2014 Board Meeting Minutes

River Oaks Association Board Meetings

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January 2014 (The meeting was adjourned at 9:05)

Attendants at the meeting were: John Skalbeck, Paul Youngman, Greg Bass, Jim LeSage, Stephanie Davis, Jeff Bloxdorf, and Dan Noah.

Reading of the Minutes:

The minutes were read and approved.

Election of Officers:

The officers elected were: Jeff Bloxdorf, President; John Skalbeck-Lakes; Paul Youngman-Treasurer; Dan Noah-Tech Committee; Jim LeSage-Vice President; Jeff Olson-Architectural committee chairman; Brian Conway-Roads and Grounds; Stephanie Davis-Social Committee officer; Greg L. Bass-Secretary. John moved that we approve officers and the board approved.

Treasury Report:

Checking balance is $2200 and MM is $5500. Payments are the usual, Pat’s services, utility, garbage and our taxes have been paid. Also, the hygiene lab was paid for the lake test. Receivables: outstanding dues from Moscelli and Vlach have been paid. Brooks is the only person outstanding. Paul has to mail them an official notice. The house was empty and the family moved. The home is being rented. Paul said that next month we’ll send out the 2014 dues. The first notification can be a mail box drop. Paul said that he will do an invoice and advise where to mail the dues.

Jeff brought up if the directory is up to date. Paul discussed getting a letter out that included getting names, addresses etc. update. Stephanie brought up the idea that the question as to persons who would be interested in being on the social committee could be asked. Stephanie said she would do an update letter with questions on it. The plan is to get the dues out by the end of February.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: Brian was not available. Jeff discussed the boat notification. Greg asked about the boat registration. Stephanie said she can add that to the dues/information letter. Greg asked about the dog signs. Jeff said we talked about it at the end of last year. Jim asked about the Pleasant Prairie dog Park being open. Jim said that advising people about the dog park would be better than doing an action in River Oaks. Greg asked about the signs such as “No Dogs on the Beach.” John said he has been talking to people and the orange notifications have been being put on cars without tags. Paul said that he called the police on some ice fisherman who had made a mess on the ice in front of his house and the island. Paul said he has advised other people that they should not be on the ice. Paul said the guy who has the van and the dogs has not paid attention to any warnings. Jim brought up putting up a sign that is a notice. Jeff brought on the question about what the sign should say. Paul brought up that we should explore what the village ordinance is. Stephanie discussed that other people who are not residents, if they ignored the sign then we could have them towed. Jeff discussed the wording on the sign-Jim said that we should word the sign according to the village ordinance. Jeff said the sign should say, “You must be a resident of River Oaks and non-resident with dogs are not allowed.” Paul suggested we need three signs, one at each trail head and one in the front of the park. The board reviewed the village language regarding dogs. Jeff said between now and next meeting we can design a sign. Jim said he might build a new picnic table if cleaned the island up. Dan said he would design a dog sign to show the board for next meeting.

Lakes: John discussed the fish stocking company, Brook Crest. He has communicating with them all fall. John said the guy had quite a story that stocking fish during the winter is better. John told him to go ahead. John said he called the guy a dozen times, but they always had something going on. So, recently, the guy told John it is too cold now. Now he has to wait until spring. John called around and got another company. Wisconsin Pond and Lake Resources. They said it will have to be spring. John said he gave them a list of fish, and the amount of money we have, $2,000. So he now has an order. The order is not completely final. It will come in right around $2,000. John recommended we go with a new company. John said they wanted to sell us an aeration system as well, but we did not budget for that. John said were getting blue gill, flat heads, croppies, and largemouth bass. Paul asked the question about the kind of fish, and John said we did a fish survey. Jeff said small mouth need rocky conditions. John also said it is not a good Walleye lake. He also said we have a good population of Northern and channel catfish. He said Blue Gills will tend to take over things. But we’re ordering high breads. John said the fish survey showed a good balance of things. John said he didn’t have any treatment information, but we have a process of treatments that we have been doing that seems to work so we should continue that process. The board agreed, so we’ll continue that process. The cost is about $5,000. Jim suggested that we send a notice of cancelation to Brooks.

Jeff said that we are going to monitor the cattail situation. He asked if we’re going to measure it. John said that we had decided it was an individual home owner’s prerogative. Paul said that the board will recommend cutting them back. John said we should cut out the area around the culvert. He said he would look at it again. We may ask Brian Conway’s crew to remove the cattails from that area. Paul asked about the long term purpose of the island. What should we do. Dan said that it used to be a place to go. It used to be mowed. Jeff discussed whether or not we should cut an area. Stephanie said it would be an area that we would have to maintain. Dan said, once you get it cut you can mow it with a small mower. Paul asked about planting trees out on the island. Jim brought up the back stop that sunk in the lake. He said we never did get it out. Dan said he knows where it is. If we can find it, we can pull it out. Jim said that it should be removed. Jeff and John discussed the size of the island and John said that his students had mapped the lake last year. Jeff was concerned about the cattail issue and whether they can grow out, we should measure how far out they go. John said they can only grow out so far.

