2013 Board Meeting Minutes

River Oaks Board Association Meeting

January 2013

Attendees were: Jeff Bloxdorg, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, and Jim LeSage.

Election of officers:

There was a discussion as to the election of officers. Jeff Bloxdorf accepted the position of President. John Skalbeck will continue to do the lake committee, Brian Conway will continue to do Roads and Grounds, Greg will continue to be the secretary position, Bruce Milne was elected as Vice President, Paul Youngman was elected treasurer, Dan Noah will remain as Tech/communications officer.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes were reviewed and approved.

Review of Treasury for 2013:

The 2013 budget was reviewed and accepted as final.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: The fishing pier is nearly done. The rails need to be done. John discussed the construction as to a top piece that has to be done yet. John discussed what the railing must be like and as well as top over part of the deck. So, there is some finishing that needs to be done. Jeff and Jim discussed doing a back fill rather than putting steps up to the deck. Brian said he gave him a design that was changed by the Eagle Scout Troop leader. Brian said that he will look at and raise the grade or put a step up.

Brian discussed replacing playground equipment. Stephanie brought up that a resident –Bonnie-had given her stuff for playground equipment. Brian said you can’t buy individual pieces. Stephanie said she will investigate the equipment information. Stephanie said she knows what her kids like so she can look at the stuff. Jeff asked if we’re going to take down the old stuff. Brian said, no, we’ll just add new stuff. Stephanie said she would get a couple of people together, and look at the playground equipment. John said we need to replace the volleyball net. Brian said they did some new sand but might do more. Jim talked about raising the entire walkway by adding gravel to it.

Brian said we were still talking about fishing boat storage. Stephanie talked about doing a fund raiser for playground equipment. Jeff said we have the money. Jeff talked about doing the boat storage, and doing another one. Brian said we can do a separate area just to the north. Brian said he will provide a quote for his company to do it. Jeff talked about doing a Frisbee golf course. Jeff said he would look into it. Stephanie said Parkside has their own course. She said that we could do 4 to 5 holes.

Jeff asked about financing the course. Brian said we can pay for it through the treasury.

Lake Committee: John said he doesn’t think that the company stocked the fish. He said it was all arranged to put $1,000 in, but they didn’t stock it. John said there were two fishermen he looked into. The first guy didn’t have his tags. The guy left. The next guy had the tags. So the tags and process are working. Brian said he talked to some guys who had a shanty but they left. Brian brought up getting stickers as warnings for first time offenders. Brian said that it would an indication of first chance. The next time your car would be towed. Jeff brought up putting up bigger signs needs to be done. Jeff brought up a suggestion from a resident that we need to put up brighter sign. John said we kept the gate closed for the water to come up and it has.

Architectural Committee: Jeff said we did send a letter to a guy on the river, and the individual got rid of the boat. Jeff said we haven’t had an issue with snowmobiles on the lake. Brian said that if Jeff is going to be president that Jeff should not be architectural committee. We discussed assigning the architectural committee to the VP. That position will then go to Bruce.


We discussed the dues being sent out. That is the next task that has to be done. Greg volunteered to hand deliver the dues notices. Jeff brought up if we had placed leans on the homes for sale in the neighborhood. We discussed the homes in the neighborhood that were for sale and sold. Hildreth sold his home and we believe the old Steve Stanczak home sold. Jeff said he would check with Ron and Bill to get the treasury items and documents.

NEW BUSINESS: We discussed Jim brought an idea as to Coyote Posters that work to keep geese away. Brian said it is short lived. Jeff said we should put them just before nesting season. John said string works effectively. He said geese don’t like to cross things that are barriers. Brian said one year they put all the way around the lake. It worked. Jeff asked when geese begin to lay eggs. Brian said it depends on the weather. Jeff said we can discuss later about doing something to keep them off the island.

John brought up about doing something about eliminating the cattails and other plants that are growing in front of the culvert and gate. John said he’s concerned about the intervention and flow through the culvert. John said there needs to be an open pathway. Jim brought up that he thought there was a new chemical for spaying aquatics. Jeff said you have to chop them a couple of times. Brian said that some people actually plant them; John said they do make a decent buffer from the lawn to lake. Jeff asked what we wanted to do. Jim suggested that we put something up on the website about the chemicals that can be used to eliminate cattails. Jeff indicated we are concerned about putting chemicals in lake. Jeff brought about if there is a liability issue regarding putting something out on the website about using chemicals in the lake. Jeff asked if we could, as a committee, make a decision about removing them from the lake. John said we actually have more lawn up to the lake than we should. So in some cases the cattails buffering the lake can be good as buffer zones. It helps the water quality. He said the low visibility is due to the fertilizer run-off in the lake. He said that is something we could look into as to the use of chemicals and fertilizer especially the phosphorus use. John said fertilizer companies are making products without phosphorous in them. Greg advised that we could put that as a recommendation on the site. John said if we passed a regulation that we should not use anymore phosphorous fertilizer. Not using such chemicals would help the lake clarity and quality. John said the issue is the drought has lowered the lake so the chemicals have more of an affect. Stephanie brought up doing an email to everyone in River Oaks about. Stephanie brought up that Bonnie Landwehr would prove read a directory, as well as complete email addresses. Greg will get Bruce and Paul’s email addresses. Jim brought up the discussion about carrying additional liability coverage. We talked about having Chuck Christensen back to discuss the coverage as far as liability coverage.

Jeff summarized the meeting and stated the goals for the board for the next meeting.

Meeting schedule:

February 21-Jeff Bloxdorf

March 21-Brian Conway

April 18-John Skalbeck

May 23-Greg L. Bass

June 20- Stephanie Davis

August 22-Dan Noah

September 19-Bruce Milne

October 17-Paul Youngman

November-Annual Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

River Oaks Board Meeting

February 21, 2013

President Jeff Bloxdorf called the meeting to order at 7:45. Board members in attendance were:

Jeff Bloxdorf, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway, Stephanie Davis and Greg Bass. Members not in attendance were Bruce Milne, Paul Youngman, Jim LeSage and Dan Noah.

Minutes were read and accepted.

Confirmation of officers: We have to discuss this at the next meeting. Jeff collected the files from Ron Kwasny, our ex-treasurer. Jeff said Ron gave him last year’s letter that he did. Greg said last year Ron and his assistant had a member list, but he didn’t know where they derived that from. Denise Gilbert was the person who assisted Ron with the dues and other treasury duties last year. Brian went through the mail that he received from Ron and we received receipt for taxes on the park that were paid. We have bills from Pat’s services for $73.80.

The bank statement was read for January, balance was $13,824.91. The checking account $3,198.45 and the remainder was in the money market for a total of $17,023.36. WE energy bill was paid, and a utility bill was paid.

We reviewed the information from Ron. We will have Bill Stoebig sign checks for us in the interim until we can have the bank authorities change at BMO Harris.

Committee Reports:

Lake Committee: John said Marine Biochemist called and he discussed with them doing the same service we had done last year. John said he discussed doing the same routine, 3 applications. John said we will be receiving a proposal from them which will likely be the same. John said that as soon as the ice comes off, they will begin. Jeff discussed the issues called the “curly leaf pond weed,” which creates a major problem in the lake; it can fill up the lake. So, that’s why we have the treatments done. We’re hoping that we eradicate the weed in the near future. John said the concern is that if we don’t completely get it-it starts all over again. It has been worthwhile to treat and be aggressive about it. The fishery has gotten better as well as the swimming. John said we’ve seen some native plants that have come back since we’re eliminating the invasives. Those are good aquatic weeds to have because of what it does in the water. This is a good year for people to do ice skating on the lake. Jeff asked the question about if the treatment process effects the fish, John said he didn’t believe so.

Roads and Grounds: Brian did not have a report. Stephanie talked about the playground equipment. Stephanie asked if we’re going to take down anything that’s there. She is looking through the catalogues and wants to see what kind of area we have and what we can add to it. Stephanie said older kids like things to climb on. What’s there is for kids 5 and up. The younger children really don’t have things to play on right now. Stephanie said they have a lot of systems. And she’s looking at individual things for different age groups. John and Stephanie talked about different climbing equipment like webs and rock wall stuff. Stephanie is looking a type of merry go round but said it’s a little safer. She also talked about a little play center for smaller kids. We have around $15,000 for a playground budget. John, Brian and Stephanie talked about what equipment we have now that can be removed. Brian said we replaced all the swings last year. Stephanie said she will work on selecting certain equipments, as long we are okay expanding the play area a little bit. Then she said she will do a price list and discuss with Brian. Jeff asked that if she could have that list and pricing by next meeting, in March. Brian said that some of the timbers are ready to remove because they’ve been there 15 years. The base is clay and we put in new woodchips. It was discussed in terms of putting in individual things and items rather than a whole system due to the expense of the system.

