2010 Board Meeting Minutes

River Oaks Board meeting


  1. Election of officers:
  2. President is Bill Stoebig
  3. Ron Kwasny-Treasure
  4. Greg L. Bass-Secretary
  5. Jeff Bloxdorf-VP
  6. Brian Conway-Roads and Grounds Committee
  7. John Skalbeck-Lakes Committee Chairman
  8. Other Board Members: Lance Massolini, Jim LeSage, Steve Predaina.

All new officers were installed as of 1/10/10 meeting at 7:30.

  1. Treasurers Report:

Ron Kwasny report:

Register, two accounts kept in M&I. Money market account. Checking account. Status of January 1, 2010, Checking-$.85 money market $10,622.32.. Expenses that are outstanding, survey quality of lake, if needs treatment is needed. Tax bills-Island and park have been paid. Dues for association fees are to be sent out this month. Outstanding dues: $625, one account delinquent by $250 for two years. Due dates for dues are in February. Last year income was $18,000. We spent $23,000. Anticipated income will be $18,000 and 2009 expense was $20,000. Major outlays lake treatment and maintenance. Repairs and park maintenance, 2009 was $6800 vs.: $9200 in 2007. Roads and grounds was $4500 and the prior year was $6500. There was discussion about raising the dues $25 but was discussed for a 2011 change. At the present rate we are using the surplus fund up and will not have a contingency fund available. The concern is that we need to have a contingency in case an issue with the lake occurs. The contingency fund wants to keep $10,000 for such purposes.

The next annual meeting the increase in the annual dues will be presented.

  1. Roads and Grounds committee report:

Will look for proposal to fix light post in the park that has been knocked down. Looking for bids for park maintenance-spoke to Leiting, he’s willing to do for same price as last year. They are also supposed to do raking beach, and some lake maintenance. Brian will get two more estimates. A discussion was held to do bids. Leiting has done the contract for three years. A discussion was held to maintain contract and since Leiting was going to maintain same price for 4th year, the board accepted the Leiting bid. It was felt he does a good job and is familiar with the services needed. The discussion was held about planting in the parks, the frontage roads, and entry ways etc. Brian was going to get a proposal from Prairie nursery for those plantings. We will address those situations at the March meeting. There was also a discussion regarding insurance renewal. The board discussed having Chuck Christensen, to a meeting to present and discuss at the February.

IV: Lake committee; There was no report for this meeting. There will be a discussion at the February meeting regarding the lake treatments.

V: Architectural control:

There was a discussion about snowmobiling in the subdivision. Access to trail was discussed. The board didn’t feel that it was presently a problem a notification was sent to Greg L. Bass had built a shed on his property. The board voted to discuss the small unit in Greg’s backyard; the board discussed and said they would review this situation.

VI: Creating a new directory, and the addition of new rules and regulations. We will distribute a questionnaire in terms of updating the directory, and other services to offer to the association, such babysitting, dog watching, and handyman. Greg will model a questionnaire. The board will review the questionnaire and it will be distributed with the February invoices.

VII. Meetings were scheduled for the year: February 11, meeting will be held at Greg Bass home, March 11, meeting will be held had Ron’s, April 8th will be at John Skalbeck, May 13, will be at Lance’s home, June 10, will be at Bil’s house. No meeting in July. August 12 meeting will be held at Jeff’s house. The November meeting will be the Annual meeting.

The Board will discuss a formal process at the February meeting.

Ron motioned to adjourn the meeting, Lance seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned.

Signed off by Greg L. Bass/Secretary of the Board.


FEBRUARY 11, 2010

  1. Chuck-Insurance, $1,000,000 with $4,000,000 aggregate. $2,000,0000 director and officers. $30,700 for coverage on the pavilion. It also covers the swing sets. However, there is a $2500 deductible. With $500 for sign coverage. John asked what coverage would be if the deductible was $500. Filing claims-insurance isn’t like it used to be the company might drop the policy for frequency of claims. There is a clue report, the report follows you. $2,000,000 if someone drowns, or other liability. Chuck asked if there’s anything else that we needed. Coverages are through State Farm. We need to get certificates of insurance from all vendors, such as lake maintenance vendors. Jim asked what the cost would be to move the liability to $3,000,000. The premium is $500 a year. The treatment company must provide a certificate every time they do a treatment. Policy runs from May 18 to May 18 of each year.
  2. The minutes of the past board meeting were approved and accepted.
  3. Treasury report: There was no treasury report.
  4. Roads and grounds:

Becker electric came out and capped wires. We will need to purchase a new pole. The new pole will cost to fix the new pole with new globe $1945.

  1. John gave a lakes committee report. The Hay group did a survey of the lake. Their report provided that we have some encroachment from other plants and reeds. However, we have held back the invasion of other intrusive plants. They recommended a survey of Zebra muscles which are in the lake. We had a discussion since we have been monitored ourselves. Overall, the chara which is a good plant is growing and spreading which will hold back other curl leaf plants and intrusive vegetation. There is concern about the treatment chemicals, however, the concentration is very low and not dangerous. Which should post notice when treatment is taking place, which we do, and practice due diligent in that regard. What has worked well is when we do the first treatment in April. That knocks the invasive weeds back before they get tall. We had a previous fish survey report. We started more fish stocking. John said, we may want to consider a new fish stocking. The Hey group survey was $1300. The fish survey recommendation was that we should do a spring electro-shock of the carp. John thinks that’s money well spent. Bill suggested canceling the July and August survey and use the funds to electro-shocking the carp.

