Linda to review other banking institutions where we would not have to pay fees.

Action Items: Verbiage for Cameras-Frank discussed that we must put together the language to present at the annual meeting for the placement of cameras at the park. Frank advised that we don’t have to have a legal review of the language, as long as we abide the parameters as advised by law enforcement. That would be a view of the video by law enforcement if there is an illegal activity. Jim said, even if we just put something in the bylaws and don’t implement, at least we have something there. Frank replied that he doesn’t have objection. He said typically we present the whole thing and execute it. Frank asked Dan to approximate the cost given that we implement in 2020. Our original budget take was $500 Dan explained. Jim asked, how many residents have ring doorbells or cameras. He said we should have signs posted that “This neighborhood is under surveillance.” Frank said, he sees it as two events. One is getting cameras up in the pavilion area. The other would be the surveillance signs. He said that the one dealing with the pavilion is a separate item. Greg discussed a story that related why he believes we should have cameras down at the park. Frank will address the issue at the annual meeting. John asked to have print outs of the language. Jim discussed the annual meeting. Jim and Frank discussed when we make it official on Facebook and our Website. Greg suggested we have an agenda posted on Facebook, and our website. Frank said that we should put the signs out that indicate the date, time, and place of the annual meeting. Jim said he would put the agenda out. Jim said he had been giving issues to the police chief. Frank asked that we give the police chief a copy of the camera verbiage and to give his advice on it. Vic asked about the police in terms of people signing up to be on the community camera partnership.

TECH REPORT: Dan said that he is ready to execute the directory. It’s ready to go.

LAKES REPORT: John said there is no word on the fish. They are still waiting to hear from the hatcheries. John said there has been a fair bit of management of the gate. He said that when they did the sampling round, he said they measured the effect of the river coming into the lake. Jim asked if the flapper door is stuck open. John said you can’t get at it until the water goes down. So, the gate on the other side proved useful. Frank asked if we ever got a September e-coli reading. We got July and August.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan had an invoice from Alex Parmentier for September. He also said he talked to Bob Kerpec about speaking at the annual meeting as to what the plan is for the future. Ryan reported that we have a new Fox and Linda added that she believes we have two of them in the neighborhood. Jim asked about the Parmentier contract. The board discussed the park and island area. Vic said it would be a good volunteer area.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Vic said he has a letter to Webfords. The trailer is in the back. Vic talked about the terms of Iola, he said he didn’t see any reason to approve a total fence. Vic asked what we are going to do if we find other people that have fences up. Jim said, we have to wait and see what’s there. The consensus is that there are no sideline fences. Vic said that the verbiage in the by-laws is really not very clear, he read the language. The board discussed the interpretation of the language. Jim said, we declined a fence for her neighbor. John said we have to be consistent. Frank asked if we should relook at the clarification, we did last spring. Frank read the clarification. Vic read the clarification of the language. Frank advised that we need to clear up the language. Jim discussed the issue of the fence along hwy C which was in disrepair.

TECH REPORT: Dan discussed the communications as to Facebook. Jim and Dan discussed what is going on with the Facebook page. Lorraine was not at the meeting, so we could not discuss. Frank suggested we have a weekly post of some kind on Facebook.

NEW BUSINESS: Linda suggested that we need to “get the ball rolling” as to a monthly information post. We should discuss what we want to put out there. Dan agreed that we should make a regular posting. He said the website is static. No one goes there since we have a Facebook page.

Antennae on roofs: Vic said the only thing we can do is advise that the Antennae is too tall. The HOA, under Fed regs said we can’t regulate except for putting antennae in the yard, or how high the antennae are on the house. Jim said there are houses that have tall towers and some have antennae. We have to permit them. Vic will look up for the January meeting.

Beach front properties in disrepair will be tabled until January but brought up at the annual meeting.

Vlach: Redid the driveway, and over the culvert. Frank read the language in the bylaws that regards the driveway. Vic will write a letter.

Annual Meeting: November 21st, Thursday at the Village Auditorium. 7:00.