Jeff brought up the fishing pier, it is not completed yet. Brian said that he will back fill when it is done.

Architectural: No report

Tech Committee: Dan was not here, but he wrote to us and indicated he was finishing up a lot of the website this weekend.

Old Business:

Jeff said he was going to look into the Frisbee golf for down at the park. Stephanie and Jeff talked about the distances between the holes, rather than set up a course, you just set up the holes rather than an entire course. John said there is a course at a Boy Scout camp; he said they did it with limited nets. We don’t want it to close to the lake. John suggested that we have no more than three holes.

We discussed the issue of brighter signs by the lake. Stephanie said she has an uncle who does signs and she will talk to him. Brian said that Ewens is a sign company in Kenosha. Jeff said he will talk to him about putting up a different sign. John said he could see a more prominent sign. Stephanie brought up a way to do stickers to control the lake mirror passes due to the number of people moving in and out. Jeff talked about what the fishing pressure does to the stock in the lake. Too much pressure causes depletion of the fish population.

Stephanie talked about the directory. She said she and Bonnie and her would try to do a new email address as well as update the directory. Greg said that we could put a letter in the dues letter asking for people to send their email address to Stephanie. Stephanie discussed what the concerns are with the current directory. Bonnie Lanwehr and Stephanie will work on the directory.

New Business: There was no new business.

Summarize: Jeff will call and discuss board positions with Youngman and Milner. There are two checks that have to be written. Brian said he will run a report over the weekend. Brian said he will try to print the dues out. Stephanie will make a list of playground equipment and pricing list done as well as install prices. Jeff will do the Frisbee golf by next meeting. John will line up the lake treatment process. Bonnie will be looking into the directory as well as the emails.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

River Oaks Board Meeting

March Meeting-March 21, 2013

Present: Paul Youngman, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway, Stephanie Davis, Greg Bass, Dan Noah, Jim LeSage, Bruce Milne.

Brian Conway chaired the meeting this month. Brian Conway called the meeting to order.

Brian did an update. He reviewed the officers who were elected. Brian discussed how the bills thus far have been paid, and the invoices done. Paul Youngman agreed to be the treasurer. Bruce Milne agreed to Vice President which means he will be the committee chairman of the architecture committee.

The board approved the minutes;

John Skalbeck did the lakes committee:

John said he received a quote to do the same three treatments as we did last year. John discussed the lengthening of the treatments to 60 days. He said the treatment cost would be a little less due to the decrease in the cost of the chemical used. John said the chemical is called Explore. The price came in at $4767. He said we have a fish farm renewal registration which allows us to do treatment without going through the DNR. There is a form that has to be returned with the payment. John discussed that we have been insistent on the treatment being done as quickly after the ice goes out as possible. John said if they can get the first application in before the end of April then we’re in good shape. John said in the past we didn’t do the treatments too late. We then have weed problems when we waited longer; now we don’t have that problem. Paul asked about fish stocking. John said we were supposed to have fish stocking done this fall, but the company did not do it. He said however, the treatment doesn’t impact that. He said it is a one day warning. John said we ordered the stocking. Greg asked if we had paid the bill, John said “no-not yet.” John asked who can sign the treatment contract.

Dan Noah-Tech Committee: Dan said there were a few things he was going to change on the site. He said he’s getting a lot of spam, so we’re going to switch over to a new system and file management system. He’s trying to get everything updated. He said he will then tie everything into face book page and twitter. Stephanie asked about reserving the pavilion. Dan said that that calendar system is in to do that, but he was cleaning it up and it will have the ability to do that.

Roads and grounds: Stephanie talked about the playground equipment. She talked to the person who’s in charge of what we have. He will take measurements in April and then make recommendations. He said that we may have to take down the entire thing and then add as time goes on. The things, she said, we’re looking at are $1,000 to $5,000 per item. So she said he would price out a few things. She said he would charge $3500 to install the equipment, if we volunteer, it would cost less. She said shipping would cost $300 or more to ship parts. That meant, Stephanie said around $10,000 for equipment. She said they were looking at the things we have now as to what is safe, and what isn’t. She said she would discuss with the playground person what we might want to keep, what we might want to modify, or what we might want to remove. She talked about certain equipment, such as a type of merry-go-round, and tunnels for smaller kids. She said the tunnels can always be added to. She said the climbing structures were pretty expensive. She thought maybe we could do a fund raiser for the climbing equipment. She said to have such equipment we might have to expand the area of the present playground which would mean another cost. Greg discussed the budget at $15,000 but that we could also do more in the years to come. Brian and Jim discussed planning it over a number of years. Jim said maybe we shouldn’t spend the entire budget in one year. Dan suggested that he knew how to do shipping. Stephanie discussed installation. Brian said all the equipment was installed, but the grading contractor redid the installation. Paul and Bruce talked about the liability of insurance and warranty in terms of doing self-installation. Stephanie said she was concerned about an older style Merry go round. John said he would advocate that we have them install it. Stephanie said she was told that the installation would cost $300. Paul talked about the Pleasant Prairie Park and what they did, because there were volunteers. He didn’t know what the logistics of that were. Dan said we should discuss with our insurance guy to see. Paul said it was a neighborhood engagement thing. Paul said he did like the climbing wall idea. Stephanie said older kids liked that, but they were really expensive. She said that rope climbers were also expensive. Brian said it is easy to expand the area. Stephanie said the firm she’s talking to will also help her design. Greg suggested that Stephanie talk to the ladies that run the garage sale and see if there would be people willing to donate proceeds to the play ground. Stephanie said she didn’t know how long it takes to redesign, take down, and put the new equipment in. John said that he would advise that we maintain most of the stuff that’s there, and then fill in new. Stephanie said painting stuff to match would not be a big deal. Paul discussed that a simple climbing wall was something we might be able to do. Stephanie said that was possible. She didn’t know if we could build our own tunnels because there are structures available at Menards. Jim asked about the quality of stuff at Menards. Stephanie said that they do have stuff that is commercial use. She said we used the company we are using because they’re the original company who put out playground in. Stephanie said she also took into consideration equipment that disabled kids could also use.

Treasury Report: Brian said that Debbie, his wife, cross referenced the directories, old and new, and then checked in order to send out the dues. Dan said we now have a protected directory on the site. Stephanie said that she and Bonnie would try to get email addresses. Brian said that people did not turn in their email addresses with their dues. Brian said they’re trying to correct the missing information. Brian said that there were people who were never billed. The board agreed that we will send a letter to those people who weren’t billed, and that they will bill those people who weren’t billed and did not pay. Brian said we received almost a third of the dues. Brian said they were updating the list each week. John asked if we had a computer and Brian said that we do, and that Debbie would not accept payment. Brian said we received out insurance bill with the policy premium on it. Greg discussed the issue as to whether we’re a PUD or not-we are according to the county. Bruce said that he will look over the policy. Brian said we reviewed that a couple of years ago. There is$2,000,000 coverage. John talked about putting a community raft out-and the insurance recommendation was not to do that. But the playground stuff never came up. Brian and Paul discussed the accounts and we will have a report on the status of our accounts next year. Greg asked about the dues payment for those houses that are empty and those who are new owners. Brian said there were comments about political signs, and also request for new sand at the beach. Bruce discussed that association’s covenants have the right to deny signs and flags if they want.

Architectural committee: No report.

Old Business:

Brian discussed signage at the lake. Stephanie said the sign that is there is off to side. Brian said that he would move the sign to be more in the front. Stephanie discussed the directory and that she and Bonnie would look at that when all the information came back from the dues.

New Business:

Bruce brought up the entrance signs. Brian said they were going to do some repairs this summer. Stephanie brought up would the association put a common fence along county trunk C. Brian said that there was a discussion a few years ago about that. But the board then felt that was the responsibility of each land owner. Paul said that an idea might be trees, or other landscaping options. Brian said that it will be expanded. Greg brought up the expansion of County Trunk C. Jim said there is a special dispensation for people who live along the county highway to put up a fence. Jim said it would be a good idea to look into it. To do a part at a time as a phase in, so we could avoid assessment. Bruce said that we may want to look at that in the future. Jim said what we are looking at as a long term materials so that they last a long time. Dan said we are going get some push back. But from a property assessment issue, he was for putting in a common fence. John asked “do we have the ability to put up a new fence?”Bruce said we own the common area. Brian said that it sounds like a lot of people on the board want to look into and discuss it on the annual meeting. The board discussed what we should do about the hodge podge of fences. The board tabled the discussion. Jim said he would go to the village and see what the plans for expansion or changing of the road were, so we can plan what to do in the future.

