2012 Board Meeting Minutes

River Oaks PUD Association Minutes: 2012

January 2012

  • Meeting commenced at 7:40 PM
  • Jim LeSage moved to approve the November 2011 minutes-Annual meeting minutes. The minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer’s report: The money market balance currently stands at $17,317.23 at the end of 2011.
  • The checking account balance currently stand at $1,744.22
  • Outstanding dues total for 2012 is currently $2125.
  • Other business
  • Roads and Grounds will be looking for volunteers for playground ideas.
  • The board will be looking to solicit email addresses for the directory
  • The board will be looking for ways to have more use of the website by the members of the Association. The suggestions were:
  1. An additional flyer
  2. Notification as part of annual dues
  3. Inclusion on parking tags

Committee Reports:

  • Roads and Grounds: Brian Conway is working on a park and lake front restoration.
  • Brian is looking into possible burning of and reseeding of prairie areas.
  • The board approved and renewed the Leighting proposal for park mowing and trash collection for 3 more years.

*Tech Committee: Website statistics will be enabled to better track origin of website traffic. Dan will be moving forward with the design and printing of the parking tags. He will bring the design back to the board in February. The board decided to include the website address on the parking permits. The parking permits will also be used as notification for legal parking.

* Architectural: It was reported that the following homes appear to be sold. The Freyer property, the Mastonardi property and it appears there may be a buyer for the Bailey property. There were no new violations to be reported at this time. The enclosed structure on 88th street has been removed.

Lake Committee:

  • Lake management review put up for recommendation that a 3rd treatment at week 5 for a total treatment time of 56 days.
  • The cost for the additional treatment was estimated at $1342 but John will check and discuss a contract with the vendor. The two treatment cost was estimated at $3725. The board tabled the decision on the 3rd treatment until the February meeting for further discussion. Bill Stoebig said he will also review the contract and ask for a second proposal to be made. John said the first treatment is now scheduled for April and will be discussed at the February meeting.

Old Business:

The board decided on the following meeting dates, the time of each meeting will continue to be 7:30 PM.

*February 16-Jeff Bloxdorf’s house.

* March 15-Brian Conway (Jim LeSage will be absent)

*April 19-Bill Stoebig’s home.

*May 15-Ron Kwasny ( Dan Noah will be absent-honeymoon)

*June 21-Dave Hildreth’s home.

*There is NO July meeting

* August 16-Dan Noah’s home.

*September 20-John Skalbeck’s home

*October 18-Greg Bass home.

*November 15-Annual meeting at the Pleasant Prairie Municipal building. The board discussed lake safety in order to avoid potential lawsuits and dangerous situations. A suggestion was made to make available life preservers near the lake. A recommendation was made to create a warning Label for illegally parked vehicles. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05.

River Oaks PUD Board Meeting

February 2012

Members in Attendance: Jeff Bloxdorf, Greg Bass, John Skalbach, Brian Conway, Bill Stoebig, and Ron Kwasny

There was a presentation by Nathan Brandes from the Boy Scouts. Nathan is suggesting that the Boy Scouts do a project for the association. He suggested that there are two projects, one is to change the fishing arrangements in terms of a fishing dock-or pier. Also, there is a boat docking project that is to be done. Brian discussed that there is two decks in the original plans,one a fishing deck and one on the other side. Brian said that one deck is enough in terms of what work has to be done. John spoke about doing one single deck with benches built in. Bill asked about doing the project based on the plan. Nathan said he has to get approval from the troop and council. Nathan said he thought he could get 15 guys as a joint scout project to do the project. The scouts do the project as part of the requirements to do the Eagle Scout requirement. John suggested that he would get the plan, then make up a drawing, get that approved and then bring it back to the board with cost estimates. John said that the funds would be provided,but Nathan said they would provide labor and Brian said in the past we provided the materials and they provide the labor. John talked about a plaque and providing foods for the kids that would be working. Jeff asked who had the blue print, Brian said that he had the blue print. Nathan said he was planning to do this summer, he said that as an Eagle Scout he has to have done by the time he’s 18. Brian said that we would just vote to have the project to proceed. Nathan said he would hope to have the project approved by april or May with construction beginning in June and accomplished by August. John said we can’t have piles in the lake-it has to be a pier that goes out over the lake in a cantilevered fashion. Bill suggested that we will also need to put gravel in as well. Brian said that the specs would have to be received from the village. Brian made a motion to allow the project y to proceed as proposed by Nathan Brandes through the scouts. The motion passed unanimously.

Approval Of Minutes:

The annual minutes were approved at the January meeting. The minutes for the January meeting were deferred to March’s meeting.