Tech Committee: Dan said there are no major updates. He said that he is preparing a resident list. He said that we need to make a decision as to having one password for everybody. Dan said we can secure the site but we can’t stop someone from printing out the list. Dan said he wants to have it so people can keep their accounts updated. Dan suggested the site can be secured. He said you can go to the Kenosha County tax records and get everybody’s information. Jim brought up changing the password each year when dues are paid. Dan said he’s looking at a site redesign that is more like a “face book” page. Paul brought up the idea of a community “notebook.” Dan said he liked to make less static than it is now. He said he is leaving it stand as is right now, but he has a test site out there and is testing different things. Dan also said has a list of boat stickers. We are going to put a notice about the boat registration in the letter. Stephanie talked about their paddle boat being stolen.

Architectural Committee: Jeff said he was going to send a letter to Vlach about the trailer issue. Now the RV is gone but now there is snowmobile trailer. Most people have moved their trailers and RV’s.

Social Committee/park and recreation committee: Stephanie said that when we send out the dues notice, and allow people to check a box if they want to be on the committee. Jeff said that there was a question about the use of the money as to the parks and the lakes. Jeff said the bylaws indicated that the money has to be used for lakes and the park. She said that we should try to do something before the 4th of July and also an Easter egg Hunt. John suggested a spring clean-up that would include the island clean up. The board discussed that there are a number of activities that could be done, and it could be a scheduled thing that would maximize the facility each and every week.

Old Business:

The board discussed putting a dedicated tree for Priscilla Lehman dedication. The board talked about putting the tree out on the island. Jeff said that he has had his trees treated. Jim had trees taken down due to Emerald Ash disease.

New Business:

Jeff discussed in general what we want to accomplish this year. One project will be the island and the creation of a social committee. The board discussed rebuilding our reserve for future years. Paul talked about promoting the park and its usage. Jeff said, Brian wanted to do something with the parks in terms wild flowers. Greg brought up cleaning up the entry ways. The board discussed that we can charge the legal fees for letters issued to home owners who need to address problems and issues. We discussed the issue of the fence along highway “C.”

Meetings for the year will be as follows:

February 20th: Jeff Bloxdorg May 15th: Brian Conway September 18th: Paul Youngman

March 20th: John Skalbeck June 19th: Stephanie Davis October 16th: Jeff Olson

April 17: Greg L. Bass August 21st: Dan Noah November 13th: Annual



Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved;

Treasury Report:

There is $2177 in checking and MM $5699. We recovered final payments from members. We are still trying to get a hold of one member who has not paid. We will refer this member to an attorney. We only have one member who has not paid dues. We have not paid the park garbage removal so the board will investigate that.

John asked about why we don’t have the village can out. Brian said, that the collection person takes it around and fills it up with the other trash receptacles. There was a discussion about the invoicing for the next years dues, Quick Books. Greg asked about what we were going to put out with the dues. Paul said we were going to send out a note to gather correct names and addresses, request for social committee members, and the boat stickers.

The board, Dan will put out a page with all of the information requested so that we get correct names and addresses. Dan said he will also write up the notifications for the boat stickers. Dan said we will identify boat project this spring. The first step is for everybody to get a sticker on their boat. Stephanie suggested that the due date be in April. We will hold the auction of unclaimed boats in June. Jeff asked about the dues payments. Dues will be due April 1, 2014.

We will be paying around $2,000 for fish stocking.

Committee Reports:

Lakes Committee: John said he had the contract from Marine bio-chemist for the treatments. The process will be the same, 3 applications, and 21 days apart. He said the army core of engineers recommends 56 days and that’s what we do. The bill will be $4800. So the bill comes in a little under the budget. The first treatment will occur on or before the third week April. The first treatment takes place as soon as the ice is gone. Paul asked about if there was a concern about the fish stocking at the same time as the treatments. John said as long as it is not done on the same day, the low levels of chemicals will permit the fish stocking. Paul said the thickness of the ice is a foot to three feet.

John said the original order; we cannot get the larger croppies. We will get little smaller ones. The stocking should take place in April. John will contact the company when the ice is off the lake. The board approved the treatment contract. Brian talked about how thick the ice on the lake is. Brian said there is a good chance we will still have ice then.