BUDGET FOR 2020: Linda presented the budget comparison for 2020. Linda said that even with the extra dues, and not doing extra things, except for the boat storage, we’re running over. Dan said that the $500 in the web design should be the $500 for the security cameras. Vic asked if there is some reason, we bumped the landscape up $3,000. Linda said that is for additional sand at the beach and the playground. Vic suggested that we drop that amount out of it because we did this time. Each boat storage is $2300. Jim said the rack is $1800 and $2200 for painted ones. He said we have to pour footings. The board has been helping out the July 4th and the auction. The board discussed dropping out the additional monies we put in it. The board reviewed the proposed total budget and brought the budget to a balanced budget. The board made several cuts including keeping the boat storage area. The board will be bidding the out the lawn services. The board achieved a balance budget.

Recap: Annual Meeting, speakers,

Jim will get letters to the village.

Lake property clean up.

We owe the Funk’s an answer on the fence.

Jim will get a tentative Agenda out for the annual meeting. Dan will work with Lorraine on getting a notice out.

Linda brought up issues as to by law infractions. Also, what about people not keeping up their properties. Linda asked about snacks at the annual meeting. The board will be there at 6:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

November 21st, 2019 Annual Meeting

ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, John Skalbeck, Dan Noah, Linda Tenuta, Ryan Zettle.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Jim LeSage.

The October meeting minutes were approved as read and presented on-line.

Action Items:

Language on Fences, clarification to By-Laws:

Current verbiage in clarifications for B-12, Fences

There shall be no fences erected by any owner without the consent of the architectural control committee, and upon consent by the architectural control committee, such fences shall be erected in accordance with the ordinances of the town Village of Pleasant Prairie.

In general, no permanent fencing has been approved within River Oaks. Exceptions are for placement along property lines that run parallel along Highway C, (but not extending beyond the rearmost boundary of the primary residence structure), homes with swimming pools and/or similar as required by the Village of Pleasant Prairie, and fences existing prior to the adoption of the River Oaks By-Laws.

Fences may be of wood or vinyl in an earth tone color or decorative wrought iron or aluminum. Critter guard fencing (max 2’ high) for gardens: privacy divider (max 8’length 6’ high) as example by a hot tub and near the residence structure, or a split rail fence (max 2 sections 8’long) to accent their property lines will be considered by the architectural committee. Viable alternatives within individual property lines to consider may be: landscaping implemented for screening purposes, “invisible” pet fences. (Approved, June 2016)

Proposed verbiage:

Exceptions are for placement along property lines that run parallel along Highway C (but fencing may only be placed along the property line adjoining Hwy C.)

Approved by board on an on-line review and vote: 5-2

Language regarding security cameras in park:

Dan presented that we’re looking at night vision cameras at the park with a range of 120 feet. So, if we have an issue to notify the police there will be a recording of such an event. He said it will retain footage for 30 days and then it deletes things 30 days old. We will have law enforcement at the park. That’s what we’re trying to do. It will be a protected system. Dan said we’re looking at higher end camera’s so we’re looking at 120 feet cameras. Frank discussed the rules and the administration of the cameras. He said it will go into the bylaws. Only law enforcement will be viewing the tape when an incident happens. We will be posting signs as well. We will be an active participant in the village’s active camera program. He said it will add value, so safety needs to be focused yet we need to insure personal privacy. Jim spoke to a privacy issue. And that the board will develop and communicate with the residence as well as the police. Dan discussed the access and how and who would have access. Jim answered the question about signs being posted.

River Oaks Home- Owners Association: Security Cameras at Park / Pavilion

Video surveillance cameras are now common- place, including use by homeowner associations. When used properly they can provide additional security, a greater sense of safety to the community and a deterrent to would be criminals.

Studies on the effectiveness of surveillance cameras suggest that they are indeed effective at reducing low-level crimes such as automobile break-ins and burglaries. These same cameras have also proven immensely helpful in prosecuting individuals caught in the act of committing a crime and in enforcing violations of HOA governing documents. Realtors know that one of the top questions of any development or neighborhood is its safety. Surveillance cameras certainly increase such value.