Treasurers Report:

Cash on hand $13,817.98 with $816.32 in the Checking Account for a total of $14,634.30. Ron talked to the realtor for the King home, and told him that there is money owed as dues on the property. Ron will send out notices. Ron talked to Warren, and he said he will pay. There are no outstanding bills. Since the first of the year, we have cleaned out the computer and paid the professional accountant to assist Ron with the Treasury. The outstanding dues are down. The Bailey house has been sold. The house sold for just north of $400,000. A couple from Chicago bought the home. Invoices will go out next week. Ron was going to put the budget notice on the website. The house where Joe Masternadi lived has been sold. The Freyer house has also been sold. We received payment on the Freyer dues. The house had $150,000 of leans against it. Ron said he needs coordinating the dues payments.

Ron discussed how are we going to coordinate the release of parking permits for the lake. John suggested that we put a line in the invoice. The note should say that “you will receive your parking permits upon receipt of your dues payment. Ron said it looks like we are on target for a $10,000 contingency fund and $16,000 for projects that are planned.

Committee Reports:

  1. Lakes: John called the marine Bio people about a modification of the lake treatment contract. Bill has the contract which he discussed. The cost is $3725 for two treatments. John called them about a third treatment. John felt the additional treatment would be half and they said that would be fine. But that he would do a new contract to include the third treatment of the lake. The third treatment is because the study we’re using is if you lengthen the time to do the treatments, it does a better job in knocking back the invasives. We did that last year and it worked really well. So, we are going to do the same thing this year. We started earlier last year and did three treatments. We are moving forward according to the plan we discussed last year whereby doing the three treatments over a 3 to 5 year period will eradicate most of the invasives. John said that if were really tight on money, we could probably do just two, but. Bill suggested that we just negotiated the new contract to be three treatments. John said as soon as he gets the contract he will email it to everyone. The cost should be around $5600. John made a motion to do the three treatments. Brain asked if that the DNR required that the gate be closed during the duration of the treatments. John said there is one little change, due to new regulations, they will have to file for a new permit. Jeff discussed that the winter has been warm, if we should do the treatment earlier this year. John said he would ask the treatment company about that. The motion passed.

John also said that we had 6 inch Blue Gills in the lake. John said he has a little movie and suggested we put it on the website. They stocked 500 fish for a cost of $1,000.

  1. Roads and Grounds: We discussed a sign that would warn people to pick up their dog droppings. Brian said most people do pick up there “stuff” but we discussed putting a sign with bags available. We are going investigate getting signs. Jeff said he would explore the idea to get a sign with a roller. John said he thought that the signs with the roller in them are already available. Jeff discussed that we have signs, Private Lake, no trespassing. We just put up new signs with the towing signs. John discussed that there are a couple of places where it is low in the park. Bill said we could include that in the Boy Scout project. Brian said we get road gravel. John said the path is in great shape except for a couple of spots. Brain said it would be a good idea to do that.

Brian said that later on when we discuss the bigger projects that are planned, we’ll include that in our discussion with those projects. Ron discussed a Life Ring to hang by the sign and lakes edge in case of a need. The “NO Trespassing” signs were put up by new owners, who are the Pygnati family. The land is non-buildable and you can’t hunt it. The house that is off of the subdivision, was built on land bought from the Pygnati family. There has been signs posted all along the family. Evidently the Pygnati’s have posted the signs. They live in Racine.

  1. Architecture: No report.
  2. Tech report: Dan discussed the parking passes. It is a plastic mirror hanger. The total cost is $639.00. The parking passes are non-transferable. Dan did 300 so that we have two per house. Jeff said that the biggest thing was enforcement. Each mirror pass is incremented and numbered so we can track them. The parking pass will say “Resident Parking pass.” Jeff suggested that when we hand the passes out we include a letter that encourages that associate members help us to enforce it.

Old Business: Brian discussed that people will be calling to reserve the Park. He talked about having a calendar on the website. Dan said that that was a possibility and that he would do that. Brian said that he will reserve the park on his calendar until the site is available. Dan said he would work with Brian to get that done.

New Business: Bill brought up that Chloe Stienke wants to do an Easter Egg hunt on March 31. People would turn in plastic eggs, then the kids could come and find them. So, the board approved doing that. She also requested that last year they did a vacation Bible school at her house. She asked that this year, if she could do so again. If they could use the River Oaks Fields to do the Bible study from June 25 to the 29th-Monday thru Friday. There would be church camp there. The board discussed the different issues in terms of liability, agreement between church and River Oaks association. The board decided that it was not a good idea to sponsor such an organized activity due to such liability issues due to the length and formal type of activities planned.

The next meeting is at Brian’s house on March 15th.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

River Oaks P.U.D Inc., Board Meeting

March 15, 2012

Open Meeting:

Reading of the Minutes: Minutes were not available they will be read at the April meeting.

Treasury report: The report indicated that 48 people have paid. There’s $21,400 unpaid.

There is $1550 from prior years. There is $7872 in the checking and $13,818 in the saving.

There is a bill for $1956 from State Farm for the insurance which is the increased level from last year for liability and boards and officers coverage.