Brian said the meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

April 18, 2014

River Oaks Board Meeting

Attendants: Brian Conway, Stephanie Davis, Dan Noah, Bruce Milne, Jeff Bloxdorf, Jim LeSage, Greg Bass, John Skalbeck (meeting held at the Skalbeck’s house) and Paul Youngman.

  1. Opening of Meeting at 7:40 by president Bloxdorf.
  2. Reading of the minutes from the March meeting. The minutes for March were approved.
  3. Discussion of Lake and flood Status: The gate was closed all winter. The gate was opened when we knew the storms were coming. Brian Conway closed the gate on Thursday (18). Brian has been keeping a record of the water height. He said after the snow and ice melted, the depth in the culvert was 7 inches. Then it went up to about 16 inches. On the 13th of April it was at 10 inches. This morning, the muddy water from the river was coming in. It was around 16 inches so he closed the gate. Brian said it was the highest it’s been for a long time. So, now the gate has sealed it shut. Brian said the other day, the river on the river side, which is 36 inches and slanted the river was up to the top of the pipe. Today, the river so high, it was bottom. Since then there has been a 3 foot difference. Jeff said the treatment will be treated on the 23rd.
  4. Treasury Report:

Brian delivered the report for Paul Youngman. He said Debbie is making the payments and receiving the bills. Paul will take over when all of the information and books are turned over to him. Six envelopes came back to us due to people moving out of the house. The post office would not forward the bills. All the envelopes did go out. A number of new people did receive and did pay. There are two people that never paid because they were never invoiced. The two parties were invoiced for last year and this year. The dues are now sent out to everyone. 30 people still owe their dues, so we’ve received 130. We have 5 people who haven’t paid from last year. Brian discussed that we should now send out the first warning letter to the 30 people who haven’t paid. Jim said we have always given people 60 days from the time the dues were sent. The dues were sent out at the end of February that means the first warning letter needs to go out in May. We have $39,491 in equities. The money was put directly in the money market account. We don’t have any money in the checking account. We have to signatory authority over to Paul. There should be two people who have signatory authority, the treasurer and the president. That means Paul and Jeff will have signatory authority. Jeff said he will call the bank and get that done. The bank is the BMO bank. The checkbook was reconciled. Brian has the key for the P.O. Box and collects the mail as well. Brian said there was an annual report due; the report had not been done. There is a cost of $25. The fish farm registration was paid so we can stock and treat the lake without filing with the DNR. We have two bills to be paid by May. One is our insurance bill for the year.

  1. Committee reports:
  2. Roads and Grounds: Brian said he had a guy over who restores prairies. He hasn’t sent the quote to us yet. The issue we have is that the Village dug up to replace an area and we have a weed that has taken over that we cannot do a controlled burn. The best thing is to spray those weeds with an herbicide. There is a lot of other brush and leaves, the guy said we have to cut and clear and then treat. We would then seed with a prairie seed. Bruce asked if we have a pump to do that. Brian said we don’t. Jeff suggested we get some volunteers and then do it ourselves. The board discussed different ways to eliminate it. Jim suggested that we get a quote and have it done by someone else who we’ll pay to do it. Brian said he’ll contacted Leighting and see if he will do it. Brian said he thought it would a few hundred dollars. So the board approved him to explore that.
  3. Stephanie talked to a playground designer (Bob). He said that our current equipment is only going to last another 5 years. He also said the current equipment we have would not pass current codes and standards. She said Bob said the swing set is fine. Stephanie showed different options that we could put in. The first plan would go in place of what is there now. We would need an additional 25 feet. Stephanie discussed the pricing for the project and it was $16,950. Our budget is $15,000. Stephanie discussed that there are standards for spacing that is why we’d have to expand the area. The second option was within the budget but didn’t have any equipment for older kid’s only younger children. Jeff asked the question as to why we would want to get rid of what we have. Stephanie went through what we have now, the slide, and the rings etc. Jeff suggested we just add the spinner. Our current slide is difficult for younger kids due to the problem of climbing it. Because we have wood structures, that equipment won’t last. So, Bob suggested we replace. Stephanie talked about the options we have and that we wouldn’t have to expand fully at first. Jeff suggested we put up a separate slide and the spinner (merry-go-round). Paul discussed the cost of the spinner, around $6,000. He said we could start with that and if we had a 5 year life on the other equipment, then we can maximize what we have. Brian discussed what younger kids can use vs.: older kids. She said older kids never use the slide. Stephanie said the rings need to be replaced. Brian and Jeff discussed having a free standing slide. Stephanie said the first option was free standing so we could put in at separate times. She said we could raise through a fund-raising in the neighborhood. Stephanie said the slide was $4300. So the slide and the spinner would be most of the budget. She said if we did that, then there was nothing for younger kids. She said the older kids would like a basketball area. She said Bob’s recommendation is to take down what we have now given the new standards and codes, as well as the current life of what we have now. The swing set is good and not being touched. Jeff said he’s not in favor of taking down but would be adding on. Stephanie said if we just added on, then we could phase in. Stephanie said that there is a key club that she could arrange for volunteers. Stephanie said if we put in the tunnel and stuff for younger kids, then we might have problems with the size of the play area. She discussed several different options. Greg asked if everything could be phased in. Stephanie said yes, but we need a plan to do that because of spacing. Brian and Dan asked about permits and who determines spacing. Jeff asked if it was practical to get a competitive quote. Stephanie said we used these people because the elementary school used them. She said the total delivery and installation would be 4 weeks. Jeff, Paul, and Greg discussed the options and trying to get everything done within the budget. The slide we have no one uses. The ladder gets a lot of use from older kids. The only thing we’re losing, she said, we take down what we have now are the rings, and would be adding the spinner and the tunnel. She said we would be updating it. The spinner is not in the budget. The price of the take down was included. Paul asked if we put in the spinner and the younger kids stuff and kept what we have now, then we would have for everybody, as well as the younger kids. Jim said we should ask for a redesign and put in the spinner and the tunnel and keep what we have. Jim said this year we do the spinner and tunnel, then the second year we do another part and the third year another part. Dan said that that takes advantage of depreciation. The board agreed with Jim’s suggestion. The board advised that the suggestion Jim made was the direction the board wanted.

Stephanie asked about using the volunteer community service hours for the key club and expanding the area. Brian, Stephanie, and Jeff discussed the wood chips and using volunteer labor. Brian asked about what amount was set aside for projects in the park. Jeff said that it was $8,000 for the park besides the playground budget. That’s a total of $24,000. Brian said there are other issues like the volleyball net replacement, the prairie area, and adding to the boat dock. John brought up also adding to the pathway. Jeff said the path is the top priority. Brian said he would get pricing on the things we need. John asked if we needed any more funds for the pier. Jeff said that all the funds and wood had been paid for. The rest would be insignificant.

  1. Lakes Committee: John said the water treatment is scheduled the 23rd or 24th pending the rain. The fish stocking is an issue, because he can’t get a hold of them. Jeff asked the question if we could stock as well as do treatment. John said he would have to connect with the stocking company and find out. John said the timing is all about the weather. He said definitely this month. Brian said that as soon as the river goes down we’ll open the gate up.
  2. Architectural: Bruce and Jeff discussed the trailers and things in the back yard. We recently had an email about putting up a shed attached to his garage. Bruce said that if the building is attached with the same roof line. Then it would be okay. Jeff discussed with Bruce the process we came up with last year that puts some teeth. Greg, Jim and Jeff discussed a fence that is replacing the one he has. The board discussed an email from a buyer about putting a fence around the front of house, the board said “No.” Bruce is going to talk to Todd about doing the fence. Jim said we asked about the fence. Bruce will follow-up.
  3. Tech: Dan said he was putting in a new calendar system. He said he also putting in a new directory in the site. He said he was going to put in a mailing list so email list would be up. Greg asked about the directory. He said it is password protected. Greg asked Stephanie about if Bonnie and she were doing a new directory. She said they were waiting for the dues to be paid. We only have about half of the member’s email addresses. Dan said we’re satisfying notifications by having it on the website. If people want updates, then we have to have email addresses.
  4. Jeff discussed with Paul about taking over the treasurer’s report. Brian discussed with Paul about taking over the treasury and getting the signatory. Paul said he will take over the treasurer duties as of this meeting.

Old Business: Jim said he was going to find out next week about co. C. Brian said we talked about taking over the fence line along Co. C. John will write a letter about using phosphorous.

New Business: Jim brought up about getting the hockey net out of lake. Dan said he will try to get it out of the lake. Dan said it looked like a park bench washed up on his beech. Also, there is a paddle boat floating around. Jim said it was his neighbors. Jeff asked about the goose issue on the island. Brian and John talked about the different migratory birds that we have now.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40


MAY 16, 2014

ATTENDANTS: Dan Noah, Stephanie Davis, Jim LeSage, Greg Bass, Paul Youngman, Brian Conway.

