2018 Board Meeting Minutes




ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, and Loraine Scanlon (a quorum)

Jim Discussed the treasurers report. We still have one owner who has not paid the 2017 dues. Their check bounced. The board approved taking further action in terms legal notification from the board attorney which also means placing a lean on the property.

Action Items:

Jim discussed doing surveys. The board is in favor in of doing that on Facebook. There are two items which we want to address through the surveys, they are the playground equipment replacement and the landscaping of the entry ways. Loraine read through the series of questions she will post on Facebook and the board approved. Loraine will post the surveys on The River Oaks Face Book page.

Ryan discussed the Entry way project. There are three women in the neighborhood who are interested in redoing the landscaping of the entry ways. Jim and Ryan discussed the ideas and the design that has been brought forward. Also, Jim presented questions that have been brought forth by one of our association members regarding type of plants and flora to be used. They must be certain types of plants that are hardy due to the effort to maintain them. There is not a water source near the entry ways.

The board discussed the playground equipment. We plan on doing the large climbing equipment this year and the swings next year. The cost to do it all at once is prohibitive, between $18,000 and $20,000 to meet compliance and safety issues. The current equipment is well over 20 years old and has rot in a number of areas and therefore it needs to be replaced. We are hoping to get enough volunteers this spring to assist us in tearing down the old climbing equipment and then replacing it with alternative equipment. We will be researching what type of equipment as well as cost. Ryan will be contacting the company who put in the newest equipment to see if we can get it fixed as well as a cost out on new climbing equipment.

The board discussed placing trees in the park as a sound barrier. Jim discussed the pro’s and con’s of placing trees along the village area. We cannot do that. Jim discussed the pro’s and con’s of putting the trees in the park area. However, Jim and Loraine discussed planting bigger trees at a budget cost of around a $1,000 a year. Ryan has explored the idea of buying a large number of seedlings from the county to be planted along the river side of the road by the park, however the board decided against that since it is village controlled area. Also, we understand that there has been a request to plant large trees along the road to the village. The cost range is around $50,000. Jim and Loraine discussed purchasing larger trees at a cost of around $200 a piece to be planted in the park area. It was suggested that we purchase maybe 5 trees a year and then also do landscaping and paths in the area which is now just covered with teasel that we have had cut down and which will be treated in the spring. Ryan, Loraine and Jim discussed where and how those trees could be planted. Loraine also discussed that there is a tree farm off of County KR which is in the Fox Conn planned area, so we might be able to buy trees from them fairly inexpensively. Jim and Ryan will look into that idea.

Loraine discussed the activity on our Face Book page and there appears to be quite a bit She said that she is thinking of doing a contest to name the family of Fox we have in the area. We all agreed that that would be a great idea.

Vic discussed that he addressed the truck with business signs. The owner has placed metal signs over the business. The board agreed that was okay. Jim brought up snow blowing off the lake and driving snowmobiles over the lake. We have to send a letter advising that driving snow mobiles over the lake is not allowed not only for reasons stated in the covenants but also for safety reasons. The association cannot be responsible for any mishaps such as falling through the ice. Vic and Dan also discussed that there have been a couple of ice fisherman on the lake that are not from the association. They left after being approached by an association member.

Jim brought up Lot 13, which is next a corner lot as a buildable lot. Jim has been contacted by realtors asking about it. Jim said that there are 3 lots across from the park, but they are low lying lots. They are very low lots and not really buildable. Lot 14 is the park and is not buildable. There are five other lots that not part of this subdivision but we don’t know if they are buildable lots. That has to be determined by the village. A couple of board members were opposed to allowing building on those lots, although we understand they are under the village’s control.

Dan discussed the technical, he has to finish up the website and get the minutes up on that site. We do not have 2016 or 2017 minutes up yet on the site, and they need to be as soon as possible so association members have access to them. Dan has totally rebuilt the site and will be completing that task soon so the site is much more presentable and useable. He asked about security issue as to a camera in the park. Jim said yes because the board had agreed to do so last year. Dan will be exploring the type of equipment we may need. Ryan discussed that it had to be secured. Dan said the structure we have is perfect because it has a 360 degree vision area.

Old Business: No other old business

New Business: Boats without stickers. There are two boats without stickers in the park. Jim asked what we should do. The board discussed putting them on the Facebook page and give 30 days to claim the boat, and place a tag on it, or they will be auctioned off.

Dan discussed the ice fisherman issue. We have seen that many this year.

Summary: Loraine will do the surveys. Vic will do a view of the park to layout what we thing we should do. Jim will check out the tree farm. We will check on the NSF check from last year. Jim will talk to Paul about where we are in the treasury.

Next Month’s meeting on the February 15th and it is at Paul’s house.

Vic made a motion to adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.



Attendees: Paul Youngman, Frank Glowiack, Ryan Zettle, Jim LeSage, Lorraine Scanlon, Greg L. Bass, John Skalbeck

Reading of Minutes: The minutes were read and approved.

Social Committee: Loraine discussed the Face Book survey. The survey regarded the playground structure. Most people liked the idea we presented. There were comments about the Merry Go Round. There were comments as to the older comments. The regards about the community garden were no. There were more votes for no as to contributing to the trees. There were various comments regarding the up keep of the park. There comments as to the use of the island. The board discussed putting different things out on the island, including a bat house. The board discussed getting another trash receptacle from the village for near the beach area. Lorraine discussed putting more sand on the beach. People said it was necessary to make improvements to the entry signs. Also, a group of people volunteered to maintain the entry ways.

Lorraine discussed a Fox naming contests. She will be placing that on the Face Book page. We now have 105 friends.

Jim discussed with Ryan about discussing the playground equipment. Paul and Jim talked about removing the old equipment and replacing with new. Jim discussed the sand beach idea and offer others on the lake access to sand as well. There were other suggestions from the survey that were discussed by the board. Lorraine said she knew where we could get free sand.

Jim and Lorraine discussed the trees in the park. Jim will be checking the nursery in Racine for the parks. Jim discussed the entry way signs for River Oaks. Jim talked about finding out who the people were who volunteered to redo the entry way Lorraine has a list of the people who said they would volunteer to maintain the entry ways.

Treasurers Report: Paul said we have $7400 in the checking and $10,100 in the money market. We have a few things to pay. Paul said we are pretty much current with everything. We had taken action against one resident as to not paying dues and sending us a check that bounced. Jim advised he tried to contact the resident as to the bounced check but did not get a return.

Paul talked about the landscaping contract. He said if we’re all in favor of it, we can save 5% by preparing it. The board agreed. Paul offered a suggestion as to having the landscaper also rake the beach. Paul also said all the dues notices have been printed. The invoices will be sent out via email as well as those that must be sent via old mail. He talked about that we’re not ready yet to accept payment via electronic. Frank asked about the number of people paying via hard copy vs: email. Paul said there are 80% that are still hard copy. Frank asked about sending out a letter from the board with the dues notices. Frank and Lorraine discussed putting a letter out on Face Book and the web site. The board discussed putting out a notification in the spring.

Paul said the invoices go out on 3/1 and have a 60 period for payment prior to late fees being charged.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: John said he hasn’t initiated the next round of treatments and water testing. He presumed that we would continue with that. The board agreed. John discussed stocking the lake, he reviewed the menu from last year. John said some fisherman asked about Walleye. He said that he thought the lake is not a walleye lake. People however like catching walleye. John asked about that. He said he saw someone caught a yellow Perch. John said he thought we might substitute walleye for the bass stocking and leave everything else the same. He said that would establish a population. The board discussed doing a mix. Frank agreed that we should try to establish a walleye population. John said that we had a stocking budget, it is at $2000 for stocking. Lorraine asked about the depth study and the ice fishing is not safe yet. John said that the students at Parkside are working on sending the data to a 3-d printer and bringing a small model. John said they are presenting the data at a statewide conference in March.