Committee Reports:

Lakes: John Skalbeck is placing in the fish farm application. The company who will treat the lake, will be out next week to drag the lake and then begin treatments the next week. We are set to go the 3 applications routine. John said we will do the full treatment and extend the program to 56 days, so it will be over an extended period of time in order to create the most effect this year. This process was approved by the board meeting at the February meeting. Brian said he started a journal and is checking each week as to the lake level. John said, that we will close it off and leave it closed for the summer. We said we will leave it closed, however, if we’re not treating, and the lake gets six inches above the bottom of the gate/culvert, then we will open the gate up in order to avoid the lake getting too high. John said, we only have to keep people from swimming for a day after the treatment process. As the board approved, John said we have been erring on the aggressive side. He also said we haven’t done the consultants survey for awhile, but that is on another topic and something the board can discuss later. Bill suggested that maybe we could consider two treatments next year and then do the survey next year In order to financially offset the cost.

Roads and Grounds: Brian said the lawn maintenance guy still has the contract. Bill said Stephanie Davis is willing to work on the playground equipment committee. Brian said people are looking at the website and reading the minutes. Bill said that Dan is updating the site. Bill said there is a new email, we just write to the “board@river-oaks.org. Next month we’ll talk about the projects.

Architectural: Bill said there is no report.

Tech-web: Bill said that Dan had secured them, and there are 300 of the mirror tags. Bill said that Ron Nerva had a concern about giving the tags away if we give it out more than one to a household. Ron has been watching the board, and the board has given Ron the authority to monitor the lake, and the passes. Jim suggested that we put a date on the tag that is only good for two years. He also discussed the value of doing it every two years. Bill said that Ron has indicated there are people coming every day fishing and harvesting fish out of the lake. So, he’s concerned. The discussion came up that the tags are numbered and the numbers need to be associated with household. Greg said he would do the association if Ron gives him a list of those members who have paid. Brian and Bill said the tags should be associated with household not the members name.

Bill handed out a notice about the lake being private, and that the car can be towed. Bill suggested that such a notice be put on the car the first time.

Old Business: No old business was reported.

New Business: Greg brought up the idea of having River Oaks being a gated community. Dave said that there is an exit and access issue. And that we would have to have approval from the Village. So it doesn’t look like that idea would be an appropriate one.

Brian and Bill talked about the day camp idea at the park. The board turned the idea down, and the member was not disturbed and understood the board’s decision.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30

River Oaks PUD Board Meeting

April 2012

Members in attendance: Bill Stoebig, Jeff Bloxdorf, Greg Bass, Brian Conway, John Skalbeck, and Dan Noah.

Bill Stoebig opened the meeting at 7:40 PM.

The minutes for February and March were approved by the board.

Ron Kwasny delivered the:

Treasurer’s Report: Checking account is at $22,866.82; the money market has $13,818.11. We have $6,750 unpaid. Our accounts payable include State Farm Insurance $1,956. We still have the Lake treatment fees to be paid, approximately $5600, lawn and maintenance and other budget items that remain unpaid. Four dues payments were submitted by Jeff Bloxdorf and Brian Conway. Jeff brought up that we have incurred $583.60 of the Treasurer’s assistant’s budget the board placed aside.

A discussion was held regarding the park tags, the directory and the payment of dues. Brian and Bill discussed a letter that Bill will put in with the tags. Greg will get the directory done and printed, as approved by the board, he will also put the packets together. Brian said he had two volunteers who will pass out the packets. There are two tags per home. A list will be kept that correlates the number of each tag with the home that they are passed out to.

Committee Reports:

Lake Committee:

John Skalbeck said we got the fish farm registery confirmed. John said that we were not registered with the state. So, our license was held up. Ron and Bill resolved that issue, and the first lake treatment was done today-April 19 at 6 parts per billion. There will be two more treatments with 18 days between treatments. The final treatment will be done in June. The treatment company has been purchased by another company and we will contract with them. The Gate will be closed for the summer for the duration of the treatment. The company will post that the lake cannot be used for a day following treatment. Brian is measuring the water in relation to the culvert. Jeff brought up measuring the lake at different places. John and Brian will be doing the record keeping and measuring. John said last year he did monitoring of the clarity and measuring of nutrients as well. Brian brought up that he talked about white swans, for geese control. The company takes the swans away in the winter. We will look into the idea. We are looking for ideas to control geese.

Roads and Grounds: Brian Conway:

Brian contacted the lawn maintenance and they came out and mowed, and trimmed. The volleyball pole and net are down. Someone snapped the pole off. A few sections of the split rail fence have fallen apart. Brian said there are rot spots and we should replace some of the fence. The board discussed type of fence that we should do, we agreed on keeping a split rail. Brian went over the list we agreed to as part of our budget for parks. Brian said that we may want to change how the water goes into the beach. We are planning to put new sand in as well as dig out the cattails. We agreed that the important issues are the repairing of the playground base, new swings, staining the gazebo and other repairs to the park. Bill said Nathan from the boy scouts contacted the DNR and they said we can’t have a deck within a certain distance from the lake. Brian talked about doing a pier, but piers are not allowed in by the covenants. John brought up that we are a private lake therefore; the DNR does not have authority over our lake. The board prioritized the play ground base, the equipment, the beach, and the maintenance of the pavilion, as well as the fence. We’ll also repair the volleyball court. The board passed a motion to replace the boat storage with the fence repair and the volleyball repair. Brian said that people have called to reserve the pavilion.