Brian Conway called the meeting to order at 7:50 PM.

The minutes were reviewed and accepted for April.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul paid the sewage bill, and has an insurance bill to be paid. Authorization needs to be transferred. Signatories have to be done. Brian said he would call Bill to get the checks. Stephanie said she needed a check to begin the phase one of the play ground projects. Paul said he has 4 more checks to be deposited. Paul said our statement balance is 2616 in the primary checking and $36,877.61 in the money market which doesn’t include the $1800 deposit. We still have 18 outstanding residents who have not paid their dues. Paul said there are also a few people from last year that hadn’t paid their dues. Brian said we had a stock letter that was used. Brian said there is a file cabinet that Ron Kwazny gave to Jeff Bloxdorf, that Paul should get, that is a form letter that is a warning for non-dues payers. Greg said, that letter we used was composed by Bill Stoebig, past president, along with our attorney. Brian said we’ll have to hold up getting those letters out until we get the letter. Paul said he is getting used to doing the entry and deposits, he said he doesn’t know how to generate out. Brian and Paul went over the quick books operation to see the templates. Paul said he is okay with paying the bills but needs to get the signatory. Greg and Paul discussed what had to be done in order to get Stephanie the check she needs in order to begin process. Jeff will give Brian a check to get it signed for Stephanie.

Paul said he had requests for parking permits. There are two Jeffery and Julie Petersen and Sal and Marilyn Cardello (they need a River Oaks Address book as well). Greg may have extra permits and address books.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: We did hire the mowing crew to spray the noxious weed along the park. It was sprayed and then we’ll do some seeding. Brian is going to get pricing for new gravel in the park, the mowing crew has started to do the park. The mowing crew is still doing it for the same price he was doing it five years ago. Brian will also put in a price for boat storage for canoes, etc. A discussion was held about the budget as it regards to building the boat storage area. Paul asked about a cleanup and trying to figure out who owns the boats that are down there. There doesn’t appear to be a list of whose boat is whose. Paul discussed a method to do a cleanup and determine whose boat belongs to whom. We talked about a method to determine ownership of the boats. Greg and Dan volunteered to do a flyer and Greg volunteered to deliver them. We also talked about a boat registration process. We discussed using a sticker.

Lakes: John is not here, but Brian said that there have been two treatments done since the ice went out. The gate is closed on the lake now due to the chemical treatment. Paul asked if we have gotten any complaints, Brian said that we haven’t. Brian said he did notice there is a coppery color in the water. Greg said he thought it was due to the pollinating. There is still a question about the fishing stocking.

Architectural: The fence along highway C has to be redone. Jim said he talked to the State, the state said it is not my jurisdiction, it appears that it is the county jurisdiction, the widening of the road is in the county budget for 2035 and it is only a line item. So there are not any plans to widen CT C until that time. So, there will not be any trucks allowed on the road for that period of time. We reviewed the fence issue. The board agreed to encourage people to do the fence.

Tech: Dan said he is updated the site and the board contacts. The directory is updated. Dan said that the calendar is not interactive, so he said, people are calling him, and he are entering the reservations on the calendar. So, Dan said he is thinking about making it interactive, but he concerned about one person overriding another. Dan said he is thinking about having a control over the calendar on the website. He said getting all the documents uploaded and making sure all the information that is there is current. He wants to incorporate each house with the tag numbers for the parking tags. Stephanie suggested that we put instructions on the flyer as to how to do the calendar. Dan also said the directory has been updated with the email addresses he has. Greg asked if Stephanie and Bonnie were willing to redo the directory. Stephanie said they are discussing how to do it.

OLD BUSINESS: The playground was discussed. Stephanie went over the paperwork issues and that if we contract for phase one we don’t have to contract for phase two. Stephanie said if we agreed to phase one, then the work can begin on May 17-18. That way it would be done by July. She talked about a fund raiser for phase two. Stephanie showed an electronic version of the plan to everyone. She discussed the spacing and the requirements. Paul asked if the work had to move any trees. Stephanie said no. Stephanie went through the pricing breakdown, $15,200 for total phase one. She also discussed phase two. She said we would need 25% down, or $3800 to begin the work. Brian advised Stephanie to use his name as the build site address along with hers. The bill site address and contact will also be Stephanie. The board advised that Stephanie can select the colors. The board approved moving forward with Phase one. Stephanie discussed the safety standards along with the use of our current equipment. She reviewed the process of installation. Brian said the woodchips put down were new last year, so they should be able to reuse them.

The directory design, Dan is going to complete the list and then post on the website. He will give them over to Stephanie and Bonnie.

Dan discussed posting the letter about not using phosphorous on lawns. Dan also discussed that he has been asked questions about the rules for fishing. The rules apply as to fishing licenses, that fishing licenses are required. Paul said that people using the lake who are non-residents are parking by his house. Our rules are that the board recommends catch and release. We now have croppies, blue gills, northern, and walleye. We discussed the sign that says the lake is a private lake. We talked about verbally enforcing not fishing on the beach due the safety issues. Brian suggested we look on line to find out what the rules are that apply to private lakes in regards.

We also discussed the fishing pier and how much has to be done on it yet. Brian said he will talk to Nathan about it.

New Business-Greg Brought up how we get covenants and bylaws to new owners. Paul discussed if there’s anyone who was willing to do a gift bag for new owners that includes the covenants, by laws, parking tickets and information on the website. Jim said he will toss some ideas around with a couple of different people about doing a welcome committee.

The next meeting is at Stephanie’s house on June 20th.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

River Oaks Board Meeting

June 2013

In attendance were Dan Noah, Brian Conway, John Skalbeck, Greg Bass, Jeff Bloxdorf and Stephanie Davis and Jim LaSage.

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Bloxdorf.

The reading of the minutes took place and the board approved the minutes.

Nathan Brandies did a presentation to the board. The fishing pier is very close to being done. The railing on the lake side is almost done. The caps are done. There is a little post work to be done, including the steps. They are going to be building a shelf around the deck. John said, that if they can’t get to the shelf that’s okay, but wanted one edge to be redone. He said the deck looks great and is okay, he’d like the step to be done. Jeff brought up the issue of back filling. Brian said it is easier to just build the steps down. Brian asked if they were going to cut the posts because they are too high. They should only be a couple of inches higher than the rail. Nathan said they would do that. Jeff said it appeared the stairs may be a big job. Nathan said the idea is to have the stairs be full length along the deck side. Brian asked if we got a permit from the building, Nathan said we didn’t need a permit. Brian said that the rise has to be 7 inches and then that they might need a rail. Nathan said he has a lot of spindles. He suggested we keep them somewhere as backups. He asked what he should do with the scraps. Jeff said if the steps don’t go the whole length then there should be a railing. Jim asked if there was going to be a completion date. Nathan said that it should be done before the 4th of July.

Treasury Report:

The treasurer, Paul, was not here. However, Jeff reported that the authorized signatory has been done. Brian said that there has not been any revenue turned in since last meeting. There is a fair amount of dues still owed. There still appears to be 17 members who have not paid dues. Brian said that there is a draft of letter that does exist as a warning letter to members. The authorized signatories are Paul Youngman and Jeff Bloxdorf. Jeff discussed getting letters out to the members who haven’t paid.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: Brian said that a lot of things have been done. The sign has been moved to be right on the beach. He also said he put 4 tons of fine sand on the beach. He also said they put 3 tons of gravel down the path to clean that up. The volleyball net has been repaired. Stephanie said she has a new net if we need one. Brian said new parts and ropes have been put on. He said they pulled out all the weed seed heads. He also said they fixed the drain with a new PVC pipe in place. All the trees have been trimmed as well. Stephanie asked about tilling up the volleyball court, because it is hard to play on. Brian said the landscape guys spray the weeds, and will see if they can till up the soil-sand. We’re still talking about doing another boat storage area. But we have to do the structure. The board discussed the storage area. Stephanie said that the playground will begin being built soon. The new equipment is ready to put in, and a couple of the old pieces have been removed. She said we can send the check in the mail. Stephanie suggested putting a garbage can by the fishing pier. Brian asked about if we could chain one up there. Brian said there’s not an issue with the bag. The garbage guy will take care of that. Brian said that he will pick up a new garbage receptacle.

