2016 Board Meeting Minutes



Attendees: Jim LaSage, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, Frank Glowacki, Ryan Zettle, Dan Noah, Paul Youngman.


The minutes were read and approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:

Paul said we have MM $7000 and $5000 in the checking. He said he has recently made small payments including property taxes. He also discussed how we may be able to do on-line dues payments. The board discussed if we have to pay taxes. Jim said we are a non-profit corporation, but we still have to file a report. He said he would check it out. Frank said we have to file form 1120-H.

Action Items:

Rules committee: Jim said he has some item that should go into the rules. He said he has 4. One dealing with truck parking, number of pets allowed and two others.

Policies and procedures for parking passes: Jim said they have been out there for years. The list that was made, no body received the list. Stephanie suggested that we must issue and make a new list. The board discussed that we should reissue due to the age of the passes. Dan and Jim discussed that we should reissue every three years. Dan said the cost is fairly nominal. Jim said the replacement cost should be $25. Dan discussed signage replacement as well as new mirror tags. Dan will provide information at the February meeting for the mirror tags.

The next item was the Tether Ball court. Stephanie said that after reviewing prices that it might be cheaper to make one. Ryan said that he would look into that. Paul suggested that we make that a spring project. Stephanie said the standard was a 12 foot pole that was placed two feet in the ground. Jim said we need to go commercial. Frank asked if there is any idea that we purchase a commercial system. Jim said we can get a commercial one and then get a quote for installation in order to cover the liability issues. The board approved that Ryan look into the purchase of a commercial tether ball court.

The park asphalt and gravel replacements: We need to replace the asphalt on the walkways plus the walkways need the gravel replacement on the paths. Frank discussed the replacement of the fence. He said we need to fix the fence. Jim suggested we just fix and repair the posts on the fence line by the park.

Sign replacement. Jim has photographs and the contacts that he will send to Dan to check into. The village will not give us the Dog signs; however, we can use the ordinance. Dan said we can use the same the company that we are using for the other signs, mirror tags, etc. Jim said we need to move some of the signs. We need to move the signs. Dan said we have to make the signs more visual. Dan said they need to be brighter colors.

Trapping of the Beaver: Ryan said he called animal control, that they don’t do that. He called the DNR and they said they don’t do that. He called the Wisconsin trappers association. He said the cost was $150 to have the Beaver removed. Jim said the Beaver has done thousands of dollars of Beavers. Ryan said you can’t transport a Beaver. Ryan explained the process of removing the beaver. The board approved $150 per beaver. Jim made a motion that we spend $500 on Beaver control, Dan seconded, and the motion passed and was approved.

Secure storage site on the website. Dan is maintaining and updating as a secure site for important documents and rules.

Committee Reports:

Lake: John was not in attendance therefore there was not Lake report.

Roads and Grounds: We reviewed the action items with Ryan. Frank and Paul said that they think there is another Beaver hut on the island.

Architectural: New chairman

Technical: Dan said that we have a full classified add system for the community. The meeting minutes are all loaded now. There is also a search engine to find information from the minutes. Dan said he built a form for the realtors. The form is an information form for the board. The form says that we will not complete the information until the form is completed. The form provides us information as to who are moving in, and other information.

Social Committee: Stephanie said that we offered board help for the rummage sale as well the July 4th parade and party. Jim said that last year that the two ladies who were taking care of those things were going to continue to do those events. He said that when it started out they were inviting all the subdivisions. Now it is just River Oaks. The board discussed the growth in the number of families and children that a new to the community. Stephanie also discussed the upcoming Easter event which includes an Easter egg hunt. Stephanie also discussed the upcoming summer in terms of neighborhood nights. Paul said that we should have a letter that goes out with the dues letter that provides a calendar of the neighborhood events as well as neighborhood nights. Dan said they already had a reservation for the park, a wedding reception.

Old Business: Stephanie brought up the discussion if we are looking at new benches for the park. Paul said that was part of our park master plan. Paul asked if we could get the park plan to review. Stephanie reminded us that we never finalized the park plan. Jim has a copy of the plan from Brian Conway. Dan said we have one paper copy. Dan will make additional copies. Paul said that if it’s in electronic format then we can share with the community. Dan said we should be a survey out to see what input the rest of community would like as to ideas, events, and suggestions for improving the community. Frank said that our website has proved to be powerful and that a survey on the website has been very rewarding. We had a number of people applied for the open board position. Paul suggested we put out a question each month after out monthly meeting in order to get feedback. Ryan said he thought it was a good idea because people need guidance to respond to. Jim suggested we come up with one question to put out on the website.

New Business:

We had three volunteers for the position of Architectural committee chair. The three participants met with Jim and Frank last Tuesday. Jim said they discussed how the board works and what is involved in the board work. Jim went through all the functions and activities that the board is involved in. He said he and Frank discussed specifically about what the Architectural committee does.

Jim said that there were two people from the same family who volunteered. There is another lady who volunteered who works from home. We also had a new individual who has been a resident for two years. The person is a consulting engineer. Jim said we really don’t want to lose any of them.

The board reviewed the skills and the capabilities of all the members. Frank discussed what the discussion was that were held with the potential members. The board discussed the idea of how do we maintain interest in the board. Jim said that we did have the opportunity to add additional board members. There were also opportunities for a co-chair person for each committee. Dan discussed the idea of an ad hoc role.

Dan made the motion that we offer the architectural position to Victor Thompson and reopen the ad hoc position to Lorrain Scanlon. The vote was taken and passed unanimously. Jim will notify all the volunteers of the board’s vote. Frank will review the emails that Jim will send out.

The board discussed the boat sticker memo. The memo will be a part of the dues letter and notification. The board discussed when the dues will be done. Once the communication is done, then the dues can be done and sent out in February.

Annual Meeting-reservation: The village hall will provide the space now for free. The room will be reserved for the 10th of November in 2016.

Jim brought up the idea about residents who have done interesting things. Jim suggested that we may want to publish things on our website.

Greg brought up the idea of an association umbrella policy. The board asked Greg to look into the idea. Frank discussed the level of our dues. Dan discussed the idea of benchmarking our dues compared to other surrounding subdivisions.

The Survey question for this month is: What improvements in River Oaks community would you like to see in the future?

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.



The meeting was opened by Jim LeSage at 7:03. The attendees were Jim LeSage, Stephanie Davis, Paul Youngman, Greg Bass, John Skalbeck, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, and Ryan Zettle.

The reading of the minutes was approved.

Treasurers Report:

Money market was $6985 and checking was $2587 the total is $9542. There is nothing material outstanding. All taxes have been paid. The HOA is a non-profit as long as we don’t have more than $50,000 we do not have to file taxes. The Pleasant Prairie utilities changed as well. The quick books license expired so Paul will renew that. Paul is working on the dues and preparing to send the dues out. All of the invoices have to be done version, the next level up version can be done automated. Paul is talking to quick books about doing dues invoices. We discuss later, the update fees are $200 per year. Jim suggested we that move the fee for the annual meeting and use to purchase the quick books upgrade-the higher version which cloud based. Paul said that he and Dan haven’t had a chance to meet on the PayPal automation so people can pay dues using PayPal. Frank asked about using PayPal on a transaction basis.

A discussion was held on the website posting of paid dues for realtor purposes. Dan is doing the news letter with the dates for events for the social committee. Stephanie provided the event log that has been suggested. Jim asked about stuffing envelopes and getting the dues ready. Paul said the news letter will drive the sequence of getting the dues. Paul said we have no one that owes back dues.


Rules Committee: No action

Policies and procedures for parking passes: All the records are missing from past passes. The tags were all passed out and the records have been misplaced. Frank suggested that we redo passes and start from ground zero. Frank said he would take ownership of the project. Dan has the source and how we went about getting that done. Paul said we take the opportunity to do the outreach and meet the neighbors. Jim suggested we pass out the schedule of events with the parking passes. Frank will take the parking passes project on.

Tether Ball: Stephanie said there is no progress on the tether ball. Ryan said that there is no progress on the tether ball issue.

Replacement of gravel: Ryan said that there is no movement on the replacement of the gravel, and replacement of the fence at the park. The posts at the ground level are rotten. Jim suggested it be a neighborhood event.

Sign replacement: Jim sent Dan the pictures of the signs that need to be replaced. Dan was not at the meeting.

Trapping of the Beaver: Ryan reported that Trapper Dan is in Texas. He pulled out the traps until the ice melts. Two traps were set up. NO beavers were trapped. The beavers have been doing damage on the island. So, when the ice melt is out, the trapper will return to trap the beavers. The trapper said there is more than one beaver. Ryan paid the trapper a $150 and $45 per beaver that he catches. Ryan said the trapper is not allowed to transport the beavers. Evidently we have a number of beavers in the area. Jim asked if there was anything the village can do. Paul said that once the beavers have been removed we have to remove the beaver hut. A discussion was held considering the beaver, removal of the beaver as well as the huts. Thus far there has been an estimated $15,000 of damage done by the beaver. The board will take pictures of the losses and attempt to get a more detailed estimate. Paul suggested that we take the pictures as evidence as to why the board is removing the beaver. That way we will have documentation and evidence to support why we’re eliminating the beaver. The board passed Paul’s suggestion.

Electronic Folders: Dan will be placing a folder on the website for the collection of the documentation, board records, and rules and amendments.

Jim said that we have reserved the village hall auditorium for the annual meeting. The room is free.

Easter egg hunt: Stephanie said that every other year we have done the hunt the Saturday before Easter. Tentatively it will be Saturday March 19 or Sunday the 20th. It will also include people bringing snacks and hot chocolate. Stephanie said she is checking with Chloe Steinke to see if she is organizing again this year.