Architectural Committee:

Jeff said there were only three issues. One guy on the river has a trailer in the back yard by the river that has been there for over a year. Another individual has a trailer on 110th in their back yard, and the individual on 88th who has a netted gazebo. Three letters were sent out regarding the issues.

Tech Committee:

Dan said a lot of work has been done updating, editing, tag announcement, as well as other new information. Dan presented the Google analytics; we have had a steady increase in hits on the site. He presented the stats on the curve. So the site is getting traffic. The average time on the site is 5 minutes. Dan talked about a reservation page for the park. Dan will also put a section for a justification page. Dan talked about posting photos. Dan talked about temporary warnings for cars at the lake-he will do that. Everything is updated on the site.

Old Business:

The association is incorporation and has been filed. Ron Kwazny filed with the state. So, River Oaks is a PUD that is incorporation. Greg will take the recertification to the village and also refile the by-laws and covenants with the county. Nathan from the boy scouts came to the meeting, later, and indicated he had received approval and instructions from the DNR that we would have to consider to move forward with the fishing deck project. The agreed to move forward based on Nathan’s information and will wait until Nathan now gets approval from the scout leadership to move forward with the construction of the fishing deck. The only concern the board considered was the DNR’s concern that the cantilevered deck cannot stretch out over the water by more than 8 feet.

New Business:

Jeff brought up that there needs to be no-fishing sign by the beach. Brian said that there is sign and people just ignore it.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.


Attendees: Brian Conway, Jeff Bloxdorf, Ron Kwasny, John Skalbeck, Bill Stoebig, David Hildreth, and Greg Bass

Reading of the minutes: The minutes were approved as amended.

A special guest Nathan Brandice was present. He was presenting on behalf of the Eagle scouts. The Eagle Scouts have proposed to build a fishing pier. Nathan asked about the funding. John suggested that Nathan fund raiser to feed the crew and provide for the crew, we will provide the materials and lumber. John also suggested that they might want to provide a plague. That way John said they can include the fund raising in their project. Nathan also presented that there are a lot of details on the carpentry part. Nathan showed the plans to Brian, and he brought over the plans we provided to Nathan. Brian said a landscape architect drew the plans. John suggested that Nathan take the plans to Menards or Lowes and that they would cost out the plan and redo the plans. Nathan said that he was told to take it to Lowes. The fishing deck is 10 x10. Bill asked about materials, that we should consider the “plastic” lumber rather than wood. John said that it is called composite lumber and that Nathan should get pricing for both types of lumber. Brian said that the spec’s looked good to him. Brian’s advised that the plans were reasonable. Nathan got approval from the DNR that he didn’t need approval for the deck. They said as long as they stay with 6 to 8 feet overhang there wouldn’t be a problem. Brian discussed the plans with Nathan and explained the details of the plan to Nathan. Nathan said he needed most of the rough details. John said Lowes and Menards will spec the whole thing out for him and provide a list of materials as well as a cost. Jeff brought up the budget cost of the deck in terms of how much it was going to be.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account: $24,802.88

Money in money market: $13,819.57

Total: $38,622.58

Association dues unpaid: $3300

Accounts payable: $179.68 (Greg Bass for directories)

We had a discussion about the dues yet unpaid. Ron said we always get notified when a house is in foreclosure or in the sales process. Therefore we can advise if we have a lean against the home for dues. It is up to the board to notify the holder of the loan, bank, or any new owner of the dues lean. John also presented an account payable for the fish farm permit. Ron said for the next meeting he will itemize what we have paid for. He presented a check register. The biggest item was the insurance, $1906. The other fee was $833 is for the filing of the income tax returns, billing and dues. The other items were standard items. Ron said they also upgraded the software for the accounting. Ron asked about the treatment, John stated it was about $5600. That includes the third lake treatment as well. Bill discussed what we should keep in reserve. At present, we’re keeping around $10,000. The deck cost was also discussed. Brian said the deck should be around $1,000, but we won’t know until the cost of materials comes through. The treasurer’s report was approved.


Lakes: John said they did the second round of treatments which was about 19 days after the first treatment and that would be another in 18 days. The only issue, he said, was Ken Lehman gave the treatment guy some discussion about treating in his area. There hasn’t been any sign of invasives coming through to the surface. Jeff said it was clear that we are probably going to have to do a treatment again next year. John said the gate is closed, and there appears not to be any issue at present. John reminded that we are keeping the gate closed all summer unless we have a large storm.