Architectural committee: Jeff Bloxdorf explained the position to Jeff Olson. Jeff explained the warning letter process as to keeping the association covenants in order and regard. Jeff asked about the genesis for the complaints. Jeff Bloxdorf explained the rules and issues. He went over the sign issues. There is also a fence limitation. Stephanie asked about adding to their house. The hammer is we can put a lean on the house. The only issue now is the house with the fence on co. trk. C which is falling down. The fence is falling down.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said someone ran over the entry light. We don’t know who did it. Brian also said that he will contact an electrical company to see if it can be fixed. He said the signs need to be fixed as well. He will evaluate it. He said they don’t need to be replaced, just repaired. Brian said that Ginny Fenama has really done a nice job in terms of planting and placing things over at the entry way. He said we really don’t have any plans for the park right now. There was a discussion about placing a tree as a memoriam for Mrs. Lehman. Brian talked about a spot to put a new tree. He said a two inch tree is a not expensive, with a plague. Brian said that the last one he did he put the plague in the stone and place the stone. He said we could have the stone carved out as well. So, he thought it would around $300. John suggested that we do the dedication on July 4th this year.

Greg asked if we were going to do new beach sand. Brian said we could, it’s inexpensive. John asked about the dog manure thing. Dan said, he looked it up, and it can be expensive. There was a discussion about cleaning up the island in terms of cutting the grass. Brian said that kids use it. He also said that geese use the island in the spring. So that the grass is high and it restrains the geese. He asked what the use would be. The board discussed putting a picnic table there with some sand there. Jeff asked if we put pea gravel there. Brian said keeping the point with a beach area. John said to replace the picnic table. Brian suggested using a line trimmer to clean the area out.

John asked about thoughts on cattails around the culvert that controls the lake water flowage. The board discussed cleaning the cattails out and cutting them down below the water line. The board approved Paul, John and Jeff O. to clean the area out. John and Dan said that string works pretty well to keep the geese away. Brian said he’d consider placing gravel on the beach at the island when the lake refreezes.

Tech committee: Dan said he is working on putting the new demo together. Jeff B. asked about the traffic on the website. Dan said come spring we’ll get a lot more in the spring. Dan also said that the new site will draw more traffic with everything that will be on. Greg asked if we were going to put a directory on the site. Dan said we will because we’ll have protection on the site with one general password.

Social Committee: Stephanie sent out an email to association members requesting volunteers to be on the social committee. She discussed Easter egg hunts, chili cook outs, and other activities. Paul discussed a calendar of events, in terms of volley ball and other park activities. The board discussed how to get the rocks out of the volleyball court. Brian discussed using mason sand and removing the rocks. Paul and Stephanie discussed involving the teenagers and younger kids to develop activities. John discussed kicking off the season with an invite to come to the park to develop activities. The dues notice will include language inviting people to volunteer for the social committee. Easter falls in April. Stephanie said she’d like to begin activities in June.

Old Business:

The board was going to check the village ordinance about dogs and put the language on signs that are at the entry way to the park. Paul discussed getting the signs from the village. Paul said that the village is putting in a dog park in the park on 104th street. The board discussed that the dog issue is not the people in the residence here but people who live outside of the neighborhood. Jeff B. discussed that what we really want is people to pick up their dog manure. Stephanie discussed putting the signs with some plastic bags by the signs. Paul said that the people who are not from the neighborhood will not use the bags. John said we should see how the sign works. The board decided to go with the signs first and see what happens. John said having a village sign would be the most effective. Dan agreed, and said there are a lot of responsible dog owners in the neighborhood.

New Business:

Paul brought up the west entrance to C, where a number of cars have been getting stuck. Right by Funks, there is an area where a lot of people are getting stuck. Brian said it’s because of where the village plows.

Greg and Jeff O. discussed people driving through the stop sign on the corner and speeding down 110th aver. We may have the village post a police car on that corner to address violators.

Dan will do the letter for the notification purposes to do with the dues notification. Paul said the invoices and notification letters will be separate pages.

Due notifications will be put out in early March.

Paul will be calling the attorney for the notification of the late dues issue.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05

The next meeting is March 20 at John Skalbeck’s house.


MARCH 2014

The River Oaks board meeting began at 7:30 PM on March 21, 2014. Attendees at the meeting were, Jeff Olson, Paul Youngman, Stephanie Davis, Jim LeSage, Greg L. Bass, Brian Conway, and Jeff Bloxdorf.

The February minutes were read and approved with corrections.

Treasury report: Paul said: total funds $7767 in the MM $5685. We’ve received about 50 payments which have not been deposited yet. The regular reoccurring payments have been paid. We did get receipts from paying our property tax. We just received our insurance, the premium is $2194. The amount includes the increase in the umbrella to $2,000,000. Paul is still following up on the Brooks outstanding dues. All the dues are out. Paul asked if we confirmed if we need to file taxes or not. Jeff said that we have to file a return, last year it was only $25.00 Jeff said he would do it. The board approved paying the insurance premium. Brian said 50 people paid within two days of receipt. Jeff asked how many total houses are there, Paul said we did 144 dues packages.