Jim discussed the HOA philosophy as to lake use, especially by people outside of the subdivision. Frank suggested putting the notice we developed last year out on Face Book.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan talked about the landscaper will rake the beach with a pre-payment. He asked about repaving the gravel path. The limestone path in the park has washed out. The other end of the culvert needs reconstruction. Ryan said he will go back to the people who redid the path and limestone and ask if they can repair the area. If those people balk at it, John said, we can have Parmenter, the landscaper do it. Ryan talked about getting prices for playground equipment removal. Ryan said his plate is full with the playground equipment, entry ways, and repairs to the park. The board discussed putting trees in where the teasel was eradicated. Jim and Paul talked about a concept that Vic proposed. Jim said the trees we would put in would complement what the village is going to do on the other side. He said his thought would be 5-foot trees. Paul said the concept is to plant the trees in the wild area. John said that he thought removing teasel and the wild areas was to return it to prairie. John said the village did the work that destroyed the original prairie area. Jim said his idea and thought was to put evergreen trees and flowers in the area. He said it was all about addressing the free way noise. He said it was something to strategically slow the noise down. The board voted no last meeting not to plant seedlings. Ryan asked about re-contacting the people who removed the teasel to do the replanting. Ryan and Jim discussed that the island is too big a project to do right now. Paul said we need to be strategic about the park. He said even if we planted 10 trees it wouldn’t do much to the freeway sound. Paul asked what it is we really want. Greg suggested that we come up with a plan that everyone agrees with. Jim asked Ryan to check with associates to give a price as to returning it to prairie or planting evergreens. Ryan said they have already spread native seed. John said his thought was they were going to knock out the teasel and then put native species back in the area. Jim said that the former roads and grounds persons tried to plant wild flowers several times. Frank made a motion to pay ahead to Parmenter so that we save 5% and get the beach raked. Ryan seconded in the motion and it passed 7 -0. The board advised Paul to make the payment.

Tech: Dan was not present. Greg said he sent to Dan that he sent to him all the minutes from 2010 forward. So, the website will have 7 years of minutes posted. Dan is getting final cost on the cameras to be posted in the park. The light in the park has gotten dim. John said it is a village thing. Jim said he will call the village.

Architectural: Vic sent a letter to the residents advising that they cannot cross the lake with their snow mobiles.

Old Business: Jim paid the fees to the State of Wisconsin for the corporate filing fees.

New Business: Lot 13 was discussed. Paul said it looks like a lot.

Jim read a recap of the meeting.

Next meeting is at Ryan’s house on the 15th.

The board was adjourned at 8:25

River Oaks HOA March Meeting

Attendees: Paul Youngman, John Skalbeck, Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Ryan Zettle, Frank Glowacki.

Treasurer’s Report:

Paul said Checking: $1482. MM-$10,197. 54 checks for dues were paid. 88 outstanding dues. Jim and Paul are working together to get the dues paid. Jim wrote to an individual who was asking for a Treasurers report. The board approved the letter. The board discussed the mishap with the post office. Jim worked with the post office to get the system issues resolved.

Action Items:

Entrance landscape committee: Virginia Fennama is the chair. Heidi Bass is also o the committee. We were presented with a budget request from Virginia.

The park playground structure: Tabled til next meeting. We need to get estimates for replacing the large structure. There is money from last year that was carried over. The board estimated an expense of around $15,000. Ryan and Jim discussed getting an estimate on removal and replacement. The blue playground equipment needs to be repaired. We have had complaints that the merry go round doesn’t work and needs to be repaired.

The annual meeting hall is reserved for November 15 of 2018.

The trash container for the park has been ordered and the village will furnish another one for free.

Vic brought up a discussion about buildable lots. Vic acquired maps of buildable lots and there are NONE in the River Oaks subdivision. Vic also discussed plantings in the park, showing the park and the areas where we are growing to bring back the prairie and wild flower areas, as well as the trees we wish to plant.

Frank brought up the question about getting the park schematic plan for the entire park area. The board discussed the plan map and getting it back from the prior lands committee chair. Frank asked about putting it into a digital format. Jim said he would check to see if he can get ahold of it.

Paul brought up a discussion as to the park map, discussing the idea of evergreens in the open area along where we have had it mowed. It would be along the front of the park. The other side will be planted by the village if we can get that done. Paul talked about putting deciduous trees in certain areas. Ryan said he’s meeting with the landscaper tomorrow to discuss the park plan configuration. Greg and Paul discussed the type of trees that should be planted due to the soil content.

Lakes Committee:

John said he got ahold of marine bio-chemical, and got a water management agreement which is similar to what we have been doing in the past. Two applications that are meant to address the curly leaf pond weed. $3924 was the price that he received. John and Frank asked about the price and it is the same as last year. They look to do the treatments around the 3rd week of April due to the temperature of the water. The board voted to approve the Lake management agreement as is. John also discussed the array of fish we would stock. John discussed it with the company who stocks the fish. The board approved the balance of the fish that are to be stocked. Vic asked about Catfish. Frank asked to remind us to know when they are going to do the treatments so that we can put it on Facebook. John said that they will post signs reminding everyone about when they treat.

Jim discussed that he is losing his beach because everyone else putting sand out. The sand is washing down onto his beach and therefore he is losing beach area. Frank asked about how we should communicate the dumping of the sand, so that we don’t have a problem with the sand filling up people’s beach area. There are 40 homes around the lake, so as Paul spoke about, why are we adding sand to the lake. Frank discussed that we did have a flood so, a lot was washed into the lake. Jim asked about discussing the sand replacement at the annual meeting. John discussed that we are not dealing with a natural system. We are working the best with a man-made system. John said he will research it.

Jim brought up ideas about speakers at the annual meeting. Fire Chief and others. The board discussed having someone involved with Fox Conn to come and speak. The board discussed the water usage of Fox Conn and the effect on us. The board also asked about the power plant plan is.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan is talking to the landscaper tomorrow about the recommendations as to HAY and associates plan. Ryan paid the mower, and the park maintenance guy, so that is taken care of. He is researching taking out the old park equipment as well as the other equipment. He hasn’t talked to the guys to repair the path to repair it.

Architectural: Vic talked to the party who were running the snowmobiles on the lake.

Tech: Dan said that all the meeting minutes are up now. The current version is up there. Dan said we are getting reservations for the park. He said he is looking at a Samsung security system for the park. He said if we went all out it won’t cost more than $500. He said he is looking at renting a cherry picker. Jim asked Dan for recommendations as to what to buy and who we should hire to put it up. Dan said the expense will be having an electrician to come out and put it up. John asked about how to focus it into what area. Dan said there will be 4 different cameras, so we have 360 degree visual of the entire park. We’ll create a small wireless network. Dan discussed that we will have complete vision. John made a motion to approve $600 for the equipment and the conduit. Vic seconded, and the motion passed. Frank brought up how we are going to announce the security. Paul talked about the recommendation from the local police as to putting up cameras.

Old Business:

Lake security and plantings at the park were discussed.

New Business: Treasury position. Paul is looking to retire from the position. The board is looking for a new treasurer.

Ryan suggested that his friend Bob who is doing the landscaping would burn the brush pile. So, we will be seeking approval from the village. The board discussed hauling it to the dump. Paul suggested we do spring clean-up.

Dan asked about Nature Scape treatment. Dan discussed that he uses Mileagers. The board discussed the mosquito treatments. It is $197 for 4 treatments.

There is no other new business:

Summation: Jim will discuss the park masterplan with Brian Conway. Frank will develop a statement for announcing the cameras.

The next meeting will be April 19 at John Skalbecks house.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.



Attendees: Ryan Zettle, Frank Glowacki, Jim LeSage, John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson, Loraine Scanlon, Greg L. Bass, Dan Noah, and Linda Tenuta.

Jim introduced Linda and discussed how the board operates.

Reading of the Minutes:

The minutes were accepted.

Treasury report. We only have one issue from last year. There is a deposit of around $11,000. Paul was not at the meeting.