Lakes: John said that treatment began on 4/25 a second application was done on 5/09 and the third application was done on 6/12. That was a little later than he wanted, but really now harm. It extends the treatment time length. So, we’re in good shape. He said he did some testing and the weeds appear to be gone. He said there are no weeds in the deep areas. So, the treatments are working. John said the preferred length of time is 56 days, so we’re good to go. He said at some time we might decide to open the gates. Brian said we’re right around a few inches from the bottom. John talked about looking forward to the winter, perhaps our operating procedure should be to just open the gate during the winter. Brian said we went into the winter a foot low, so this past winter wasn’t a big deal. John said he opened the gate when the water level changed. John said we will do water testing soon for bacterial counts to see how things are going. He said he’s looking for algae. Jim said there is some but not a big deal. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Jeff talked about the cattails that have expanded and whether or not we should cut them out. He said it looks like they have expanded out. John said the cattails in front of the culvert have expanded out. Maybe we should clear it out. He said trying to “whack out” cattails is a big job. Dan said that his cattails have expanded a lot. Brian said we had hired a guy to treat them a few years ago. Brian said there is a treatment to knock them out and said that is better than trying to eradicate all of them. He said if they just spray and knock certain ones out. Brian said we want to keep certain areas with cattails in certain area. Jim said that if we started with the lake management group to eradicate them, then in years hence we know what process works and does not work. John said that shoreline folks encourage have more buffer than we currently have. So, he said, they would encourage more than we have. He said we have a balance, with homeowners doing what they do, and then the park. Brian said home owners have done some. Jim asked if we had any records about what’s happened and what has been done in the past. Brian said Hay and Associates used to do a survey and advised us to keep them in check. Brian said there’s a picture of the areas that are highlighted. Jim asked about tracking it. Dan said we can just pull it off of Google maps. Brian said it’s getting to the point where we might want to start managing it.

The fish stocking was never done, the company that had agreed to do it. Didn’t do it.

Architecture: Jeff brought up the house that is across from them. A house is for sale and is foreclosure as a result of a divorce. Jim said that the Milligan’s have put a new pool in. The pool is a brand new pool. Nothing came to the architectural committee. The Milligan’s didn’t notify the architectural committee. Jim suggested that we notify them that the architectural committee needs to be informed of the plans. The neighbors’ pool is not far from the Milligan’s pool. The board discussed the fence. Brian said that village requires a fence, but we don’t allow fences. So the pool needs to be fenced and wrapped.

TECH: Dan said the website is fully tied into face book and twitter. There is now a new blog section. There is now an on-line request form as well as a request form. All the previous minutes from 2010 are now posted. The stickers for boats, they are reflective, they can do whatever we want in terms of numbers etc. Dan said we can decide how many stickers we want to give to each household to identify their water craft. Dan said we have a Google voice mail and phone number. He said the number can be placed on the sticker so if a boat washes up, then communication can be done.

Dan discussed doing a flyer to get people to notify us about whose boat is down there. So by the end of t he summer if there is not a sticker on the boat, then we know which ones to remove. The board discussed having a warning sticker to put on cars that are not identified. Jeff asked about how to distribute them out. We came up with a plan to give out to the board members as well as selected persons who do work in the area who are also members.

We will be doing a flyer to notify people of boats.


The board discussed the 4th of July picnic. All the kids love the picnic and the parade. We think that Jan Brandies is going to do the set up. The hot dogs and the other things for the 4th of July picnic are paid for by the garage sale receipts.

The board discussed mosquito control. Dan said he has a bat house that works really well. John said that bats “chomp” a tremendous amount of mosquitoes. Dan said the area is perfect for it. John said that would be a great idea for the board to consider. Such as putting one on the island. Dan discussed that a bat house is a cedar. John said they are oddly built. The biggest thing we have to get past is people who fear bats. John discussed his talk with a woman who researches bats. John said if we put the bat houses up we can see what happens.

Brian said he believes it is not a good idea to indiscriminately to spray for mosquitoes. Brian said there are a lot of reasons not to spray and that we should promote bat houses.

Jeff went over the to-do list and summary from the meeting.

Greg brought up asking to do a garage sale on a different weekend. Brian said that there was a flyer that was sent out. The reason the garage sale is done is because there are other neighborhoods around that do theirs on the same day. Also the village screwed up the pickup.

There was a motion to adjourn:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45


In attendance were Dan Noah, Bruce Milen, John Skalbeck, Greg Bass, Jeff Bloxdorf, Brian Conway, and Paul Youngman.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM.

The reading of the minutes was held. The minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report

July was 26,503 in all accounts. We have $17,415 in outstanding bills. Currently, we have $9,087 in the bank. We have other bills $81 and $1200. Outstanding dues, $4525 and 17 with 5 multiple years. Paul said there were a couple of reasons. We were supposed to send the second notice by March 15. The second notice is to go out. Paul suggested that we send out a notice to everybody with current year, and anyone else who has other dues due, will receive an attorney notice and a lean judgment. The board reviewed and approved this action. The Gerber Leisure bill $16,037. We will pay the remaining $13,000. Jeff will call the company and discuss the bill as well as the ruts in the grass they left. The remaining dues were discussed as to who has what outstanding dues and who has more than one year of outstanding dues. Brian said that he has done some projects that have also been paid. So, we’re running a little over our expected expense.

Committee Reports

Roads and Grounds: The boat storage was redone. Another section and gravel were added. We need to move forward with the boat project. We need to get rid of the boats that are trashed. The Frisbee golf course was also put in. There was a lot of landscaping done, a couple of trees redone and weed control done. Also, the teasel weeds were removed, an invasive weed growth. The mess and scraps from the fishing pier project was done as well. The steps were put on the fishing pier. There is one side that needs to be trimmed. The board still has to vote a final approval of the fishing pier projects. John said that Nathan and a few other boys, Eagle Scouts did the work, and did not receive much help from the rest of the troop..

Playground-Stephanie was not at the meeting. Jeff will call and discuss the issues as to the bill with the company. Paul will wait to hear from Jeff in regards to the bill payment.


John added the items of water quality sampling and cattails. We should have the lab test for the water quality sample back this week. John said normally he measures the depth of clarity. He will do that. John tested cutting the cattails off below water. The shoreline maintenance is a property owner responsibility. John said, he didn’t think we wanted to get into cattail control around people’s personal property. He said around the beach and such we can do periodic cutting. He said he didn’t think chemical treatment is warranted. Paul said that we are already doing an invasive species control problem, he said, owners just have to maintain their own situation. Jeff said we may have to worry if individual owners put chemicals down. John said they can’t, but they can hire someone to do it. Brian said people can hire people do remove the cattails. Paul said that the owners don’t own the lake, but do have ownership of the land around the lake. The board discussed the marginal area on the shoreline that is. The DNR does not control our lake; therefore, there is no DNR jurisdiction. They do have jurisdiction over people applying chemicals. Jeff said he doesn’t see it as a big problem. Brian said, whether it is a problem or not depends on your perspective. John said and the board approved that we will continue to monitor the situation and see where we’re going. Jeff said, he cut his underwater, then a month later, they cut them again, and then they cut back a third time, then they didn’t come back. Dan confirmed that he did a similar thing, it takes two or three cuts. John said we have a lake, and that there is an easement that goes between the property and the lake. We don’t own the water. What makes it private is the access to the lake. The lake belongs to the state. But we can treat the lake with a permit. Paul discussed, this whole thing goes back to the dredging issue. The board discussed the purple plant life that is growing in the lake. Brian said there are a couple of patches. He said it is small. Brian said he think it is good. It is proof that our treatment of the lake is not hurting or disturbing the lake plus it is a good space for the fish. Jeff brought up, “do we have a lake treatment policy.” Brian’s answer was that we do. John said that he will investigate. Jeff said we need to do whatever we can to keep the lake clear and clean because the lake is an artificial lake. Jeff said it is important that we have a recreational lake rather than a wet land. So, we need a policy statement. John said he will bring to the next meeting for discussion. We have knocked a lot of the invasive back.

Greg asked about if we have any responsibilities as to the island maintenance. Bruce said that last summer the lake was low. Camping is not allowed on the island. The resolution is that we acknowledge that we know the cattails are there and patches of purple loose strife, we will monitor and watch what is happening rather than treat chemically at this time. The cost for such treatment is around $1,000. Paul said we’re around $9,000.

Architectural Committee: The board discussed the Milligan pool and deck construction. They do not have approval from the board, and they did not have a permit from the village as well. Jim LeSage had talked to the Milligans. Bruce said he took care of the sign issue on 184th. The other issue is the uncut lawns. There is an issue at a house that is empty and being rented out. The board discussed the language in the covenants regarding lawn maintenance. Paul said the village has an ordinance. Bruce said there should be an amendment about general maintenance of the lawns and grounds. John brought up that the language is “your lawn must be in an attractive manner.” Jeff said we came up with a plan for trailers, he said we would have a decease and desist thing, but then they have to pay the legal fees. The covenants: “The owner is required to install and maintain an attractive grass between the home and the finished street.” There is a home that is vacant that is a concern because of the lawn growing out of control. Bruce will send letters to the Brooks and advise the village. He will also discuss the situation with the Milligans.