Lakes Committee: No report. John Skalbeck was not present.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said that Mrs. Funk called and agreed to pay for the repair of the light fixtures at the entrance. Brian said he will put new fixtures in that are green. Brian said he did not get to evaluating the entry way signs which need landscaping and updating. He also said he is looking into the engraved stone for Mrs. Lehman. (There was a fire emergency in the middle of the meeting across the street-we forestalled the meeting for a few minutes). Brian said he looked at new volleyball nets. Brian said it is heavier and much more resilient than the current one. The current one has been there for 15 years. The board approved purchasing the new net. Brian said he will also be meeting with someone about the dog signs we want to put up in the park. Paul asked about checking into if the village is still doing the dog park on 104th street. Brian also said he is looking into new sand at the beach and putting some light gravel out on the island beach. Jeff asked if we could roto-tiller the beach. Brian said that it was a good idea. Brian said he couldn’t get his truck out on the island to do the gravel because the snow was too deep. Jeff asked if we had anymore big projects for the park. We have, as Paul said, a plan to increase park activity. Jim asked about when the last time the Gazebo was stained. It was two years ago. Paul asked about if we think we need new picnic tables. We have four, we need to have six. Jim asked about where we purchased them. Brian said that the guy we purchased them from is still building them. Greg asked about the price on them. Brian said he would get the price and availability of new tables.

Tech committee: Dan was not here. There were several request after the dues were delivered people did request boat stickers. Dan will give Greg the list so he can deliver the boat stickers. The boat stickers stick on the boat. Greg mentioned he would ask Dan to get the 2013 and 2014 minutes up on the website. Also, Jeff Olson’s name needs to be added to the board members as the chair of the Architectural committee. Jeff asked about what’s come in. The responses were by email. Brian said the master sheet of contact names is in Quick books.

Architectural Committee: Jeff said there seems to be political sign issues. Jeff said that in the bylaws it forbids political signs in yards. Jeff said that Fonk’s fence line is falling down, and asked if we should do something about it. Jeff asked if we should do something about the fence. Jeff will send a letter with a time frame to get it done. The board had a discussion regarding the fence and the letter is signed by the “The Board.” Greg and Jeff discussed the issue of political signs.

Social Committee: Jeff asked about if there was anyone who wanted to be on the social committee. Stephanie said that 7 people said they would be interested. They were Michael Grishew, Susan Dunk, Amy Klein, and Jeff and Julie Petersen. Other volunteers were also Lisa and Abby Bloxdorf also wanted to be on the committee. Paul suggested that a notice be sent out to notify all the volunteers. Jim said it should go to the board and come from the board. Paul suggested that Stephanie contact the people who volunteered via email and copy the board. The board discussed how to solicit ideas about what can be done. Paul asked if they are planning to do anything for Easter.


Stephanie said Bonnie Landware had volunteered last year to do a new directory. But we did not have a list. Greg brought up old directory that had information about people in the neighborhood who provide services. Jeff asked if you could print a directory off of the website. Paul said we need Dan’s input on it. Stephanie said that if we’re going to do a service, then we have to do another survey. Jeff suggested we just open it up on the website. Jim said when the passwords go out they change each year upon payment of dues. We will wait until Dan comes to the next meeting to discuss it. The board discussed the privacy issue of having names and addresses on the directory. The directory will be put on the website with a protection. We will discuss the directory at the next meeting.

New Business:

The board discussed finding an assistant for the Tech committee due the amount of work to be done. Jeff will discuss with Dan and ask him to bring his computer to the next meeting. We will discuss at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54.

The next meeting is at Greg’s house on April 17.


APRIL 17 2014

ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Jeff Olson, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway, Paul Youngman, Jeff Bloxdorf, and Dan Noah.

The meeting started at 7:35 PM.

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved.

Treasury Report: Paul Youngman gave the report. The total balance is $23, 454. The checking is $1983 and the money market is $21,470. Paul made a deposit for $10,800. There are 15 dues checks to be deposited. There is the insurance and a few other outstanding bills that have yet to be paid. The reminder notices will be done next week for people who have not paid. Paul received a new invoice from the Lighting’s who do the lawn mowing. Also the rent for the annual meeting has to be paid. John also said that he was due a check for the water sampling that was done. Brian also said that we received an envelope from the State of Wisconsin. It was a DNR registration fee notice. The registration allows us to continue to treat and stock fish.

Lake Committee: John said he checked with the treatment company, and said they would do the first treatment no later than April 28th. The fish company is scheduled to deliver and do the stocking between the 2nd week in May and the 2nd week in June. John did enquire about adding more fish due to the fish kill. Unfortunately, for the spring the fish are all spoken for. We could order another stocking for sometime in October or a fall stocking. Jeff said he has seen people catching bass. Paul said that multiple stockings might be a good thing. John discussed the observations around the fishing pier. He said he dragged a Christmas tree off the ice. John said it is still in water. John said that some people believe you should things to the lake for fish crib. The board discussed it, and decided it shouldn’t be in there. The board discussed the other items that may be in the lake, a picnic table, a hockey net, and other things that people have put out on the lake and left there. John said that there is a sampler also in the lake. Greg said he would be in favor of charging people when the board has to have things removed from the lake. The board discussed the issue. John said he remembers where the hockey net. There is a picnic table on the lake. Jeff B. asked about the treatment process. John said that there are three treatments to be done. John said he will look into the issue of Christmas trees being thrown in the lake. Paul suggested we look into it if it is an appropriate way to create a fish crib. John said there will be 100 crappie, 150 bass, and hybrid blue gill placed into the lake. The board discussed the level of fish that died due to the ice freeze. The fish were cleaned up by the seagulls and the crows.