Action Items:

Landscape committee: Giny Fennama has gotten estimates to redo the entry way. Ryan reviewed the offer. Giny hired Adam Lantz from Shady Lawn. He has begun the work already. He has already has done some work. He has begun the work in terms of flowers and grass. Ryan went over the invoice as to what has been done and gave us the cost. Total for plants would be 997.50 for 95 plants. The total $2597. Vic talked about that we have not approved the budget yet, but Giny volunteered as the chair. Jim said that she ran the plan past Brian Conway. He also said that Lantz presented the second estimate. Jim said that since Lantz started the work what else can we do. Lorraine made a motion to approve and the board passed the motion. Lorraine said it’s a positive thing since we have been talking about it for a long time. Ryan will sign the invoice and it will get paid.

Park Play Ground: Ryan said he hasn’t done anything yet. Frank asked if there is anything that is an imminent concern as to being dangerous. There doesn’t appear to be. Frank asked if we thought that we could get through another year. Jim explained the issues of the hangers and the rusting bolts. Frank asked if there is anything that were not comfortable with we need to get it done. Vic said he would go over and inspect it on the weekend. Lorraine asked what we’re waiting for. Ryan said we have to remove the large central piece and then order it and have it rebuilt. Frank talked about the choices. Lorraine said that according to the survey we need to move forward with the project. Greg asked about the Merry Go Round because it doesn’t work. Jim said it is operated by shock absorbers and explained how difficult it is to be fixed. It is now out of warranty. Jim said it is documented in emails. Vic asked Lorraine about the structures we picked. Ryan said he will call the company and talked to them, Lorraine will assist.

Jim said there is an extra trash container at the park. It was not cost to us.

The light at the park, Jim said he thought it was getting very dim. Dan said that it is so bad that it might as well not be on. Jim talked to Brian Conway, the HOA paid for the pole but the village put it up. And WE energies owns the light. Jim will follow up with the village.

Frank discussed that Brian has a park plan and he will be getting it from Brian.

Lakes: John said that Marine Bio-Chem have been contracted and we’re ready to do the treatment, it is a temperature dependent thing. So, it’s been too cold. They know we want it as early as possible. The fish stocking, John had $2,000. He purchased a $1,000 of like we had done last year. John also asked them about stocking Walleye. John told them to go ahead and add that on, so with the Walleye it is a total of $1500. The spring order is set to go out. John said the German students will be doing a study on the lake. The study will include the depth of the bottom. He also said they may get a 3-d print of the lake when the study is done. Frank discussed putting the information out on Face Book. John said Park Side has a new lab that is a 3D lab so they could get this done. John said they have the data. The board discussed the deep spots and depth of the lake which hasn’t changed over 30 or 40 years. Lorraine asked John to send her the map of the lake. Lorraine asked John if there had been a write up on our lake.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said he talked to Bob from Hayes and Assoc. and they want to do another treatment to get rid of the teasel. He said we can’t really get rid of it, but we can do a better job of controlling it. Lorraine asked if we can take care of the buckthorn. Dan and Greg said they would remove the pile of cut stuff.

Jim talked about choosing and annual clean up day. Lorraine said we should do it sooner than later. The board chose Sunday the 6th of May from 1:00-4:00. We pick up garbage, check out the beach, Jim said it’s just normal clean up. Lorraine said that there is a lot of garbage along 84th street. Jim said he will go to the village and Vic said he would send some pictures of the trash there.

Architectural: Vic said Brian sent a document as to knocking down the 3 seasons room and adding an addition on the back of his house. He also approved the color of the Zettle house. Vic said that given the elections we should put up a warning on Face Book that we cannot have signs up in their yard.

Tech: Dan said that he is on three other boards so he’s running behind. So, he’s getting the stuff together for the website. He’s trying to get all of the old budgets and minutes up on the site. Vic asked about ordering the security equipment. Dan said that he is looking into the cost of an electrician, as well as the end cost of the equipment for the cameras in the park. Frank asked about communicating to the community that we’re going to do this. Frank said he would like to ensure that the purpose as to security is communicated to the HOA with the purpose being according to section B-6 (covenants) nuisances and criminal activity in the park. He said we want to spin it for the community. Dan discussed the issues as to why we need a camera security system. Frank said we really are offering a level of security for the HOA. John suggested we write up a policy. And add it to B-6. Jim said that we should not hold up putting the system in. John suggested that we must have legal opinions as to some clear-cut protocols as to how it should be used. Frank said he will find other examples of language from other standards and HOA language, so we can amend, if needed, B-6 in the clarifications of the covenants. John made a motion to spend $300 for a legal opinion, Ryan seconded, and the board approved.

Communication and Social: Lorraine said she can’t get in due to chrome forgetting her password. Dan said he will look and see what he can do. Jim and Dan discussed reserving the park for special occasions.

Old Business: None

New Business: Brian Conway sent out an Away with Geese proposal. Vic said we have 3 or 4 goose nests. The cost of the Geese away proposal is too expensive. Lorraine said there is huge uproar by animal rights people in places like Paddock Lake and other local places, so we had better get a permit. Jim asked about the cost of a permit. Vic said he thought it was free. Lorraine said she is concerned about Brian’s email as to shaking eggs across the street. So, we shouldn’t be taking part in that. Vic said he will get a permit and get one next spring. Jim said the board does not condone destroying eggs.

4th of July parade and garage sale function. Kim and Jan will handle that again this year. They will get us the flyers and then they will be distributed. Jan and Kim advertise it in the paper. Lorraine said she will get involved with the two ladies.

Jim said he has a resident’s request for a list of the River Oaks members. Does the association want to furnish that information? John said it comes from when we used to publish a directory. That is how it was. Now, we don’t print it anymore. We haven’t put the addresses. Linda asked about if we are making up a directory. Dan said we’ve discussed it, but no one has done it. If you have registered, then you can go in and view the directory. Dan said he’s turned it off until we’ve decided as to what we want to allow. He said that it is only available by registered people. Frank asked about what other HOA’s do. John said he used to read through it to get to know who his neighbors are. Frank asked if we could do an opt in. Dan said he has that done. Dan said we had a full fledged classified. John said when we went from print to electronic, everything changed. Greg asked about doing a survey to see if people want a register. Linda said she thought it would be a nice thing to have. Greg suggested that we put a survey in with the dues to gather information in writing. Lorraine said we’re pushing 100 people on Face Book. Vic agreed that we will do a form that is sent out with the dues. Vic and Frank suggested that it is an opt out form. John said the opt out would be the logical thing. The board approved that we do a form next year with the dues. The board discussed putting up a list of those who have registered now. Vic made a motion that we reenable the register on line. Frank seconded, and the board approved. Jim said he has a current list of the residents. He keeps it because of the realtors. Vic asked Jim to send it to the board members.

Jim said he would make a change so that when realtors call, the seller will have to furnish the parking passes and that a form must be filled out by the buyer. Dan said we need to tell realtors that we need to do the on-line form instead of emailing board at river oaks. Dan said the form is a consistent method of knowing who’s coming in.

Linda Tenuta was elected as the new treasurer. Jim will notify Paul and ask him to train her.


  • Vic is going to report back on the playground.
  • Frank will check with Brian on the park map.
  • The clean up will be May 6th at 1:00-4:00
  • Frank will be doing verbiage on line for language as to the survey
  • Dan said he would reenable the directory
  • Dan said he will also do the password for Face Book.

The board welcomed Linda Tenuta as treasurer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45


MAY 2018

ATTENDEES: Paul Youngman, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Greg L. Bass, Jim LeSage, and Frank Glowacki.