Roads and Grounds: Brian went over that the split rail fence was knocked down, the volleyball court post was destroyed, and he said he might be able to get some guys over next week. Greg asked about other materials, Brian said that there is a rubber tire material. It is shredded car tires, and so there is a little of the steel belts. Brian discussed issues as to that material. Brian said we are going to dig down with a loader and refill the area with wood chips. We’ve been adding over years about 13 or 14 years. There is no other use for the old stuff. Brian said the rubber stuff is kind of expensive. Brian said the chips we’re using are hardwood. He also said they are going to do the beach and the playground wood chips first. They will then do the painting of the equipment etc. Brian said someone moved the picnic tables down by the beach. John and Brian talked about putting in a big anchor bolt in the pavilion and chaining the picnic tables down to it. Jeff asked Brian about the Frisbee golf course. Brian said it’s a fun idea because it’s not in the budget. The board discussed last year budget including establishing of contingency fund. Jeff and Ron brought up that we have $12,250 for the projects this year with $ 3500 so we may have extra to do a Frisbee course. Brian discussed the boat storage project. Ron said we are on target as far the budget is concerned.

Architectural: Jeff discussed that Bill McCormick is putting a big addition on his house. The board approved the project. The addition is going on the back of his house. The board approved the project. Last month Jeff sent out letters to three people. The person on 110th moved and the other one is a tent type of gazebo. Jeff hasn’t’ sent him a second letter yet. The board discussed the tent as a canvas gazebo-and that it is in violation of the covenants. While the board members felt it was not necessarily a permanent structure, by definition of the covenants, it is not allowed. The board discussed whether we should write another letter or not. The board decided to look at it and discuss next meeting. The board also discussed political signs, and decided that we made people take them down last year. Jeff will advise people with signs that they need to take them down.

Tech : Dan was not available –he is on his honeymoon. Dan will update the website with the calendar. Brian asked Dan to put an interactive calendar up and he said he would.

Old Business: Brian said two ladies will go door to door and deliver the letter, the mirror tags, and the directory. Brian discussed what number tag goes with what house. Jeff discussed the boat storage area. He asked if we are going to get together and build the boat storage area. Brian said it’s important that we allow all other association members to put their boar over in the area. The board discussed the idea of having Swans. Ron said that a couple of people put coyote decoys out and the geese don’t go there.

Jeff discussed if we should have a date to build the boat slip. Brian talked about doing a later along with the Eagle Scout project for the deck. Greg brought up the idea of additional lights. Brian and John said that the park closes at dusk.

Ron brought up a notice of flood plain hearing. The village is doing an update to the flood plain warning, one map may not be the same as the FEMA map. The issue is concerning the insurance coverage on homes that would now be considered in the flood plain. John said that there would be engineering to improve it. Brian said the last review was in 1998 and it put some people out of the flood plain. John said he thinks it might be better. The meeting is on May 30, 2012.

Ron made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

River Oaks PUD Board Meeting

August 16, 2012

(No meetings were held in June or July)

Board Members in Attendance:

Jeff Bloxdorf-VP/Architectural, John Skalbeck-Lakes, Dan Noah-Tech, Greg Bass-Secretary, Jim LeSage-bd.member, Brain Conway-roads and grounds

Jeff Blosdorf called the meeting to order at 7:35.

Treasurer’s report:

There was no treasury report due to Ron’s absence.

Committee Reports:

Lake Report: John said the final treatment had been done. He also reported that it was effective. Brian discussed that non-invasive native plants had returned. John discussed the fish die-off. Ron Kwasny had the lake tested. The results were all good. Hot temperatures create a lack of oxygen so that fish die off. John called it a freak occurrence of conditions. John said that he is going to do clarity measurements. He said the clarity is not great, but it is okay. Brian said that he believes the zebra muscles are gone. John asked about stocking. Last fall we did some stocking of blue gills, 6 inch plus, at the advice of the people who did the survey. John asked if we should do stocking again this fall? John said he was going to call the Lake company and ask about if we should do a stocking again. John said in the past we had done some yellow perch, walleye, and it’s been a while since we did that kind of fish. John said he would report next month on his inquiry about whether we should do stocking again. The depth of the lake is at its deepest part is around 12 feet with a couple of 15 foot holes. John said it is good to keep a few big northern in the lake because they control the blue gill population. The estimate is that we lost about 15-20 Northerns. Brian asked, “when the guys did the testing, did that testing get on the website?” Dan said he would get the report up on the site. The ecoli test was very low, the results were great. Greg asked about people watering their lawns by pumping the water out of the lake. John said it’s not that big of deal right now to make an issue about. He said it is bad perception issue. Jeff said he would put out a letter to the membership about it, asking the membership not to do pumping of water out of the lake. Jim said that we should be careful with the language.


Jeff discussed the political signs. He sent out letters asking that people not put up political signs on their lawn. Jeff also discussed that we have a member who has a trailer that has been parked in his back lawn for over a year. We have sent a couple of letters already, so now we have to contact our attorney and see what we can do now. Jeff’s letter will be placed in the minutes. John asked about the addition to a neighbor’s house. John asked about the new neighbor who is redoing Bailey’s old house. There is no other construction going on.