Brian said he’s been recording the water level in relation to the culvert; today it was 5 inches above the culvert which was normal. The last bit of ice melted on April 8th. In 2012 it was 5inches above. In October during the heat wave it was 6 inches below. Last fall, we had a flood and it was high, so the culvert was closed. John said he cleaned out the flapper because it was stuck. He said over time it settles in and then the flapper gets stuck. Paul, John and Jeff O. said they will remove the cattails and keep the area cleaned out. The water is now at a normal level. Jeff B. asked about closing the gate during treatment.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said that the picnic tables, the place where he bought them have just started stocking them. We got a quote from great lakes for the light at the entry way, he said option 1 to replace it is $450, option 2 is to replace with two LED fixtures, that is $1400, and there is one more light at the entrance, which would be $2100. Brian said we have three lights. The quote was a lump sum quote. John asked if the one that is not broken is subject to failure. Brian said that it is really old. He said they don’t burn out very often. Jeff B. asked if the LED’s could be replaced. Brian said that they could be relamped. Brian said the LED’s are 100,000 hour or around 30 year light span. He said the lights are on for 8 hours per day. The photocell that is there is not working and must be fixed. John asked about doing one that is broken and seeing how it works. Jim said that we don’t want it to look bad and we should just go LED. Jeff B. said if we’re spending $100 a month, we should just go LED. Dan said we really don’t have to go out to bid due to the pricing. He said we should also go three LED’s. Greg said we can’t charge the lady the LED price only the replacement cost. Jeff O said that we should just pay for one and charge her partially for the other. Jeff B. suggested we pay for the LED’s and tell the party in question to fix their fence instead as a deal. Jeff B. said we should make a deal with them if they fix the fence. Brian said he will email the party to discuss the issue. Jim made a motion to replace the lights with the LED. Dan seconded the motion. The motion carried with 6 years, 1 nay, and one abstention. Brian said he inspected the entry ways and there is work that needs to be done. Brian made a proposal to do the landscaping the work. The quote was $815 to redo the entry ways. Greg made a motion to accept the proposal from Brian to do the entry way work. John seconded the motion, the motion passed unanimously. Brian ordered the volley ball net. He said we will do the sand at the beach before Memorial Day.

Dog signs, Brian said he has not followed up on that yet.

Tech Committee: Dan said he did major updates to the site. People can now register on the site. He updated the calendar. Dan said once he has true names and addresses he can get that done. There will be a gallery out there. He said there will be quite a bit more, there will be more options. The directory is up going. Paul asked about any thoughts about a want ads board. Dan said he is looking into that, not only an event calendar, but also a want ads section. He said it has to come to us first. There is separate registration for board members. Jeff B. asked about reserving the pavilion calendar, Dan said you have to register before you can reserve the pavilion. Dan said you also get a confirmation.

Dan said that he emailed Greg all the boat stickers in order to distribute them. We received several requests for the boat stickers. It appears some people have removed their canoes. Dan said there is no reference to the board. Everything is through the IP address, so we don’t get anymore blind emails. Stephanie asked if they have tags for their windows for the park. Greg said he has a few. Dan talked about the issues with the new residents that they have to have tags, and a welcome wagon. The board discussed the idea of having an assistant for the TECH committee. Brian suggested we asked an ex-board member’s son who now lives in the neighborhood.

Dan suggested a flyer to go out in terms of the website and what can be done on it. Paul suggested that it be combined with the social committee activities.

Architectural committee: Jeff O. said that he put the letter out regarding the fence along Highway C. Brian will approach the party about the offer to have them spend the money toward the fence. Jeff O. also said he did not send a letter out on the political signs. The signs are now down. Jeff said there is a person who wants to put on a new addition, so doing a new roof is not an issue. Stephanie said there is a fence between her house and her neighbor’s house. She said her husband wanted to fix it. Jim Lesage suggested it comes under normal maintenance. Brian discussed that you don’t need a permit for landscaping, but you do for decks, and you do for other building.

Social committee: Stephanie said that the Easter egg hunt went off well. The social committee is being organized. Stephanie said that the first organizational meeting will be held in May. Greg suggested that the social committee meet before the garage sale. The people who organize the garage sale should be on the social committee. Stephanie will be planning a meeting in May before the May board meeting.

Old Business:

The board discussed the Lehman tree and memorial. Paul will give a Maple tree to Brian for the purpose of planting it in the park. There will also be a stone placed there.

Updated directory has been done on line.