Tech-Web: Dan said that he said he got 750 warning blaze orange card stock paper, they are warning tags to put on windshields. They are warnings for persons to put on cars that are at the beach.

Dan also said that he has done a boat flyer. He said the flyer is to notify that if you have a boat you need to notify us that it is yours. You must claim the boat or the board will be removed and auctioned off. Dan said that we have boat stickers for everyone who has a boat. So that everyone who has a boat can put a sticker on it. He said he’s set up a general voice mail where messages can be left so that if a boat is found. So, each boat will be sticker identified, and numbered so that if a boat floats off, the person finding the boat will have a number to call and advise the board whose boat it is. The board discussed how to distribute the stickers. The stickers will be printed. Greg will distribute the flyers. Dan said that there will be two sub sites, residents.river-oaks.org and board.river-oaks .org. What we’re going to do is for residents’ section, that’s where we will keep the directory, where it is protected. Board is where we will track all of the stuff for tracking for warning tags as well as the boats. Traffic has been picking up on the website. Dan said he gets as least two or three requests a week. Paul asked if we can post due status. For 2014 the board will post all outstanding dues owned.

Old Business:

The sign in the swimming area was moved. The new Frisbee golf area was put in. Paul, said, should we have a little map of the layout. Brian said, that people that can throw it pretty far, can play in any direction they want. Instead of having a layout, let people play how they want. You should have special Frisbees. The board talked about a formal course in.

New Business:

Bankers and mortgage: Greg talked about how the mortgage policies and umbrellas. He discussed what they can do. He suggested that we have mortgage brokers contact our insurance brokers. The board discussed the issue and agreed that the mortgage brokers should contact our agent. Jeff said he would call Chuck Christensen about it.

Greg discussed the issues of lose dogs in the neighborhood. We discussed it and it is apparent that the village has a policy that applies to dogs. We agreed that the association’s perspective would be to follow the village’s rules as to lose dogs. Paul discussed the dog manure issue as to the parks etc. There seems to be a lot of dog manure in the park. Dan said that he has noticed that there is an issue. John discussed putting up a sign as well as small bag dispenser for dog manure at the park. Paul discussed the issue as to notifying everyone about the dog manure problem with a dispenser. The board discussed purchasing dispensers with signs. Dan will look into the signs.

Bruce broad up that he was suppose to have a meeting next month, so he cannot have the meeting next month. The meeting is scheduled for September 19th. Jeff said he will do the meeting.

Recap: Dues notices to go out. Second notices to go out. Legal notices will go out to multiple dues owners. Jeff will call the playground equipment company and discuss the overage. Two association members will be sent invoices that they said they didn’t get. John will look into fish stocking and bring the fish treatment policy to the next meeting. Bruce will meet with the Milligans and discuss the lawn issues. Dan will get the stickers and the flyers ready and Greg will distribute the flyers. Next year we will post people names that owe dues on the website. Jeff will call the agent regarding the insurance and mortgage brokers. Dan will look into the signs and waste disposal issue.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM



Meeting attendees: Stephanie Davis, John Skalbeck, Jim LeSafe, Bruce Milne, Brian Conway, Paul Youngman, Greg Bass and Jeff Bloxdorf.

President Jeff Bloxdorf called the meeting to order at 7:30.

Reading of the Meetings:

The minutes were accepted.

Treasury Report:

Paul presented the treasury: We’re at $3050 outstanding dues. Paul is hand delivering the dues and having discussions with the home owners. We paid the balance for Gerber Leisure products. Our balance is $8754. Paul has not gone to the attorneys. Paul has hand delivered to multi-year homeowners who were in arrears. He is working out arrangements. We still have 9 homeowners who have not paid dues. Paul is confident that we will have 7 out of 9 who will pay. There is a question regarding the outstanding dues from a homeowner. The dues do go with the home. The board held a discussion regarding the dues that are owed due to a foreclosure. Greg suggested that they owe for the years that they have lived there the home which would be 2012 and 2013. Dan noted that is what he had to do when he bought his home in 2010. Paul suggested a compromise that we pro-rate the dues for the months that they lived there. The board decided that the dues for both 2012 and 2013. The dues have to be paid by the end of the year. There are no large outstanding bills. Lawn mowing was $849 for half of August and September. John and Brian said that there is a flat rate and that they should not be charging separate for services such as beach cleaning, etc. Paul will share the invoice with Brian and he will check against the agreement we have with them. Brian said every month should be the same; the contract has not changed for the last three years. The final installment for the fishing pier was also paid.

Paul had two questions: Were the state and Federal income taxes filed? Paul explained that we have to file a return. Paul said there were checks written made out to the village. Jeff explained that the tax that probably has to be paid is the franchise tax:

Committee Reports:

Roads and grounds: Brian said that he is going to spray the weeds in the park that are coming back. He said there is a growth of weeds in the park that keeps coming back. The fishing pier is completed. John noted that there are post caps that got knocked off. Paul said we should replace to maintain. Brian said he will repair it. Boat storage area is done.

Lake: John Skalbeck explained that on August 30 we had an algae growth. We have Vince M, from Hay and associates come out and look at the lake. He wrote back that there isn’t a great concern. John did submit a sample to the state. We are waiting on the results. He said the algae bloom has gone down a bit. He also explained that he invited an algae expert review the lake, she said it was a natural process and fairly common in the summer. She said when the conditions are just right, and then the algae will just take off. John said treating it may have adverse consequences. John has a sampling class this fall, so he brought a sample box in terms of lake data on the lake. The jist of it is we have poor water quality. The water quality means we have high phosphorus and more nitrogen. The last algae bloom was 2003 and back to 2000. For the moment we just keep an eye on it. The other thing that occurred, is that UW Parkside do modeling of a lake that is not too much different from ours, and that there will be a study done by UW Parkside on our lake. We back off on hiring the lake consultant for the surveys. It’s been a while since we’ve done a whole lake study. John suggested that we do a study next year. John said he is going to get ball park figures for that cost next year. John said there are a number of things that contribute to poor water quality, geese, dogs, and run-off. He said Dr. Sanders assessment were that it is not that bad.

The cattail issue, John talked to Larry, a homeowner who has had some issues with the cattail. They were cutting down the cattails. John discussed the idea of chemically treating the cattail. John said that he has the right to treat the cattails as long as he hires a licensed distributor and treater. Paul said, that they may have a right, but how do we know if they are abiding by what must be done. John said we do have language in our bylaws that addresses that. He said as long as we have a licensed contractor to treat the lake that will not impair the water. Bruce asked if where the property line is, if the cattails are not part of the property then they can’t be treated. John said that the board had taken the position that the cattails are where the owner’s property is then it is the owners right to treat them. John said that actually cattails are good because they take up nutrients and absorb the things that disturb the lake. Paul asked if there is something that we set scopes in terms of what can and can’t be done. Jeff talked about what is a common area. Brian said the language is that no one can defile the lake.

Brian said that it would be a great to deal with at the annual meeting. Greg suggested that the board position be that it’s okay to treat the cattails as long as they hire a licensed contractor to perform such an act. John said that the board holds the permit. John said the applicator will ask for the permit. So, when the applicator looks for the permit, then the board has the control. Jeff said that if the applicator requires a permit then it will come back to the board. John said we did test for ecoli and it was low. He did measure for quality, it was 2.5 feet. Yesterday it was 2 feet so that is poor. The phosphorous is high in the lake as well as high nitrogen, which has been a pattern over the years. John said that in Germany they’ve introduced papyrus into the lake that takes up the nutrients. John suggested that we can look into dredging, but the lake is spring fed. Brian said the nutrients can come from the power plant. Bruce asked about aerating the lake, and the board had looked at it, but it is a big cost and a big project. John said that the whole thing has stirred up the data search and exploration into what we can do and what we should do.

John discussed that he talked to the people at the fish hatchery and the people who were suppose to stock the fish. John said we had an order for $1,000. But it was not done. John said we may order another $1,000. Brian asked if there were a lot of bluegills in the order. John said there was in 2011. Brian said that the Blue Gills are down. In the state data base our lake is Lake River Oaks not Lake Russo. Jeff discussed monitoring the cattails along by the park. It has expanded, whether it’s good or not he said he didn’t know. John said that it is really good. John said homeowner control is going to control it. Brian said there is another plant that we should get rid of. It is not good to have that plant in the water. The board discussed the grass on the shore that is a problem, canary reed grass or feather reed grass. Jeff said we have to figure out what the cost is. John said that we will have a good map of it this fall.