  1. Reading of the minutes: Minutes were approved as read.
  2. Treasurer’s report: Paul said the current balance $26,000 in the mm and $6259 in the checking, a total of $32,260. There is another $800 left to be deposited. There are 10 outstanding notices with the second letter with the interest to be sent out. Cooper still has not paid for last year, their check bounced, and they have not paid this year either. The board discussed filing a lean in order get payment, that will include legal fees plus what they owe. The lean will be against the property fee. The late fee is $25.00. The board will address the attorney action if not paid next month. There are 10 residents who have not paid their HOA fees.
  3. Paul said we are current on all bills necessary to be paid. Paul also discussed transitioning the treasures hip to Linda Tenuta.
  4. Action Items: Vic took photos of the playground equipment and gave a review. Ryan said he talked to the playground providers. So, he contacted Gerber the playground distributor. He received material to review. He had a discussion with them, and they have not called him back. He is corresponding by email. The board has budgeted $15,000 to replace the large structure. Nothing has been rebuilt and nothing has been taken down. Jim said we had an estimate of $16,000 on what we had requested. Paul asked about taking out the equipment there. Vic explained that we’re expecting them to take the old equipment out and dispose of it. Jim said the structure on 104th street is $25,000. Replacement and repair of the swings is on next year’s budget agenda. The board discussed that we are still having an issue with the merry-go-round. Gerber is the same company.
  5. Ryan spoke about Shady Lawn landscaping at the front entry way. We have approved the work but have not paid it. Paul paid Shay Lawn $700 for removal of the old landscaping and mulch. Ryan said they had to mark it for lines, and electrical lines. Jim asked who is following the progress? Is it Ginny Fennima, or is it Ryan and Michelle. Vic suggested that Ginny take control of the process since she initiated the project through the board. Ryan said it looks like a 4-step process. Vic suggested that Ginny receive the invoice and get it to the treasurer. Jim said Ryan should advise Ginny that the project has been approved and now it is up to her to monitor the process.
  6. The spring clean up day was held and only two people showed up. Ryan and Frank. Frank discussed rescheduling the cleanup. Vic said we should reschedule in June. Vic and Frank talked about doing it on a Sunday afternoon in June. The board scheduled the next clean up day for June 10th. Lorraine will be advised to get it out on Face Book. Vic checked and there has not been a post on the River Oaks Face Book page. Paul suggested we make it a social event. He suggested we provide pizza. The board discussed that it could be a BYO drink.
  7. Light at the park: Jim notified the village of the light that needed to be replaced. Now there is no light. But nothing has been done.
  8. Verbiage for Cameras in the park. Frank did two things that he researched. He presented the board with a couple of alternatives he thought were correlative. He presented tidbits about placing cameras, they are legal as long as there is no invasion of private areas. Law enforcement is supportive. Frank presented verbiage we should post on Face Book. He said we must have an HOA camera policy. We should also let everyone know that the cameras are there what they’re there for. He also discussed that the language should include what happens to the footage. He reviewed all the language that applied to the usage of the film/camera footage. He also discussed what the process is and who should be responsible for that process. Frank discussed the next steps, which will include the language that he comes up. It is his belief that we need to have a legal review of the language. Paul discussed the legal issues brought up by Frank and the policy that we would have to have. He said that we might want to take a step back and think about what the real liabilities are. Frank said we originally began discussing in order to be proactive. Vic discussed the issue about putting a statement in that it is a camera but not a real time monitor. Frank said that we should have a sign that says the area is under surveillance. It should also point out that footage is reviewed if there is criminal activity. Jim suggested that Frank prepare language and that we then get a legal review. He said let’s do the ground work first and get the policy set up first.
  9. Master Park Plan: Frank communicated with Brian Conway about the master park plan.
  10. The River Oaks Directory. Jim said people are asking for it. Greg brought up the discussion that happened at the last board meeting which was to place a directory form in next years dues notification. Vic said that he sought out the directory right away. Frank said he received a hard copy directory. Frank said it seems we get the most results when we use hard copies, so we should put it in the dues next year. Vic and Paul discussed the process. Jim suggested that new people have to get information from the realtor who handles the sale of the property. The board discussed the process and the format. Greg suggested we bring the directory up for a vote at an annual meeting.
  11. Lakes Committee: Jim said the lake was treated today-5/17/2018.
  12. Roads and Grounds: Covered
  13. Architecture: Vic reviewed the playground committee. He said all is in pretty good shape except for a bolt he replaced.
  14. Tech: Dan was not available.
  15. Old Business: No old business
  16. New Business: Jim discussed that the annual garage sale is progressing. The flyers have been printed. Frank brought up the lost paddle boat that seems to be abandoned. He asked about what we should do with it. Frank said we posted it on Face Book twice. He said you can easily put it up for auction. Jim discussed there are two boats on the rack that are abandoned.


Ryan will address the playground equipment.

Frank will discuss rescheduling the spring pick- up day

Jim is going back to the village for the light at the park

Frank is preparing language for cameras at the park

The directory has been forwarded to the annual meeting.

Jim will get a picture to the Ryan about the playground equipment

Ryan will discuss with Ginny about managing the front entryway project.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24.


JUNE 2018

Attendees: Vic Thompson, Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Dan Noah, Loraine Scanlon, Linda Tenuta, and Ryan Zettle, and Paul Youngman.

Jim started the meeting at 7:03.

Minutes were approved.

Social committee: Loraine is setting up the photo contest for this year. She said Sam can get sand for free, but we’d have to rent a dump truck. So, Loraine said it will be just as cheap to purchase sand and have sand brought in. Jim said we can’t have tandem axle trucks bring sand in, because they are large dump trucks. Loraine discussed other face book issues, and the July River Oaks parade. There will be prizes for the parade. Jim said the parade will include bikes, trucks, and other trailers.

Lakes: Jim said the fish stocking was done a couple of weeks ago. The gate is closed and can be opened on July 1 following treatment. Outside of treatment, the gate is usually kept open. Vic said it is a one way -flow. Paul said he’s cleared it out from the cattails. Jim said if we get more rain, we may have to open the gate. Jim said he would send a message to John and see what his recommendation is as to lowering the lake.

Architectural: No activity

Treasurers: The current balance, $28,827. $10,125 in checking and a$18,702 in savings. There are still 4 dews outstanding, Warren, Cooper, Garside, and Anderson. Jim said we had an issue with Cooper last year, now we’ve send out the second notice. Paul said the final notice goes out in July. The board agreed that final notices go out to all parties who have not paid. Paul discussed the notice process. Paul went through the procedures with Linda. Paul said we did get a bill for the lake treatment and it was within what we budgeted. He also paid the fish hatchery license as well as the other bills. Paul said that we also paid Shady Lawn nursery.

Tech: Dan has approved several more registrations for the park. Dan read through the notes as to the camera security system in the park. He discussed Frank’s follow-up information. Jim said we’re waiting for review from legal counsel. Paul said, we must approve the policy first, and then order the equipment. Jim said Frank is going back to other HOA’s who have done security. He said, if we’re going to do it, it will probably occur next year. Dan said, he updated the directory. Dan asked if we’re going to go with the method we discussed the process. Jim said we are going to do a form with next year’s dues. Vic said those who have already have approved their account, we’ll begin with. So, we will move forward with those people in a digital directory.

Roads and Grounds: No movement on the playground structure. Jim said he went back to the village on the light in the park. He said he still doesn’t know who owns, it the village or WE energies. WE energies put the current pole in. We must find out where the meters are that are read for usage.

New Business: Kim and Jan are working on the 4th of July parade. The new neighbors have had a trailer in their yard for a long time. Paul said that the trailer was for their boat. There is a Moose sign on 108th street. The neighbors must be reminded that the sign can be in the window, but not in the yard. Ryan will check on if the lawn maintenance is also going to trim the entrances. Paul brought up giving Parmenter a notice to make sure the mowing is done prior to 4th of July. Ryan brought up the teasel, that Bob is working on eliminating it. He is going to spot treatment until it is gone. There was discussion as the park clean up that got rained out.

PARK MASTER PLAN: We have the master plan from 1995. There are 4 zones: 1 is the pavilion, 2 is the beach, 3 is both ends of the park-north and south. The road is the front side. More trees are contemplated than there are-105. There are more trees to break up the zones. There are different types of trees. Jim said we have talked about planting pine trees. We have not received an answer back for planting pines on the river side of the road that goes along the front of the lake. The proposed price was $50,000 for the planting of the trees. Evergreens are about $500 a tree to be planted. Paul discussed the tree planting. He said since the playground is probably not going to happen this year, we have money to plant trees. Paul proposed we plant and add trees this fall. Linda asked if we have any connections to people who own a nursery. Greg asked if we need to modify the plan. Vic said he will draw something up that include our modifications. Jim said he will get it digitized. Jim said that means we are assuming around 10 trees for around $5,000. Ryan will speak with our landscaper in terms of the type of trees to be planted and how many.