New Business:

The board discussed doing a spring clean up. Paul discussed it in regards to having a get together next weekend, on April 26th, an email will go out for the clean up at 1:00. People will meet at the park.

The next meeting will be on May 15 at John Skalbeck’s house.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


May 15, 2014

ATTENDEES: Jim Lesage, Jeff Olson, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway, Paul Youngman, Jeff Bloxdorf, and Dan Noah.

The meeting started at 7:30 PM.

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved.

Treasury Report:

Paul Youngman gave the report. The total balance is $26,902. There were deposits of $4,200 and payments for expenses of $752. There are 26 residents that have not paid the 2014 dues. A second notice will be sent out to them.

A lien was placed on the Brooks as a result of them having multiple years of unpaid dues payments in arrears. The cost of the attorney fees were added to the lien.

Lake Committee Report:

The fish stocking occurred on 5/2/2014 which included black crappie, hybrid bluegills, largemouth bass, and minnows.

The chemical treatment of the curly leaf pond weed began on 7/7/2014. It will be a 56 day treatment so the gate will be closed during this period.

The gate on the river side was fixed and now it completely closes.

Roads and Grounds Report:

A sugar maple tree was planted in the park in honor of Priscilla Lehmann. A plaque will be made and placed at the base of the tree after the July 4th bike parade. River Oaks will pay for the new tree.

A new volleyball net was purchased and installed to replace the old one that had worn out. The cost of the net was $175.

One of the entrance sign was tuck-pointed, painted and new LED lights were installed. Many of the plants around the sign died over the winter and we will ask residents to donate their excess plants to replace them. We will do this on the view.

Teasel weed have overrun a section of the park wild flower area, and it was sprayed with chemical as it was too late to do a burn.

Two picnic tables are on order and they should be arriving shortly.

Social Report:

The social committee had their first meeting on 5/8/2014. It was decided to have a Neighborhood Nigh every Thursday during the summer from 6:00-8:00pm. Activities would include volleyball, horseshoes, Frisbee golf, and games.

It was decided that we would purchase two signs to place at each entrance every week notifying them of this event.

Technology Report:

15-17 residents have registered on the River Oaks website.

The calendar feature to reserve the pavilion is still not working. Dan Noah has manually gone on the system and reserved the pavilion for all of the residents who have emailed the board requesting to reserve certain dates.

It was decided that we would not put any boats up for auction that did not have a boat sticker. A letter would be sent out again notifying residents that we would give them an extension until September to get a sticker on their boats stored at the park.

Dan Noah will train the board on how to input data and manage the website at the August 2014 board meeting.

Old Business:

A clean-up of the park and roads was competed on 4/26/2014

The next meeting will be on June 19, 2014 at the pavilion at the park beginning at 7:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


JUNE 19, 2014

Attendees: Jeff Olson, Jim LeSage, Stephanie Davis, Brian Conway, Greg Bass, Jeff Bloxdorf, Paul Youngman, Dan Noah, and John Skalbeck

The meeting began at 7:30PM and was held at the River Oaks park pavilion.

The minutes were read and approved with one correction. Greg Bass did not attend the meeting

Treasurers Report:

We are down to 13 outstanding dues. That is equal to $2800. Paul said he hasn’t sent out the reminders yet. The only multi-year people are the Brooks who are renting their residence out. The Brooks owe $924. The checking account is $6964. The MM is $21,464. There is another $525 to be deposited. We did receive Ken Lehman’s donation. Ken also sent us a letter. The grand total in the bank is $28,428. We are going to see how the next couple of weeks ago and send out a letter to all who haven’t paid by July 5th.

We haven’t gotten a bill from the Fish stocking or the weed treatment. The fish will be around $2,000 and the lake treatment will be around $5,000. Brian Conway also presented a couple of bills from great lakes electric ($2,000). The picnic tables were $450 a piece, they are cedar and stained. They will be chained soon.

Roads and Grounds: The entry way project has been done. Clean up at the parks including cattails has been done. New picnic tables have been placed in the shelter. Mulch has been placed around the plants. There has also been 30 yards of new sand put in the beach area. The volley ball area has been weeded, edged and new sand placed in the court. New Signs will be put up and painted as well. The board talked about buying new shrub roses and decided to do that. The old ones died.