Tech-Web: Dan just returned from his honeymoon and a large project at work, so he’s going to do the website. Greg asked about putting the directory up on the site. The board decided against it. Greg asked about correcting the directory and having 50 printed for those who would want one..

Jim suggested that the grace period for not having mirror tags and being on the lake is over. We talked about putting up a bigger sign. The grace period warning is September 1.

Roads & Grounds:

Jeff asked about reserving the park. Brian said June, July and August most Saturdays were reserved. Also, many Sunday’s were reserved. Brian said reservations at the pavilion have been very popular. Brian also said that there have been major improvements. Jeff said he will check on the frisbe golf course set up. Brian said we do have a problem with weeds growing along the road, it’s teezle. Brian said it’s taking over. It’s a biennual, he said it’s possible burning will take care of it, he said he will have a guy out to check out what to do. Brian said he hauled one of the old picnic tables away. He said he saw the lawn care guy bumping the tables with his lawn mower, so he’s going to talk with him about that. Jim discussed about a tree down that needs to be removed. Jim asked about whether we should call the village and have it removed.

Old Business:

Jeff said Nathan Braneis still has some approvals to get through.

New Business:

Lake Aereation. Brian said they looked at. He said it is extremely expensive and hard to maintain. Brian said they couldn’t find any science behind it. So they decided not to do. John said it is a pretty rare occurrence. It’s only happened twice in the past 12 years. There was a major issue all over the Midwest due to the drought.

John brought up that we have quite a lot of boats and canoes in the storage area. There were some on the ground. So, he thought we should rebuild a boat storage area. He discussed that we could consider doing that as a project. John said that Steve Predania, had a list. Jim brought up if there is a list, or an inventory. Brian brought up the idea of a sticker. Jim suggested that the boats should have the house number that they belong to, put on the boat. The board discussed have an effort to build it ourselves. Brian talked about how easy it would be to build another top level. The current structure does not need to be redone. Brian said he would check with Steve to see if he has the list. The boat rack project will be done next summer.

The board discussed the flood plain map. Ron attended the flood plain meeting so, there was no discussion and tabled until next month.

The next meeting is on September 20th at John Skalbeck’s house.

We will need to begin the 2013 budget at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40.




We did not have a quorum at the meeting. Nathan Brandeis was there to discuss the fishing pier project. He brought new plans that he received assistance from a contractor. Brian and John reviewed the plans with Nathan. Nathan discussed building the deck with post and beam construction. The deck will be more cantilevered than originally planned given the land form where it is to be built. The lake is down this year, so John and Brian suggested that the deck/pier have anchors on both sides, and that the cantilever be out 8 feet. John and Brian approved the plan design. Brian asked about the price of the materials. Nathan said he was going to finish the details of the plan explanation out and then he would get pricing. Brian suggested that he go to Menards and work with the contracting guys there. Nathan said he went to both Menards and Lowes and that Lowes gave him print out of what the materials would be. Nathan said they would be using pressure treated pine and severe treated decking. Nathan said that at Lowes he would get $250 off as an eagle account project.

Brian said that they had cleaned the space. Brian said that we had approved a budget already for the deck. But Nathan said the deck will now be 10 x 16.

Other Items discussed:


John discussed a survey that they did to measure that you can see a “secci” dish at to determine the clarity of the water. The clarity this year in August was a foot and half to 1.7 feet. The last time it was done was November of 2011 and the clarity was about 3 feet. Therefore, there’s nothing to be alarmed about. John said he talked to the fish guys. John discussed the lake situation, they recommended that we should plant some croppies and yellow perch. He said our lake is not a walleye lake because they need deep cold water. We have plenty of Bass and blue gills. The recommendation is 5-7 inch croppies. The prices were $2.50 each for the croppies and $1.50 each for the yellow perch. Last year we did a $1,000 worth of stocking and one year we did $2,000. We talked about spending another $1,000 for stocking. We discussed $600 worth of croppies and $400 of yellow perch. Croppies need it cold so the fall is a good time to stock.

Lakes and Grounds:

Brian said that they cleared the spot for fishing deck, they stained the gazebo and cleared a lot of cattails, dug up a lot of weeds and did general lawn maintenance over at the beach. Brian said that we should go over and look at the boat area to determine how we would make a double-decker canoe area. We discussed making another single boat tier. Greg said a major issue we have is what boats are there that don’t belong to anyone. Greg said they don’t have a list of who the boats belong to. Brian said he’ll put in the budget expanding the boat tier dock at the beach. Brian also said he was going to include play ground equipment, new, as well as landscaping.

We talked about which officers and board positions renew. The next meeting we will have to prepare for the annual meeting.

It is very important that all board members attend the next meeting at Greg’s house.