Jim will talk to John about opening the gate. He will also discuss with Nature Scape to spray prior to the 4th and we will get the mowing done prior to the 4th.

Lorraine will check on the purchase of beach sand.

The board will take part in tree trimming.

Ryan will discuss with Bob about tree recommendations. We have a rough estimate of $5000 to purchase trees.

Vic will redraw the park plan with modifications. For phase 1.

Linda and Paul will get together and review transition of treasurer duties. Paul and Linda will remain on the bank account until Linda is fully trained to take over the treasurer duties.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.



ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass, Loraine Scanlon, Frank Glowacki, Linda Tenuta, Ryan Zettle and Dan Noah.

The meeting started at: 7:05

Reading of the minutes: The meetings were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report: Linda met with Paul, but here is the report. Checks were deposited in July for past dues. Postal box payment $82. Utilities-$186, We. Energies 87>41. Checking account balance> $9669.69. MM is at $19,390.87.

There are still two outstanding dues notices. We have had no response. The 3rd notices were sent out. Jim discussed filing a lean against the properties. The two outstanding dues are Nielsen and Waren. The board approved taking legal action whereby the legal fees and dues must be paid. The total is $550. The board discussed putting out different communications to make sure members understand that there are consequences for non-dues payment.

Action Items:

Playground park structure: Ryan received books as to what type of playground equipment we were going to select. Vic did some work on putting bolts in the equipment. Jim said we have around $16000 to replace the equipment. Lorraine said we did have an approval for a couple pieces of design. Vic said we’re ready we just need to process a purchase order. Greg brought up that we also have to have the merry go round fixed. The board discussed communicating with the company and discussing with the company the new equipment as well as fixing the merry go round.

Verbiage for camera in public area: Frank is working on it.

Tree Planting: Vic is updating the master plan as to where we’re going to plant spruces. Vic will have large drawings ready next meeting.

Register and directory: Notice will go out with dues next year.

John has opened the gate, so the lake level has gone down.

The cost of the spruce trees was discussed. Jim went to Schwartz nursery, and got prices for spruce trees. 6 trees would be $1500 with a planting fee is $900. The trees are 7 foot each. This is under our budgeted number. The village has indicated that the cost of trees along the river would be around $50,000. Vic has drawings but did not bring them along. Jim discussed that Schwartz nursing gave us a discounted bid. Jim discussed that if we should also plant Oak trees. It would be another $1,000. So, it would still be less than the $5000 budgeted. This would include spacing and planting. The board discussed 6 spruces and 2 oaks. Frank discussed doing the trees as well as the playground equipment. Linda discussed that we have a total of $19,000 available. Loraine said the playground is around $17,000. Frank discussed getting details on the playground equipment. Ryan made a motion to set aside $3500 to plant 6 spruce and 2 oaks on the east side of the road. The motion passed 6 to 1. Schwartz will delay the planting until October. Greg discussed a strategy to fund both projects, so Loraine will be looking into the details to find out timing and pricing. We’ll be looking for the quote from Gerber Leisure Products.

First house on 107th yard maintenance. There are 3 complaints. The yard has been mowed but nothing else has been done. Linda asked about the cut off point as to yard maintenance. Lorraine will try and contact.

Vic wrote a letter as to trailer removal.

Lakes Committee: John is missing this meeting and has missed a number of meetings. No lakes report. Linda discussed that there are a lot of bees in the lake area.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan discussed the trees and spacing. Ryan also talked about controlling the teasel, as well as spraying the invasive weeds. The board discussed asking Bob to place a sign up when he sprays. Ryan also has been watering the entry way. The entry way looks okay. Jim discussed the weeds in the playground area. Loraine discussed the poor job being done by the Parmenter. There are overgrown areas, the beech has not been taken care of. There are several issues with current lawn contractor. Frank asked about mowing a wider path along the woods. Jim discussed having a Sunday walk through to determine what needs to be cut.

Architectural: The people who purchased the home on the south end of the beech are planning to build an addition onto the house to include an in-law suite over the garage.

Tech Committee: Dan fixed a couple of issues with the reservation system. The other issue was the word press in terms of registration where we did not get an activation back. He said it should be up to speed. He’s also working on the board member list.

Communications: Lorraine said we’re getting a number of new friends on Facebook. She had to defriend a number due to fake identities. People are using the Facebook page to communicate. Lorraine said she has some issues with October fest. She discussed adding events to the 4th of July parade and picnic like a paddle board race. Vic suggested a night time activity. Frank also thought that would be a great idea. Jim discussed doing a pig roast. The board discussed. Jim asked about doing a venetian night on Labor Day. The board agreed it would be a good idea but do it as a board function next year. Vic discussed different activities.

New Business: Wasp removal. Batzner will come out and remove the wasp. There are several wasp nests in the area. The cost is $75-$100.

The Fox: Ryan discussed hiring trapper Dan to catch the Fox. Jim discussed what we need to do. Frank discussed what to do with the Fox. He said the perception is we have a diseased animal in the neighborhood. The board agreed to contact trapper Dan. Lorraine will take the fox up to Milwaukee Humane Society if the Fox is caught.

We have an issue with the Bank-BMO bank. The bank could not switch the authority. The board approved that we switch banks. Lorraine made a motion to switch banks, the motion passed unanimously.

Sand at the Beach: Lorraine said Sam can’t get a dump truck. She said it is cheaper to get it from a local company. Vic said we should defer to next spring. The board agreed.

Two boats at the park that have been there for years. Jim said they haven’t moved for years. Jim suggested we will do a boat auction. We will auction on face book.


Jim will talk to the attorney about unpaid dues.

Lorraine will do details on park equipment. She will also discuss the lawn issue.

Jim will talk to the parkways, he will reach out to Silver Eagle Tree service.

Ryan will contact Bob about thistle removal.

We’re looking at a venetian night for 2019.

Ryan will discuss the cutting, the beach, and the overhangs with Parmentier.

The sand and the beach will be deferred to 2019.

Jim will go to Schwartz and begin the process to have the trees planted in October.

Ryan will contact Trapper Dan about the Fox.

Ryan made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The meeting ended at 8:40.

River Oaks HMO Assoc.

September 2018

Attendees: Lorraine Eddington, Greg L. Bass, Jim Le Sage, Linda Tenuta, Ryan Zettle, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, and Dan Noah.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10.

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were read and approved.

Treasury Report:

Checking account: $8450 the MM is $19,391. Linda paid out checks to Schwartz Nursery for $1500, Batzner Pest control for Wasp removal at $75, Carson and Kaitlin were paid for the garbage removal, and the WE energies as well were paid.

Garside paid their dues plus the late fee. There is one outstanding dues which is Nielson, an attorney letter went out to them.

Action Items:

The playground equipment, Lorraine said that to do everything would be $19,700, the play structure, the removal the wood chips. The installation of the playground equipment. Certified playground wood fiber. Lorraine said in order to hold the price, we have to purchase this year. The price to purchase is $12,200. Next spring the cost to install and do site is $6875. Everything holds until the end of this year. Jim and Vic discussed the option to buy. Lorraine said that she will get the clarification on the wood chip replacement. A motion was made to purchase the equipment this year. The motion was seconded. The board discussed the removal of the wood chips and the replacement. Ryan brought up the wood fiber replacement. The board discussed that we have to have a licensed wood chips for playground equipment. The board tabled the vote until Lorraine gets the clarifications on the removal of and replacement on wood chips.

Cameras at the park: Frank said he’s going to do a trial for a week. He said there is direct verbiage we can use to place in our clarifications and modifications of the by-laws. Frank will pass along the information to the board members on line. Jim said that he has a sample of verbiage of the language that was used in and HOA in Illinois that he is also part of. Frank said he’s looking at just a couple of paragraphs. Jim said he will contact the association in Illinois.

Jim said that the spruce tree planting will be October 12. There are six Spruce coming trees coming in. The height of the trees to be planted at the park will be around 7 feet and 8 feet. Ryan has staked out where the trees are to be planted. All the trees are to be northwest of the parking lot. Frank asked Vic for a plan of the park. Vic said he will make some big copies of the park plan and distribute to the board members. Dan will put the park plan out on the website. Vic said there is a new tree plan that is a modification to the original plan.

Trailer on 84th street: Vic sent a letter on it. There is an issue with the snowmobile trailer right on 84th street. Vic will issue letters.

Ryan said that he has not contacted Trapper Dan. The board discussed the fox issue and decided that we will table until next meeting. The board decided to address when the spring comes.

Committee reports:

LAKES: John prepared a written report. There was a delay in the treatments. The lake pond weed is still in places. John suggested we do an aggressive treatment next year. Jim discussed what the cost would be next spring. The board discussed the cost of doing an aggressive treatment in the spring $3924 on a budget of $5000. Frank talked about the budget on the lake treatments to include 3 treatments in 2019.

Jim said the water quality report is better than in past years. So, we are in a good position.


Thanks for resending this. I will look into my email account and perhaps check with Dan on why I may have missed the original message.

The overgrowth is aquatic plants as evident from Frank’s observation of a root system going to the bottom.  This is not algae which is free floating without a root system.

This overgrowth is likely the invasive Curly-leaf Pond Weed that we have been working to control for many years.  This year unfortunately we had an interrupted treatment program.

The first application of treatment chemicals was conducted on May 17, 2018.  Typically, a second application is conducted 21 days later which would have been June 7.  However, the second application was not conducted until June 25.  The delay was in part due to raining weather and in part was an oversight by Marc S at Marine Biochemistry (he had gotten married and went on a honeymoon and admitted to dropping the ball).

Note that during a typical treatment schedule the full duration of treatment is  45 days which would have been July 1.  Due to rain induced high water we needed to open the outflow gate on June 22 to allow the water level to lower.  The second application conducted on June 25 with ideal conditions would allow treatment for another 24 days and end on July 19.  However, again due to rain induced high water we needed to open the outflow gate on July 12.

Bottom line we did not have ideal treatment of the lake this year which has resulted in the overgrowth.  On a positive note we have observed the result of not fully treating the lake which is a topic we discuss each year.  Recall that in some past years we have had a 3-application treatment schedule that extends for 56 days and in most years the first application is earlier (end of April – beginning of May).  We may wish to return to this more aggressive treatment approach next year to minimize the return of the ugly invasive aquatic plants.

Lake monitoring by the International Summer University students (12 German and 4 American) was very successful.  We had beautiful sunny sampling day on August 19, 2018.  The students were able to measure algae content and water quality parameters at 6 locations on the lake as well as many locations along the shoreline.  This year we were also able to measure in real-time phosphorus content at practical concentrations due to a new commercial product.

The water quality this year is better than past years.  Algae concentrations were very low which corresponds very low phosphorus concentrations (below the detection limit of 0.02 ppm) and lake temperatures that where stratified from the surface to the bottom (higher at the top, lower at the bottom).  This appears to be consistent with no reported observations of algae blooms, more rain events, and fewer stretches of hot days.

I look forward to joining the October meeting and discussing this further.


Dr. John D. Skalbeck

Professor, Geosciences Department

Roads and grounds: Ryan said that spraying for the teasel has been done. Ryan said that he informed the Robert Kerpeck who has been doing the landscape treatments. Ryan discussed getting an invoice for the teasel and invasive weed control done. Lorraine said the rest of the landscaping needs to be addressed. The path is full of weeds, branches are down, and the beach has not been raked once. Jim discussed the trimming of trees at the lake. Jim discussed the buck thorn issue and we can all take part and clean it up. Ryan said he and Bob cut down quite a bit of the buck thorn. Frank said that the attention and maintenance of the park is necessary. He asked everyone to forward think. He said he didn’t think we’ve preplanned it very well. We used to have the Lightings who did a better job. Vic said when we go out for bids, we need to be more detailed in what we request. Jim said we will do an itemized list. Ryan will put together a list of what needs to be done. Lorraine asked for a park clean up and trim down date. The board picked the 7th of October with the 14th as a back up date at 1:00 PM.

Architectural: Vic said we’ve had a few interesting developments. The Peach’s have presented a plan. He said they did not get approval from the Village due to the back stair. Boerner put in a request to build a back deck. Vic told him he needed a permit from the village. The Ventura’s have requested approval to redo their beach front area. The board approved, Breezy Hill is doing the work. Vic wrote a letter to the Alexanders about the trailer in the back yard. Jim said what we need to think about what happens when the board decides not to do what they signed up to do. Jim and the board discussed the fines and fees that can and cannot be charged by the board. Frank discussed a clause in the covenant, B-22 which gives the board a broad authority as to the lake. The board discussed the process we use to file leans etc. on late dues, as well as the number of late due’s payers each year. Frank discussed that we are fortunate that we don’t have more problems than we do. Jim said he will be discussing a question as to what we can do, he will discuss with the attorney on Monday.

Tech: Dan said he did some updates on the website. He said he is doing formatting changes. He said he is going to put the address list up and fixed the reservation system.

Communication/Social: we’re up to 132 friends. Lorraine said that there was an incident in the neighborhood, the county sheriff put out a post. Lorraine put out a notice on Facebook. She asked about what an appropriate thing is to do on-line to do. Vic said that a warning is appropriate, but we need to do follow up. Lorraine said she will be discussing the regatta event in the spring. Frank asked about doing HOA submission in the Friends of Pleasant Prairie village periodical. Frank discussed the annual mailing in terms of dues, communications, etc.

New Business: By Laws B-14-continuous parking for vehicles on the street. Jim discussed the Cadillac in front of Stoebig’s for months, as well as another. The by-law language was discussed as to long term vehicle storage on the streets. Frank talked about by-laws and covenants that go out in printed form every other year. Greg and Frank discussed putting out a hard copy of the by-laws and covenants each year. Jim discussed that we require realtors to furnish a copy of the by-laws with the letter that approves that dues are paid. Lorraine said she will put together a list for a welcome package and get it to the board.

Jim discussed there are a couple of boats by the lake that we should auction off those boats during the clean up day. Jim had a complaint about the weeds in the playground area. Jim said we need to address these issues. There is a boat trailer on 87tth that needs to be removed.

Jim discussed suggested dues increase due to lack of volunteers to help and take part in clean up. The suggested increase will be $100. The board discussed the value of the lake. Frank said he will do a search in terms of the annual dues at other HOA’s. Lorraine will help in the search of average HOA dues. It will be discussed at the next meeting which will be about the budget.

Zebra Mussels-will be referred to John.

The next meeting is on the 18th at Greg’s house. And the budget will be focused on. Greg and Linda discussed the budget item process. Linda said we did not change banks. Jim discussed a quick summary of what happened this year to be presented by each board member. We have the village hall from 6:30-9:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

River Oaks HOA

October Meeting

Focus on 2019 Budget

Attendees: Jim LeSage, John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle, Greg Bass, Linda Tenuta, Frank Glowacki,

The meeting was called to order at 7:08.

The minutes were approved electronically and stand as reported.

Treasury Report: Linda Deposited $225 in dues and fees. We paid out $1728.78 to Wisc. Lake and pond for fishery Stocking. We paid $886 to Schwartz for the new trees. To Pats for the Porta Potti $337.60 for July through September. Balances: MM-$16,392.49 and checking: $8,051.37.

Action Items:

Playground Equipment: The wood fiber is playground ground equipment. To remove the existing equipment is $1250. With the added expenses, the final quote is $20, 750. We must pay $12, 200 up front to avoid an added interest charge. Linda asked if we have to have a certain grade of equipment and ground work in order to be covered by insurance? Jim said we must purchase a better equipment than is normally purchased. Ryan said there is a liability issue. Frank said there is a public playground equipment rule. Vic said it must be commercial grade equipment. Greg talked about grade of equipment required by schools. Linda asked about PTO funding for equipment. Ryan said the price might be a little higher because of the product liability issues. Jim said that three years ago the quote for similar equipment was around $14,500. Jim asked if we want to go ahead and move forward. Due to there not being a great deal of choices. John discussed that it is an asset that we have to have. We just can’t tear it down. John and Frank discussed that the playground equipment is an asset moving forward and that the old equipment is 22 years. Jim discussed that we need a Vic made a motion seconded by Frank and approved 7-0. Therefor the playground equipment will move forward. Linda asked about other big projects that won’t have to be paid before next March. The board did not think so because the lakes and other expenses are not due until next summer.

The board discussed the security camera issue for the park. Frank said he is not quite done looking at that. Jim said he talked to Lake Thunderbird assoc. They have 9 camera’s. They just published in their newsletter that they are just doing it. They received no negative comments. Greg asked about if there has to be signs notifying that there are cameras. Jim said there are signs. Jim advised the realtor and mortgage person of the home purchased that there has to be a copy of the covenants and by-laws.

Jim discussed that the trees have been planted. Also, he discussed that the opt in or opt out in terms of the directory will go out with the dues notice next February.

Frank and Vic presented a copy of the original park plan. Dan has the thumb-drive with the park plan on it. Jim will ask Dan to put it out on the website.

The board tabled writing letters to people who have cars on the street. Vic said he did write letters to those neighbors who have trailers out in their drives.

Street light at the park-the light pole is owned by WE Energies. There is a program with a label on it. The light was out. Ryan said he saw a truck with a cherry picker on it. Linda said that bill for the light is paid automatically out of our account.

Fines for by-laws violations, Jim suggested we defer that until we have another reason to talk to the attorneys since all the dues, 100%, have been paid. John asked about late dues, he said that he thought if there is a letter then the member is responsible for the attorney fee. Jim said that there is a $25 late fee. If there is a third letter necessary, then a late fee is due. John asked if the attorney sent the letter, then the member is responsible for the attorney fee. John discussed that in the member was responsible for the attorney fees. Jim said then it must be in the first letter sent out. Frank discussed that we never adjusted the by laws in order to do that action. He read the by-law provision on late fees and dues not paid Based on B22 section 6.02 payment of dues, we can do those charges. Vic said we need to make adjustments so that we are not paying attorney fees for those who don’t pay. Jim asked about the precedent of sending out 3 letters. The board discussed putting the notice on the first notice of dues. Then if there is any late fee issue the member must be responsible for the attorney fee. Jim said he will do the verbiage that will go on the invoice and then get it passed by the attorney and approved by the board. The board agreed. The language will be voted on at the annual meeting.

Lakes Committee: John said he didn’t have anything new. He asked questions about the report he sent last time. He did discuss that going after the lake treatment a little more aggressively next year. He said past fees have been around $3600. If there are more treatments needed it will be more. He said we started off with 2 treatments. He said he did research which indicated we should do 3 treatments and we did, and the lake looked good. He said each year we discussed if we should continue to be aggressive or just stop. John discussed that there may be a point where the invasive growth might be gone. We went back to the 2-treatment thing, and now we had the heavy rain and as a result we had an invasive growth. He said it is not an exact thing so, we must consider doing 3 treatments again for at least a couple of years. He said we must stay on these treatment guys as well. Linda asked what we should budget, we budgeted $5,000. So, we might want to budget $5500. Last year we did two treatments plus an additional treatment for algae. John also asked about the annual fish stocking amount has not always been constant. So, he asked about what we might want to do next year. John said most people would support that type of fish stocking. Frank discussed that we have had an incredible amount of water in the River, so do we have enough in the budget to cover what we might want to do. John said he thinks it’s good to budget $5200. Vic said there was a bunch of lake weed.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said the clean-up that was done really worked. The people cut down the sandbar willow and the buckthorn. Ryan said we have an invoice from Bob for treatment of thistle, buckthorn, and sandbar willow. He did an herbicide treatment. The invoice was for $400. This weekend is the proposed time to get rid of all the cut-up stuff. There will be an invoice for that as well. Jim said we need to pay the invoice for Bob. The invoice for shrub removal should be park maintenance. There were 15 people down at the park helping do shrub removal and clean up.

Architectural: Vic said that the Tenuta’s got their project done. The projected remodeling of the home by the park has been put off due to issues with the village. Vic is sending out letters to those who have trailers and vehicles out for too long. Vic brought up lightening protectors and alarms. He said he did research in case that we might want to investigate it.

Tech: Dan said that he hasn’t been able to complete the project due to family issues.

Communication: Lorraine sent a communication to Jim as to the wood fiber being playground equipment wood chips. Lorraine had a question as to what to put on the Face-Book page in regard to the annual meeting. Jim said that if there are any questions for the village administrator, he needs to discuss right away. An example was the dark store legislation, also the trees to be planted along the river. Vic suggested that Lorraine put questions on the face book page. Frank and Jim discussed that we put out notice on Face Book, the Web Page, and we also put up signs.

Budget Review for 2019:

Linda passed out the budgets proposed. Linda went through each item on the 2018 budget in terms of what we budgeted and what we spent. The board discussed crucial items in terms of what we need to change. Ryan discussed the grounds and lawns budget because we are not very happy with the current service. Jim and Greg discussed putting it out for bids.

Changes in the budget: Park improvement, Landscaping, playground equipment, and other items. Frank discussed rationales for a dues increase. The approved budget last year was $38,000 and our revenues are $29,000. The discussion revolved around either to change the dues based on the budget, or not change the budget based on actual expense through September of 2018. We have been spending out of our reserve. Vic made a motion to increase the budget $50 per year. The motion passed 7 to 1 with John Skalbeck voting against. The board discussed having a special meeting to discuss the budget prior to the annual meeting.

Jim discussed questions for the speakers at the annual meeting. The verbiage on Face-Book and the Website will include notice of the dues increase. The meeting was adjourned at 9:22.


NOVEMBER 15, 2018

BOARD ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah, John Skalbeck, Lorraine Edington, Linda Tenuta, Frank Glowacki, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass.

MINUTES: The minutes were read and approved on-line prior to the meeting.

Presenters and presentations:

The meeting was called to order by Jim LeSage at 7:03.

Nathan Thiel: Village Administrator. New as of 2018. Nathan asked if there were any questions. Ryan Zettle asked about the Lutheran church and school going up. Nathan said there was no word as to yet as to the building time. Co c, he said was going to have a walking trail next year on the south side of the road. He also said that there is a new development called River Run. It is on a holding pattern due some issues such as water pond and a required lift station. The development will be south of Heritage Heights-42 parcels. A resident asked about the volume of traffic that is increasing. Nathan set that County C is out on the plan map for 2035 as to widening. There is a concern about truck traffic. There a new sign restricting truck traffic. They are also reaching out to View park that Co. C. is not a route. Nathan explained that it is scheduled for widening in 2035. There was a discussion regarding the improvement in highway 50 and the impact on county truck C. There was a question regarding the stop sign on 104th. Jim asked about the WE Energies plant closing in terms of it being demolished. Nathan said he has been able to ascertain some answers, but there are no definitive plans. He said he thought it was permanently closed. Nathan said that they have not formerly filed for taking the plan off line. So, the money to the village hasn’t disappeared yet. So, there’s about 1.4 million that comes from that to the village. It’s going to stay on the state aids program for the time being. There is a plan coming in the 4th quarter next year. He said that they are holding their options open due to Foxconn, they’re goal is a third a third a third, coal, renewable, and gas. Lorraine asked about our lake as being a private lake or a DNR controlled lake. Nathan asked a question about when it was created. DNR rules apply to all lakes. Nathan discussed the difference between ponds, developments and wet lands. Structures currently on the lake are grandfathered. Nathan said he will investigate it. Nathan said they are finishing up the budget. Haribo is moving forward and Aurora-Advocate is moving forward, there will be new development in the Prairie lands business development site. There is also a park plan that is in process. He said there is no plan to redo the freeway to the border. Lorraine asked about sound barriers. Nathan said there is no plan for sound barriers. She also asked about Tree budget for the village. He said it has never gone through and there was no effort this year. He said there are other priorities. Jim asked what we must do to get the villages attention to phase in a tree budget to form a tree sound barrier. Nathan said, the best way to make these requests is that an organization has some type of participation as well. Lorraine asked if we buy trees can we be planted on the village’s side of the road. He said when there is joint investment, there is more of chance for getting projects done.

John Steinbrink said the trees there are on the wet side of the road. That’s a problem. Jim said there was a study done by the village and there was some public record. Anything that can be done, Jim asked if they would contact him. John Steinbrink asked if we treated the invasive species or did the state do it. Nathan discussed the property to the north, it was sold to another property entity. The village is trying to be very accommodating because it is owned by a private individual. They want to build, but there are issues with the flood plain. He said he was just giving us an update. Jim brought up a question about duplexes in the Pleasant Prairie. Nathan said that duplexes are not allowed in R4, our area. He said they are considering okaying a type of thing like a mother-in-law suite. He said that right now they are evaluating it. Vic discussed that one of our new property owners wanted to build that it was denied by the village because since it is where it is, there would be need for a second HVAC, heating system, and inside stair well. There was a question asked about a new polling booth. He said there is discussion as to finding a new polling place. He said they were looking at the historical place so that our polling place would go back to the Rex Plex. He said the schools are not options.

John Steinbrink:

He said Mike retired and therefore they hired Nathan. He said they’re very fortunate to have Nathan. He said the board is really striving to work for the community. So, he said we really must stretch the dollar in the village. He thanked the board for the history and tour of the old Acme Powder Mill. He said we’re trying to capture the history and past of the village as possible, because it is being lost.

The other change, there is the village’s own visitor and tour position so there is a better ability to promote the village and bring dollars into the community. He encouraged people to apply positions available. He said they enjoy a broad perspective on the committees and planning positions. Nathan said the village is currently under contract to purchase the village green. He said they do want this space to give the village a space. He asked if they are going to be going to do some planning that is citizen and community driven. So, he asked that we give input as to crafting the plan for the Village Green. So, if there is interest in participating in the Village Green public space. Not just parks. He asked what would resonate with the citizenship?

Board Meeting:

Jim introduced the board members.

The minutes were approved on-line.

Old Business:

No old business was discussed.

Summary of things done this year:

Lakes: John said there is a hand out. He said we treat the lake every year. He said this year it was not an ultimate treatment year, so there was some late bloom. So, next year we’re going to do some more aggressive treatment. The treatments are temperature control and we will be doing 3 treatments and thus we have been able to keep the invasive plants in check. He said we stock the lake each year, on occasion we do a fish study. He said that they we have a pretty nice fishery here. It is because we have a catch and release program. John discussed the collaboration with UW Parkside and the university in Germany, so students come in and do studies. He said this year the water quality is pretty good. There were no algae. He was there was no new blooms. Also, the temperatures weren’t that good. If conditions are right algae does happen. A question was asked about water quality as to safe swimming. John said we have done that in the past. He said we get a sample and takes a week to get the test back. So, it doesn’t apply to the swimming, but we’ve never had any issue with swimming quality. He said we don’t have a constant influx of water. But we don’t have that. Jim said we can address that issue with the village.

Communications/Social: We’re up to 135 Facebook friends. Lot’s of Fox pictures and sunsets. She also said that it works for a great communication piece such as notification of bees at the park. She said there some fun things in planning for 2019.

Tech: Dan. He said the they did a redesign for the website. We now have about 100 users to the site. He said we’re doing a rebuild of the site that is private. We’re looking at an increase use of the reservation site for the pavilion. He said it’s first come first serve so do it ahead of time. We are looking at a video surveillance system for the park. This is to prevent vandalism so that we can keep the park safe for everyone. There was a question about permit tags for the park. Dan said that we switched to a two-year parking permit system. He said it helps. He said there are always people who say they are not aware of the park and lake being private. We’re having a better time of it. Dan said he thinks it’s helping.

There was a question as to parking passes. Jim said we just implemented a process to make sure that the hanging tags for the park are left in the home. There will be new ones coming out. Jim said you get two parking passes. Dan said that there are boat stickers that everyone must have. Jim said there is an issue that people don’t know about. Frank discussed the covenants and bi-laws along with the park tags. Greg discussed the possibility of doing a printed form of the covenants and bi-laws. Frank discussed the what comes with your title as to the by-laws and covenants. Frank said the bi-laws can be adjusted through interpretations. He said we’ve added updated clarifications. A question was asked about the video camera. Frank addressed what our duties and responsibilities are as to having a camera and video and how we control what is there. There is a $500 allocation for it. It is in the parks budget. Frank said it is an in-depth discussion on both positive side and negative side. Frank discussed the issue. Jim discussed that a resident talked to him about a vehicle driving through all the leaves. So, pictures were used to present to the police. A village board member discussed that the police would prefer that we have camera’s and they can use the camera to opt into a community effort to protect the residents. Frank said that the villages efforts brought that to mind. Greg discussed rationales as to our growing community related to the use and need for cameras. Frank discussed how to control what is viewed on the camera.

Architecture: Vic discussed that there is an interesting request for additions on their house. We have had several homes that have turned over. The second issue trailers and trucks in their drive way. He said there was one notice to a person who had their snowmobile out on the lake. Also, we had requested new roofs and changes.

Roads and Grounds: We had a contract with Parmentier Lawn care. We will get 3 quotes on maintenance to bid to see if we can get done what we require to be done. The entry ways were redone using Shady Lawn. We had numerous members trying to beautify on their own, but we had a hodge-podge on their own. Ryan asked people not to do that. The third item was restoration in the park, clearing of buckthorn, we use a horticulturalist to keep down the invasive species. The 4th item was bee’s nest removal. We had the wasps removed. We did plant 6 evergreen trees planted on the north end, to contribute to the sound coming from I94. We’re trying to do our part to do sound blockage. Ryan said that there some conifers that can grow in the wetter areas. The new thing we’re looking at is new playground equipment. The current equipment has become decrepit and worn. Lorraine discussed what the structure is going in and what we agreed to. Ryan said that the current playground equipment has become a liability.

Jim discussed that everyone needs to register as a sign in the meeting.


River Oaks directory. Jim discussed that there are a directory and people can go onto the website and get into the directory. Jim discussed a hard copy directory question in the survey to go out with the annual dues. The meetings are held at the board members home, but we like to know who is coming so you can notify us through the website.

Jim said we have an issue not paying their dues promptly. The first notice is 30 days. Then a second notice goes out. Then a third notice goes out. There are two changes that are going to happen. First there will be $25 late fee. If there is need for an attorney letter, there is $100 cost. The home owner will be responsible for the $100. If there is no response, then there is a lean put on the property. Then the home owner is responsible for all cost. In the new dues notices there will be a notation on the bottom of the invoice.

Treasure Report and Budget: Linda said the two biggest expenditures is the playground and the trees. The approved budget in 2018 and then the changes for 2019. She reviewed the changes. Particularly the roads and grounds budget. We added to the lakes budget but took out the lake survey and added for fish stocking. We brought down landscaping from $9000 to $5000. We added to both budgets the playground equipment which will be done in 2019.

There was a question about the lake survey. It is not on a regular basis. A question was asked if we should keep the money in the budget to do a lake survey. Then a question was asked as to why we need to survey. Vic said it is about the fish in the lake. John said we get a lot of information from fisherman and as the survey tells us. Jim said we have done the survey and paid for it, but the results were questionable.

Jim Said: We’re looking for a $50 increase in the dues. He said this is the second increase since 1987 or 38 years. He said for what the boards have done, we need a lot more volunteers. If we don’t have volunteers, we must hire people. Jim said it could be down the road there could be a reduction. If there is more flooding there could be more that has to be done. There is no language in the bi laws for amount of reserve. Ryan discussed making improvements that apply to all of us. He discussed that having the lake increases the value of your property even if you don’t live on the lake. The motion was made to increase the budget by $50 to $250. The vote was taken, and the budget passed. The vote including proxy votes was 34-3 to approve the budget with the dues increase to $250.

The meeting was adjourned:

Meetings for next year are:

January 17-Jim

Feb: 14-Zettle

March 21: Lorraine

April 18: John

May 16: Frank

June 20: Dan

July-No Meeting

August 15: Vic

September 19: Greg

October 17: Linda

November 21: Annual Meeting

December: No Meeting.