Lakes: John said we’re near the end of the treatment period. With the weather the way it has been, the gate has been cracked open and water allowed to flow out. The chemicals are still in the water so the lake is treated. The gate is open and the water is flowing out. The board discussed how long we’re going to leave the gate open. Jeff B. said he’d like to leave the water level up a little bit. Brian said it’s up about a foot right now. Jim said he would rather keep it up a little right now. He said we can always lower it later. John said we don’t have to get any permits to do the lake control. Brian said we should close it when it’s about 6 inches high in the culvert. John said he didn’t feel we should be regulating the water level with the gate. The board said we will close at 6 inches. John said in August some German students are coming to Park Side, bio systems modeling in Germany. They will be doing a study on our lake. There will be measuring in the lake. John said he will be using some paddle boats. John also said that we could use some additional equipment for the study. He said it could be handy for the Association to have some equipment. He proposed the board purchase some equipment that would run $500 to a $1,000. He said he would get more information on that and present at the next board meeting. John will send by email and the board will vote on it. The equipment would be instruments used to measure and monitor the lake. John said that the data we have on the lake will be really helpful to us and the association. We’ll learn more about the lake. The German expert coming is an algae expert, so we’ll learn. John said there is kind of a balance in our lake. He said we may be at a find balancing point now in terms of algae control because we haven’t wiped out everything. He said heavy phosphorous is in the bottom of the lake and when the lake turns, it brings on algae. He said it doesn’t last long. John said part of the study will be to determine the nutrient levels in the lake. Paul asked if we were able to identify certain weeds in the lake. Brian said it is a native plant that is good to have in the lake. Paul said it seems to be expanding. Brian said it is good to have a little bit of plants in the lake.

Architecture: Jeff said that there is not much going on. The fence is still in need of repair. Paul said he talked to the resident and that after graduation they will plan on fixing the fence. Jeff also said that he has not heard anything more from the people who want to do renovation on their home on 110th avenue. They want us to look at the plans. Jeff B. brought up the issue of the Brook’s boat not being marked. The home is at 8616 113th. Jeff brought the use signs in the neighborhood soliciting for church picnics.

Tech: Dan said he has 5 more signups for the sites. He also said that he discovered the problem with the sign up. Dan said there is $60 onetime fee, so we have to pay that. There are 15 signups for pavilion use. The spam block has worked. Also he distributed 8 more boat stickers. Dan said he will get the board set up so they can post news events. He will get us all instructions on how to do that. During the August meeting, Dan will give us a tutorial. Jeff B. asked what is the plan about how we get rid of the orphaned boats. Paul said do we put a sign on the boat as being orphaned and that it will be sold. Dan said he will get stickers for that purpose.

Social committee: The River Oaks social family night has been successful. The first night there were 15 families and there has been a good turn out every night since then. Stephanie said that we should continue to do that. Stephanie suggested that one night that we should get a taco truck here during the family night. She will send out an email to the social committee. There has been a suggestion for local band nights etc. Stephanie said will send an email to the committee next week. On the 4th of July, there will be a bike parade at 10:00 in the morning and then there are hot dogs and refreshments at the park. There will be a ceremony after the parade. Brian said we should have a board picnic on that day. Paul suggested that we contact Jane and post on the website. Jeff O. has been picking up the signs and has been putting them out as well. Paul will pay the sign company.


No new business

New Business:

Do we spray the park? Stephanie said we do 3 applications per summer. Dan suggested we do the area around the pavilion. John said we should get an estimate. Jeff said we should decide what we should do. It should be around $300. There have been a lot of complaints about the mosquito issue. Brian said just spraying around the pavilion would not be effective. John said basically the pavilion area and the playground area as well as the volleyball area. Brian said he doesn’t think it’s effective for the money. Jeff said we can try it and see. Jim said it’s worth a try because the residents are expecting something to be done. We can try it so we should. John said it could put the whole thing to rest if we try it. Jim LeSage will contact Nature Scape to see what we can have done.

John said the post caps for our fishing pier got ripped off. He said they make wood caps, so we should just use those. John said he will purchase and put them on.

Greg brought up the idea of having the garage sale a week later than we have been having it because of the school issue. The board suggested that Greg talk to Jan Brandeis.

The meeting was closed and adjourned at 8:40.

River Oaks HOA Minutes

April 2015

Attendees: Jeff Olson, Jim LeSage, Brian Conway, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, John Skalbeck, Dan Noah, and Paul Youngman.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM


The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report: Paul reported that he had gotten a number of dues. He made a deposit of $10,200 with an additional 17 checks to be deposited. The checking account is $3624 and MM is $16,360. Paul indicated that the MM has a minimum balance. He worked with the bank to waive the fees because the interest is negligible. Jim LeSage will also get authorization to manage the accounts at BMO. Paul said we are now in the cloud and also have on-line access. Paul said he paid the fish licensing fee and the postage due fees as well. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Action Items:

  1. 60 days for filing of lean when dues are not paid. The issue is how long we wait when we file leans. Greg discussed how leans had been done in the past. Jim discussed that we don’t have a written policy and we need to have a written policy. Paul discussed how we capture a motion and how we record those in the futures. The board discussed process, rules, and how we do motions. Jeff brought up that we have to have something to site in terms of rules and procedures. John said we have gotten legal opinions that it is impossible to change the covenants, but we can codify procedures and rules. The board discussed that thus far we have taken a soft approach, because the bylaws allow the board some authority. The bylaws allow the board to take action within 60 days. Dan said the language as is allows us to treat each case on a case by case basis. Paul discussed the attorney’s opinion he received in regards to a case we had in 2014. Jim said that he would recommend that if you haven’t paid your dues within 12 months then an action should be taken. The board discussed procedures. Jim recommended that board form a committee to make a recommendation to the board as to established procedures.
  2. Beaver control: Brian said the trapper has been out a couple of times. He wants to know if there has been a beaver sighting. The trapper was worried about putting traps that would be dangerous. So, Brian gave the trapper authority to trap the beaver.
  3. Realtor Website: Dan and Jim are working on it. Dan said updates are being done.
  4. Welcome new residents: Stephanie said that we should have a new to the neighborhood newsletter explaining how to use the website, plus other information on the social committee, boat storage, and other rules. She said she was going to get a stack of menus from local restaurants. The mirror tags should come with the house. Jim said he has been asking realtors for the exact names of the new buyers. Jim asked if Stephanie has help or needed help as well. She said she was going to get welcoming cards as well. Stephanie will put together a rough draft of the welcoming letter. Paul asked if on the realtor site if there could be a form that the realtor fills out.
  5. Re-Stain of park Pavilion: Frank is looking into the materials to get the board.
  6. Edging for park walkway, “soldier edging.” Brian said he is getting pricing for paving. Brian said other members indicated that the idea is not in line with the park, it is not for a formalizing edging or memorial issue. Brian indicated that the majority of the people said that we should just focus on maintaining the park. Jim brought up what about if someone wants to put up a memorial item, tree, or some other memorial type in the park. We have a couple down at the park now. We have had unique issues, and John said it took on a life of its own, so there’s no formal policy or plan. Brian said that we’re formalizing a master park plan and that that should either be a part of or not a part of the plan. Jim suggested that we should keep the memorials out of the park. The board discussed and agreed. Paul made a motion that as far as the master plan of the park this year we do not have any memorilizations further. The board approved.

Lakes: John discussed that we have to get a fish farm license that allows us to treat. He also said we have to get a fish stocking license which the fish stocking people get. John said that is all done in the process. He said that treating firm indicated they’re waiting until the lake warms up. The fish stocking company stocks when the fish are ready, we do get a notice.

The board discussed the need for having fish licensing.

Architectural: Jeff said the one trailer was moved. Jeff said he also sent a letter out to the guy who’s hiding a trailer behind his home. The letter requested that the trailer be moved. The trailer is still there. Jeff asked if the board wanted him to send out a second letter. John said that the time frame on that second letter is two weeks. The board agreed it’s time for the second letter to go out. Jeff said there was another first notice that went out due to a big red boat sitting in the driveway.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said the tree guy is coming out on Monday. He is going to take down the big cottonwoods as well as the ash trees that are infected with the ash borer. The firm is Eagle Tree Service. Brian also contacted the lawn maintenance person, it will continue at the same price. Brian indicated the weeds will be sprayed. He said he’s getting the price on a new fencing, drainage, and asphalt. John spoke about what happens when it rains that a lot of water piles up in an area and then runs down onto the beach. Brian discussed having the path crowned, so he and John are going to take a look at that. Stephanie said one of the bases of the swings is broken as well. Jim said there are other issues as to the railroad ties laying in the park.

Tech: Dan said that he has been making a lot of updates. Dan discussed the issue with the security system. Paul said he is getting the emails to the treasurer. Dan talked about using the Quick books functionality rather than also using Pay Pal. Greg asked the question about reserving the park. Dan said he tested it and it worked. It appears you have to have full access to the site in order to reserve the website. He also said that the realtor form will be up. He said he is going to put a utube video out there about the fish stocking. Brian said that he had a few people test the site and that it worked. Jeff asked about how to make the access unique.

Dan also talked about issuing new tags. Paul made a motion that we address the policy to address the stickers and the mirror tags and parking passes. The motion passed.

Social Committee: Stephanie said she got information on the Kona Ice Truck for it to come to a River Oaks family night. She said they would come out to the family night. The board asked Stephanie to find out if there is a cost. Stephanie said we can get a tether ball for around $300. The motion was made by Paul and seconded by John to purchase the tether ball set. There was a discussion about researching the pricing. Brain said he will get a price for the foundation. The motion passed.

New Business: By laws about trucks and trailers. Should B 15 be modified as to policy and procedure. Jeff said he was trying to bring clarity to the by law. He said we need to provide guidelines and define it. The board discussed rules and regulations and making a section in the by-laws, rules and covenants. The board discussed the section in the covenants titled rules and regulations. The board committee will research.

River Oaks clean up date: The date is Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 10:00-12:00.

Paul brought up the following: Directories, are we going to do that anymore?

Facebook-we have a facebook page.


Action: rules and procedures-review-committee

Policies and procedures for parking passes-monitoring.

Realtor website

Welcome package for new people.

Dumping with village of Pleasant Prairie

Tether ball price

Kona Ice Truck.

Record Keeping-How do we find these things.

Banking authority

The Next meeting will be Paul’s house rather than John’s. The meeting will be held on

May 21 at 7:00