The board discussed some of the events in terms of traditional dates for the Rummage and garage sale and the July 4th parade.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: John said he got a quote from the lake treatment folks. There is no change in price, $3924 for two treatments/applications which the duration is then 45 days. He said he also got an email from the fish stocking company and they said they’re taking orders for spring stocking. They want to know by April 1st. He said he could get a completed quote, and then review the notes. Paul said the only thing we did differently was Perch and Northern. Jim said that we can vote on line. Vic asked about getting a feel for the population that is in the lake. John said there was a request to do a fish survey. For $650 we can get a fish survey done. Greg asked if it was in the budget. Stephanie said she that we budgeted $7500 for the lakes and water testing. John said they will do a survey and then remove the undesirables. Vic made a motion we do the survey. The motion was passed. John said he will ask about the timing of the survey. He said the order has to go in by April 1st. Paul discussed the type of fish that we have stocked in the past. Jim asked for records as to when the last fish survey was done. John discussed that the German student project done on our lake has achieved awards and there is a poster done that will be presented.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said that he will look into the estimates for gravel, asphalt, fence, and tether ball court. Greg asked about the sand dump at the beach. Frank said we did not do last year. Jim said that we can probably get by with just roto-tilling. That cost is $150 vs.: a much more expensive pouring of sand. Paul asked about how much we are filling the lake up with the piling of the sand year after year. Paul said as a reminder, we have $10,000 for all the kinds of park projects. Jim said we need to have a contract signed for lawn maintenance. Ryan said that we have not a contract signature. Frank said that he will talk to Brian Conway and get the list of contacts as well as other documents. There was a discussion about the folders that are out there and other details from past practices. Jim brought up the trees that blew down. Jim said that he thinks that village will take care of those downed trees. Jim also said the village will plant trees for free. Jim said maybe they can plant evergreens on the west side of the lake.

Architectural: Jim handed the historical files from Jeff Olson over to Vic Thompson. Vic said he would review.

Tech committee: Dan was not at the meeting.

Social: Stephanie said that the Easter egg hunt will be the 19th from 4:00-5:00 PM. Stephanie went through the dates:

May 7th-Neighborhood clean up-Hot Chocolate, beer, and treats.

Rummage Sale: June 4th

The July 4th parade will be held on July 4th.

Neighborhood nights: June 9th-hot dogs; June 23rd-walking tacos; July 14-sloppy- joes; July 28th-Ice Cream social. NO events in August. October Fest-23rd 3:00-5:00 Beer and Brats.

Old Business: Jim said that we are seeing a lot of water craft in the park area. The board said a memo will go out regarding the boat stickers. The board auctioned the boats without stickers off. Jim suggested we put a memo on the boats regarding boats without stickers. Paul said that we have annual process that the risk is if there is a boat without a sticker they get auctioned off. Stephanie suggested we give the memo out at the time we distribute the car tags. We could also hand out the boat tags. Frank suggested that we do that and then have Dan add that information to the newsletter that will go out with the dues. The board discussed what should go with the dues, the newsletter, information on the car tags and boat stickers. Paul asked Vic if he could write that up. Vic said that would be effective. Jim said we have to cut the newsletter off. Dan is working the newsletter up, so Vic and Frank will provide the information to Dan a week before March 1st. That would February 26th, 2016. The board discussed what the newsletter will be done.

New Business: Stephanie discussed the large rocks in the drainage area. Jim said there is PVC pipe there and the rocks cover the drainage pipe and drainage area. Stephanie said the kids toss the rocks into the swim area. Jim and Vic discussed using bigger rocks or vegetation. Paul and Stephanie discussed building a bench over the area.

Stephanie suggested that the March meeting be set aside for discussion of the master plan. The board approved the suggestion.

There was discussion about a boat trailer parked behind a house. A letter will be sent out to the owner of the boat.

The board also discussed the issue of parking a van in the subdivision. The language in the covenants and rules indicates that no business vans or trucks displaying titles of business or companies should be parked over night in the subdivision. Frank asked about vehicles with no markings on it. Stephanie said that we discussed that a vehicle without logos would be allowed. John said the intent is that we will not allow running a business out of the home in the neighborhood. The board discussed the sign language in the covenants. The board discussed both sections of the covenant that pertains to signs as well as vehicles. Vic discussed the spirit of the language and said that he will write up rules as clarifications to the covenants. The board will consider clarification of the covenants regarding signage as well as vehicle parking.

The next meeting is at Paul’s house in March, 17.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58


March 2016

The meeting was opened by Frank Glowacki at 7:05. The attendees were Stephanie Davis, Paul Youngman, Vic Thompson, Dan Noah, and Frank Glowacki.

The reading of the minutes was approved.

Treasurers Report:

There is $6970 in the money market; $2157 in checking for a total of $9127. Paul has 53 due payments that need to be deposited. We’ll work to enable the “bill pay” option for next year. Dues payments would be visible by board members only on website.

ACTION ITEMS: Included in Committee update

Rules: The members present observed a few different versions of the bi-laws. We want to be sure that the correct one is used by all and is what is posted. Members discussed that as bi-laws are “clarified,” that a “clarifications” document is needed to call these out. Such a document would be fluid, with clarifications added whenever they were made in the past (i.e: Jeff Olsen email with Clarification to B-15; clarification to # of pets, etc) or at any time in the future.

Committee update:

Roads: Beaver update. (Ryan not present) Per Ryan’s email: “He talked to Trapper Dan.” He has good news and bad news. Bad news, the beavers are going to be hard to catch. They come in through the conduit from the river and eat/ chew and leave. Catching in and outside the conduit is difficult. You are not allowed to set up traps within three feet of the opening, you need permission from the Village or whomever to set up on the river side, you need to set up a grate to block the movement of animals into Lake Russo but to allow water to flow; however, the DNR has rules against disturbing lake bottoms. Ryan needs to contact Marty Johnson in Bong about devices to alleviate the beaver disturbance. Trapper Dan will be setting up sneer traps, these might not catch beaver; however, they are not damaging to pets or children. The sneer traps allow us to map out the beavers movement. Good news. We do not have beavers living on Lake Russo.” It was discussed that there appear to be some inconsistencies with what Trapper Dan said. We need to demystify as we evaluate future course of action. Vic reports that on 84th / 110th side of the lake beavers are coming in. It was suggested that we have Trapper Dan check 84th Ave area.

Separate from beaver issue, Vic and others agreed that we should formulate a plan for the addition of trees to I 94 site / sound line and closer to I 94 itself.

Lakes: (John not present) Per John’s email, fish stocking license received from WI state. Lake treatment and fish stocking contracted. Dates TBD. Fish Survey timing TBD.

Architecture: Tom Wrona has a boat on side of house. Vic will wait for him to return from warm weather to discuss. The Ventura’s (next to RO entrance / exit) want to take down 3 trees. Members present suggest to bring to next meeting with bi law clarification of if you “take a tree down, you plant one.” Vic volunteered to clarify language.

Members present discussed how various contentious, architecture / grounds issues should be tracked and identified for discussion at annual meeting: trailers, fences, and signage. Perhaps these should be announced as topics prior to the meeting itself.

Tech: Dan added that realtors are effectively being funneled to our website. He mentioned that managing the RO Face book account, and any other social media will require another person to handle. It was mentioned we ask Lorraine if she could lead this. If not Lorraine, then perhaps Amy Klein would be willing to manage this. Frank said he will reach out to Lorraine.

Social: Easter egg hunt cancelled – bad communication and children getting older. It was suggested that the entrance sign be modified so it can be used to promote all events.

The members present discussed the need for having a board person responsible for communication. Whether such responsibilities would include only social media or is broader would need to be further vetted.

Due to the small number of board members in attendance, present members agreed to hold off on any voting but to serve up these topics as new business for the 4/21/16 meeting.

  • Take down a tree, replace
  • New signage (discussed at Feb meeting)
  • Communication position (leads Face book)
  • Annual meeting issue tracking mechanism
  • Identify clear Bi Laws version / ongoing documentation of “clarifications.”

9:03pm meeting adjourned.


River Oaks HOA Board Meeting


Attendees: Jim LeSage, Stephanie Davis, Dan Noah, Vic Thompson, Greg Bass, Paul Youngman, Ryan Zettle, Frank Glowacki, and John Skalbeck.

The minutes from the March Meeting were read approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul reported that we have $27,656 total. MM is $19350 and checking is $8306. We now have 28 dues outstanding. Paul will send the reminder in June with a $25 late charge. We received and paid the annual State Farm insurance liability bill. We also paid the fish hatchery license. He reviewed the landscape bill from the Lighting Company. Paul discussed, the idea we have added things to do. John S. said they haven’t raised the rates in 9 years. Jim talked about having Lighting come and discuss with the board what they do. Paul said we still have a teasel problem. Jim asked if Ryan would have the Lighting Company gives us a listing or presentation of what they do. Vic asked if the proposal outlined what they do. Jim sent out an email that said since we’re in a transition period from Brian Conway to Ryan, we agreed to continue the contract. However, next year we will perform a bid for the contract. Jim said that Brian Conway’s crew did some work. Paul reminded us that we were being charged for work etc. as well.


Take down tree and tree replacement. Vic presented that we had a resident who asked about cutting trees down in their backyard to put up a child care play center. So, we discussed language in the regulations about replanting trees. Vic came up with language that the board reviewed. Greg talked about the number of people who have had to have trees taken down due to ash borer disease. Jim said that he liked the language but thought we should go one step further. In his statement he presented that “as a rule, if you’re taking a tree down, you should replace one for one if possible, if not possible then for any two trees taken down, you should try to replace one.” Paul discussed an idea if there’s a nursery we could make an arrangement with for pricing. Frank asked, “how far does our empowerment go.” Are we empowered to make that amendment to the by-laws? John discussed being careful about people’s private property rights, by dictating about trees. Frank discussed where are out boundaries as a board. Paul discussed what the board’s needs of action need to be. Paul said what is in our control is to make a suggestion. Vic made a motion that we approve the language; the motion is to amend B2 architectural control. Frank seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Signage: Dan said he had not looked into it yet.

Communication: Frank sent Loraine an email, but did not get a response. We are looking for a communication position. Dan said we need someone who is proficient at Face Book and Twitter. River Oaks now has a Face Book page. Stephanie said, we had to cancel the Easter Egg hunt, we did not communicate well enough. So, if we had someone dedicated to communication, they could help make the flyers etc. as well. Paul said that that person could also help out with the other notices etc. Greg suggested we ask Loraine if she wants to do the position. Frank talked about a communications position and if we establish it as a board decision. Jim said that rather add another board position. Greg discussed the importance of the position of the board and what it means in terms of social media importance today. Paul said that it was a function, a neighborhood function in the community. Vic discussed that it doesn’t have to be a board member, Stephanie and Frank said if we have a communications person they should be on the board. John suggested that we open the position for Loraine. Paul discussed the idea of the two people who stated an interested in the position. Frank went through the two different angles as to a separate communication position or are we just going to have a helper. Jim discussed the option as an assistant to the board. He said it doesn’t matter to him. The board tabled the discussion until the May meeting.

Annual Meeting Issue Tracking Mechanism: Frank discussed that we need to take certain issues are, keep track of them, and prior to the annual meeting, via emails, or website, we let the community know that these are topics of discussion for the annual meeting to be voted on. Paul discussed the process of change. Jim suggested that he said he will build those items, and will present at the annual meeting for voting. Dan said we do have an HOA meetings area on the website. Jim will maintain that list.

Identified by-laws version: Frank asked if we have the right by-laws version. John said the truncated version is the most recent one. This is the 1995 to 2011 which is on the website now. John said we can only change section D. Paul asked if these things are on file with the county. John said that we had an attorney do that. Greg asked if the attorney’s had a copy. Jim said he will find out if the attorney has a copy.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: We will go with the Lighting contract for this year. But will do a search next year in terms of landscaping. Ryan also contacted an asphalt company. The bid is $345 to do resurfacing. Jim and Paul said that there is need for replacement. The bid was for the resurface and fill in cracks. Jim said that that was not all we needed. Ryan asked what our purpose is. Frank said we need a professional opinion. Greg suggested we have the bidder come back over and meet with Ryan and Jim to discuss with them all that needs to be done. Jim also suggested that we contact Willow Spring for a bid as well. Frank suggested that we go look at it. Paul said if it needs replacement we should just tear it down for now. Ryan said that he talked to the Village about doing trees in our neighborhood. But they didn’t respond. Jim suggested that he call Mike Prolocoff. The village came and cleaned up the trees that came down along the road on the river side. He said he hasn’t done anything about the Tether ball court. He said that area where the fence is at is so water logged that it is soaked and difficult to fix the fence. So, according to Lighting, it will be difficult to fix the fence. Jim said there is a T for drainage there so if the tree was connected, then that area would be drained. The T is set up but not connected. Paul said we have a list of things that we need estimates for. Ryan took down those lists and will look into them. John said it appears to him that the whole paved area needs to redone. He said the side by the pavilion is under water all the time, so we really need to have it done. Jim said that we should connect the T so we can see what happens. Ryan said if we spend now, then we get a permanent resolution. The problem was that the village had us move all the land out which made it to low. Vic suggested we review the park equipment as part of our clean up day. Ryan –asphalt redo, drainage, tree planting, playground equipment, and gravel. Ryan said that Tapper Dan will go on the River Side to trap the Beaver. Trapper Dan eats Beaver, as well as pelts them. DNR rule is you can’t do anything on the River side. John said we need to get rid of the beaver house on our lake. John said priority one is we need to get rid of it. We need to disrupt the attraction to come back to our lake. Ryan will discuss with the asphalt and construction contractor about removing the beaver den.


John said that the treatment is contracted and ready to go. They will drag a rake on the bottom to see what is there. On May 5 or 9th they will apply their first application. There will be two applications 21 days apart. The same company does the fish survey. John talked to them about doing a fish survey which includes removal of the rough fish. They’re waiting for John to tell them to go ahead. He said they will just throw the fish in cans that are already there. The cost is $650. The permits are all in order. The fish stocking has been ordered. The menu will be minnows, bass, blue gill and crappie. After the fish survey, we’ll get a read on what’s there, therefore we’ll have a read on what’s there.

John brought to our attention the German exchange that has been done on our lake. There is a new addition to the applicator. It is called the algae estimator. He said the new application will monitor the temperature of the lake. The cost is $150 to $200. John said it could go a long way toward to indicating to us the algae growth in the lake. John asked us to approve that. Dan made a motion to purchase the estimator, the board voted unanimous to approve.

The board, Paul said that there was die off during the winter. Greg brought up that the cost was prohibitive.

Architectural: Nothing further. Jim suggested that this boat trailer has there been there for 6 months. Jim said we need to send a registered letter to the owner, to remove the boat. Jim requested that we send a letter to Tom Wrona to remove the boat. We will have a registered letter sent. Vic will send a registered letter that will be the final letter.

Tech: Dan said that we have 6 reservations for the park. He is putting in a new system for storage. There is a hot topic tracker and that the realtor section is working. The site is catching on more and more. Dan said that a communication person is someone he could train. The resident directory, he said he is working on that. Paul will supply Dan with the directory. Dan said we now know the names of the people coming in. The file folders will also be set up for the committee chairs.

Social Committee: Stephanie said that the clean-up is on May 7th. People are reaching out to help. Jim asked if the 10:00 to noon for the clean-up. Stephanie said the next event is the annual garage sale. She said she was going to reach out to Jan and Kim to discuss the organization of the garage sale just to see if they needed any help. The date is June 4th with the walk around on June 3rd.

Jim said he has the boat list and mirror tags. Jim has the boat stickers as well.

New Business:

Greg brought up if we need a new printed copy of the covenants and the by-laws. Frank said he didn’t see it on the Jim said he is going to the attorney.

Jim brought up the mosquito control for the park. The board approved continuing the expense.

Old Business:

No Old Business.

Jim will put an action item list together.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:59


MAY 2016

Attendees: Jim LeSage, John Skalbeck, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, Stephanie Davis, Dan Noah, Frank Glowacki, Ryan Zettle, Lorraine Scanlon.

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 by President LeSage.

The minutes were read and approved as corrected with the following corrections.

Corrections: Architectural control had a motion to adopt the language in the rules relating to tree planting. The item was a discussion about Flyers rather than digital. The item was the architectural to strike the mirror tags because we do not have a list.

Action Items:

  • Rules: B-15 April minutes with no vote, Register of deeds in 1999, snowmobiling was a prohibited item in the rules. Jim brought up options to trailer and truck parking. He presented the rules from April of 2015 minutes. The rule was discussed as to the new language as to the rule to amend B-15. Frank discussed that Jim is doing a spreadsheet as to clarifications to covenants and by-laws. The documentation has to be made and placed in the digital covenants and by-laws posted on the website. The rule changes and clarifications are printed and recorded under B-23. Frank discussed that we have PDF that is updated. Lorraine asked if its clarification or simple communication. Jim discussed the spreadsheet he is doing as a reference document. Greg discussed the idea that how these changes and clarifications are presented in the rules section. John discussed the guidance we received from the attorney. John said we can add a section D which would be clarifications and rules. Greg and Vic discussed where the items would appear in Section “D” which follows the by-laws. Frank discussed why we need to have the rules changes and clarifications posted. Greg brought up printing the by-laws and covenants. Frank said with a request. Ryan said we need to have a list of all the residents. Jim brought up the guidance on recreational vehicles. John made a motion to add the new language to add section D. The language is as follows:

Recommended Rules Language for B-15:

No recreational vehicles, campers, camper on/off a vehicle, boats, snow mobiles, jet skis, mobile homes, utility trailers, tractors, motor homes or trucks, 1 ton or larger may be stored in such a manner as to be visible from the street or any other property for longer than 72 hours. Periodic movement of the vehicle for the purpose of circumventing this standard shall not qualify the vehicle for an exception to this standard. The purpose of the 72 hours is to load and unload the vehicle, not to provide storage/parking for the unit. Longer parking/storage may be arranged in advance with the River Oaks Board, and will be considered on a case by case basis. The maximum parking/storage time allowed, WITH BOARD approval will be two weeks.

The next issue addressed non-residents using the lake. The language was to get board approval for a daily use of the park. The language addressed the rules as to park use by a resident with other people who are not residents. Dan suggested he could do a PDF form that could be printed off by the people who are using the park. Stephanie brought up that the park has to be reserved. Stephanie discussed the need for having a resident in attendance. Stephanie discussed the use of the park for parties. Frank brought up what B-24 reads currently. Jim read the language from county register deeds which is the original language. Jim said he will take the verbiage from the green book and the current web site and clarify, then send out to all the board members for approval to be added as rules change.

Recommended language for the Rules Change to B-24 is:

All guests using the lake or park facilities must be accompanied by a resident or carry written consent provided, with date included, provided by the resident. Written consent is for one calendar day only.

The next item was B-7, livestock. The language addressed pets, number of animals, and other animal concerns. Jim said the language was put forth by the board; Ryan put forth a motion to accept the language as a rule. Frank seconded the language and the board approved as a rules change. The recommended language change in the rules to B-7 is:

No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any lot, except that homeowners are allowed to keep or possess up to three house pet animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, or small animals older than 180 days, provided that such pets are not permitted outside the owners lot unattended.

Policies and Procedures for parking passes: Frank discussed that we need to start over. Dan said he can get the mirror tags done. Greg and Jim discussed why every home has to have parking passes/mirror tags.

Sign Replacement: Dan said he started working on the sign replacement. He said working on updating the signs. Lorraine brought up the sign that’s hidden. Dan said, yes we’re replacing those signs. Dan said he will send out the proofs. These are metal signs. He asked for a total count. Jim said that we don’t have to do all of them, but we do have to do the important ones. Jim said they will not provide dog waste signs. Dan discussed the idea of having distribution of bags. Jim said that who will maintain them. Stephanie discussed replacement of the bags. Dan is going to investigate and the cost of the bags.

Beaver Issue: Ryan discussed that Beavers have been sighted. He said Trapper Dan’s prices have increased. There is a $200 set up and $75 a beaver. Ryan said our first mission is to destroy the beaver den. Then after that has been taken care of then we can address the beavers.

Files for Committee chairs: Dan said that he will address. Jim said he will send out the documents from the register of deeds office. He said the attorney has a copy with the recorded dates. Frank said that the sooner we can get the most accurate public piece out on the website the better. Jim said that he will put the documents together and get them out to all the board members. Dan discussed how we must get the official documents done and get them posted.

Boat Trailers: Vic discussed the boat trailer issues. Vic has not sent out a letter. Vic has the letter on his action list to do. There will be a 30 day notice to remove the boat and trailer and then we’ll have the boat removed. Jim discussed that we must have an action done now, contact an attorney. He suggested that we have an attorney write a letter. Jim said the language does not address a penalty. He said that he discussed with an attorney. The attorney suggested we give him the documents and have a letter written.

The next issue was a fence request. The chain link fence was denied. The resident was satisfied with that response. Lorraine asked about applying for a permit from the village for a pool but then never put up a pool. Stephanie said the board has to approve the fence.

The issue was about replacing her patio with a deck. Vic requested a drawing of the deck.

The last issue was the replacement of the fence along co. trunk C. C. Vic approved but requested that the fence be earth toned color to comply with the other fences.

Lorraine discussed the new state law which said you cannot have a structure within 50 feet of the lake shore.

Treasurer’s report: There was not Treasurer’s report. Paul Youngman was not in attendance.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan discussed the quotes for the following:

  • Getting water away from the fence at the park. He said that the grass cannot be mowed due to the water. Ryan said that we contact the people who put in the drain. There is a T that needs to be connected. Therefore the drain tile needs to be connected to the T. Jim said it is in addition when we had Willow Springs do the drainage. The cost is $750.
  • Beaver den disposal. Ryan said that Willow springs also offered to remove the den. Ryan suggested we raise the price estimate. His quote was $150. The board did not feel it was a viable quote. Ryan said that he and Jim discussed for Willow Springs to remove the beaver den plus connect the drainage at a cost of $1250. Greg requested what kind of budget allowance we have for such work. Frank discussed the budget and what the ground things were that we thought about in the original budget.
  • Total paving: Ryan suggested that we use two inches of stone on the paving, the south path and north path in the park. He also suggested that we do 8 pieces of drainage through Total Paving as well. John asked about the path, $6200 and the path. John talked about the entire field being low and sits water. He said there should be an engineering proposal. He said he would question the map without some engineering assessment. Jim said that the last heavy rain we have made the area not passable. John questioned where we’re going to have it drained to. Jim discussed that the prior drainage work done and landscaping was done incorrectly. Stephanie asked if it was grading the issue or was it drainage. John discussed the history how and when it was graded. He said the village said it had to be flat. Then they got the permits to do it flat. Then when they went back to get the sign offs from the DNR was unnecessary. The entire area is flat and drainage will not work. He said just raise the path because drainage will not work. He said you can’t put a drain unless you know that it is going to drain to a lower area. Jim discussed that we have swales that are already there. But that they go nowhere. He said the cost for bringing an engineering firm in would be too much. He said we need to put drainage where there is a natural swale and connect it. He said we should do the pathway, and then two drains there to see what happens. He said we have to have drainage before we put the asphalt in. Jim said that we know that putting the drain tile in to drain the play area worked. He also said that we should do the natural swales and doing those, we will have taken major steps to do the drainage. Ryan discussed that it is a long term investment. Ryan said Total Paving is proposing to do this. Jim said we have an estimate from Total Paving, and also Willow Springs has also provided an estimate as well as a third estimate from paving contractors. Frank asked for and received clarifications from Jim. John discussed that we have a plan and that we should have a quote on the plan. John said we have to decide. Vic suggested that this looks like an effective way to eliminate the drainage problem. John said we have a plan, and we need bids from other contractors. Jim said when he walked the area he put the flags and marked out the area. He said all three gave their opinions. Frank said, we need quotes on the plan. We need to get quotes on the 8 drain tiles and then asked each contractor what we need to do. Greg asked about the process, in terms of doing drainage first, then the paths with gravel and then the asphalt. Jim discussed that we get the bids. Vic motioned that we approve the 1250 dollars for the T connection, and remove beaver hut. Then authorize Ryan to get quotes on 8 drainage tiles with 2 inches of gravel for the paths and quotes on what each company believes is the best to do. The board approved the motion. Purpose contracting asphalt said that he would do 7 drain tiles for $700 if we supply the PVC if he was also awarded the gravel bid. The board discussed the park plan.
  • Lakes Committee: John said Wisconsin Lake and Pond delivered fish, 40 pounds of fat head minnows, 50 each large-mouth bass, 100 high bred blue gill, 100 yellow perch. The total came to $1078.27. We stock the lake once a year. John said we have ordered a fish survey. They also remove the carp. That cost is $650. It’s the same company that does our invasive weed treatments. He said the treatments will begin as soon as the lake temperature reaches readiness. John asked if anyone closed the gate valve. He said the fishing stocking folks closed the gate.
  • So it will remain closed for now. John said they do a posting that the treatments are taking place. John said as soon as he gets word from Marine bio-chemist he’ll advise. John purchased temperature sensors. John said he needed $207 plus $20 for anchor and chain to deploy the gauges. John discussed the German study that is ongoing in terms of the algae study that is being done in our lake. Lorraine asked questions about the history, and the park plan. Jim discussed the park plan as a work in process. He said we’re doing things that are long term rather than a hard and fast plan. Frank said our goal this year is to move forward on the plan.
  • Tech committee: Dan advised Lorraine that he would get her the list of things in the website as well as the list of the committee. Lorraine discussed that there is a face book committee and that she will be expanding the social media presence.
  • Social Committee: Stephanie said she hasn’t done anything with the garage sale. The flyers went out. The first neighborhood night will be June 9. A hot dog night. So she discussed the need for grills, hot dogs, etc. She was asking about volunteers. The nights are every other Thursday. Ryan agreed to grill. The social nights are 6-8 on those Thursday nights. She said we provide water, napkins etc. and people bring their own drinks. Stephanie has the signs. Frank asked about flyers and signs. Lorraine said she will put out the signs. There are four Thursdays. Stephanie said she will buy all the supplies for 50 people. Dan said we have 70 email addresses. She said we had a great clean up day. Lorraine asked about putting up a sign to say “Like us on Face Book.”
  • Old Business: No old business was discussed.
  • New Business: The families who took part in the clean up were as follows:
  • Manning, Mazzolini, Zettle, Youngman, Davis,Thompson, LeSage.
  • Jim discussed the board terms. He also discussed the new church and church school that is going across the road directly across from 111th Avenue entrance.
  • Jim also presented the list of terms for the board members. They are:

Jim LeSage-President-2016; Frank Glowacki-Vice President-2016; Greg Bass-Secretary-2016;

Paul Youngman-Treasurer-2016; Vic Thompson-Architectural-2017; John Skalbeck-Lakes Chair-2016;Ryan Zettle-Roads and Grounds Chair-2017; Stephanie Davis-Social Chair-2016; Dan Noah-Tech Chair-2016; Lorraine Scanlon-Communications Chair-2017.

  • Action items will be summarized. The next meeting is on June 16th at Stephanie’s house.

Jim discussed the language Jeff proposed last year on fences. Jim said he will send it out.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45.


JUNE 2016

ACTION ITEMS PRIOR TO BOARD MEETING: Prior to the June board meeting the board voted on items listed below discussed during the May 2016 board meeting. These action items were subject to either bids, bid approval, or follow up by board members:

1-Adjustments to the Park Drainage and paving project presented by the Roads and Grounds committee. The adjustments were to be followed up as to project details and cost. The Purpose Contracting proposal was adjusted for the project to include paving at the park, further drainage at the park, and upgrading of the gravel pathway in the park. The board voted by internet vote 9 yes with one absence. Therefore approved.

2-Motion for the purchase and placement beach signs, as well as a dog waste bin. The board voted 7 yes, with 3 absences. Therefore approved.

Three other rule amendments and language clarifications presented in the May meeting yet to be voted upon are changes to: B-15; B-24; and B-7.

Attendees at June Board Meeting:

Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Vic Thompson, John Skalbeck, Dan Noah, Stephanie Davis, Frank Glowacki, and Paul Youngman and Ryan Zettle.

Action Item: B-18. Fences, rule enhancement language. Vic Thompson made a motion to accept the language, and it was approved by the board.

B-7 The language on the livestock was approved by the board.

A discussion was held regarding the use of the park by non-resident guests and the requirement therein of a mirror tag. The B-24 rule language change: The change is a clarification with the added language. John discussed that we developed the mirror tag as the enforceable tool. Vic discussed the current covenant and by-law language. Frank discussed the old original language. Therefore the clarification language was added. The board voted on the additional clarification language and it was approved.

Greg asked a question as to how we are going to add the language. Frank said he’s going to take the language and create a workable document. Date according to the last change. He will do a spreadsheet and then direct people through social media to the website with the language changes. He discussed the idea of the hard copy vs.: the use of social media and the website. Vic said that we need to have hard copies available. Frank discussed a 3rd document of the explanation of the by-laws is to be added to the website documents. Frank said it would in place in less than 30 days. The language is: All guests using the lake or park facilities must be accompanied by a resident or carry a written consent provided, with date included, provided the resident written consent/pass is for one calendar day only.

The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report: Paul said total balance is $32,569. $7218 in checking and $25,351 in money market. We do have a couple of outstanding bills that do need to be paid. Paul said we are now getting the Leiting invoices that include cleaning, spraying, and beach raking. We have 4 outstanding dues. The outstanding dues are: Abozogai, Anderson, Cooper and Nielson. Paul said the next letter will be sent out to advise that dues must be paid with a $25 late due notice. Paul also discussed a request for a down payment on the park project.

Jim discussed the issue of the garden walk signs in the neighborhood. Frank discussed his discussions with the two residents. Frank said the garden walk is a positive thing, the problem is that the signs cannot be placed in the yards this far in advance. Frank had a serious discussion with one resident. The resident removed the signs after a day. Frank offered a couple of resolutions. Signs can be placed in the window. Frank said Loraine will put the Garden Walk on Face book; the Garden Club makes their money off of the tour and the walk. He also said we can put the signs out at the River Oaks entrance a day or two before. Paul discussed that the by-law is no signs without board approval. Greg discussed the issue of the political season coming around and we must gain control of the situation.

Dan discussed that we can issue new mirror tags every two years. Each year the color will change. Numbers will be assigned to the homes rather than the resident. Dan said we’ll order a surplus of tags so we can resupply lost tags. This will allow us to track the tags and the tags will be applied to the home. Dan said he hasn’t ordered the tags yet. He said he’ll get a quote, he said he’ll order around 320. Ryan said we have to have the tags so that it deters non-residents. Stephanie asked if the tags said it says “guests” on the tag. She suggested it say resident pass. The board voted to change the tag to Resident Tag.

Boat Trailer: Vic hand delivered the letter to Tom Wrona within two weeks. Vic read the letter to the board. The letter advised that legal action will be taken if not removed before July. Stephanie talked about another house with a trailer stored on the side of the garage. Jim said a neighbor of Wrona’s also has a boat trailer that’s been out for two weeks. Dan brought up the idea as to moving pods. Jim discussed that you basically have two weeks additional extension for a trailer or a pod. The board agreed that a month was a long enough period of time. There must be a board approval of the extension. Vic suggested that we put that on face book so people recognize the issue.

New Resident Welcome: Stephanie typed up a welcome letter. She also included a package of restaurant menus. It also had information about our website. She said nothing has been done since last summer. Jim discussed that a number of new neighbors have moved in so if we can get something put together that would be good. Stephanie said she will redo the flyer.

Sign Replacement: Dan said the new signs will be in during the 3rd and 4th week of June. Jim said that he will notify people around the area where the signs will be placed. Paul brought up the language regarding fire pit use.

The beaver hut has been removed by hand.

Lake Committee: John had the invoice for the fish stocking as well as his expenditures for the temperature gauges. He said we had treatment done in May and the first week of June. John said there were some weeds that came up, but the treatment was done. He said that it is evident that we must keep treating because we have curly leaf pond weed. We do not have milfoil. He said the treatment is working. There was a question as to treating on Friday. John said they are treating when they can. You only have to stay out of the lake a day after treatment. Jim asked that we respond on questions from the neighbor or resident. John said we have to rely on when the contractor can do the treatment. John also discussed the fish survey. He said they will be ready next Wednesday. John said that we’ll pull out the carp. Stephanie volunteered to take pictures. John said people are fishing a great deal on the lake. He said the survey will give us some data on the fish in the lake.

Roads and Grounds: the beaver hut is gone. Willow Springs will be coming in to put in the drainage tiles in the park. Purpose Contracting will be doing the asphalt, zone 1-gate to the beach, also the two inch of gravel on the gravel paths with 8 drain tile, they have asked for $8882. We will have to buy the perforated drain pipe and landscaping around the pipe. Ryan said that the pipes were around $100. The contract is that he needs half up front before he can proceed. He’ll put the drain tile in first, the gravel and then the asphalt. Paul said the electric pole is over by the toilet. There isn’t anything in the gravel pathway. Where there is paving bricks is where the electric line is. Jim said that the power outlet box is broken. Ryan has not addressed the tether ball project yet.

Architectural Report: The letter to Tom wrona discussed. Application for solar panels, the garden walk signs, approved a room addition for the Stevenson’s. Approved a patio replacement. We approved the fence around a pool for the Leitings.

Tech Committee: Dan, Jim, Frank, Loraine, and Stephanie met to open a face book account. We have 34 members now. Dan said that he is adding a formalized tracking on the website, he is looking into it. He has been looking at document control methods. He said we need this to have a back log application of approval and legal agreements. He said we need this for we have a start point. He hopes to have that in place in short order. The signs and the tags are what he working on.

Social: Stephanie said the first Thursday night was a small turnout. She said she spent $75. The next night will be Taco Night. She bought paper products for the River Oaks Thursday night get togethers. Next week, she said she has the paper products, and the other supplies. Stephanie asked about the Taco meat etc. Paul did it last year, and he said he will discuss with Stephanie next week. Jim said for the 4 of July, we need to make flyers. Dan volunteered to make the flyers. Dan said if she has the soft copy, just send it to him. Stephanie said we’re not doing every other night, and then we’re skipping the 4th of July week.

New Business: Architectural discussion as to the solar panels on John Skalbeck’s home. Jim discussed that different people have different views on it. Vic said he is doing research and discovered there were solar water panels on a different roof. Vic said the system is very similar. The project is pretty capital intensive. Vic said he would expect more of these requests. We have to assure that they have to be roof mounted systems that do not ruin the aesthetics of the home. Vic said that the black colored panels. Jim said it is a total change to the neighborhood. Jim discussed that there are areas where the board can object to. There are a lot of different things. Jim asked for thoughts about the rule as to how the board would address moving forward. The rule would go under B-2. Frank discussed that the board needs time to digest the situation in terms of using clean energy. We do have a responsibility to digest and think about what it means to the community. Jim said we have 10 days to discuss and approve language. Jim said let’s make it easier for the next request. Jim said that we have to be able to support as a board what you do. Frank asked about “are there variables, as we look at it, can this make the home more aesthetically pleasing.” Vic, said they need to be on the southern exposure of the house. If the southern portion is on the back. John said there are black panels, and the frames are black, so black on black. Vic said that they are similar to sky lights. Dan said that essentially, does it aesthetically align with the house. Frank said what we’re trying to do is make the right decisions for the neighborhood and River Oaks. Paul discussed the issue of the value of the home and the idea of preserving homes. Jim said that the HOA can put some restrictions but it is not a denial. Vic will develop verbiage and the board will address.

Enforcement of non-resident use of the park. Frank said that we need to put out on Facebook. Did you know, as factoids. Frank said it’s private group and only members of River Oaks that can get into the Face Book page. Greg discussed the enforcement idea. Paul suggested we talk to the police and ask what we can do.

Reprint of the covenants: Frank is addressing.

Terms of the board.

Recap: Renewable enegy-10 days running; signs come in on the 22nd and Jim will install. Covenants and rules.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54.





Date: June 26, 2016

Attendees: Jim LeSage, Frank Glowacki, Greg L. Bass, Ryan Zettle,Dan Noah, Paul Youngman, Stephanie Davis, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki,

The special meeting was held at Jim Lesage’s home to discuss and consider adding language to B-2 of the by-laws for consideration of the addition of solar panels to a home in the River Oaks subdivision. The language was composed by Vic Thompson, and underwent reviews by each board member. After each board member made their suggestions, the following language was proposed by Vic Thompson:

B-12 Amendment and Clarification Regarding Solar Panels:

B_2 River Oaks By-Laws Explanatory Rule

Guidelines for PV Solar Panel arrays on River Oaks residences

V. Thompson Version 2 Rev. Date: June 23, 2016


All solar energy systems require Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval. The following documents must be included along with the required request form:

  • Plans showing visibility of the system from areas open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or association properties or common areas);
  • A drawing (with dimensions) showing the proposed location of the system and how the equipment will be mounted, as well as a description of any visible auxiliary equipment, and;
  • Photographs or manufacturer literature for all proposed system components including specifications, color, materials, etc.
  • All hardware must be commercially available, UL Certified and installed by licensed installers.

Following submission of these materials, the ACC will either approve, request additional materials, recommend changes, or deny the system design and location as proposed. If the ACC fails to render a decision on the proposed system design and location within thirty (30) days after the submission of all required application materials, the application reverts to appeal process in B-2.


To the maximum extent possible, a roof-mounted solar energy system shall be installed so as to minimize its exposure when viewed from areas open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or association properties or common areas). Ground-mounted systems are not permitted in the River Oaks subdivision.

Solar panels on front-facing or side-facing roof surfaces visible from areas open to common or public access must be mounted in the plane of the roof surface minimizing stand-off distance from roof. Panels in other locations may be angled to achieve optimum solar gain provided the top edge of the panel does not extend above the roof peak. All panels must be located entirely within a boundary defined by the roof eaves and peak. Visibility of the underside of the panels shall be minimized from areas open to common or public access.

Efforts must be made to make the solar energy system an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design of the residence. Visibility of any plumbing, wiring, or auxiliary equipment should be minimized as much as possible. All system components visible from areas open to common or public access and not involved in energy production should be painted to blend with roof coloring.

Because existing trees may reduce access to sunlight and thereby decrease system performance, the ACC will give special consideration to the limited removal of trees on the applicant’s property outside the normal tree removal requirements or processes. Removed trees shall be replaced to ensure no net loss of trees.

Exceptions to these system design and placement requirements shall be made if compliance with one or more of these requirements will result in either a significant increase in the cost of the system or a significant decrease in its efficiency or specified performance. For purposes of this exception, “significant” means an amount exceeding ten (10) percent of the cost of the system, or decreasing efficiency or performance by an amount exceeding ten (10) percent, as originally specified and proposed.

The ACC may require the applicant to provide a written statement by an independent solar energy expert documenting these cost or efficiency and performance impacts. In this case, the ACC will permit variances to these requirements to the minimum extent necessary to avoid significant increases in system costs or significant decreases in system efficiency or performance.

A discussion was held regarding the above language, Greg brought up the issue of insurance on a home owners policy. That discussion was disregarded. Stephanie brought up the issues of tree removal and replacement. In the language, there is discussion as to the replacement of the trees. Frank discussed his issues regarding solar panels in terms of positives and negatives. He discussed the ideas of the aesthetic change that happens when such solar panels are implemented. Frank discussed the conservative elements in our covenants and by-laws. He discussed that aesthetics are subjective. Frank discussed how conservative we are towards the by-laws and covenants. Stephanie discussed what loop holes could be considered in the future. Frank said the best policing are done by the members of the community, not just the board members. Frank said he is not opposed to the energy. Vic discussed is positive toward solar panels. He said Wisconsin is the worst in regards to payment back for energy. He also said that the prices have dropped, but Wisconsin energy is not friendly towards solar panels. Vic said he viewed as an opportunity to get good guidelines in place. He also said that the owner of the home in discussion is willing to work with us. He also said we cannot stop someone from putting solar panels on the house, he said in court cases, they typically lose. Jim brought up the idea about the other home owners in our subdivision. He said other home owners didn’t like it. Jim said he would like to know what other people in the neighborhood would think about it. Jim said what do we have a face in an annual meeting. Jim discussed the way the issue was presented. Frank and Vic discussed the issues of new products and such things as solar shingles. Jim discussed that the future will provide many more options. Frank discussed, should we approve a request for solar panels for skalbecks, and then approve Vic’s language. Jim agreed, however, Jim said if he wanted to put up a 4 car garage he would have to get a variance from his neighbors. Jim discussed the opinions of the neighbors. Frank clarified that Jim is suggesting that we put it out to the association or at least the direct neighbors. Jim suggested that John go discuss this with his neighbors. Paul said that John did not have a negative intent. Paul said that the responsibility of the board is to balance the desires of individuals with the desires of the direct neighbors. Paul said we need to go about it in a way that we can gain control of the issue moving forward. Stephanie brought up that if John gets the approval from his neighbors, does that mean we approve the addition of solar panels. Frank asked if we should approve the use of solar panels on Skalbeck’s house. Jim asked if we go back to the proposed language. Jim said we still have issues with the tilting of the panels in the verbiage. The board discussed the angles of the panels. Vic discussed what needs to be done in terms of angles in the summer and in the winter. Ryan discussed the all the issues and grey areas in terms of what is good for one person, but is not good for another. He also brought up the idea that it does affect everyone in the neighborhood. Jim suggested that we ask John for further information. Stephanie discussed that we need to vote as to whether we allow them in the neighborhood or not. She said, that if the neighbors agree or not. The board discussed making a motion as to approving solar panels in River Oaks subdivision.

Frank made a motion that we vote if Solar panels are acceptable with supporting detailed guidelines in the River Oaks Home Owners Association. The vote was taken:

The motion passed according to 4 yea and 3 nay. The Yeas were: Vic Thompson, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, and Paul Youngman. The nays were: Ryan Zettle, Frank Glowacki, and Dan Noah. As president Jim LeSage did not vote.

Jim brought up the issues in terms of the titling of the angles of the solar panels. Vic said it is totally realistic that people will not want them to be a plain with their roof. Paul suggested language as minimal as possible. Vic said he would like more language for more detail as possible. Frank discussed that the panel color be the same color as the roofing shingles. Vic discussed that it is difficult to match shingles with the roof. Frank discussed a matching color rendering. Vic discussed new language that would render approval, that would include a color rendering. Greg discussed taking the opportunity to manage the situation, which includes color rendering, and matching the roof line as well. Vic will be reviewing the language and making adjustments.

Jim said we will be look at the new language. Vic will propose new language that will be sent around to the board. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45.



Note: There was not a July meeting


Jim LeSage, Dan Noah, Stephanie Davis, Vic Thompson, Greg Bass, and Ryan Zettle.

Action Item: Solar Panel Language version passed by board according to the following vote in July to be added By-Law B-2 as regulation:

Thanks for voting on v4 solar guidelines again, and Vic thanks for taking on the task of writing it.

Vic made the motion via e-mail to accept the guidelines and Greg seconded the motion via e-mail.

The board members voted via e-mail as follows:

Solar Guidelines v4
Loraine Yes
Vic Yes
Paul Yes
Dan Yes
Greg Yes
Stephanie Yes
Frank No

Six of the board members voted to accept v4 guidelines and therefore the motion is passed and the verbiage will be added to the explanatory rules section of the River Oaks Covenants and By-laws.

John and Ryan did not vote therefore they are listed as abstentions and Jim as president did not vote. Therefore, the amendment to B-2 Version 4 passed 6 to 1.

B_2 River Oaks By-Laws Explanatory Rule

Guidelines for PV Solar Panel arrays on River Oaks residences

Version 4 Rev. Date: July 19, 2016

The River Oaks Homeowners Association is committed to the rights of its residents to help alleviate rising energy costs, but at the same time wishes to ensure the continued visual beauty of our neighborhood. In that spirit, these Guidelines have been put in place to help guarantee that River Oaks remains a beautiful, yet progressive place to live.


All solar energy systems require Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval. The following documents must be included along with the required request form:

  • Plans showing visibility of the system from areas open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or association properties or common areas);
  • A drawing (with dimensions) showing the proposed location of the system and how the equipment will be mounted, including an elevation drawing showing the panel mounting angle and the panel offset distance from the roof surface as well as a description of any visible auxiliary equipment, and;
  • Photographs or manufacturer literature for all proposed system components including specifications, color, materials, etc., including a color rendering showing the panel mounting locations, color and roofing color. Colors of the solar system and roof should match or complement each other as closely as possible.
  • Plans for any landscape, tree removal or other visible property areas affected must be submitted to the ACC and the ACC will give special consideration to the limited removal of trees on the applicant’s property.
  • All hardware must be commercially available, UL Certified and installed by licensed installers.

Following submission of these materials, the ACC will either approve, request additional materials, recommend changes, or deny the system design and location as proposed. If the ACC fails to render a decision on the proposed system design and location within thirty (30) days after the submission of all required application materials, the application reverts to appeal process in B-2.


To the maximum extent possible, a roof-mounted solar energy system shall be installed so as to minimize its exposure when viewed from areas open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or association properties or common areas). Ground-mounted systems are not permitted in the River Oaks subdivision.

Solar panels on front-facing or side-facing roof surfaces visible from areas open to common or public access must be mounted in the plane of the roof surface minimizing stand-off distance from roof. All panels must be located entirely within a boundary defined by the roof eaves and peak. Visibility of the underside of the panels shall be minimized from areas open to common or public access. A maximum offset distance of 24 inches from the top surface of the PV panel to the roof surface will be allowed, to allow for some panel tilting for optimal power output.

Efforts must be made to make the solar energy system an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design of the residence. Visibility of any plumbing, wiring, or auxiliary equipment should be minimized as much as possible. All system components visible from areas open to common or public access and not involved in energy production should be painted to blend with roof coloring.

Exceptions to these system design and placement requirements shall be made if compliance with one or more of these requirements will result in either a significant increase in the cost of the system or a significant decrease in its efficiency or specified performance. For purposes of this exception, “significant” means an amount exceeding ten (10) percent of the cost of the system, or decreasing efficiency or performance by an amount exceeding ten (10) percent, as originally specified and proposed.

The ACC may require the applicant to provide a written statement by an independent solar energy expert documenting these cost or efficiency and performance impacts. In this case, the ACC may permit variances to these requirements to the minimum extent necessary to avoid significant increases in system costs or significant decreases in system efficiency or performance.


The minutes were approved as read. Voted by all 5 attendees

Committee Reports:

Treasurers Report: No treasurer’s report. There are three residents who have not paid their dues at this point in time. Jim suggested that we file a lean against the properties that have not paid. The board discussed it. There are no fees to the board for filing a lean against the property. Greg made a motion to file leans against the property owners who have not paid. Vic Thompson seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Architectural: Vic discussed the approved guidelines for the solar panels. He said he sent the guidelines to the homeowner putting the solar panels in. He has not heard back from the home owner. Jim discussed the issue of the storage units being used, the pods, by one home who is moving. The other is a large truck that has been in a home owners drive way for over 2 months. The board discussed the issue of the truck. Stephanie discussed that the truck issue falls under the issue of the by-law that limits truck storage. Dan agreed and supported Stephanie’s position. Vic said that he will research it and write up some verbiage as to the storage of the truck. Greg discussed an issue with a homeowner that does not maintain her lawn and it has gone un-kept for quite some time. Greg and Stephanie discussed the situation and we asked Vic. To investigate the situation. Jim discussed the issue as to the village ordinance. The board discussed what the process should be. Jim said that he would investigate with the village, write a draft and share it. Vic advised that the boat trailer has been removed.

Tech: Dan said he has been doing back up for sticker tracking, back up, hanging tags, and other up dates to the site. Jim suggested that we get one more sign to indicate that our park is private. There is a sign that is covered up by weeds. We do need another sign that indicates the park is private. Dan said the sign cost is only $50.

Social: Stephanie said the next event will be October fest. Stephanie said we put aside $1000 and we’ve spent $200. She said we have plenty of money for the October fest. She said the neighborhood nights went pretty well. When we cancel nights, we need to post a sign that the community night has been canceled. Jim discussed whether we should to once a month or twice a month. He suggested we do once a month but spend more on advertising and marketing. Stephanie said she bought a bin with all kinds of plates, silver ware, and other materials that are used at the park.

Communications: Jim said that a lot of people have posted pictures on Face Book, such as the water testing that was done on the lake. Jim said it brought up a lot of attention in regards to the lake upkeep. Stephanie asked if the Association would ever consider putting a platform up for kids to dive off of. Vic said that a number of them have signs that say “no diving and no jumping.” The board discussed it; however, there is a liability issue. Many pictures have been posted on the Face book page. The use of the Face Book page is growing.

Lakes: No lakes committee report.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said that he received an invoice from Lighting Lawn Service. Ryan said that he is getting quotes from other lawn service entities. The board discussed that next year we have to go out for estimates. Ryan said that he has not checked the lakes and parks in a few weeks. Ryan said that he hasn’t heard any complaints and the new pathways and drains are working well. Jim said that there are three drain tiles that have not been opened yet. Jim asked Ryan to get some numbers together to replace the fence and gate at the park.

New Business: The contractor trucks and storage. Jim suggested that the next meeting we need to begin discussing the 2017 budget. We will have a separate meeting that addresses the budget. Dan said that we should begin the budget discussions in September. Jim advised that we do have a resident who does want to be on the board. Vic advised that we canvas the board to see who is going to continue on the board.

There was a motion to adjourn at 8:00.



ATTENDEES: Jim LeSage, John Skalbeck, Greg L. Bass, Frank Glowacki, Vic Thompson, Ryan Zettle,

Reading of the Minutes: Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Paul Youngman said all is well and on track. We still have the Anderson’s who have not paid. Paul asked if we really need to have an attorney file the lean. We do, but he will attempt once more to pay. There is only one family left that has not paid. The board collected fees in 1976. Paul asked that we bring any ideas to the next meeting so he can get into the annual budget.

Old Business: Village Tree planting. Ryan said he talked to the village about it. But he has not received any feedback. Ryan said that we would like evergreens and or spruce trees.

New Business: Reservations of park includes what, Pavilion or any other areas in the park. Frank said he thinks it is appropriate to just reserve the pavilion. It is just the Pavilion the majority of the board agreed. Jim said he will talk to Dan about putting something to clarify the rule on the website where people reserve the park.


  1. Letters for removal of box truck. Vic spoke to the Stevenson’s and he promised to have the truck removed by September end.
  2. The storage Pods are still in place.
  3. Lawn Maintenance letter: Jim discussed the samples of the letter. Greg asked if this was a proposal to amend the D17 by-law. The language was discussed by the board. The language addressed condition, status, and consequence. Vic brought up that there are village ordinances that control such situations. Frank said it is apparent that we need some clarification on these points. The language that was used was resourced from other HOA. John said that he liked the idea of a discussion first, and then notification of the village. John said maybe we should abide by the village language, but the village language says, “Cannot exceed one foot.” Greg discussed that the by-laws overall do not state consequence. Frank discussed that the covenants advise that we do have right and authority to take action. John said that we really cannot be as specific due to such things as prairie grass that would be planted to protect the lake. He said we can legally defend the village ordinance, but not that we can step on someone’s lawn, and have someone cut the lawn and then charge them for it. Frank said we do have the right to interpret the covenants, and then enforce them. Frank said we need to maintain consistency. Jim advised that he will rewrite three and send out to the board. Tabling the item until next here.

Committee Reports:

Lake Report: John said the classes were out, the Germans were here. They did an overnight, he said what they documented was that the algae come up for the sun. Then go down at night. He said our lake is just to clean for algae blooms. So he said they measured for phosphorous and the lake is in good shape. He talked about the lake survey. They did it a certain way that really didn’t work. They came back again, and John will have a report by the next meeting. He said that his observation is the aquatic plant situation is under control in the lake. We don’t have any massive invasive things going on. He said he sees a lot of people fishing down on the dock and around beach. John talked about how the algae grows and works. He said the earlier we address it the better it is and it works. We did two treatments this year. Paul asked about the spongy layer on the bottom of the lake. John said that there is a good plant called char rah. There is some growth of a plant over by the old beaver old. Paul said that we don’t need to go into deep detail about the lake study. Frank said that we should send to Lorraine and she will put on face book.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said he hadn’t heard any news about beavers since the hut has been removed. He said the beaver situation seemed to be resolved. He met with Zak’s lawn service, and is seeking three different bids for lawn service next year. He met with the people who do the kingfish grass, and he’s meeting with another service and he will be getting back to us with features and bids. He said that the path is holding up well. Jim brought up that there is an issue on the north end, because it washes out. Jim said maybe we can build up the wall with some small type of stone. Paul said it is a good idea to build a list for 2017. Paul asked about any other park things that need addressing. Ryan said he doesn’t know anything about the tether ball court. He also said he hasn’t seen any volleyball activities there. Jim said the wooden climbing child play care is falling apart. He asked Ryan about checking out what it would cost to replace or fix the wooden play area. Greg asked about the foundation beams and they seemed to be good. Vic said it was the horizontal pieces. Frank agreed and said that there was rot and other horizontal pieces that needed to be replaced. Paul said it is really expensive to totally replace, so we need to look at what repairing involved.

Vic said that the Box Truck will be removed by month end. Vic also said that he addressed the Cell Tower issue. Vic said the tennis courts are going in as well. Jim said that there are properties that will be condemned to expand the park. He said that the wooden walk way through the wetlands area will not happen. Vic said that he reviewed the solar panel issues, and that John didn’t respond to Vic’s communications. Vic said the process was not followed well. Vic said we do need to issue a formal approval. The board had a break-down in communication with John’s solar panel discussion. Jim asked for a memo from John as a follow through. John said that he was under the impression that it was approved after the vote. John said he would comply back and provide us a letter of compliance.

Tech: Dan was not in attendance. Jim read Dan’s report, and gives us a walk through. Jim said Dan has also put in a voting and tracking system. Dan has also put in the reservation. The signs and other things he is addressing. Greg talked about the covenants and by-laws. Frank said that that is in his court. He is redoing the bylaws and covenants that will have a template as well as be in a word document. Frank said he will send out the template. Frank said that in the protected site there will be an actual word document. It will be a PDF. Any clarification will be added to the site protected version. Frank said that we should have our house in order by the November meeting. Paul talked about how the system saves the versions and that the old versions need to be saved. But that the version that appears on the site will be updated one which can be printed off from a PDF file.

Communications: Lorraine wrote to us and asked for suggestion on the Face Book page. Paul brought up the October Fest that it would be good to be on the Face Book page. Also, the annual meeting should be posted on Face Book. Jim also said he will be talking to Lorraine and Stephanie about Halloween night.

Old Business:

The board agreed that the Park reservation shall only be the Pavilion.

Tree planting on the side of the lake. Ryan will be looking to the village about planting trees along the west side of the road by the lake to be a sound barrier.

New Business:

The Pavilion: The board agreed that the park reservation only includes the pavilion.

The Fun Run. The board discussed the fun run. John said that we made a big deal out of giving them advice. Frank asked that we communicate as a board first prior to advising anyone on an idea. The board will then respond via the president’s positions. The Paul advised that we have an issue, should we discuss with our insurance agent. The board agreed to get clarification from our insurance agent as to such activities.

For Sale by Owner Signs: Jim brought up the idea of the “For Sale” by owner signs. Greg asked the question about what we do about the realtor signs. Frank said that the issue is the sign in front of the subdivision. Not the sign in front of their house. Vic said it’s a good idea on their part but we shouldn’t allow. Paul made a motion that the sign out in front of the subdivision cannot be left there. The board agreed to advise the party to remove the signs in front of the subdivision.

Vic volunteered to host the meeting next month.

The next meeting will be on October 13th.

The motion to adjourn was made and passed.



Attendees: Frank Glowacki, Jim Lesage, Dan Noah, Vick Thompson, Paul Youngman, Greg L. Bass, and Lorraine Edington.

The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: Paul said that we have in MM $7000 and in the checking $7779. We have quite a few check payments outstanding. Therefore the amount will decrease. We have one dues payment person, Anderson, outstanding. Jim said he will meet with the attorney to write a letter to the Anderson’s to pay the dues. Jim said that the attorney sends the letter and then 30 days thereafter a lean is filed. Paul said he has a proposed budget for 2017.

Action ITEMS:

Box Truck-Vic said the box truck is gone. He also informed the house with the PODS that they are being reviewed. One POD has been removed. The board moved to issue a letter to the home owner to have the PODS removed because they’ve been in the drive way for months.

Lawn Maintenance Letter: Jim said that he will issue the letter to the homeowner whose lawn needs’ maintenance.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: There was an issue with pickup trucks being stuck in the wetland area. Jim said he will walk the grounds tomorrow, and then go to the village and file a report. Paul said we should not leave the path the way it is much longer.

Lake Committee: Paul paid for the Fish Study.

Architectural: Vick got an email from John regarding the new solar panels, so the issue is closed.

Tech: No Report.

Social Committee: No report.

Communications: Lorraine asked about putting a notice out on Trick or Treat, and notes from the minutes. The board agreed.

New Business:

  1. Potential board positions. Stephanie is stepping down from social chairman, John Skalbeck said he will not be able to attend the meetings, but he would stay on. Jim discussed the social committee, and that we would rather not lose John as Lake’s committee chairman. Frank discussed the idea about changing the lake committee. Vic said he would be willing to be the liaison. Frank said it would be an open board position. John would remain as committee member. He also discussed that we should try to fill the board position but have John work with that person. Dan discussed getting a clarification from John as to if he would be willing to change the meeting dates. Jim said that he would contact John. Vic said he talked to another neighbor, who said that if we needed someone he would do it. Jim said we have another candidate who wants to be on the board. Jim said we would have to offer that person either of the positions. Paul said that he would like to change to be the lakes guy, and have someone else do treasury. He said treasury needs to move to the next. Frank said he and Paul will discuss the position. Greg brought up publishing our needs one we determine what positions we need to fill.
  2. Ivan Nielsons Library book: Jim said that we should get a sketch of what he wants to put up. Vic said he will do the action to request a sketch of the “library.” The board discussed doing a 6 month trial run.
  3. The board discussed the “back the badge,” as well as the “nut cracker sign,” Also there is an issue of the for sale sign that is out in the front of the subdivision. Frank will discuss with the home that is for sale. Frank will discuss with both parties.
  4. Budget: Paul presented the 2017 budget. Paul went over items that we leave on the budget and those that we can remove from the budget. We will leave the Fish Stocking on the budget, as well as the 3 treatments for the lake. Paul present the other items, such as the payments that are due. We had some over run due to the beaver removal and the beaver dam removal. Paul suggested that we leave certain items in the budget so that we can maintain a reserve of $5,000. Jim said we need to replace the fence at the Park. Vic, said we do have replace a couple of items at the playground. The board discussed replacing the climbing item or repairing it. It involves abiding by the codes. Frank will contact a person who may be able to do some repairs at the park. Vic said we should take some of the money we have in reserve and place it in the park repair fund. Paul asked about leaving the money in improvement fund. So Vic said that we should put a name on the fund as to playground upkeep and repair at around $2000. Lorraine brought up that we need to put a dog bag dispenser in the park. Vic discussed the thistle issue at the park. Frank said he didn’t think that weed killer had been used this year. So the issue is more spread. Jim said that the Leitings would do it, but we don’t know if he did. Jim suggested that next year we have the lawn maintenance put out to bid. The board discussed several items regarding the maintenance of the park. If we do the dog bag dispenser Jim said we need to put up signs. Jim said that Ryan will include in the bids next year. Vic asked when we increased dues, it was in 2010. Jim asked if we need another get together to review the budget. Paul said he will do another budget and send it out for the board to review. Lorraine asked if we should put in a fenced in area just for dogs. Jim said, thinking back about the prior board meetings, that we were looking at the village their dog park. Paul said that the land is not owned by the village. Jim said it comes down to a maintenance issue. Frank said it is part of the grand plan. Paul said we need to get a cost for what the fence to be a dog park is.

Jim said he is willing to support the budget. Lorraine and Dan will send out the annual board meeting notice on face book and via email.

Jim said that the stone path on the north side is washing out. Jim asked if we should get stones to fill in the area. Lorraine said she could get the stone and sand from where she works. The board discussed putting things on the side to hold the path together. Lorraine will take a look and see how much we need. We need aggregate stone for now.


1-vic is going to go back to see about the storage pod.

2- Jim will call John Skalbeck. Vic will discuss with the other neighbor.

3- Jim will file a report with the village about the off-roading by the park.

4-vic will get a sketch of the book repository.

5-Frank will take care of the signs issues.

6-Notifications will be posted on Face Book

7- Dan will do the website.

8- Dan will confirm pricing for the doggie bags and the signs.

9- Lorraine will check on the aggregate stone.

10- Frank will have the bylaws and interpretations done. He will ideally have hard copies at the annual meeting with electronic copies on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

River Oaks Annual Board Meeting

November 2016

Attendees: Jim Lesage, Paul Youngman, Greg Bass, Vic Thompson, Frank Glowacki, Lorraine Scanlon, Ryan Zettle, Stephanie Davis and Dan Noah.

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:10:

Jim discussed why the village president and administrator have not attended this year. The agenda and minutes were distributed. Corrections to October minutes were made.

A motion was made to approve the minutes as corrected. The motion passed.

Old Business:

Jim discussed review of the covenants. Frank reviewed the original covenants. He said the reality is that the 1976 covenants and bylaws that are on file at the county offices are the real documents. Frank discussed that we cannot change those covenants and by-laws. We can make clarifications and interpret as well as bring up to date. Frank discussed being more up to date and more transparent. He said it is because of the time passed as well as for realtors and members of the association. He said one thing we haven’t done is to take any of the clarifications made over the last 5 years needs to be placed in the appendix. Frank said we have downloaded a document of the original. Frank reviewed examples of the original language and how we have updated or interpreted the covenants. He talked about the changes made in 2005, and how those things were brought up to date. There will be more that is added. With all of our minutes there will be more from the past. Frank said once updated it will out on our website. A question was asked from the audience about what happens when someone who does not abide by the covenants and by-laws. Frank said the strength is you and I, and then discussed the recourse of what happens when someone does not abide by the covenants and by-laws. Frank said it is important that we retain the flavor of the covenants and by-laws. Jim discussed the recourse actions that we can take including leans, use of police force, or legal suit. Jim said the worst case is the use of an attorney. Ryan discussed the idea of respect for neighbors etc. Jim discussed the process and step by step correspondence and letters that are sent out when there is a violation. Frank added that there are typically face to face conversations that happen. Paul said we are a volunteer board as well and discussed that we are trying to maintain balance. Paul said there is always board action. Frank said, “stay tuned,” it’s simple and transparent. Jim said our attorney’s do give us a lot of free advice.

Park Work: Jim discussed the work that has been done in the park the last two years. He talked about the playground equipment and what we have to replace in terms of the wood structures. Jim said it is in the budget already. He also said we will replace the fence. He said we have had issues with off-roading. He said that he went to the village and was advised that we go to the police. Jim discussed the idea of a book repository whereby residents could deposit a book and exchange another book. We did go to the person who made the request and asked for an architectural presentation of the repository. Loraine said we did have some people discuss it on Face Book. There was a discussion about it. There was an offer made from the audience to help build the repository.

Jim talked about the park walkway, and what has to be done in order for the park walkway does not wash away. There was a discussion as to closing access so vehicles cannot get down on the path. Lorraine discussed that she can aggregate in the spring. She said the limestone is inexpensive and can be purchased from Menards. Ryan said that the people who did it originally, would be contacted to repair what was done. There was a question as to a warranty; there is no warranty for the work that was done because it is a natural thing. Lorraine said that what we chose was a walking path, not heavier limestone that we should have. Ryan will contact the original contractor to see if can be done in the spring.

Committee Report:

Social: Stephanie said the garage sale and the 4th of July we did offer our help. We are slowly working on transitioning to the board. The neighborhood nights we did put on during the summer. She said we have put a food theme to it. She said our turn out has been decent.

Roads and Grounds: Ryan said we had to deal with the Beaver and the beaver hut. We had a firm come in and knock down the hut; we also had a trapper trap the beaver. Ryan said there is also damage on the other side of the river. Ryan said there are multiple beavers but we haven’t had any other reports of damage. So currently, we’re okay. He said we also put in a new path in the park as well as new asphalt paving. Ryan reviewed other work that had been done in the park. Stephanie said we did organize a spring beach cleanup. Ryan said we are getting estimates for a new fence, and we hope to have a new fence up by spring. He is getting quotes for lawn services as well. He said we are looking at pricing for landscaping. He said he is looking at the plan for the park, and putting up a display of what River Oaks looked like and the progress that has been made over the years, something like a window box. Jim handed out examples. Lorraine said there is an interest in getting help from the historical society. Jim said that the real association began in 1985 when they began collecting dues. A question was asked about the lawn service: The one boat installation on the south is in bad shape. We will look at it. A question was asked about the remains from the beaver hut-as to what it is. Paul said it is a native plant, and we’re keeping an eye on it. A question was asked to the boat that was floating around. No one knew what happened to it. Vic said it was pulled up on the beach. Paul said that all the boats are accounted for. All the boats that have stickers are accounted for. Jim said there 69 boats that are recorded. A question was asked about the island, and the issues that need to be taken care of. The question was asked if there are any plans for the island. Jim said the island has been left by itself in a natural state. He said we have talked about it, as to a plan. Paul said we talked about that in the winter we could get some sand over there and fix up the beach. Jim said the lake has not been dredged. Lorraine said we did a lakes study, and compared it to historical data and it was found that it is the same as it was.

Communications: Lorraine said we have 65 people on the face book page. She said people are sharing pictures etc.

Architectural: Vic discussed people with box trucks, signs in the yard, pods in the yard. He discussed the exercise of developing solar panels on the roof. The panels were installed and are now part of the new guidelines. We had a lot of discussion about trees, and the tree loss we’ve had. He said that we’re looking at if you wanted to cut down a tree you would have to put another tree up. A question was asked about putting up trees along the road on the lake side whereby we could possibly block the freeway noise. A discussion was held about putting trees along the area across the road from the park.

Technical committee: Dan said he has done a lot of updates on the back end, and the push we have made for the social idea, face book, and putting up adds, pictures, etc. Dan we’re trying to make a move to archive and document everything. He said we are talking about getting on-line payment ability for payment of dues. He said that we are moving toward on-line as the real source for information. Dan said we don’t put all of our ideas on the site because we don’t want to get the site over run. There is a contact method on the web page. Dan said that when houses are for sale, we are pushing the realtors to contact us, and give us information on the people moving in.

Budget-Treasurer’s Report: MM $7000, Checking $4006 for a total of $11,006. We have no outstanding dues. We are current on all payments, but we have a few reoccurring bills. A question was asked as to how much we have. Jim discussed what we try to maintain as a carry over. He said we invest in improvements. Paul said that a couple of years ago, we had no reserve, now we have established a reserve.

Lakes: Committee: Jim said we will get a copy of his report and put it on the website.


Budget for 2017: The dues are not going up. The issue we had to raise the dues when we did was to an increase cost in insurance. So, we just raised the dues then. Jim said that hoped not to raise the dues for several years.

Paul walked through the 2017 budget. He presented the revenues as well as the comparison between the 2016 and 2017 budget. He said our income is not changing. He said we’re not changing much about our ongoing expenses. He said the insurance did increase again. Roads and grounds and landscaping, Paul said we’re not changing. He said the three mosquito treatments at the lake will also be the same. A question was asked about trees and trees that were removed. Jim said that the trees the village removed were on village property. Paul said we did have to take down the big beaver tree that was damaged. Jim said that we were told by the village board last year, that we had to do anything, we might get help. Lake management, Paul said that our budget for lake treatments was reduced a bit, but we’re going to keep the budget the same. The lake survey, we did this year. We will continue annual fish stocking. We did also do water testing. He said we did put a temperature gauge out in the lake. Projects, Paul discussed website design and the social committee as outlays we put out there but not spend the money. The landscape budget includes damages, so we paid for the beaver removal. As we look at the 2016-2017 the budget increases only at around $200. Paul reviewed our cash basis from beginning to end with a goal of keeping a $5000 for a reserve. Paul said we do not keep a legal fund.

A motion was made to approve the budget and it was accepted for 2017.

Board Positions:

Stephanie will be leaving as chair of the social committee chair. Also the lakes committee chair, John will be leaving the board. Jim asked that if there is anyone interested, please contact us. Any resident is welcome. A question was asked as to posting the position.

Schedule for all the board meetings are posted out on the website. It was discussed that with the dues notice that there was a flyer with the dates of the board meetings etc.

Jim closed the meeting discussing the history of River Oaks and doing something in terms of the window box at the park. Ryan discussed the reason why the lake was named Russo; it was because of the guy who dug the lake out. A deal was made with a builder and the original land owner, so that was how the lake got named Russo.

A motion to adjourn was made and the meeting was adjourned.

Meeting Schedule:

January 19- Jim Lesage

February 16-Frank Glowacki

March 16-vic Thompson

April 20-Pual Youngman

May 18-Greg L. Bass

June 15- Ryan Zettle

July-no meeting

August 17- Lorraine Eddington

September 21-Vic Thompson

October 19-Dan Noah

November-Annual Meeting

December-No meeting