2017 Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Jim Lesage, Greg L. Bass, Frank Glowacki, Victor Thompson, Kandace Stewart, Ryan Zettle, Paul Youngman and Dan Noah .

(visitor Mark Stewart)

Discussion with Kandace as to positions on the board –Lakes and Social Committee.

Reading of the minutes:

The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:

Paul said there have not been any material expenditure.  Paul will report amounts in the checking and the Money market. Frank asked about collecting late due notices and the legal fees involved.  We did not have to charge any legal fees.   Paul explained the process of collecting dues and fees.  He explained that last year we decided to add a late fee which is $25.  Dues go out in March with an April first due date, and then in June there is a reminder, and if not paid after that there is a late fee charge.   Frank discussed the communication methods we have tried to get HOA members to pay dues, and abide by covenants and by-laws.  Paul said we aim to have a legal reserve of $5,000 year to year.  If there is an issue that involves fees and charges, the home owner involved pays that.


Vic said the Book Exchange project is moved to February.  Vic said the person wants to put a book exchange in the park.  He has also asked for the board to contribute money for the project.  Jim discussed the removal of the old picnic table.

Frank discussed the Back the Badge Sign removal.  He said he hasn’t discussed it yet with the neighbor. However, he said he will discuss with her.  Due to extenuating circumstances he hasn’t been to discuss the issue with the neighbor.

Jim discussed the pictures of Lake Russo and the history of the neighborhood, we have all the pictures, and the person who is a graphic designer is putting them all on a frame.  The plan is to put them in a frame and place them in the Park as a historical marker and information as to the history of the HOA.  Vic said the book project may go along with that.

Jim said he did talk to the village about planting some trees on the west side of the road by the lake. He will follow up with them soon. He asked for evergreens.  The board discussed that we got a letter from the State rejecting putting up a wall to reduce the noise due the number of people in our subdivision, and the level of the decibels.

Lakes:  Vic said we never did see a fish survey.  Paul said we haven’t heard and he talked to Dr. Skalbeck about it.

Roads and Grounds:  Ryan said there are no more beaver issues.  He said he is getting quotes for lawn maintenance.  He also said he is surveying ideas for the park as to new equipment.  He discussed the idea of a Tether Ball area, but there doesn’t’ seem to be enough interest.  Jim said we need our bids in, our quotes in, and we need those bids by the February meeting, and we need 3 quotes on all the maintenance items, which includes replacement of the park fence.  Frank asked about the drainage.  Jim said there needs to be some fill because the land area has dropped.  Jim explained how the drainage works and the work that has been done already.  Kandace asked about mosquito control.  NatureScape does 40 houses. They do 4 applications each year in the playground area.  Jim said it’s less than $300 a year and is done prior to the neighborhood times in the park on Thursdays.  Paul discussed about putting a survey up on Facebook.  He said we have done some survey.  Jim said he is more than willing to meet with Naturescape to see if we can’t get a deal.  Kandace asked about drainage and water back up.  Jim said you go to the village because they have and own all culverts.

Architectural: Vic said we have highlighted the issues, one is the Pod in the driveway and the new one is the new trailer in the back yard.  Jim said he is to the point right now with the Pod issue that we go to the attorney.  Vic said he’d like to do a registered letter first with a 14 day notification.  The board was okay with that.

Technical:  Dan said he got a quote for the new hanging tags.  He hasn’t done too much with the website.

Old Business:  Dog signs at the park.  With the ice we’ve seen fisherman coming in with dogs, and leaving messes all over the park.  So we need to put up signs. Ryan asked if we’re going to include bags as well.  Jim said the issue is maintaining the bags and the depository.  Kandace asked about maintain the bag area.  Frank asked about a rewind, he said we’ve looked at that, and then we talked about a depository.  He said if it’s a non-formal type thing, he hoped there would be enough people who would fill it and use it.  Paul said from a treasury perspective, we have to be careful about having to fund something on an ongoing basis.  Greg said we haven t’ put a sign up yet, so we need to do that first. Ryan talked about being responsible.  Paul said there are 4 receptacles for putting trash in.  Jim talked about the sign. Greg made a motion to purchase the sign and Ryan seconded the motion, the board passed a motion to buy three signs at a budget of $100 each.

Lake Security: Jim discussed the issue of lake security.  Jim said asked that they can contact us.  Greg discussed the event that occurred the past weekend about moving people who are not residents off the lake. Jim discussed that if we have cars towed; a board member has to be there.  Greg talked about putting reminders up on Face book about Lake Security and Dogs and picking up after your dog.

Covenants Publication: Frank discussed the covenants and the amendments and clarifications.  Frank talked about doing a booklet form and changes that are legally binding.  Frank said his intention is to put the clarifications in the covenants and by-laws with it all together that is put out.  Frank said that he would like to put out that piece, but also put a hard copy with the dues notice.  He said he would also throw a hang tag in with the dues notice.  Thereby the March mailing has an all of those items in the March mailing.  Frank proposed that by next month’s meeting he’ll have it put together, and then we’re set to go by March.  Frank discussed the issue about notifying new home owners.  Greg and Frank discussed delivering the packet in person, but since dues have to be mailed. Paul said he like the idea of delivering.  He discussed putting in a page that says, here’s what the board does.  Frank said that the last mailing included a thorough explanation about what is going on and that was good and helped.  Frank discussed what can change and what can’t.  Jim said dues have to be mailed.  However, as far as handing out hanging tags, rules and by laws, that needs to be face to face.  Kandace asked about what new home owners get.  Frank talked about the website and what that involves and has on it as content.  The board discussed the idea of the dues and the covenants.  Frank asked if it was worth to do a second mailing.  Dan said what we should do different, he said we give everyone a new said of tag every two years. It’s for the home. He said it cost very little to have the tags made.  We will change the color and design every two years. Frank said coming into the warm weather season we really need to get the tags out there and also deliver a hard copy of the covenants and by laws.  Jim asked about the dues go out separately around March 1.  Now we have hanging tags to put those out.  Dan said they can be done in a week.  Jim suggested a different said of distribution.  Frank said we’re starting methods that can be done over and over again.  Vic made a motion to buy hanging tags; the motion was seconded and approved.  Paul said the dues notice will go out separately.  Jim said the decision as to how we’re going to distribute the other items will be next month.

New Business:

Jim brought up the issue of the old rail road.  The village won’t take them unless they’re in 4 foot sections.  Jim said it’s been a 4 year discussion.  He said now is the time to do it.  The board discussed removing the ties on Saturday morning.

Face book posting: Posting for Lakes Committee chair. Vic asked if we are soliciting someone to volunteer for the Lakes position.  Frank said he will discuss with the resident who has voiced an interest.  Vic said he has a neighbor that has been on the board in the past.  The board agreed to do both post and discuss with neighbors.

Playground equipment:  We have to replace the climbing item that is rotten.  Jim discussed what has to be replaced this year for safety precautions.  The budget for roads and grounds is around $9,000 but doesn’t include landscaping. The board reviewed the 2017 budget for the roads and grounds.

Jim volunteered to help Paul stuff dues envelopes.

Summary of action items:

Hanging tags-February

Rail road tie removal

Paul will get fish survey from John

Roads and grounds bids.

Dog signs-Dan

Face book posting-hold off after discussion with potential volunteer’

Jim will discuss with Nature Scape a group rate.

Vic is going to do the registered letter for the Pod and discuss the trailer with Mr. Wrona.

The next meeting will be February 16 at 7:00 PM at Frank Glowacki’s house.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:44.


Attendees: Frank Glowacki, Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Dan Noah, Paul Youngman, Vic Thompson,

Visitor: Ivan Nielsen

The meeting began at 7:05.

The reading of minutes took place. The minutes were approved.

Action Items:

#1) Ivan Nielsen presented his ideas regarding the Book Exchange project.  He brought drawings of the project he wanted to promote.  He presented a proposed budget. The budget he said was based on using pressure treated wood. The budget he proposed was $468.  His presentation was to do a simple project.  The idea is to donate books from their home.  He said the main issue is to protect it.  He recommended that we put the book exchange down at the park.  He also suggested a trail cam.  He also suggested that the book exchange be different colors. He presented the general construction ideas. Ivan suggested we figure out if there’s a want for it.  The camera Ivan suggested is $120.   Jim discussed that other residents have discussed a book exchange.  He discussed the security and abuse of the exchange.  Jim said it has merit.  Greg suggested that we put it up on face book as a survey-the River Oaks Face book page.