Architectural: Bruce said he sent a letter to the Milligans. They said they did get a permit from the village. The deck is attached to the house. Bruce said that they did follow the covenants and abide by the village permit, so it’s okay. Bruce also discussed the issue of an empty house that has a grass issue and also said the porch is falling off.

Jeff discussed the dog issue. Brian said just leave it to the local police and that they should rely on the local police. Paul said that as the board we should at least make an attempt to address the situation. It’s a conversation. The board will send a letter. John suggested that Bruce send a letter that sites our bylaws-covenants. Bruce will also sight the village ordinance. Bruce discussed the fence along highway C is dreadful. Jeff said that if there is an issue in the covenant. Stephanie discussed that there is a house where the lawn is not taken care of very well. The lawn has become weeds and overgrown. Paul said that there appears to be an undercurrent of complaints about a number of issues, so that the board should be addressed.

Tech: Dan discussed that the cattail issue and the River Oak tracking of the permits and the calendar. The board at River Oaks is working. The flyers are done, the warning tags are done, and the flyers about the boats are done. Dan passed around the stickers that should be placed on boats. Greg and Dan discussed doing the flyers and the stickers. Paul suggested that we hold these things until the Annual meeting. Then perform the boat flyers and the stickers. Dan has been working on the sub sites. Dan had 750 car warning stickers.

Old Business:

The Frisbee golf course is up and in use. Warning notices for autos, Dan has accomplished. Dog control has been discussed. Insurance coverage on handling mortgage. Jeff said he will work on that.

New Business: There is and can be claim filed against the insurance of the drunk driver who hit the pole in front of the subdivision and knocked the transformer out which created a surcharge that caused damage to the homes in the subdivision. The board decided to call our insurance guy, to see what homeowners should do. It was brought to Paul’s attention by his neighbors to discuss the issue of the dog poop in the park. There is an issue with the dog dung in the park. Paul said, it begs the question, what is the priority. John discussed the issue and said the board should make some effort to control the situation. Paul said that maybe we should make a part of the park, just a dog park. Jeff said the bigger issue is the dog droppings. Paul said that some people don’t go to the park due to the dog issue. John said we cannot ignore it. Jeff said it is a topic for the annual meeting. Brian said there is a village ordinance. Bruce said we cannot take a position that you can let your dog run lose. So it is an issue. Paul said he will contact the village to see when they are going to develop the dog park on 104th street.

The board discussed the annual meeting. The date for annual meeting is November 14, 2013.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.


OCTOBER 24, 2013

Attendees at the meeting were: Paul Youngman, Greg L. Bass, Stephanie Davis, Jeff Bloxdorf, Dan Noah, Brian Conway, and Jim LeSage.

Reading of the September Minutes:

The minutes were read, corrected, approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul total in checking and money market is $8608.09. We have outstanding dues of $2650. We did recover some. One member is out of state and no longer around: $750. Another member owes $525. The board discussed a letter that has to be sent to these two members who owe these amounts. The board can initiate legal action and place liens on the homes. The board went through the list. Brooks-$725, Brandeis-$200, Manning-$400, Macelli-$200, Vloch-$525, O’lear-$400. Jeff said that John Skalbeck ordered fish for lake stocking at $2000. We had $19,454 at the beginning of 2013 with the $10,000 proposed contingency fund. The playground was also under consideration.

Committee Reports:

Roads and Grounds: Nothing to report

Lakes: There was a fish stocking purchase of $2,000 which included Blue Gills and Croppies. The board discussed different fish stocking sources.

Architecture: Bruce sent out letters regarding dog control and the requirement for a new fence. These letters went to two members. The dog control issue has been taken care of however; the fence repair still needs to be done.

Tech Committee: Dan has all the warning signs printed out-tags that go on cars that are in the lake zone illegally. Dan will also have a sub-site with the license plates numbers that the warning signs go on. Dan had a discussion with a couple of people who do not live in River Oaks. Jeff suggested that we bring a stack to the annual meeting. However, then we don’t get the license plates numbers. Dan is working on the improvements on the website. He said the flyers are done for the boat initiative. Dan also has the stickers for the boats. Jeff and Dan discussed requesting that members who post the warning signs on cars email the license plate numbers to the board so Dan can post them.

Old Business: Farmers Insurance has been contacted in regard to the accident that occurred on HWY C and caused damage in the subdivision. The claim number is 8002303360. The phone number for claims is 913-827-5462 and there is a link that will be posted. Some claims have already been submitted and paid. Jeff talked with our insurance agent. We have a $2,000,000 per occurrence and $4,000,000 annual coverage. We also have property insurance for the pavilion and the park. The agent will provide certificates if needed by new home owners at closing. The coverage includes insurance on the playground equipment. Our deductible is $2,000. Jeff discussed the tax return and said he had taken care of the return.

The board discussed what the itinerary for the annual meeting should. The board discussed having the meeting at the pavilion at the Rex Plex. The meeting will be on November 14, 2013. The meeting time starts at 7:30 to 9:30. Greg asked if we should put out a flyer as notice for the annual meeting. The board will distribute a flyer.

The Agenda for the annual meeting will be as follows:

  1. Review of October minutes
  2. Year end treasurers report
  3. Committee Reports:

A: Lakes: Review

B: Roads and Grounds: Review

C: Architectural: Review

D: Tech-Committee: Review

IV: 2014 budget review and approval.

V: Board officer election/reelection:

VI: New board members election:

VII: Old Business:

A: Registering boats and boat stickers/removal of unidentified boats/auction.

B: Unleashed dogs in park/complaints/action.

C: Cattails and Algae control.

D: Unauthorized vehicle warning signs.

IX: New business: Open discussion: Community Development Committee volunteers

X: 2014 meetings set up


New Business: The board discussed the upcoming 2014 business.

The board discussed the 2014 budget. The anticipated revenue is $28,800. The carryover will be around $5,000 as a contingency. In 2014 we have lake management/treatment: $6,000; fish stocking at $2,000; Insurance cost $2200; property tax: $0; franchise fee $25; postage $200; directory maintenance $300; legal $1,000; Grounds and lawn service: $7,000; electricity $800; utilities $400; trash removal $300; port-a-potty rental $1,000; we also have other projects such as refurbishing the park. Jim brought up the maintenance of the pavilion like the roof. Brian said that last year a sealer was put on. He said the roof is in good shape. He said the sand in the beach is almost an annual thing. We have around $31,000 of revenue and $21,000 expenses. We also have the $5,000 carryover. So, we do have around $7,000 in a fund for projects. The board discussed the next stage of the playground that we will have to save for. The boat storage has been done. Paul brought up investing in the community such as an annual picnic. Stephanie said we had an Easter egg hunt that a lot of people attended. She also said a lot of people attended the 4th of July picnic. Paul discussed doing community things so people can get to know each other. Jeff suggested putting money in for social events. Jeff brought up having a social committee/community developments part of that would be a welcoming committee. The board committed a $1,000 to the social committee.

Jeff summarized the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30




Presentation by Pleasant Prairie Village officials:

Michael Pollocopf from the village discussed the tax increases for the village of Pleasant Prairie for 2014. He also discussed upgrades to the fire department as well as the status of a full time fire department. He said there is a need for additional space for another firehouse- or an expansion. The new fire station will be part of the community hall. He discussed the new trail that winds from the old sewage plant over to the Rex Plex. It is a walking and bike riding trail. The second part of the trail plan, is that there will be a bridge and then it will wind around through the wetlands to extend it over to co.trk. c. The idea is to match it up with the River Road trail. He said it was requested that they also upgrade the village park to a dog park. He said if they get the money, they put in a new dog park. He said the road projects are almost done. There are proposals for commercial development on the SE corner of C and the interstate. The master plan calls for it to be a hotel or something else in the retail area. There are two property value divisions, the higher quality divisions will see property values up by around 3%. The values, he said, seem to be up. He said there are no really big changes in the Prairie Ridge retail area. There is improvement in the office areas. He said the condo’s that exist are not moving. Paul asked about anything in the drainage area. Michael said that the Chateau Plains does not have a draining ditch plan, River Oaks does. The flood plain didn’t grow. He said there are difficulties in the Chateau area for a storm sewer project. He discussed the problems the village is having putting in a sewerage system through the wetland area. He said that at some point in time it has to be done. The last flood caused over a $1,000,000 of damage in the Chateau area. John Steinbrink discussed that the new development was aiding the drainage area because of how they develop water storage areas. The village is looking at extending the business park south and east of the outlet mall area. He said the potential sites may be under development that would create 2000 jobs with about a 150 million dollar tax base. He said the business park held its value during the recession time of 2008 and 2009. A question was asked about the Milwaukee Road to put a stop here. Michael said they put a park and ride in. He said they’ve talked to the state, but there is no movement yet. The railroad people think it’s needed. Michael said there is hold on any further railroad construction at this time. Jeff Bloxdorf asked about a use it or lose clause on the property ABBOT owns. Michael said “No.” and that the devaluing of land and space in the area where they are. He said that the area where that land is one of the best stretches for development. He said the Village has the Abbot plans, and then recorded as a D restriction. Abbot would have to agree to who and what the property can be used for, but that the village is also protected. He said the village made development hard, but Abbot went along with it. He said there is only 1% vacancy in the business park office areas. He said Uhlein is putting together their plans for expansion. Their average wage is $46,000. Jeff discussed the idea that Amazon moving here is because of the tax advantages. Michael said the state reduced their manufacturing tax to ½%. Bruce asked about planning for the Casino development. Michael said that there is needed planning and also that the wage base may create havoc because there is a shortage of demand. He said if the casino goes in it will be the biggest tax base in the county. Uhlein is the biggest at this time. A question was asked if Uhlein has petitioned for a train stop. Michael said that it has been discussed. John Steinbrink said they know a lot of people are parking at the Rex Plex and ride sharing to Illinois. There was a discussion as to the trolley coming out to the train area.