To this end, the ROHOA has determined that placement of cameras in our park / pavilion area is of great benefit to its members:

  • Cameras would be arranged so they could view the pavilion, parking lot, and adjacent areas.
  • Cameras would record only when motion is detected.
  • Video would be viewable only by law enforcement when suspected criminal activity (including Village code violations) are suspected.
  • Signs will be placed in adjacent visible areas detailing the use of security cameras and their use to assist law enforcement in criminal prosecution.
  • ROHOA pavilion cameras would be a voluntary participant in the Village of Pleasant Prairie’s Community Camera Partnership Program. Our cameras would be pre-identified and would be available to assist officers if a crime were committed near their location. Fall, 2019

Approved by board through on-line vote: 9-0

TREASURY REPORT: Proposed 2020 budget review by board: Linda presented the budget. She said since there is a lot issue with geese, there is now a depredation of geese service. The other thing was we used our excess to purchase and put in new playground equipment. Next year we’re projecting some boat storage areas at the park. So, there’s a better way to store their boats. Greg proposed to accept the budget, it was seconded by Dan and approved.

River Oaks Annual Budget 2019/2020

Proposed budget (2020) Proposed Budget (2019) Actual (2019)


Actual Membership 144 homes ($250 each) $36,000 $36,000 $36,000

Recoveries of Past Dues $0 $0 $50

Interest Income $10 $10 $5

Miscellaneous $0 $125 $0

Grand Total Income $36,010 $36,135 $36,055


Operating Expenses

Insurance $2,800 $2,800 $2,494

Bank Maintenance Fees $0 $0 $39

Taxes – Property $100 $100 $59

Taxes – State $50 $50 $0

Postage/Delivery $400 $300 $218

Directory Maintenance/Printing $250 $250 $0

Legal & Professional $0 $0 $0

Miscellaneous $250 $250 $295

Operating Expenses Total $3,850 $3,750 $3,105

Roads & Grounds

Grounds & Lawn Service $8,500 $8,500 $3,379

Electricity $1,200 $1,200 $1,082

Pleasant Prairie Utilities $800 $700 $744

Trash Removal & Cleanup $600 $600 $600

Port-a-Potty Rental $1,500 $1,400 $1,140

Mosquito Spray/Park/Pest Removal $400 $400 $279

Roads & Grounds Total $13,000 $12,800 $7,224

Lake Management

Consulting/Treatment $6,000 $6,000 $5,006

Geese/ Depredation $1,500 $0 $0

Fish Stocking $2,000 $2,000 $1,307

Water Testing $200 $500 $0

Fish Permit $50 $50 $0

Lake Management Total $9,750 $8,550 $6,313


Security Cameras $500 $500 $0

Landscaping, Park Improvements, etc. $3,400 $5,000 $5,584

Playground $0 $20,000 $21,892

Projects/Boat Storage/Signs $5,000 $1,000 $0

Social Committee $500 $1,000 $185

Treasury $0 $0 $215

Projects Total $9,400 $27,500 $27,876

Grand Total Expenses $36,000 $52,600 $44,518

2020 River Oaks Budget *


Police Chief Smetana:

The Chief went through the areas that were addressed to him.

Alcohol and Drugs, he said, they’ve done 127 drunk driving arrests in the village. He said the drug problem includes alcohol which is a major part of that. Some of the arrests involved firearms as well as drugs, heroine and other drugs. There is a Narcom projects which is carried by each officer. It is also used to save people who are over dosed. They have saved several lives and also protects the wellbeing of the officers. They also joined the opioid lawsuit. Whether they see anything from that remains to be seen. The problem is really evident. Years ago, there were only one or two heroine arrests per year. Now it’s prevalent problem. Alcohol is another problem in terms of a drug recognition problem. That officer has been trained to go to a seen and go through the list according to the symptoms to determine exactly what the drug is. He said in the village, so far, toxicity deaths, we have had 1 over-dose death, but numerous events. Last year there were 5 overdose deaths. In the entire county there were 46 toxicity deaths most attributed to opium or heroine. We see fentanyl use rising. People don’t realize what they’re taking.

Human traffic-he said they have combated it in the past, they have in the past, done several sting operations. Now they’re part of the national sex trafficking task force which includes a number of surrounding villages and cities as well as the FBI. The chief said they have had a lot of success with that along the 94 freeway. He said that the operation Cross Country is a national program, and there is a connection with Chicago-Milwaukee-Minneapolis. They generally see along the highways and the hotels and motels along those routes. They have had 12 individuals under arrest. After the initial sting operation the number has decreased but it is still a problem. They have a program for the victims to get them out of their situation. They also have officers trained to recognize and help runaways so they can help them out of human trafficking. He said it is not uncommon to have 16-17, year old up from Chicago or from Milwaukee, the last sting was an individual from Kenosha.

Addiction and recovery. There is a discussion coming up to discuss the problem on December 5th to address the problem again. He said the Kenosha task force is getting things done.

Cameras-concerns about the cameras being put up. There is a community program where each resident can register their camera and take part in the community share program. He said what that does is a force multiplier so there are eyes and ears out there to help. He said that they don’t access personal cameras, they just ask the person to review their camera. He said that community cameras going up, he said there is a great deal of angst. He said it’s your neighborhood. He said you’re on camera all the time even here right now. He said to a question that there are cameras in the outlet mall. He said he doesn’t consider the mall an unsafe place. There is security personal at the complex 24 hours a day. Last Sunday, the police were at the event which took place within 5 minutes. So, they only have 4 officers on second shift to cover 33 square miles. If there’s a drunk driver that takes 2 officers. He said if the village is going to grow then the public safety have to grow to but there are legal limits in place. He said every store should have their own security systems.

Trespassing on the lake: He said that the person needs to be called, and then they will ask the person if they belong there. They will tell the people that they can’t be there. He said he knows that it is posted. He said having a lake that has a 1000 owners is a little difficult.

Area Patrols: He said they’ve had 13 calls for service in 6 months. 3 of those were for oops card. They give out a lot of oops cards for calls that needed to be take care of. Traffic safety, he said there are 147 traffic stops on C in 6 months from H to interstate. Some were for speeding and some were for truck traffic. He said they are patrolling the River Oaks, so every time a police officer goes through the neighborhood it is recorded. He said there are three areas that come together over by where the county and the state roads come together closer to the interstate. He said that 3 of the calls in our subdivision were for vandalism. So, he said we live in a very safe area.

Dave Klemish: The village board member, gave an address. He said he is now a River Oaks resident. He said if there are things that come up, we can contact him. He said that River Oaks is the most active place that they’ve every lived in. He said that the neighbors know each other, he said that helps from people who are not wanted coming into the neighborhood. A resident asked about when and why they don’t pick up the leaves when the leaves drop. Steinbrink said that it has been one of the worst years for leaf pick up due to the snowstorms. Pollocoff addressed the meeting, as to the development along the interstate and the impact on the sewer system. The area he said is really Bristol. He said eventually, the flow will be diverted into the Chateau system. He said they still watch closely so there is no cross section between sump pumps and sewerage system. He said there is a quadrant along the interstate, he said there is no sewer there right now. He explained how the system would have to be developed, but it will be and extensive development because of the distance. N. Theil said there is a question about the Kroger development. The village made a conscious effort to go away from warehousing, and instead moved toward developments like Haribo, Nexus, with higher incomes. Uline is now the largest taxpayer in Kenosha county. He said Kruger is a huge automated warehouse, so there are better jobs there. He said that area by the power plant was already zoned for that type of development. He said it will be a lot of jobs. Theil said that M5, manufacturing and companies like that, are jobs that pay 40,000 plus. A question was asked about the power plant. Pollocoff said that the power company has decided to close it down. The Fed has given them 10 years, and the power company has a lot investment in the plant, because the plant is certified and ready to go at any time. The power company pays the village 1.8 million a year because the plant is certified and ready to go. The budget right now is 18 million. Theil said the money pays for half the police force. He said they can adjust the levy when the power plant is completely closed, and that revenue is no longer available. As our Tax zones come off the books, there is significant relief coming. There is an extension on the assets for 10 years, so for the time period there will not be a utility aid-fee. Right now, there is no definitive plan for the plant. There was a question about noise pollution and how it’s increased. There was a complaint. So, there is also a lot of security issues as well from the hwy 94. Pollocoff said they talked to the DOT due to the number of houses and distance. He said that he doesn’t know how they change it. He discussed the idea of a noise study. Jim discussed the noise issue, the planting of trees. He said that the village needs to do a study, is there a time frame. Or can the village help us out in terms of trees. Jim discussed hopefully that we will continue to plant more trees and would appreciate the village help. A question was asked about the river run off study, and he asked about the runoff study, what is the village doing in terms of the river run off study.

Theil said there is a proactive effort as to what to do, and that they have been submitting for funding. The water shed is becoming a major issue. Steinbrink gave a very well speech. End of presentations.

OLD BUSINESS: Jim brought up Jan and Kim for years of doing the rummage sale. We have summary reports from the committees. Jan added that she would like to bow out of the July 4th parade and the rummage sale, so she would advise that if anyone would like to help Kim, they should notify her directly, they do need help.

ROADS AND GROUNDS REPORT: Ryan gave the report as to park maintenance, goose control, and other maintenance. As far as beech restoration, we had new sand put in and the volleyball court. Ryan said he knows that new sand attracts geese. The mowing and the grass maintenance was done by Parmentier this year and that we will be getting 3 quotes this year in terms of the mowing. Prairie restoration, Bob Kerpec gave a talk as to getting rid of invasives and buck thorn and restoring the prairie areas and the front entry ways. Bob said there were 17 people that helped out in the fall. He said he had planted 2000 plants in the fall. He said the area over the last 10 years it has been wild. For the last two years he has been herbaciding and planting. It’s made a big turn-around, teasel is still a big concern. The herbicide he uses does not harm other plants. Next year will be year 3. He talked about the next volunteer work- shop that are along the trail where a lot of buck thorn is growing. Ryan talked about restoration and Bob’s credentials. He said that last year we had a lot of people take part in the clean up day. Ryan discussed the new park equipment that we have there this year.

TECH REPORT: Dan discussed that we have actively putting in place. He discussed putting a directory that will be on the website. If people want to opt-out they can. It’s going to be accessible from computer or phone and the information is secure. There will be updates to the website and Facebook. He said we average 25 to 30 bookings at the park. We’re looking to expand our presence on Facebook, as well as other things. We want to get a lot more proactive and get feedback on an ongoing basis. He discussed the security and the cameras at the park.

ARCHITECTURAL REPORT: Architectural Controls Committee Report for Annual Meeting Nov. 21, 2019

• Four approvals for home remodeling projects. • Three warnings for trailers or commercial vehicles • One request for yard fencing. Things to keep in mind: • Anytime you are planning to make a change to the outside of your home, you should get the approval of the HOA. This includes: Painting your house or getting a new roof or Repaving your driveway or Putting on an addition or Working on your lakefront area • Fences are not allowed (with very few exceptions). • Sheds or outbuildings are not allowed. • Docks or motorized boats (even trolling motors) are not allowed. • Trailers or Commercial vehicles parked on your property are not allowed. • Yard signs are not allowed.


Vic said we have 4 home remodeling projects, 3 warnings for trailers and 1 for a fence. He said anytime you’re looking at making a change in your house, your supposed to let the board know about that. Our concern is doing that in an aesthetically pleasing. There was a question about the 5000 value before you had to notify the board. Vic said if you have an approval from the village. Vic talked about that fences are not allowed, sheds and outbuildings are not allowed, and motorized boats are not allowed. Jim said, we are not the police, we’re only try to execute keeping the neighborhood in shape.

Vic talked about trailers, dumpsters, or whatever you need to do. We cannot have trailers or commercial vehicles parked for more than 2 weeks. A question was asked about people keeping up their yards. Jim said you can contact the board and advise by complaint. Frank discussed that we put with the dues mailings reminders, and issues as to getting people a hard copy. All the information is on our website. Frank said our names and our positions are on our website. Dave said there is a regulation as to grass and the height of the grass.

LAKES REPORT: State of Lake Russo – Annual Report November 21, 2019-John Skalbeck

Whole lake treatment was conducted in the early spring to control invasive aquatic plants. The Board contracted Marine Biochemist (aquatic plant control applicator) to conduct two applications of herbicide. The first application of treatment chemicals was conducted on May 7, 2019.  The second application was conducted on May 25, 2019. This three-week spread in treatment application is the standard approach for controlling invasive aquatic plants.

On May 24, 2019 Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC delivered a batch of fish to stock the lake. The batch consisted of: Fathead Minnows (50 lb., 2-3 in.), Bluegills (100, 5-7 in.); and Largemouth Bass (100, 5-8 in.). A second delivery of fish on November 5, 2019 included

Walleye (75, 5-8 in.) and Black Crappie (100, 5-8 in.). A summary of fish stocking is included in the table on the back page of this report.

Water quality measurements of the lake were collected on October 3, 2019 as part of a University of Wisconsin-Parkside GEOS 445: Environmental Sampling, Monitoring, and Assessment course. Twelve UW-Parkside students measured water quality parameters and algae content at 5 locations. Ten water samples (surface and bottom) were collected and analyze for phosphorus content at UW-Parkside. Students also collected data from the in-lake temperature/light sensors that recorded hourly data from June 4 through September 10, 2019.

Good water quality results for 2019 follow similar good water quality results observed in 2018. Water clarity based on Secci depth measurements is better than previous years. Phosphorus concentrations were very low, and no algae was detected. Lake temperature difference from the surface to the bottom (higher at the top, lower at the bottom) show the lake was stratified during much of the summer. These observations appear to be consistent with no reported observations of algae blooms in 2019.

Water samples were collected on August 5 and 6, 2019 by the Kenosha County Health Department (KCHD) and tested for E. coli. The August 6 sample measured 236 E coli./100 mL and the August 6 sample measured 61 E coli./100 mL. KCHD considers a beach is under a water quality advisory for results between 235 and 1000 E. coli/100mL. KCHD considers a beach closed for results over 1000 E. coli/100mL.


John printed 25 copies as to the state of Lake Russo. There will be an addition, John said he will get it updated. He said we will continue to do the treatment for invasive plants at 2 to 3 applications per year. It keeps the lake clean. We continue with the stocking of fish, a spring batch and a fall batch. This has been carried on for some time. We review that each and every year. He said that there is testing for water quality that is done by park side students. He said the result is that the lake water quality is good and the concentration of nutrients is low. He said there hasn’t been alegi growth the last couple of years. We’ve also done E.coli sampling. IN one occasion there was a spike up, but that retreated within 24 hours. We will continue to do that; the concern comes from geese defecating in the lake. A question was asked about non-residential fishing. The response was that maybe we should not tell people about what has been done. The question about our Facebook page not being private. It is public. Dan said back when the sight was published, we wanted use, so now we might want to take it back private. John addressed the zebra muscle problem. He said the population will peak up and then it will crash as we clean up the lake, its kind of a cyclic thing. He has never come across a successful way to treat the problem. A question was asked about lighting on some of the corners.

NEW BUSINESS: Jim discussed the meetings next year and the offer for people to come. He also discussed the venetian night and how well it was received. We’re planning on that again in the fall. A question was asked about the weekend after labor-day? The board will consider.

By Laws and covenants update-you can print it off from our websites. A question was asked about changes being registered with the county. Jim said we do not do covenants, by-laws are the way we do business, the board has the right to do clarifications to those by laws.

Jim also discussed the geese depredation that we will hire a company will do the licensing with the state as well as the reduction of the geese which will be done next year. Jim discussed the process, as to trapping and testing them. They can be slaughtered for food pantries.

Follow up on the ordinance for grass is 4 to 8 inches. The only thing the village addresses is noxious weeds. There is a code enforcement officer available. Any resident can do that. Dave K. said it has to be a major problem. A question was asked about welcome letters and welcome packages. Jim advised that we tried it several years ago, but it failed. John said we had a very good welcome ambassador, but he is elderly now. Dan advised that we only use the website for storage.

Jim discussed the item of fence repair we will be going to them tomorrow to get it repaired. Jim discussed the annual park clean up and advised the dates will be provided. Tracy Stevens agreed to be our new social committee chairperson.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:06.