Treasurers Report:  Paul said the balance today is $9192.  The due notices are all printed and ready to go March 1 date and March 31 due date.  Paul had a question, he asked about doing email notices and did a batch print of all the email notices.  Frank asked about doing the email send outs.  Paul said he’s received more email addresses, or if we should send out total paper dues.  Dan suggested that we ask in the invoice if people would rather receive paperless than getting a paper invoice.  Vic said that we should mail them all.  Paul said that we put the news letter with it in the past, but not this year, so he was just wondering if the email notification would be better.  Jim suggested we do the 10 board members to see how it works out.   Vic said if he still has to pay by mail, then we need to send out the invoice.  So, if we used PayPal, there was a cost.  Dan explained the differences in the cost on a once a year basis vs.: a subscription basis.  Paul said that bank transfers are now free because it is a cloud based solution.  Paul said we’re searching for a no cost way.  The board approved emailing the 30 and mailing the rest.

Action Items:

1-back the badge side. Frank said he will discuss with the neighbor.

2-photographs from 60’s and 70’s, nothing has progressed on that.

3-Village of Pleasant Prairie tree planting-The village hasn’t got back to us yet.

4-Mirror Tag-Dan handed out the new mirror tags. Vic suggested we walk around and hand out the mirror tags, and hand out the news letter as well.  Frank discussed asking Loraine to do the news letter. Dan said he’s going to pre-assign numbers so that the board can walk around and meet with people personally, and hand out the newsletter and the mirror tags.   Frank asked if there is a goal date. Jim said by April 1st.

5-Fish Survey-John Skalbach reached out but he hasn’t heard back yet.

6-Assignment of board positions: Jim and Vic discussed asking another neighbor who has been on the board before. Frank discussed using Face Book to ask if there are any volunteers.  Paul said we can put it in the news letter as well.  Vic said we put out the call and an email and publish the positions.

7-Pod and trailer: Vic said he delivered letters to both houses.  One house where the Pod was at sold. The other location, he hasn’t heard back from member.  Vic told him he gave the person until March 14 to move the trailer.  Jim and Vic had a discussion regarding notification.  Jim suggested we send a registered letter to the member.  He wants to maintain consistency.  Vic said he will do a reminder registered letter.

8-Nature Scape-Jim said he has not received a word back from them.

9-Paul and Jim discussed a computer and Paul said that now we’re cloud based we don’t need it.

Lakes: A board will discuss with John Skalbeck the lake service and treatment schedule.  Frank said he will discuss with John. Frank will discuss with John the lake survey and fish stocking.

Roads and Grounds:  Jim said he has an estimate from Perimeter.  Ryan has other feelers out there.  Jim said we’re either going to stay with Leiting or do something else.  We do not have the pricing as of this time.  Paul said the last check said the Leiting cost was $1160 for a month.  Frank asked about the quote, Ryan was not in attendance.  Jim said the drainage and tiles that we put in last year seems to be working. There are a couple of patches, but it’s much better than last year.

Architectural:  Vic said the only activity was the two letters he delivered.

Tech: Dan said he put an electronic voting system up.  He said the parking permits were done.  He said we already have a couple of reservations for the summer.  He said he will be changing the verbiage for the reservation of the building.   Jim asked about ordering the last sign for the park.  We want to move it closer to the road.  Dan is also looking into Dog Signs.  Dan and Frank discussed the other signs in the neighbor.  There is a village ordinance, so the language on the signs will be the village language.  Paul suggested a movable sign to put in areas that are abused.  So, we could continue to move the sign to affected areas.  Dan agreed with Paul.  There was a discussion regarding the use of signs in the neighborhood.  Frank discussed the various problems that we have including ice fisherman, dog waste sign, and other signs.  Frank asked about purchasing a video camera to place in the park.  He said it’s a good investment.  Paul said that there is a lot of movement so the camera would be taking pictures all the time.  Dan discussed how such camera’s work and how they can be used.  Frank suggested that it’s another benefit to the community.  But the language we should use is the placement of a security camera in the park.  Dan said he would look into the purchase of such a camera.  Greg suggested is that we put a camera up and then post it.  Paul discussed where we might locate the camera.

Old Business: There was no other old business.

New Business:  Vic brought up the resident goose population has gotten much larger. Vic said he has discussed that we get a DNR permit to allow us to destroy the nests, destroy the eggs, etc.  He presented a flyer on resident goose management.  Paul asked if the current geese are migratory or resident.  Vic said the new population is about 15-20.  Because the geese we’ve had bring back their brue. Jim asked if the permit affects our fish farm license.  Vic said we should apply as a HOA so it covers the whole lake area.  Jim said there’s reporting, and record keeping along with specifying who has authority to do it.  Vic said that if we apply, we need to do it very soon.  Frank made a motion to fill out the application for the Canadian goose depredation form.  The motion passed.

A construction van has been placed in 88th street. Jim suggested a letter be placed in the mail to the resident.

Paul brought up the discussion as to the book exchange.  Jim said we’re still waiting for the pictures to be put into collage.  The board discussed the original intent of the book exchange.   The consensus was that it is a good idea, but the board does not have it in the budget for this year.  The board discussed that it was not in the budget so if Ivan wants to do it himself, we would support it.  Jim said he will respond by letter.

Jim discussed the replacing of the split rail fence down at the park.  Paul suggested that we add the reconstruction of the fence as a spring clean up event. We would also include in the newsletter.  Frank talked about getting last year’s newsletter to Loraine and Kandace. The board discussed the use of mirror tags at the park when the pavilion.


Loraine-Newsletter-Face book page and survey for interest on the board.

Frank-fish survey, weeds and stocking

Vic-Letters out and goose prevention permit.

Dan-signs-stealth cam cost.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

MARCH 2017

Attendees: Jim Lesage, Greg L. Bass, Frank Glowacki, Paul Youngman, formed a quorum.

Treasurers Report: $3200 in Checking and $4500 in money market.  The current amount total is $14,798. There is $9,000 in receivables that need to be added.  Paul said that the budget is in the annual minutes and the budget will be posted on the web site within the next week.  The insurance payment is also due. The coverage is $2,000,000 of liability, $35,700 for buildings, and $2,000,000 for officers and directors.

Tree Planting: Jim discussed the cost of $52,000 for the village to do tree planting.  The board response was that the price is way too expensive.  The area is over a 1000 feet.  They said we needed 45 trees.  The purpose being to reduce the freeway noise into the neighborhood.  Jim suggested we ask the village if they can scale it back.

Fish Survey:  Frank discussed with John regarding the lake and the fish survey.  The fish survey from last year, we need to follow up with the company.  Frank said John does not believe there were any results provided.  We did not pay for the fish survey, so there is no problem.  So we don’t think there was ever a fish survey done.  Frank discussed that we should do the same fish stocking as we intended to do last year.  Frank said we’ve been happy with the company in the past, but there was some error this past year.  Greg asked about the lake treatments.  Frank discussed with Mark Schmidt, who may do the lake treatments. Frank said the water was too cold yet, and should be above 50 degrees to do the treatments.   You can’t plant fish until long after the treatments are done.  Jim said the fish stocking is supposed to be sometime in April.

Registered letters for pod and trailer: Dan said he’s purchased the mirror tags.  He assigned two to every household.

Nature Scape: Jim said he’s going to go out to other companies.  He said he’s getting push back from Nature Scape in terms of giving us a deal.  Jim said there are two other companies that do similar work.