The business meeting started at 8:09.

The minutes from the October meeting were read and approved.

Jeff began with a statement about the task we have as to improving and upgrading our home and property values. He also discussed increasing and improving the social aspects of River Oaks. He said we have a good community and we want to improve on it.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: Jeff read that we did a treatment for the pond area for curly leaf. That has been very effective for keeping the pond weed down. We do three treatments a year. We try to kill the weeds early. We also did a sampling on August 22 for ecoli, and we were well below the limit. We also did a water clarity, we had two feet. It was due to high levels of nitrogen in the water, and our lake is shallow. Recently we did a fish stocking, blue gills, small mouth, and croppies. We had an algae bloom which was a concern, but our consultants said it is normal in a dry summer. We don’t think it is a problem. Jeff discussed cattail issues, and that the board decided it was an individual home owner’s issue. A question was asked about using melorganite on the lawns around the lake. Jeff said the treatment companies don’t use phosphorous any more.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said that we did a number of new projects. Most were part of a long term plan. He discussed the Eagle Scout project –the fishing pier. We added more boat storage. Brian discussed the boat storage area. He said we’ve had a request to expand the playground area for use by smaller children; there will be more of that. He also said we put in a Frisbee golf area. We also upgraded the beach and maintained the beach area, using up a lot of the budget on the park area. We’re trying to get the contingency fund up again to continue the project.

Architectural: Bruce said that the committee is not as active anymore as it used to be. He said that if the project exceeds $5,000 it has to be approved by the board. He said we had 3 projects we did this year.

TECH: Dan discussed the website, the upgrades to include the calendar on the park. We had 30 registrations. The board email has gotten a lot of heavy use. We have communicated to all the members as to the electrical damage, and the interface for the communications from the board to the members. We also have an outface to twitter and face book. There will be an update as to updates, and also a resident’s area where a code will be needed. But it will be available to the residents. Greg discussed the posting of the minutes and the actions by the board on the website.

The board moved on to the budget:

Paul Youngman provided the budget overview:

He said we’re not proposing any change to the board dues. Our intention is to maintain that. We have 144 homes therefore we have around $29,000 coming in to support the budget. Paul said this is really a forecast through the end of the year. For the most part our expenses have been captured. We haven’t gotten the bills for the fish stocking but we have recorded. We will have $11,000 carried forward and then we add the $29,000, we will have about $6500 left to do other project and things in the area. The playground purchase was a large purchase that is not in the budget next year since it has been paid. We have added a $1000 to the budget for a social committee. Since we have a lot of new people we’re trying to promote social interaction of the neighbors. A question was asked about the playground expansion as to cost. It was $16,000. The question was asked as to if that was approved. Stephanie discussed that we did price checking and we ended going with the guy who did the architecture and design. Stephanie did price checking of the equipment. Stephanie discussed what was done for the $16,000, the expansion, the removal of other equipment, the installation of the other playground equipment. Commentary was made as to why we chose the installer we did. Jim Lesage discussed the rules and regulations that are in place today, and that we did our best to comply with those regs. Jeff discussed that we did some price checks. Paul discussed the pricing and the sticker shock. Greg discussed the cost of the equipment and his comparison with other places that put in playground equipment. Stephanie discussed that the spinner we put in is handicap accessible and available as a safe piece of equipment for handicap kids.

A motion was made to approve the budget and it was passed. The budget was approved.


The board introduced themselves and gave how long they have been on the board.

The elections were held, Jeff Bloxdorf is up, Jeff and Dan accepted doing another term. Bruce is leaving Jeff Olson was recruited to replace Bruce.


Jeff introduced the discussion of boat registration and boat stickers. We’re not even sure who owns the boats. He said that we want to have a boat registration and clear out the old boats not owned by anyone. He also discussed the idea of a boat sticker so that should a boat float away or be moved then everyone will know whose boat it is. There will be a number on each boat. Dan said what we want a drop dead date for the boat sticker and ownership registration. If there are boats that don’t belong to anyone, then we will auction them off. You get one sticker for every boat you own. If you buy a boat during the year, there is an on-line form that you can get a sticker from the board that is on our website.

Dan also discussed the problem of non-registered users of the lake, the park, etc. We issued residents parking tags that can be placed in the car. He said that we want to crack down on those people who continue to use the park, so we have warning tags to put on cars. We will make such tags available to anyone who wants to have them. They are available through the board. Now we will also have a recorded documentation. Paul discussed that the tags are for the parking lot, but that the warnings are also for cars that are parked along the road who are non-residents who use the lake. Dan discussed that the lake is stocked for the residents only.

Unleashed Dogs in the park: Paul discussed that he had gotten feedback from residents. He said that we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to fully comply with something that makes everybody happy. Paul said we have a number of people who use our park and unleash their dogs. That is why Michael from the village discussed that there is a dog park near us. Dan discussed that we are looking at dog waste disposal units. A suggestion was made that no dogs should be allowed in the beach area, and that no dogs should be used in the playground area. Another discussion was about children playing in the park and that we have children in the area. The gentleman said there is a dog park in the area. The biggest problem is people picking up their dog waste. Jeff discussed that we may not be ready to make a rule as to no dogs in the park. Jeff discussed that we should put up signs and how we police the area. A discussion was had as to why we should even allow dogs in the park. Stephanie discussed that we have a lot of people in our association who walk their dogs and are responsible. The idea of signs was discussed as to dog areas, and where dogs would not be allowed. There is a maintenance issue.

Jeff discussed that we touched on cattails and algae. Jeff discussed that there are various opinions. Some people like them some people hate them. If individual home owners want they can take them down but not through chemical use. A discussion was held as to an area filling in from the island to the shore of the lake in a certain area. Jeff said we will keep monitoring it. Jeff said he would like to see them eradicated. Brian said that we have had them removed A discussion was held as to whether we are a PUD and that now we are our own Association.

A discussion was held as to parking a boat for a long term time. A complaint was filed as to a trailer being parked for a long period of time. It has been a period of 4 to 5 weeks. Two people brought up the complaint as to the parking of the trailer and other vehicles in an area for a long duration of time. Jeff said we want to keep the community standards high.


A discussion was held as to a new community development committee. The community would be a social committee to develop. Stephanie said it “sounds worse than it is.” She talked about eater egg hunts, parades, block parties, etc. She said that it would be a committee to promote people to know each other and use the park etc. A discussion was held as to the organization of the committee, the years past involved people using their own money. The discussion was held as to what the activities the committee could do, it was well received.

A discussion was held as to the association fee dues that are owed by one of the families. The family said the issue is that they are being dinged for dues owed in 2012. Jeff discussed read from the covenants and bylaws as to the owing of the dues. The key is that it is paid in advance. He said we should have filed a lean. He said we didn’t put a lean. He said that they would pay a pro-rata share of 2012 and then 2013. He said we should have filed a lean. Bruce said that usually there is a mortgage record as to dues. The board voted that we should accept the pro-rata dues and the 2013 payment of dues. Jim discussed the idea of the dues increasing, according to the cost of insurance. Bruce discussed the building of the park. And that we have not had a dues increase since 1981. Jeff discussed that our insurance is $2,000,000. Jeff said we have been informal on placing liens on property. It is usually about 15 months. Paul discussed the process that has to be done, and that it has been lax in the past.

A discussion about the passing of Priscilla Lehman and wondered if there was a plan to plant a tree on her behalf. The board will take action on the matter. Brian said he will talk to Ken Lehman about the planting of the tree.

The January meeting will be at the LeSage home on January 16, 2014.

A motion was moved to close the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM