2018 Meeting Minutes


ATTENDEES:  Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, and Loraine Scanlon (a quorum)

Jim Discussed the treasurers report.  We still have one owner who has not paid the 2017 dues.  Their check bounced. The board approved taking further action in terms legal notification from the board attorney which also means placing a lean on the property.

Action Items: 

Jim discussed doing surveys.  The board is in favor in of doing that on Facebook. There are two items which we want to address through the surveys, they are the playground equipment replacement and the landscaping of the entry ways. Loraine read through the series of questions she will post on facebook and the board approved.    Loraine will post the surveys  on The River Oaks Face Book page.

Ryan discussed the Entry way project.  There are three women in the neighborhood who are interested in redoing the landscaping of the entry ways.  Jim and Ryan discussed the ideas and the design that has been brought forward.  Also, Jim presented questions that have been brought forth by one of our association members regarding type of plants and flora to be used.  They must be certain types of plants that are hardy due to the effort to maintain them.  There is not a water source near the entry ways.

The board discussed the playground equipment. We plan on doing the large climbing equipment this year and the swings next year. The cost to do it all at once is prohibitive, between $18,000 and $20,000 to meet compliance and safety issues. The current equipment is well over 20 years old and has rot in a number of areas and therefore it needs to be replaced.  We are hoping to get enough volunteers this spring to assist us in tearing down the old climbing equipment and then replacing it with alternative equipment.  We will be researching what type of equipment as well as cost.  Ryan will be contacting the company who put in the newest equipment to see if we can get it fixed as well as a cost out on new climbing equipment.

The board discussed placing trees in the park as a sound barrier.  Jim discussed the pro’s and con’s of placing trees along the village area. We cannot do that.   Jim discussed the pro’s and con’s of putting the trees in the park area.  However, Jim and Loraine discussed planting bigger trees at a budget cost of around a $1,000 a year. Ryan has explored the idea of buying a large number of seedlings from the county to be planted along the river side of the road by the park, however the board decided against that since it is village controlled area.  Also, we understand that there has been a request to plant large trees along the road to the village.  The cost range is around $50,000. Jim and Loraine discussed purchasing larger trees at a cost of around $200 a piece to be planted in the park area.  It was suggested that we purchase maybe 5 trees a year and then also do landscaping and paths in the area which is now just covered with teasel that we have had cut down and which will be treated in the spring.   Ryan, Loraine and Jim discussed where and how those trees could be planted.   Loraine also discussed that there is a tree farm off of County KR which is in the Fox Conn planned area, so we might be able to buy trees from them fairly inexpensively.  Jim and Ryan will look into that idea.

Loraine discussed the activity on our Face Book page and there appears to be quite a bit She said that she is thinking of doing a contest to name the family of Fox we have in the area. We all agreed that that would be a great idea.

Vic discussed that he addressed the truck with business signs.  The owner has placed metal signs over the business.  The board agreed that was okay.   Jim brought up snow blowing off the lake and driving snowmobiles over the lake.  We have to send a letter advising that driving snow mobiles over the lake is not allowed not only for reasons stated in the covenants but also for safety reasons.   The association cannot be responsible for any mishaps such as falling through the ice.   Vic and Dan also discussed that there have been a couple of ice fisherman on the lake that are not from the association.   They left after being approached by an association member.

Jim brought up Lot 13, which is next a corner lot as a buildable lot.  Jim has been contacted by realtors asking about it.  Jim said that there are 3 lots across from the park, but they are low lying lots.  They are very low lots and not really buildable.  Lot 14 is the park and is not buildable.  There are five other lots that not part of this subdivision but we don’t know if they are buildable lots.  That has to be determined by the village.  A couple of board members were opposed to allowing building on those lots, although we understand they are under the village’s control.

Dan discussed the technical, he has to finish up the website and get the minutes up on that site. We do not have 2016 or 2017 minutes up yet on the site, and they need to be as soon as possible so association members have access to them. Dan has totally rebuilt the site and will be completing that task soon so the site is much more presentable and useable.     He asked about security issue as to a camera in the park.  Jim said yes because the board had agreed to do so last year. Dan will be explore the type of equipment we may need.  Ryan discussed that it had to be secured.  Dan said the structure we have is perfect because it has a 360 degree vision area.

Old Business: No other old business

New Business:  Boats without stickers.  There are two boats without stickers in the park. Jim asked what we should do.  The board discussed putting them on the facebook page and give 30 days to claim the boat, and place a tag on it, or they will be auctioned off.

Dan discussed the ice fisherman issue.  We have seen that many this year.

Summary: Loraine will do the surveys.  Vic will do a view of the park to layout what we thing we should do. Jim will check out the tree farm.  We will check on the NSF check from last year.   Jim will talk to Paul about where we are in the treasury.

Next Month’s meeting on the February 15th and it is at Paul’s house.

Vic made a motion to adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.