Video Cameras: Dan said that the price range is around $500 or less we can get a good system. He said the price for the camera, infrared, in the park would be around $250.  The area would be 3 or 4 cameras that are designed for outside and would cover 80 feet a piece.  He said the cost is not the cameras but getting power and mounting the cameras.  He said he didn’t think it would be that difficult.  He said we would also have to have a lock box with a security code on it.  Dan said we don’t have to have wiring running anywhere and talked about getting protected power line up to the roof of the gazebo.  Paul asked about having one with a power battery backup.  The other issue is getting someone to do the power hook up.  The pavilion only has power to the bottom.  Dan and Paul discussed the logistics of mounting the camera up on top of the pavilion and the use of a lock box.  Dan said they are designed that you can install them yourself and the biggest thing is protecting it from the elements.  The real expense is not the equipment; it is the mounting, placement and installation.   Jim asked that Dan find a company that does installation and see what the cost would be.  Frank said he thought he knew a company that such installation and then would have them contact Dan.  The system would keep video for 30 days before replacing. Frank asked what the budget impact might be.  Paul said budgets have usually rolled from year to year so there would be a budget impact.  Paul said it would go into the park projects, which include the fence, so we have around $8000-$9000 in the park budget.  He also said that it also depends on the landscape contract.   Paul said there is some room.  He said the book library was not a critical project therefore; we need to allocate the money into the critical areas.

Roads and Grounds: Jim read Ryan’s reports and recommendations.  Jim said that most people just wanted to cut the grass.  He said that only two companies quoted what it is what we wanted to do.  The base line is 25 mowings, bed maintenance, and the weed free areas, spraying around the trees, spray the path and volleyball area, and rake the beach.  Leiting is $6060 Parimenter is $4100.  It appears that the quotes are apples to apples.  Greg asked about how long Leiting has been doing it for us. It has been a number of years.  Paul said we should have an annual contract makes sense.  Parimenter’s contract can also be cancelled.  Jim said he will get an email out to Ryan to accept the Parmentier offer.  The board passed the motion to accept the Parmentier contract.

Fence: Jim said the quote to do a new split rail fence at the park was too expensive.  Parmentier was $1450, another bid was $3000.  Jim said the fence materials were around $300.  Jim asked if we wanted have someone do it, or get community volunteers to do it.   Paul suggested that we put a communication out on social media to ask if there were people who would want to help out.  Dan agreed and said we should just try to get volunteers.  The board agreed to put it out on social media.

Architectural: Jim read the report from Vic.  He sent a message to Ivan that we are not going to do a book library at the park.  The permit from the DNR was approved.  We have a permit to take down 10 goose nests, if we want to do more; we have to report it in October.  The pod is gone and the closing is on the 23rd.   The Hernandez work truck, a letter was sent, and there was no response yet.  Jim discussed how long we should allow the truck to be parked there.  He said we should allow the parking for two weeks.  Paul brought up the idea that the truck has flat tires as well as the car that’s been there unlicensed for two years. Frank read the new regulation regarding how long a truck with signage can be parked.  Jim discussed that we haven’t received a copy of the letter that were sent yet.  The work truck is a clear violation.  Jim discussed that a car is parked on the grass up but a tree.  He said the car has been there for weeks.  The board discussed putting some new regulation in the bylaws regarding abandoned unlicensed vehicles.

The Red Trailer: Vic will send a letter to Wrona regarding the trailer. However, the board discussed that we will have the attorney send a letter because it has been a chronic issue for years.

Technical:  Dan said he has fallen behind on the web site.  He said he did order the dog signs.  He asked about ordering a big sign, in terms of ordering more than one the price drops.  We have the ones for the rules of the park.  Dan said before he placed the order for $70 is there anymore that we need, so the price drops.  The board discussed what we have at the entry ways to the neighborhood.  Frank said we should have another sign at the entry way, and we should have one at each entry way, as well over by the edge of the park.  Dan said maybe we should do 4 signs.  Dan said he also got 5 dog signs. We are not getting the dog waste bags.

Social: No Report

Covenants Publication:  Frank said he is working on that, and should have a majority of the work done prior to the next meeting.   Frank is looking over the regulations and the idea of a living document, so that when we update it will be consistent and ongoing.  Frank said we are intending on performing a printed document when it is completed.

Old Business: None

New Business:  Rummage sale and 4th of July parade. Jim said he will contact Candace and ask her to contact Kim and Jan who have run the rummage sale for a long time.

There has been a request for accessing a directory of the residents of River Oaks.  Dan said the last time we did it, it was a voluntary thing.  Frank asked about if we ever asked people if they would want to be in the directory.  Dan said it has to be password protected.   The board discussed the use of the social media piece to develop a directory.  Frank said that we may need to create a document to create a voluntary directory.  Paul said maybe we go back to old school with a printed directory that we give out with the covenants and bylaws as well as mirror tags.  Dan suggested we glean the information from the county tax roles.   Frank discussed that we should have a living directory that can be updated as well as printed list.  The board discussed the VP having the responsibility of keeping the bylaws and covenants and regulations updated.

The board discussed the park plan in terms of pine trees and planting oak trees.  Jim and Paul said that we should plant pine trees along the road in the park, as part of a wind break.   We also discussed planting oak trees in the park.

The board discussed alleviating the geese issue.  The board discussed getting volunteers to address the issue.

The board discussed the spring clean up.  The date set for a spring clean up was set for May 6th, Saturday at 10:00 until it’s over.

The next board meeting will be the 27th April at Paul’s house. Frank said he will communicate with Lorraine to post on Face Book.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25.

APRIL 2017

Attendees were:

Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, Dan Noah, Ryan Zettle, Jim LeSage and Greg L. Bass.

Jim LeSage called the meeting to order at 7:18.  The meeting was held at Vic Thompson’s house.  Not in attendance were Paul Youngman and Lorraine Scanlon.  Kandace Stewart has resigned her position from the board.

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved as distributed.

No Treasurer’s report.

Action Items:

There was nothing from the lady regarding the pictures.

There was nothing new from the Village regarding the tree planting project.

Ryan discussed what type of trees should be planted there.  Jim talked about why evergreen trees would be requested.  The board discussed that for the price the trees would be large trees, and the village would plant them.

Fish Survey:  Frank has asked for a fish survey from the company. Frank discussed doing the lake treatments.  The lake treatments have not been done yet, they are planning on doing it during the last week of April.  The company is Lonza and they do many services as well as make treatment chemicals.  The contact name is Mark Schmidt.  Frank and Greg discussed the timing for doing the lake treatments.  Frank asked Lonza to do as soon as they can give the weather conditions.

Wrona’s red trailer:  The attorney sent the signifying letter to the Wrona party to demand the removal of the trailer.  The attorney fee will be $125-$150.

Lakes Committee and social committee chairmanship positions.  Dan said we had gotten pretty good results from the email last time.  Our commentary on Face Book was light. Dan said he will send out an email to see if we can get some responses.  Jim discussed that we now have two open positions.

Dog and signs:  Dan said they have been ordered, but they’re taking longer than expected.  So we have signs and mirror tags ordered.

Mirror tags:  Dan has gotten the mirror tags and brought them with him to the meeting.  Jim and Dan discussed a handout with the mirror tags.  Frank talked about a cover document to go with the mirror tags.  Frank discussed that it’s a noble gesture to go door to door.  He said it is critical to do in the summer time.  Frank also discussed that it is the VP job to keep track of the bylaws and covenants.  Jim said his wife and daughter will stuff the envelopes.  Frank said he has the word document from last year and suggested we use the same document.  Jim said we need to add to it, and update it.  Dan will update it and then send it out to the board members to add etc.  Then we will finalize and make plans to distribute.

Nature scape:  Jim said we missed our opportunity. So that discussion is tabled until next year.  Jim talked about giving some verbiage and an ad on our Face Book page.   Jim said he will schedule Nature Scape for this year.

Stocking of the fish: Jim said the stocking was contracted with.  He will coordinate with Frank. The stocking has to be coordinated with the lake treatments.  Frank said we have to give time difference at least a week.

Construction Van:   Vic said he sent a letter last month.   Nothing has changed thus far.  Jim suggested that we give him a date.   The board discussed what we have to do in terms of penalties for inaction.

Roads and Grounds:  Ryan said that Alex has cut the grass twice.  It has been very wet.  He did spring clean up.  Once it dries it will be cut again.   The spring clean up is May 6th at 10:00 Am and Ryan said he will purchase the fence materials for us to put up a new fence.  So, it is fence construction and spring clean up.  Ryan said he will go purchase from the contractors’ desk.  The only issue we have is how to do the gate.  So the port a potty can be service.  The board discussed what needed to be done regarding the fence installation.  Jim suggested we do the same thing as we have in place now. Ryan will order the post and rails with split cedar.  Jim discussed that the village has beavers now at the new recycling center. Greg asked about controlling the level of the lake.  Frank said that John Skalbeck said he keeps an eye on it.  The gate is currently closed.

The board discussed replacing the climbing structure in the park.  Ryan will get bids.

Architectural: Vic said that he had discussions as to replacing the fence along the hwy c. But we didn’t allow them to fence in their yard.  The Hernandez work truck, a letter will go out this week.  The volley ball net was put up.  The goose egg depredation.   We got the permit from the state.  We do owe a report to the DNR regarding the geese.

Tech: Dan said that he did a number of back end updates on the site. He updated the language on the reservation of the park pavilion.  Dan called several places regarding cameras and security system.  They suggested we do it ourselves.  Dan discussed the recommendations from the sources he talked to.  Dan will put a cost together for doing it ourselves-the security protection.  Jim said he would really like to have someone who would install it.   Jim took the mirror tags to be stuffed.

Social committee:  Open position.  The rummage sale coming up has confronted difficulties.  We don’t know if there’s going to be a continuation.  June 3rd is the date of the rummage sale, from 8:00-2:00.  The money made from the rummage sale was used to fund the July 4th park activities.  Dan said it would be easy enough to make a new flyer.  Frank said he thinks he has a copy of last year’s flyer.  Jim said he would call Kim and see what the plan is.  Dan asked about Thursday social nights.  The board discussed canceling them.  Frank suggested we do a couple of highlighted one’s.  Having one every week seems to be too much.

Old Business:  Red trailer is gone. Camera’s and lake security discussed. Covenant’s publication is near ready.  Frank developed a new document.  Frank has one more adjustment. He has updated everything including the last three years minutes.  Frank discussed that we should put an explanation of what the document is on the front page of the document.  The board agreed.  Frank said on May 1, 2017 it will be done.  It includes covenants, by-laws, and clarifications.  Frank said that we need to amend the VP position so that it includes maintaining and updating the document.

The board discussed recommendations regarding signs on lawns.  Frank will meet with and discuss the issues.  Frank discussed putting a paragraph of reminders such as lawn signs.  The board discussed placing reminders as to certain continual and constant issues on the front of the covenant and by law document.

Jim said he will go through the county list of the association members.  Then we can use that as a directory.

Jim brought up that a board is getting smaller, but making meetings is essential.  We know that we have a couple of board members who have not shown up yet this year. Dan said he agreed, but most of the time the people at this meeting are those that are there.   We need to draw a line in the sand as to making meetings, if you miss three in a row.  We discussed that using people’s talents yet not holding a board position was discussed.  Frank discussed trying to get newer people.


Tree planting-Jim

Lake Treatment-Frank

Lakes Committee-and Social committee-posting

Dog signs –Dan

Stocking of the lake-Frank and Jim

Bids to replace climbing at park-Ryan

Fence materials-Ryan

Letter to Hernandez regarding truck-Vic

Covenant front page-Frank

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56

MAY 2017

ATTENDEES:  Jim Lesage, Paul Youngman, Frank Glowacki, Vic Thompson, Lorraine Scanlon, Dan Noah,

The meeting was held at the home of Greg L. Bass.

The minutes were read and approved as presented.

Treasurers Report: MM is $26,991 and the checking is $3648 totaling $30,639 plus $1200 in receivables. There are still 10 residents with outstanding dues payment.  Paul said he will be sending a 3rd notice with a late fee notification. We are current on payments with reimbursement to Ryan for fence materials and Frank for gravel used to put the fence in.  We still have one late fee from last year that has not been paid.   The board discussed what we can do in regard to late fees.  Paul discussed what the history has been of people who have not paid dues and late fees.  Jim suggested that we take the list of those in remiss to the attorney and issue letters of consequence if dues are not paid.  The agreed that we will wait until next meeting to take attorney action against those who are in remiss for their dues.  Paul discussed the action of placing a lien on the homes of those who have not paid their dues. Frank discussed the idea that people should be responsible for the attorney fees as well.  Paul said that that language is in the notice.  Greg asked about the language in the 3rd notice. Frank discussed adding language to the by laws as a clarification for those who are arrears.  Lorraine asked if there is a reason for dues to be in arrears.


Photograph:  No word has been received from the people involved.

Trees:  No word from the village

Fish Survey:  Frank said the lake treatment has been done.  Frank said that he has been in contact with Mark Schmidt.  It all has to do with the lake temperature.  The lake has to be warmer than 48 degrees in order for the lake treatment to work.

Fish Stocking:  Jim said that it should be happening soon and that they would give him 3 days notice.  We are clear to have it done now.  Jim said he will check and see when the stocking will be taking place.

Posting results:  Lorraine said she has not received.   Dan said he posted on the website and he also sent out emails.  Dan said that he like what Jim and Frank did last year.   He said he gave some description of the positions in order to serve.  Frank said right now we don’t have any interested parties at this point.  Frank discussed using our social media resources to develop interest.  Vic said we need to put signs up along with the rummage sale signs.  The signs we have are only for neighborhood night in the park.  Frank said he will send the information to Vic and they will review.

Dog signs and other signs:  Dan said that he ordered the signs.  Dan said he got a call from Dog Poop Signs.com in terms of making custom signs.  He said they can do 12 x 18 signs.  So they are being done, as well as the other signs.

Martinez Construction Van:  Vic said he put a notice in the mailbox, he said he will be placing a letter in the mail box giving two week notice prior to the attorney. Frank read the language regarding the issue from the by laws.

Committee reports:

Lakes:  Frank said the lakes were treated.   The stocking can happen now.  John Skalbeck closed the gate for us.

Roads and Grounds:  The park is being done nicely, and the new fence is up.  Paul said that there is an area that needs to be addressed because it is washed out.  Jim said that Ryan is looking at replacing the climbing playground item because it needs to be done in a year or so.

Architectural:  Vic said that he mailed by the goose report to the State DNR.  He also said that he will write a letter to the Hernandez about the truck in the drive way.  The board discussed the goose problem.  Lorraine asked about how we do it and how often we do it.  Frank discussed managing the geese.  Vic discussed what we had last year as a problem.

Tech:  Dan said the signs are coming. He also said that he will be putting the meeting minutes out on the site very soon.  Lorraine asked about the Face Book password reset.  Lorraine said it is not recognizing her password.  The board discussed the security camera for the park.  Dan discussed what a camera can do. Lorraine asked about a lake thermometer that we can post on face book. The lake study thermometer has been removed. Lorraine said there are more than a hundred people on the facebook page.

Covenants:  Frank said all we have to do is verbally approve. Frank said he will be placing a web address, Face Book page and a front letter explaining what the document is.  Frank said with those additions we are ready to go.  Frank said that he will write the language up so the VP has the responsibility to update the document continually, who will then get it to the Tech person.

Jim discussed that we have to get the covenants out, the mirror tags, etc. out as soon as possible.  Frank said there should be a cover letter, he will do the letter and ask everyone for their input. He said we must get those things out soon.  Dan discussed that he will place final on website and refer realtors to the covenants posted on the website.

Lorraine said she would like to post pictures on Face Book.

The board agreed that we will send out the final covenants that are approved.  Jim said the time frame is to get it done the first week of next month.  Then we’ll get it out.

Communications:  Lorraine has posted board openings on the Face Book page.  She also discussed posting pictures and having a contest.

Old Business:  No old business

New Business:   Flyers for the Rummage sale have been done.  Jim and Frank have communicated with the ladies who set up the Rummage sale, and they have put an AD in the local newspaper.  Lorraine will place a Rummage sale posting on Face Book.  Jim said we are still struggling the names and addresses of the residents of River Oaks.  Dan said that we used to have a directory.  He said that we can just put it out there.  He said there will always be someone who complains.  Dan said that when we first built the website you had to go in and put your own information in.  However, that didn’t work because we only got a few people who did it.  Dan said he will put the “default” information.  Dan said he will set it up.  There will only be an online directory.  Dan said there are 97 resident accounts for the website.   Lorraine asked about the planting of trees beside the road.  She suggested that we could ask people to donate trees.  Jim said we had the discussion of the memorials in the park.  Then there were a lot of negative comments. Jim said the trees be at the Village expense. He said we could as a subdivision plant trees on our side.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

JUNE 2017



Attendees: Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Ryan Zettle, Lorraine Scanlon, Dan Noah, Paul Youngman, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, and guests: David and Kris Klimisch, and John Skalbech.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15.

No minutes to be read. There is no meeting in July and No minutes were taken in the June meeting.

Treasurer’s report:  Paul gave the treasurer’s report.  There is $5948 lin the checking account and the MM was $19,207 for a total $25,156.  We have two residents with outstanding dues.  Jim advised we did send out certified letters and the letters have been returned to our post office box.  Jim discussed the actions as to a 3rd notice and leans that would be placed upon the residence.  There was a question as to if the residents are in the home.  The two owners are Anderson and Kaufman.  Lorraine made a motion that we file a lean with attorney fees against both home owners.  The motion was passed.  Jim will see the attorney.

Lake Treatments:  Jim discussed the issue with the flood and the resulting algae blooms.  The lake hasn’t been used.  Jim said we had one treatment with Marine biochemist.  We did have a treatment scheduled for today, however we placed a hold on the treatment due input by John Skalbech. Frank advised that the treatment has been rescheduled for a week from today.    Jim discussed the issues about the lake.  Frank also discussed the communications with John Skalbech.  John had lake experts who are working at UW Parkside look at the lake, do tests, and give us an opinion.  Frank had a discussion with Mark Schmidts from Marine bio-chemist.  Frank advised that Marine bio-chemist manage the lake and the aesthetic value of the lake.  Frank said that they bring practical solution approach due to how many lakes they manage.   Frank believes that Marine Bio-Chemist are doing the best for River Oaks.  The good news is that the assessment from John and Marine Bio-Chemist is the same.  Frank said that Marine Bio-Chemist think we should do another light treatment.  The light treatment would just break up the algae.  The scientist from Germany gave a recommendation that there is not another treatment needed because it can be raked up and then disposed up.  Frank discussed the recommendations from both Marine Bio-Chemist and the scientist from Germany.  Frank recommends that we do the light treatment from Marine Bio-Chemist.  That would mean there is a light treatment done next week.  Frank asked how can we manage the areas.  Frank advised that what we’re talking about is a minimalist approach.  We have had 3 treatments and this light treatment would be the 4th.

John Skalbech advised that we come on Sunday and talk to the lake expert from Germany. The lady from Germany is internationally recognized for her work.  John said he would trust her opinion and gave the advice that we should have a discussion with her.  She will be at the park.  John said if we treat the algae it will drop the nutrients down to the lake.  He said that this algae is different from what we have had prior to this time.  The algae is sucking up nutrients up out of the lake which is good. He said if we keep raking it out, it will help clean the water out.   Frank discussed the difference between what was being advised by the scientist and Marine Bio-Chemist.  We have not receive the bill for the algae treatment.  The suggested price is $2000 per treatment.  There was a discussion as to whether the algae would come back if done again.  Greg asked about the consequence of each decision.  Frank discussed the issue of the algae and the fish that were not killed, because we did have a large number of carp killed due to lack of oxygen.  Frank said one of the immediate concerns of the lake is to keep it aesthetically pleasing.  Loraine asked if the algae will continue to grow. The answer was yes.   Vic said we also had the warmest spring that contributed to the problem.   Lorraine said that the temporary fix or to leave it and have the issue later on.   Paul discussed that once upon a time we had a weed problem and we fixed it and made the lake better than it’s ever been.  Paul said we had the blue green algae thing a couple of years ago, but we just decide what to do.   John said the healthiest thing to do is to rake the algae out and remove the algae.  Frank discussed what the practical application of what we’re talking about.  Jim discussed the history of the lake and things that have happened.  Jim said no matter what we do it’s not going to be perfect.  He said we need to do something.  Loraine asked why don’t we pay someone to rake the algae out.  Ryan said that Lorraine’s suggestion is the healthiest. Jim said that it may be but it is the most expensive.  John said we have had a long history of treating invasive plants.  Treating the algae is brand new, and it is different.  Therefore it is a different consideration.  Jim discussed the process of removing the algae mechanically.  Vic said he liked to have a quote for the cost. Jim asked if we could delay the decision an additional week.  Frank discussed that it is the board duty to make such decisions.  He said the one thing that is difficult, is a constant questioning, in terms of treating, and or not treating.   Greg discussed process and what should be done.  Jim discussed board approval process.   The board will make a decision on Monday.  Vic discussed if should get an additional opinion.  He asked about a reliable 3rd party.  Greg discussed the expertise of the opinions made.  Paul asked for a balanced perspective. Jim closed the discussion.  Jim asked that we go back and get a price for algae removal.  Jim asked that we have Marine Bio-Chemists come to the annual meeting.  UPDATE:  SEVERAL MEMBERS OF THE BOARD MET WITH THE GERMAN SCIENTIST, WHO PUT ON A PRESENTATION REGARDING ALGAE TYPES AND METHODS TO MANAGE. FOLLOWING THAT MEETING, THE BOARD VOTED ELECTRONICALLY. THE BOARDED VOTED NOT TO TREAT THE LAKE AND ALLOW THE LAKE TO “HEAL” ACCORDING TO THE RECOMMENDATION MADE BY THE GERMAN SCIENTIST.

Completion of the fence at the park:


Committee Reports:

Lakes:  Completed

Roads and Grounds:  Ryan said the pathways have held up fairly well.  Ryan said containment using the rocks really helped, Loraine and her husband, Sam, place large rocks there.  She asked about a washout area in the path.  Ryan said he will contact the washout area to see what could be done.

Virginia Fenimma asked about doing some things at the front of the entry ways.  They include plants and flowers to decorate the entry ways.  They other was for the removal of items that are there currently.  Ryan gave out cost estimates.   Ryan said that people have randomly planted things in the past.  Loraine said it was discussed at the last meeting.  The cost is around $2,000.  Ryan said the suggestion is to do in the fall.  Greg suggested tabling the project for next year.  Jim said that there was funds available for the project.  Paul said that there may be funds available.  Greg advised that we don’t know what the cost for the continued lake issues may be.  Paul suggested tabling until September.  Jim said it may be too late for such a project to be done in the year.  Jim said that the Conway family have been maintaining for years.  Ryan asked if it would be okay to do the planting this year, and then do the posts next year.  A motion was made to table the project discussion to the September meeting.   The motion carried.

Jim said he talked to the playground equipment people. He said that if we put up part A this year, part B next year, and part c the year after, targeting it at 6 to 12 year olds.  The age range of the two the things we put in is 2 to 5.  Vic said that the wooden tower is the equipment that needs to be replaced.  Frank said we have never budgeted a replacement for it.  Jim said the climbing structure is in the worst conditions, he also said that the swings need to be replaced.   The range should be 8 to 12 range.  Jim said we want a climbing structure to replace what we have.  Frank and Jim discussed the money management in order to accomplish the play ground equipment repair.  Jim said that there is a problem with an omni spin, and it doesn’t spin correctly. The company is investigating the warranty of the equipment.    Ryan and Paul discussed the payment to the landscape company.

Architecture:  Vic said that the park with all the thistles looks terrible. Vic also discussed the water testing he did.  He said it is pretty simple.  The county tested it for free.  Jim asked what they test for, the only test is for ecoli.  Vic said they will test for other things.  Vic had a menu of the test that the county can do.   Loraine asked about building permits. We advised that we send people to the village to get a permit.  The village just changed a rule that you can build within 35 feet rather than 75 feet.  Loraine said you cannot build a permanent structure near the lake.  She said that the Wisconsin DNR just changed that you can replace an old structure but not build a new one.

Tech:  Dan said that the new bi-laws and covenants will be uploaded this week.   He has some updating to do to show face book up dates. He said all the signs are in place.

Communications:  Loraine said there are a lot of new people using Face Book.  Frank asked about since we have distributed the covenants and by laws if the number of users have come up. Loraine said that there has been an increase.   The question was raised as to being exclusive.  Frank said, that a real estate agent advised they are going to follow our face book page.  Loraine said that there has not been a problem at this time.  She said she will post the two events that will occur on Saturday and Sunday.

Old Business:  Lake security and cameras. Dan discussed putting in a set of security camera’s in the Gazebo.  He discussed ways of putting it up and the process of using.  Dan said the pavilion structure is perfect for it.  Dan discussed that the camera we’re looking at has a built in wi-fi to be controlled through a phone.  A question was asked about how reserve money. Paul addressed the question in terms of what we use and what we don’t.

Fish Stocking:  Jim discussed the fish stocking and putting it off until next year.  Jim discussed a supplier who is parking his white pickup truck for a few weeks in the drive way. He also discussed  that there is a family who is advertising their business on the back of a van and the van is parked in the driveway.  There is no business advertising allowed in the subdivision.  Jim said that you have a day or so.  Technically there are no solicitors allowed in the neighborhood.   Jim said that it is a village rule, so if you do not want solicitation you must have a sign in your window.

Jim discussed the tree project in regards to putting trees up along the west side of the road by the lake.  It is going to be requested to be in the Pleasant Prairie Village budget for next year.

Loraine discussed the open social position.  Loraine volunteered that she would do double duty and do the social committee as well.

Jim Recapped the action items:

Filing of leans’-attorney follow up.

Treatment of lake-raking or treatment

Fence posts replacement on Saturday.

Repairing the path and trimming and allowance in the budget.

Delay the landscaping at the entrances.

Jim is going to check if we have recreational immunity if someone is hurt in the park.

Meeting on Sunday at the lake.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05.


ATTENDEES:  Jim LeSage, Vic Thompson, Greg L. Bass, Lorraine Scanlon, Paul Youngman,

The meeting was called to order at 7:10.

The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: Checking: $4346 and the MM $19,883, total $24,229.  Paul said we received the final outstanding dues from the last member; therefore we do not have any other outstanding dues.  Paul said we have some receipts that must be paid.   The Association uses BMO bank.

Action Items:

  • Business advertising and Pinnacle Propane express truck. The truck has been sitting out in the driveway for about 4 weeks, and the neighbor has complained.  Vic said letters will be sent out this week.
  • Recreational liability: Jim put a second message into State Farm but received no reply.
  • Discussion as to meeting dates. Vic discussed that it is best to be flexible, Lorraine agreed. Jim said that it is important to get a majority. The board agreed to leave the board meeting schedule as is.

Committee Report:

Lakes: No report

Roads and Grounds: Jim discussed Ryan’s proposals.  The proposal for the redoing of the entry ways is  $1800+.  The RC company provided the proposal to include replanting of nursery plants, the planting, and the labor.  The original work was done by Brian Conway’s company.  Lorraine said that the entry ways are not high on the priority list given the pressing work that is needed in the park.  Paul asked if there was a timing issue.  He said if we push it to next year, it is more challenging and that we are running below budget.  Paul said the entry ways get a lot of sun.  He asked about maintaining the new plantings because there are not hoses or anything there to water and maintain.  Jim said that there is a resident pushing for changes but there are no other members.  Paul suggested we put this on our annual meeting agenda to request input. Lorraine said we should invite the resident to come and discuss.  The board decided to place the item on the annual meeting agenda.

Playground:  Jim handed out pictures of things that we can do.  The cost ranges around $16,000.  Jim said the playground equipment over at the park the village put in, was $25,000.   He said we have been talking about putting money in the budget to replace some of the equipment as well as the replacement of swing parts.  Lorraine, asked, what our intent is right now.  Jim said these are our options right now, and it includes removal and installation of the climbing equipment.  We talked about doing it this year, but haven’t done it. Vic said if we can find something around $9,000 to $10,000 we should get it done this year. Greg asked about what we could get done for that money.  Jim said a lot of the stuff is 25 years old.  Paul made a suggestion about keeping the integrity of what we have with the new equipment.  So keeping a similar footprint is important.  Jim said we may want to decide what we want to do.  And get an agreement on what it is we want to do.  Paul said we should get a couple of different ideas and proposals as to things we want to do, and then we can allocate money over two or three years.  Lorraine said, we should bring as an item to the annual meeting to get votes.  Lorrain picked out an example that is close to what we got. Paul said we should just do it.  The board picked two options and Jim then said he would go back and get hard numbers on the two options.

Thistle: Jim said Hay and associates gave him information as to what to do with the thistle.  Jim said there is 3 areas, one along the road, one along the path, and one by the parking lot by Paul’s house.  The proposal is to go in and mow everything down to 12 to 18 inches high.  Then they wait until the first frost, and do the herbicide to kill the seeds.  If they can’t get the herbicide down this year, then they’ll do it next year.  The mowing is $500 and the herbicide is $1400.  They said they can do burning.  Lorraine said we cannot offer a burning for the fire department.  The plan is to make small piles and then burn it.  They will have to get a permit from the village.  There was a motion to accept the proposal, it was seconded and passed.  If they’re going to do anything along the lake, they’ll have to use different things.  Paul asked, what if we cut out a small area and planted oak trees.  Greg and Paul discussed the planting of oak trees.  Jim said before we do that, we need to get the stuff mowed down.  Jim said he would have Ryan check the burning.

Architectural:  Vic said that people are supposed to have to have lights on that illuminate there yard and streets.  Vic proposes that we have a face book page that discusses that. Lorraine said she would post it on face book.  Vic said that if people want recommendations to contact the architectural control committee.  Lorraine asked about the invisible fence requirement for a sign.  The board discussed if there is a requirement for such signs, and if we should put a requirement in the by-law clarification.

Communications:  Lorraine said that she has gotten a number of requests for our face book page.  She put up the village safety sign day on the face book page.

Old Business:   Dan is addressing. Lake Security: There was a complaint about people in the park. A member tried to contact the board regarding an issue of people at the park who don’t belong here.  Lorraine said that a lot people like the face book page.  The web page is not acclimated to many people viewing it.

Completion of the fence:  Jim said that we have 3 posts and 4 fence rails to get done on the north of the parking lot.  The older posts and rails need to be removed.  The board agreed to meet on Saturday morning at 10:00.

New Business:   Paul presented the proposed annual budget for 2018.  Paul walked the board through the proposed budget. The budget numbers were adjusted in the areas of projects, lawn service, and social committee.  The board approved the 2018 proposed budget with the adjustments.

Lorraine discussed printing a new directory.  The board discussed the idea of doing a print directory like the association used to have.  Lorraine suggested that we put a directory on the web site.  Vic said that there was a directory about 4 years ago.  There have been complaints as to getting password to get into the website.

Annual Meeting: Jim suggested that we use Face Book, Website, and post signs.  Jim said we have the room at no charge at the Village hall.  The village asked if wanted someone there.  The hours will be from 6:30-9:30.   30 minute with a 15 minute question period. Bethany Lutheran Church will also be invited to present to the board.  The date is November 16th at the Village Hall auditorium-old fire house.

Next meeting is on October 19th at Dan Noah’s house at 7:00 PM.


Update annual meeting agenda

Lorraine-notifications on face book

Lights on houses from bylaws-

Research invisible fence signs

Fence on Saturday

October Fest

Hay and associates Teasel weed.

Playground estimates.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.


Attendees:  Dan Noah, Ryan Zettle, Loraine Scanlon, Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Frank Glowacki, John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson,

Reading of Minutes: The minutes were passed.

Action Items:

Truck on 8734 113th ave-a letter was sent out to remove the truck

Business advertising-10907 88th– a letter was sent out to remove the sign

The board had a discussion regarding the St. Joseph academy and promoting the school.  There is no leeway on signs, the only signs allowed out in the yard are realty signs, or construction signs. There is a limit to time these signs can be displayed. Jim discussed that we should send letters out that indicates that such signs, like the St. Joseph’s academy, cannot be displayed.

Treasurer’s report: Paul said that he has paid all of the bills that we have had due.  Ryan asked if we had paid Hay, and said the additional bill will be sent in November.  He also said that they’ll coming back in the spring. John asked if we are going to be budget for that.  The board discussed that it would be a good idea.

Committee Reports:

Lake-John presented a bill from the fish stocking.  He also said he has a class this fall that is doing a study on the lake, water quality measurements.  He said they are measuring how deep it is to the top of the mud, and then to the hard bottom.  So we will get a good idea of the accumulated thickness of the mud.  He said they’ll be out on the lake next Thursday.  John said that they collected temperature data, as to the surface and the depth.  They were trying to determine at what levels the algae growth takes place.  John said he is going to encourage a couple of students to submit their papers to a national lakes informational study program.  Frank talked about the paddle boat that is on his beach.  Frank posted pictures on face book.  Dan said there is floating platform out in the lake; it belongs to the Conway’s.

Social and communications:  Loraine said that the Oktoberfest party is being canceled.

Roads and Grounds:  Ryan spoke about the removal of the Teasel from Hay and Assoc.  Ryan said they cut it down and then sprayed for the first year Teasel.  Lorraine asked if they could notify us when they’re going to spray so she can put a notice out.  Ryan discussed the next step in terms of the buck thorn bush, and other bush and invasive type trees.  Jim said just so it fits in with the time line to build the park area back again.  Jim asked Ryan to let the board know when Hay is going to do next, and what they are not going to do.

Ryan spoke about the entrance enhancement project.  Ryan brought up the park enhancement playground equipment.  He got an estimate.  Jim said “This what we intend for next year.”  Jim said the board has the authority to take out a loan and then pay it all off.  The bid was to replace the climbing fixture at the park; it also includes taking out the old and putting the new one in.  The total bid was $17,825.  John asked it was more than we had in the reserve. Jim said yes, but over two years.  Jim discussed the merry go round that is there, he said that the company will come out and take it apart and fix it.  It has not been operating very well.

Ryan reviewed the summary as to the removal of the teasel, and the park project.  The board discussed that we want the area to be returned to a natural prairie type atmosphere with flowers etc.  Jim said we have not discussed looking at the island.

Architectural:  Vic said he sent out two letters as to removing the work trucks or the signs.  He said there was a request for a drive way replacement.  He advised him to get a village permit. Jim said the village normally says you have to have authority from the HOA.  Vick talked about having lights on by the house.  Greg said in terms of the lights it was an agreement with the village that we should have the lights rather than sidewalks and gutters.

Tech: Dan said there is a redesigned website.  He said there is more to work to do but it is much more people friendly and more flexible, the calendar for reserving the park has been redone. He said the meeting minutes will be all put up, as well as the covenants and the by-laws.   He said the whenever anything is posted on face book, it is also posted on the website.  Dan said that we should focus on face book now that the website has been redone.  Dan talked about doing a security system at the park.  He said it is easier for us to do our own.  Dan is going to get a list of the equipment that you need and then rent a cherry picker so we can do it ourselves.  He said we could have a motion camera pointed in all directions.  He will get quotes on that.  Paul asked if the reservation process changed, Dan said, no, not really.  He said there is a new directory system.  Greg asked about the new directory system:  He said that we have about 80 people that have an account on our site. So, he can start with those people.


New business:  Schooling and yard signs-discussed.  Jim handed out the annual meeting agenda. Jim said we’re going to change and approve the October minutes electronically.   Jim discussed who is going to be presenting at the annual minutes.  There is a full schedule of presenters.  Jim said that we only had two people at the meeting when Pollokoff spoke.  He asked if we could invite our spouses.  He also asked if we could please refrain from using cell phones at the minutes.  The presenters would like to know what hot buttons the HOA has.

  • Trees, Traffic on HWY C. What about the purchase of the land across from the lake.
  • Opioid problems
  • Frank discussed how we put up notifications as to the annual meeting as to who the speakers are, and attendance. The board discussed the purchase of signs to put up to notify the HOA of the signs.  Loraine is going to put up a face book post in order to get suggested topics.  Jim gave them 15-20 minutes to talk to all the presenters.  Jim said we will allow presentations as well have a time for questions.  One presenter has a slide show.  The board brought up suggestions as to annual meeting topics.  Frank suggested that our committee reports be brief.  Jim asked that we each give a brief review of what we’ve accomplished.  Jim said we will do the presenters first and then the annual meeting.  Vic suggested we bring refreshments as well.   Jim said get comments and concerns.  John suggested we post the agenda on face book and on the website.
  • Jim said with questions he will get questions out to the presenters.
  • Board members: Jim asked if anyone is going to opt out.
  • Jeanie Fennima and the River Oak entry way enhancement will be discussed at the board.
  • The board passed a motion to spend a $100 on the signs for the annual meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Jim Lesage began the meeting at 7:00 Board members in attendance were:

Speakers: Chief Dave Smetana

Chief of police said that we have had 20 calls this year in River Oaks.  We have a much updated data system.  He said we have a cohesive neighborhood.   The chief said the opioid problem is substantial.  The opioid problem is the synthetics.  He said they got started in this a long time ago using for pain. He said the use of pain has been extensive because it was a reliance on opioids.  It was also prevalent in use of sports for kids who had injuries.  Oxy is the initial problem.  He said heroine in Racine was few and far between.   He said they see it much more now, when users can’t get the opioids, because heroine is much cheaper.  He said street drugs are mixed drugs with Fentenol and heroine.   He said there is a drug box here at the police station and that is where unused opioids should be put.  He said this year they have had 44 boxes.  No syringes or inhalers.  It also helps keep drugs out of the trash and out of the market.  He said they are working with the medical examiner’s office.  They have developed a pamphlet and a kit with contacts with places you can contact and places that you can go.  The largest growth in opioids is 55 and older.  He said they’re working with the DEA to address the situation better because everyone is getting together rather than trying to solve it themselves.  He said it really is a mental health issue and once a person becomes an addict, they begin to commit crimes in order to get money to buy the drugs.   He said that neighborhood watch is a great program.  We should all leave our exterior lights on and leave them on.  We may want to install community cameras.  People can register their camera with the police who have a “community” of them. The details are on the Pleasant Prairie Police website. He gave a discussion on home safety including having locks on service doors and locking car doors.  He said criminals tend to go to the easiest target.  He added that neighborhood watches are block by block. He said to initiate a neighborhood watch program we have to call and they will help set up and initiate.  They would put signs up.  From the initial set up then the watch program becomes the neighborhood’s program.  He said they do drive through our neighborhood with bright lights looking for and checking activity that is out of place.  The village has 3 geographic areas; they are implementing geo-fencing.  Two additional officers have been added for 2018.  He said we have a substantial number of retail thefts.  He said they still do vacation checks which he said are unheard of.   Paul Youngman asked about our lake, and what is the most appropriate way we can address people who are using the lake that we do not want them.  Jim LeSage said that we should call the police first.  Paul noted that if we see inappropriate activity, we should call.  He said they don’t patrol I94 that belongs to county and the state.

John Steinbrink:   He said protective services are a big part of their budget.   He talked about the expansion of the leaf service.   He said that they continually repurpose their buildings.  What is the impact of dark stores and property taxes?  He said the big issue is litigation to reduce their tax burden, and that the community can’t afford to do that litigation all the time.  He said right now there is a bill out there to solve the problem, but the state legislators have not addressed it yet.  John talked about the development of the town center which is close to the village hall.  The parks will be developed as money becomes available.  He said right now developers say there isn’t enough community to develop it yet.  It is a work in progress.  He said they just did some future development on old Green Bay road as well as over by River Oaks.  Traffic on hwy C, the county is not working on anything on it right now.  He said the developer is U>S> Shelter, Heritage Valley and the traffic on hwy c.  Kenosha County will be looking at it in the future.  New businesses, there is a new M5 production district.  It is along 31 and the state line.  We want to see more manufacturing, and that is the focus now.  The old Abbot property will be manufacturing and maybe some housing.   Uline just completed their 5th building there.   He discussed the expansion of manufacturing companies in the park-FNA, Good Foods, Niagara, Marquette school of nursing, and other smaller speculation buildings.  It’s an ongoing thing where we’re moving away from ware housing, they’re pushing for the most quality development they can get.   He discussed the tree request, it was not approved in the 2018 budget but it may be next year.  He said the property that can’t be developed is the Pignotti property, but it can’t be developed.  Fox Conn impact on the village, there is not much impact on us yet, but there will be a lot of spin off activity.  He said we like broken up smaller businesses and plants not necessarily one large overwhelming plant.   He said that the flooding was just due to the amount of water that we had, he said we actually are controlling more water through the retention ponds.  The river was up 12 feet 5 inches.  The village is breaking away from the county and Kenosha as to activities and tourism.  He said we’re providing half the budget for the Kenosha visitors’ bureau.  He said we’re setting up our own visitor’s bureau.   He said the round-about on Bain station is being black topped.  Paul asked about the trail that goes around the Rex Plex and connecting to the trail.  John said the county is working on that with the intent of it going all the way down C.  He said the last section he knows is in the works.   There are 4 total leaf pick-ups with another one coming on Monday.  There was a discussion about recycling.  You can get an additional one.  People can get an additional recycle bin.  If we can get more recycling, then we save money.  We pay for garbage, around $800,000 a year, but we get paid for the recycling.  A question was asked to rotating the leaf cycling.   John said we set a date, and River Oaks tends to be the first one.  A question was asked about a sign indicating Prairie Farms trail.  He said they are working on a historical society and developing a type of museum.   He said if we have things there are antiques that relate back to Pleasant Prairie history, they would like to have them.  Michaels came and relined the sewers.

Pastor Dave Pagel-Bethany Church: He said he has been pastor for 15 years. He said for 12 years they were looking for a space.  He said they’ve been looking for a way to get away from their current location and move into where there are a lot of “roof tops,” and chose the location across from River Oaks. He said they’ve wanted to start a pre-school but their current plant can’t handle it, so that will be in the new location.   There will be around 125 students in the school.  He said their school traffic impact is not huge; they have less than 100 students right now.  The desire is to be good neighbors.  He said that they were surprised that the people in our neighborhood have been there a good amount of time.  He said they have a closed campus so there should not be any issue with students coming over to Lake Russo.  He showed a site map. There is a 20,000 sq. foot church, a 30,000 school center.   There may be a mausoleum.  The plan is just a conceptual plan.  They are not ready to build at this time-the plans are on hold.  It is in the fund raising stage.  He said the project will be done in two phases.  He said the best guess on ground breaking is around 5 years.  The whole field was residential, but there was a space that was set aside for the church.  He said that the k-8 school is operating but they don’t have room for a pre-school.  That will be part of the new location.  He said there will be two entrances-exits on the frontage.  There will be a traffic study done when the construction takes place.  C is a no truck road, but trucks have been coming through.  There was a long discussion as to traffic issues on C.  The pastor said the entrance and drop off will be in the rear of the building.

Committee Reports:

Paul gave the budget report: $24,000 is in funds that are available. All of our dues are current.  Paul said there is a late fee we have and now dues have been paid more on time this year.  Paul gave highlights as to 2017, we had a big rain storm so we had to do emergency treatments to the lake, and we are pretty light on projects.   The year before we stained the pavilion, we replaced the fence at the park.

Lakes:  John said that Frank handled the bulk of the responsibilities.  We continued to do the treatments and fish stocking.  We had the flooding event and we had water from the River into the lake.  We had an algae bloom, and we did an emergency treatment.  We were able to have an algae expert from Germany come and check out the lake, she put on a seminar of the over view of the algae and processes.  We have been studying the lake with the class and the lake quality is in good shape.  The class will continue next year.  UW Parkside students are doing sampling.  John said he had results they just finished up.  The first plot is the depth of the lake.  Also they mapped how much mud has accumulated, not that much since the lake was formed. The amount of accumulation of mud in the lake tells us how the lake is aging.  It is aging well and not in danger of becoming a swamp soon.  Frank said that we noticed that we had a major reduction in the carp population of the lake.  John said they measured the depth of the lake but using a heavy trailer hitch, which goes through the mud with a hitch.  The bottom depth is the original depth of the lake.  The mud accumulation is the other measure. The deepest part of the lake is around 10 feet.  John said the 1989 map is around 10-11 feet.

Communications:  Lorraine said the face book page has been very successful.  There are over 100 friends now.  She said the social committee hasn’t done much this year.  The garage sale is done privately and there will be an October Fest next year.

Tech:  Dan said that we are doing a better integration and design of the web site.  We also put up a lot of new signs. We are looking at a 24-7 camera on the park grounds so we have on-going documentation.  We are working on a directory for the site.  There were 35 reservations for the pavilion and 80 registrations to the web site.

Architectural:  Vic said that he is the bad guy that enforces restrictions and regulations.  We try to keep in the spirit. Vic said he put out 4 notices of yard signs and 2 notices for vehicles that are not approved.  A question was asked about the apron driveway rule.  The bottom has to be asphalt-6 feet of it.  It is to protect their snow plows.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said Last year we demolished the beaver hut. No beaver sightings this last year.  Lawn cutting services were changed.  The fence was replaced at the park; many of the board members did the work.  The invasive species have been dealt with at the park.  The teasel has been removed.  Ryan explained about the teasel growth and process, we had it cut down.  We’re still trying to get rid of the buck thorn.  We’re going to replant and do some native plant seed growth, prairie seed.  The last item is conquering the island growth problems.  We also have an estimate for replacement of the front entry way renovation.  We want to have a consistent appearance.  We may invest in new play ground equipment.  The current equipment is 30 years old.  So, we’re looking at that.  John asked about spraying the teasel, Ryan said they have done that.

Greg congratulated Frank on doing the bylaws and covenants.  Frank said that we now can update those on the website.

Jim talked about the road noise from I94.  He said we have gone to the village for 3 years.  We’re looking for trees to be planted on the west side of the park.   The cost is around $50,000 to do that by putting evergreen trees in.  Jim suggested we do it in two phases.  Vic said they were 6 inch diameter trunk and 40 trees.  Jim discussed the master plan for the park and that we’re looking at putting evergreen trees in there.

New Business:  Budget for 2018:

Paul handed out the budget. Paul talked about the 2018 budget and we bring in $28,800 a year. Essentially our objective is to maintain an emergency fund of $5000.  He discussed the operating expenses, the taxes, postage and delivery for notices etc.  Miscellaneous is for parking tags and boat stickers.  Roads and grounds, the new landscaper came in lower so we could reduce those.  We have two months outstanding.  We have electricity for the park and the signs, utilities, trash removal.  The port potty rentals as well as mosquito spray.  Because of the good results we’ve seen, it has been worth it.  The lake consulting and treatment is the treatments we do plus the emergency treatment.  We did not do a lake survey this year, so it is a surplus which we will do next year. We may also do water testing. Fish permit because we are considered a fishery.  The landscaping involved the fence and the signs.  We did water drainage last year, we replaced the wood chips, and we had to fix the black top on the path.  We did a project place holder for the entrance plan.

Paul said two years ago we clean up everything and auctioned it off.  Jim said we will go through and verify sticker numbers, if we can’t get an owner we will auction off or recycle.  Jim talked about the boat sticker issue as to who doesn’t have one.  Jim said he will deliver the stickers.  Jim said even if you don’t have a boat you must have a sticker.  The budget was accepted as proposed.  Greg discussed using the mirror tags.

Enhancements to the entrances; Ryan discussed a sketch of a lay out and planting of flowers and bushes at the entry ways.  One company would be to acquire the plants and the other would be to design the layout of the entry ways.  The signs were repainted several years ago. It was mentioned that we may have issues with posts in the signs.  Just the planting and designing have been estimated at $2000 project.  Jim said it would come under roads and grounds.  The matter is,” do the home owners want to invest the money to do the makeover of the entry ways.”   Ryan discussed that the $2000 was the cap that we were going to put on and the estimates came back around that number.  A discussion was held as to the maintenance of the entry ways.  We may want to include maintenance in our landscaping pricing that includes mowing etc.  There was a discussion as to the type of plants to be used.  They have to be drought tolerant, salt tolerant, and be hardy plant.   Jim discussed that if we do the entry ways we do need help to maintain because the board would have to do the work.  Jim discussed that there is not water there, so we would have to have water put in.  We will put the drawings on the site, and we will look for someone to head up the committee and form the committee, that will probably be in February.  Jim discussed the playground equipment as to footings, cost and what we have to do in order to replace the equipment.  A question was asked as to a survey to decide what kind of equipment people would be willing to invest in.  Dan said we could do that on the website.  Jim said we have done surveys in the past, and we’ve gotten very little response.  It was suggested we do a survey monkey.  Dan said we have a pretty good base of email addresses on our website.  It was suggested we piggy back the survey with the dues.  Frank discussed how we might use the digital communications to do a survey.  A discussion was held as to raising money in order to redo the play ground.  Jim said we will use Face book to do a survey.  Paul discussed the participation as to being at the annual meeting.  He discussed the feedback we get from the neighbors.  He said normally we don’t get responses.  Jim said 2018 the board schedule meetings will be posted and anyone is welcome to come.  The board meetings are held at board member homes.

Jim discussed that we have an open position on the board.  If someone is interested please notify us as to being involved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:16.