River Oaks PUD Association Meeting

October 25, 2012

Board Members Attending Meeting: Bill Stoebig-President, John Skalbeck-Ch. Lakes, Brian Conway-Ch. Roads and Grounds, Jim LeSage-Bd. member, Jeff Bloxdorf-VP-Ch. Architectural, Dan Noah-Ch. Tech and Greg Bass-Secretary

Bill Stoebig called the meeting to order at 7:41.

Brian Conway approved the August and September meeting minutes.

Treasures’ Report: Ron was not available so there was no treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports:


John said he has an order in for $999.17 for stocking of the lake. He said that he ordered Croppies and Yellow Perch. Jeff asked if there was a chance of the fish stunting. John said last time we bought the larger Blue Gills and they did okay. He said it’s kind of a wait and see to see about the Perch and Croppies. The concern is that the Perch get preyed on by the Northern and larger fish. The board discussed an estimate of how many big fish we lost due to the drought. Dan said there seem to be a lot of fish jumping. The estimate is around 20.

Jeff asked if we were going to auto-treat next year. John said we will be doing it again next year, and Bill talked about it being in the budget. Brian said there is a native pond leaf in a couple of different spots in the lake. Brian said it doesn’t appear very invasive.

For next year’s budget we will include continued lake treatment at around $6,000 and $1,000 for additional stocking.

Roads and Grounds:

Brian talked about additional boat storage and playground equipment. Brian said he will get a firm quote on the boat storage. Bill brought up the idea of new gravel for the lake area. Bill suggested placing $15,000 in the budget for playground and parks in general which includes deck, storage, up keep, and playground equipment. Brian said that we are still trying to get a committee to do a study and find the equipment. Brian said the pavilion had been restained. Brian said we lost a couple of picnic table, one was “busted up” and one is out on the island. Those will need to be replaced. Brian said he anchored the remaining tables. John said he helped Nathan dig the holes for the boat deck that is going up.

Architectural: Jeff talked about scofflaws, people that scoff at the law. Jeff handed out a letter that he has sent out regarding covenant violations. The letter that will be sent out. Jeff discussed the session he had with the attorney. The attorney came up with an idea of an injunction to cease and desist from the activity. The injunction would file for the injunction through the attorney with the costs of the injunction being paid by the violator. The issue has arisen due to the political yard signs that have been put up and people have refused to abide by the covenants. Jim suggested that the money for the injunction goes to the attorney and we then are out of the process. The letter indicates that there is a time period for abiding by the covenant request.

John made a motion to approve the letter and the process of injunction in the future. So that the process will be a first letter, followed by a second letter after a week’s time followed then by a week and an injunction being filed.

Greg brought up the idea about requesting that people repair and maintain the fences along the country trunk C. Greg also brought up about maintaining the property of a house that is in foreclosure. Jim said that if the grass grows to a certain height the village will cut the grass and bill the responsible party. Jim brought up that he didn’t know if we are allowed to remove signs along the road. Jeff said he has been mailing the letters. Dan said he will post Jeff’s letter on the web. Jeff said the letter will remain as is for other violations as well, such as trailers.

TECH: Dan talked about moving us over to a web hosted site. He said there’s a lot more we can do. Dan said the hosting price works out to $4.00. He said we could do a password protect option, for a directory etc. Dan said we can have a truly secured sight. The calendar for reserving the park etc. Greg asked Dan about a budget for next year. So, he requested to earmark $200. John motioned that we set aside $200 for the technology to move forward with the website hosting project. Jeff asked about the traffic on the site, we are getting more hits. He said we are getting more hits on the covenant portion of the site.

Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business:

November annual meeting: Bill said he’ll check to see if November 15 was available for the annual meeting. Bill brought up the idea about a legal service fund to place in as a budget item. Greg and Jeff suggested 10 hours work at $200 an hour. We discussed then a budget of $2,000 for legal expense. Greg made a motion to include $2,000 in the budget for a legal expense fund. Bill seconded it and it was approved.

Bill said in 2012 we had a budget of around $19,000. We had cash on hand at that point of $16,743 with an expected increase of $10,000. We had $27,000 with $17,000 for projects with $10,000 in the contingency fund.

Bill discussed who is up for leaving the board this next year. The following: Bill Stoebig, John Skalbeck, Brian Conway and Ron Kwasny. Bill said he’s not interested in being on the board again and neither is Dave Hildreth. So we think we’ll need 3 new members. Jim suggested that when Ron sends us the treasury report, we should meet to discuss and put together a budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


NOVEMBER 15, 2012

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Stoebig, President, Brian Conway, Roads and Grounds, Jim LeSage, Dan Noah, Tech, Greg L. Bass, Secretary, Jeff Bloxdorf, and John Skalbeck-Lakes.

Bill Stoebig called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

The minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Committee reports:

Lakes-John Skalbeck discussed the lake treatments process. Originally process was two applications, now we changed it to three in 2011 according to a recommendation by the army engineers. That is to get rid of the pod weed. We did the new version of the treatments in 2012. We will continue to do the whole lake treatments due to concerns of the invasive pod weed. It’s about $5600 a year to do the treatment.

John also discussed the fish stocking. Last year we did about a $1,000 annually, last year we did blue gills. This year we did black crappies and yellow perch, we will have 330 of each species delivered in a couple of weeks. In general, he said, our fishery looks good despite the drought die off. We lost about 20 fish. After that we did water samples and tests. The tests turned out okay and we’re confident the die off did not affect the lake that badly. However, the lake level was low, and did affect the lake clarity. Overall, the lake looks really good.

Roads and grounds: Brian Conway said last year we focused on maintenance and replacements of the park, pavilion, added sand, maintenance of fence, staining, and other areas. We’ve had request for boat storage. We are going to double next year. We have also request for playground equipment. We have budgeted money for that. We’re also looking for volunteers to help with that. The Eagle scouts have implemented a fishing pier.

Nathan Brandeis spoke about the fishing pier. In 1995, he said there was a plan to build a pier but it was never done. On the South side of the beach there is a designated area for fishing, so the pier is being built there. It will be maintainable and last a long time. This project is for the Eagle Scout project. Nathan said that this project has taken a lot of planning, as well as work. It has been quite “eye opening” he said. The board paid for all the materials. Nathan discussed the building of the pier, digging the post holes. Hillside true value donated a two man power auger to dig the holes. Hopefully, Nathan said, it will be done before winter. Nathan decided on to use severe weather treated wood and composite material. Nathan said they are going to try and make it more handicapped accessible by putting a ramp to the pier.

Brian said that in the spring there will be landscaping done.

Architectural Committee: Jeff Bloxdorf spoke about the bylaws and covenants. He said they were put in place to keep the neighborhood from becoming messy and junky looking. Jeff discussed the issue of political signs. We do not have fines in our bylaws. He said he spoke to a judge and that we can file injunctions for violations. He said it would give us a mechanism with some teeth so we can enforce the covenants. Jeff discussed that we don’t allow signs political or other types other than construction or real estate, for sale signs.

Jeff discussed the issue of trailers being left out in the areas. Right now we’re trying to uphold the covenants about the long standing issue of the trailers. Jeff said that anyone can communicate via the website if there’s a complaint.

Bill talked about the signs at the beach, the mirror signs, so that we can have non-residents towed. Also, Bill talked about the towing signs by the lake. We are trying to keep the lake private. Bill discussed the process by which cars can be towed.

Greg discussed the complaint process as well as the mirror tags.

Tech: Dan talked about using the web site as our primary contact form with members. He talked about the communication, the member can send through the site and it will be delivered to everyone on the board. Dan just said that he did a major update as to the covenants, and bylaws access, as well as the calendar for the park. Dan said he will have a password protected directory. He said we don’t just want to put names and addresses out there, so it will be password protected.

Dan also said that if you’re on face book or twitter, there will be a link that it will update you as an interface. So, that anything a member needs to reach out to the board, they can because it is now fully compatible by Ipone, blackberry etc. There will also be a community Photo site. Dan discussed the calendar that will be interactive. The cost of the website was $125 for 4 years.

Budget: Bill reviewed the budget forecast for 2013. We have 143 homes we collect dues from. IN the Forecast, $800 is for concrete for the fishing platform as well as other materials. We have outstanding payments that we’re looking at recovering that is around $1200. We have sent out leans on houses. We have recouped some as houses are sold. We have one house that is grandfathered and they are paying $125.

Our operating expenses include insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance. If there is a big claim and the insurance is not enough, we could all be assessed, so Bill said it would be a good idea to carry additional liability coverage. We have taxes on the park. Legal and professional expenses, we farmed out some accounting and paid for that. We also reserved legal expenses for letters. The roads and grounds are the largest expense, the updates and maintenance. There is a change on the budget, the consulting and treatment will be $6,000 and fish stocking will be $1,000. Overall $7100 for the budget.

Bill discussed the projects that are there, we had $80. Landscaping, we have $15,000 for playground improvements. Cash at beginning of 2013 is at $19,000 which will be $21,000. We have a $2,000 contingency fund. The budget is pretty much the same except for the playground project.

A question was asked about the entrance signs. Brian said that they are to be repaired and painted. The lights on the entry sign are on during the day, Brian said there is something wrong and it needs to be address. The photo sensor needs to be cleaned up. Brian said he needs another electrician.

A motion was made to approve next year’s budget. It was approved.

Board Member Election:

Bill Stoebig said he is stepping down. Ron Kwasny would also like to step down. Two people have volunteered to be on the board-Stephanie Davis, and Paul Youngman. The two new board members were elected in. Dave Hildreth is also stepping down and Bruce Milne will take Dave’s place.

A question was asked about a tree on the corner of 110th, there is a concern about the trimming of the tree. A comment was made that the village should take care of the issue.

A question was asked about the fishing sign by the beach. Greg brought up about trying to find out who owns what down at the boat doc. This will be old business for the next meeting. The catch and release was discussed.

The January meeting will be held at Jim LeSage’s house on the 10th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18