2015 Board Meeting Minutes

River Oaks HOA Minutes

January 2015

Attendees at the meeting were: Jim LaSage, Stephanie Davis, Jeff Olson, Dan Noah, Brian Conway, Paul Youngman, and Frank Glowacki:

The meeting was begun at 7:30 PM. The minutes were approved as read.

Election of Officers:

Jim LaSage was elected as president. Frank Glowacki was elected as vice president. Brian Conway is chairman of roads and grounds, Greg Bass-secretary, Dan Noah –tech committee, Paul Youngman-treasurer,

Treasurer’s report: Paul paid the property tax bill; he still has a bill from electric. Paul did not send out letters for past dues, he received multiple payments over the holiday. We still have 4 residents who have not paid their 2014 dues. Paul discussed each resident who has not paid and why. He will send out the second notice. New dues will go out in March. Frank asked about taxes and board payments. Greg asked about the policy limits on the liability policy. There was a discussion about outstanding bills. The Rex Plex waived their bill for the annual meeting room rent. There was no substantial changes in the accounts. Paul said we should reserve time for kicking off new projects. We discussed the need for new updated quick books, and also a new laptop computer. Paul said he is getting new information on the computer and doing on-line quick books. Jeff discussed putting due dates dues payments, Jim said as long as the due date message was on the invoice. Jeff discussed that people who are late 10-12 months is a ludicrous proposition. Paul talked about the issues in terms of using an attorney to send a letter out. The board discussed Jeff and Paul’s idea about collecting the dues. Dan discussed the process and language. Greg discussed amendments vs.: changing by laws. Paul said that we need to mail them rather than doing a mailbox drop. Paul discussed the process of doing the dues and charging a late fee. He discussed the reservation about going to an attorney due to the cost. The board discussed the issues of dues payments and how the second notices are applied. Frank discussed if the people were repeat offenders. Stephanie asked about if the invoice stated past dues. Paul discussed record keeping ownership due to change in ownership. Paul discussed charging a late penalty. Jeff made a motion to add a late fee penalty to dues if paid within 60 days with a $25 late fee. The board passed the motion 7 to 1. Brian discussed the language and the idea that the surcharge must be on the second notice. Jeff and Frank talked about the reason we need to surcharge repeat offenders.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: John was not present. Jim read the notes from John. He is talking to firms about fish stocking, and also whole lake treatments. He is discussing the cost between two and three treatments in the lake.

Roads and Grounds: Brian discussed getting bids for the broken up asphalt in the park. He also is getting quotes for the drainage in the play area. Jeff was looking into Beaver control. Dan said that we are searching for a trapper. Brain will look into it. Paul talked about the fence in the parking lot. Brian said that it is an old fence. Jim suggested that we get estimates to replace the fence. Brian will get a cost to do that. Brian said that we will do the projects together. The drainage along with the fence replacement. Brian said that the village will be informed and that for smaller projects we do not need to contact the DNR. Paul mad a motion that we put together a master plan for the park. He said it would be much easier if we had a master plan rather than doing things one at time. Jim suggested that we devote the March meeting to the park master plan. Brian said that he has a master plan from the original subdivision design. So the board agreed to devote the March meeting to a master plan for the park.

Architectural: Jeff said that he saw the couch out in the driveway, as well as other stuff in the driveway. The residents who lived there moved out. Jim suggested that we get a note to the Brooks family who owns the house to advise them that the owners have moved out and left the couch and other stuff in the driveway. Jim discussed that the notice should be that board took care of it but next time be more cautious about their renters. Jeff sent a second notice to the people on 110th who have a trailer sitting out in his driveway. The trailer is part of his work. Jeff said he put out an original letter, plus a second letter of leans etc. He said it might be messy. Jeff said he gave them until February 15.

Tech: Dan updated the mailing list. He will be doing updates on the backend of the website. He said he got the note about the official word on the sound barrier. He said he will do a complete update. Paul asked about the pay pall idea for people to pay through the PayPal account. Dan and Paul will get together and figure it out. Jim discussed the computer and quick books because they are old. We placed money in the budget for those items. Jim asked if we could get the items so we can get the invoices out.

Social Committee: Stephanie said that we don’t have anything going right now. She did discuss that people brought up activities on the ice. But hasn’t had anyone volunteer to assist her. Frank talked about doing park activities less frequently, he said maybe we’re trying to do too much. Stephanie discussed getting an ice cream truck or a Taco Truck there on the park night dates. Jim discussed the July 4th festivities. We know that the people who are doing it now want the board to take over that activity. Stephanie asked about how much work there is to do. The board discussed the July 4th activity. Jim suggested that the board member should be at the park, or take part in the doing the activities. Stephanie said she would email the people doing the July 4th activity now and discuss it with them. Jim said he will discuss with them.

New Business:

Dan discussed people ice fishing on the lake. Dan placed warnings on the vehicles. The board discussed the issue of having cars towed. We have an issue with ice fisherman who does not live in the area.

Jim said we have snowmobile tracks on the lake as well. Jim discussed what happens if the snowmobile goes through the ice.

Jim discussed, as properties are sold who does the form. Jim suggested that we do a process whereby the President does the form, if he’s not available then the vice president will fill out the form, and if they’re not available then the duty falls to the treasurer. Paul asked about doing a letter as to informing the new buyers about the HOA and the dues. Jim suggested that we run that idea past an attorney. He will draft the letter and see what happens.

Mosquito control at the lake. Jim discussed if want to do it again. Greg brought up that we have it in the budget. Paul said that we will do it earlier. Stephanie said we do three treatments.

Jim discussed the mission statement. The board discussed the mission statement that Jeff B. brought up during the annual meeting. Paul read the mission statement. Greg asked if the board should move to the next meeting after people have had an opportunity to read, edit and add. It will be moved to the February meeting. Paul said that we did a flyer last year with the invoices.

Brian brought up an idea about a book club. The book club asked about doing a memorial tree for Jeff B. Brian said he’s not opposed to doing a tree and a plaque, however, how many should do. Jim said it has to be a master plan. The board discussed the idea of a master plan. Jim suggested that we must have parameters. Dan discussed the idea of a memorial row that had regulations, as well as a coordinated idea. Jim said it has merit as part of the master plan.

Old Business: The schedule for the meetings was discussed:

The February meeting will be held at Frank’s house on February 19th.

The meetings will be held at 7:00 PM for the 2015 year. The meeting will be held on the second Thursday in November. The schedule for the meetings will be on the 3rd

February-Frank Glowacki August-Greg Bass

March-Brian Conway September-Paul Youngman

April-Dan Noah October-Jeff Olson

May-John Skelbach November-Annual meeting at a place to be determined

June-Stephanie Davis December-No meeting

July-No meeting

The board discussed a spring pick up day. The board discussed putting up a sign at the entry way for notifying the annual spring clean up day. Jim asked for a volunteer to investigate a sign. Frank said he’d look into that for the board. The signs were effective as far the family nights were concerned.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.