A motion was made to cancel the July and August survey and reallocating funds to pay for electro-shocking of the carp.

The motion was passed.

  1. A discussion was held regarding the invoices. We have to mail those and make sure we have a record of those persons who are mailed the invoices. The discussion was held as to including the letter and the survey.
  2. A discussion was held regarding the complaint process. The formal complaint process was discussed. The complaint process will be in the new directory. The last portion of the book will contain the complaint process. The complaint process will be made in writing. Complaints will be made in writing and then resolved at the monthly board meetings for discussion and resolution. Greg made a motion to formalize the complaint process. The motion passed. The section will titled to “How to communicate with the board.”

Iinvoice. Changes were made to the survey. A discussion was held to scan in the directory for the April meeting. Greg will scan the directory in for the April Meeting.

  1. Architectural committee report:

The Bass building was discussed. Jim discussed it as a precedent as to sheds, and or buildings. The people who have sheds and gazebo’s that they have had to take down. Split rail fences are allowed, but other fences are allowed. The architectural committee believed that the building is a shed. The board approved to change the building in the spring.

  1. A discussion was held regarding a website. The board decided that at this time it was not a necessary item.
  2. A discussion was held as to the date for the next meeting, the meeting will be either March 10, or 11th. Jeff will communicate with Ron and Lance about when the meeting will be held and email the rest of the board.
  3. Greg made a meeting to adjourn the meeting-it was seconded by Brian and the meeting was adjourned.

River Oaks Board Meeting for

March 11, 2010

The March River Oaks board meet was called to order by Bill Stoebig. The minutes from prior the meeting, February were approved and past.

‘I. Ron gave a treasury report. We have past year expenses for the Hay Survey and the lake treatment. We currently have $1800 in the the checking account and $8300+ in the money market account.

We have two outstanding bills to be paid. $17 and $84.

The invoices were discussed. Ron has the invoices ready and will work with Greg to send out the invoices, the letter from the board and also the survey for the new directory.

II. Roads and grounds report: Brian was not present but John discussed the cost of the light pole plus the need to repair the electrical outlet box. The board approved the repair of the electrical outlet box. Evidently, we have a group of people partying at the park due to the beer bottles and damage that has been done there recently. Brian is looking into getting both of these things repaired.

III.Lakes committee report. John discussed the treatment of the lake and we it will cost $1325 for the treatment of the lake. Marine Biochemical gave a cost for the treatment. We paid the Hay group a $1000 for the survey. We are going to have a shock treatment done to rid the lake of carp. We also paid the Fish Farm license fee of $50 which provides us licensure to treat and stock the lake without DNR process. The board approved the shocking treatment for the lake. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the disposal of the carp. The board is looking into how to dispose of the carp.

V.Old business: The insurance was discussed. Chuck has informed Bill that the insurance was not quoted and priced correctly. The original liability only covered, mistakenly, one unit rather than the 150 homes. Bill advised the board that the premium will increase by $1400. The board requested that Bill get the new insurance premium and then a discussion was held and the board decided to get alternate bids on the insurance.

A discussion was held as the language for the complaint process. The board decided to include the new language for the written complaint process in the new directory.

John discussed the idea of new signage which would be put out in the parking lot as to the privacy of the lake .

VI.New Business: A discussion was held regarding how people access the lake. The process was discussed as to how to handle people who are at the lake but not members of the association. Ron discussed issues that he confronted with a number of people using the lake. The issue of partying at the lake was discussed. The park closes at dusk and is notice on the sign. The rule that there must be an association member present with the group of people has been loosely inforced.

The board will look into how to handle this issue in the past.

Bill made a motion to adjourn. The next meeting will be at John’s house on April 8th a Thursday. John seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned.

River Oaks Board Meeting for April 10, 2010.

Secretary –Greg L. Bass was not in attendance. The board discussed the following issues and has taken action on them:

April 8 2010 board meeting: members present, Brian and John.

Discussion – John has coordinated lake treatment and Carp removal, Brian will supply sand bags and Brian has found a source for new check valve/ screw down gate for lake culvert, waiting for quote.

River Oaks Board Meeting for May 13, 2010

The River Oaks Association Board meeting was held at Jim LaSage house. In attendance were Bill Stoebig, Jim Lasage, Jeff Bloxdorf, Ron Kwasny, Brian Conway, and John Skalbeck.

A motion was made to approve the minutes, the minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Treasury Report: Ron gave a report on aging and payments. In our bank account $4,723.51 in checking, MM we have $17,302.60. The only activity was the service charge, $15 a month, it’s now up to $27 a month. Checking account, extent of bills, we energies, septic service, pleasant prairie utilities. We have a lawn service bill and an insurance bill. The insurance bill is the same. There is a question with the level of coverage. There should be a 150 homes listed as coverage for the subdivision. The premium did not. So, the board will be checking into the coverage and premium charged. Bill will contact Chuck to see check. There are no other outstanding bills.

Aanother notice to the outstanding amounts due.

A motion was made to accept the treasury report Approved.

Committee Reports:

Roads and ground: Brian reported that Becker Electric, the poles we have are no longer are made. A discussion was held that we should put in two new poles. There was not a price given. The price quote was $3590 for the two poles. A motion was made to approve the purchase of one pole. The motion was approved for Brian to review a single pole. The motion was passed.

The next issue was a Canal Gate. The intent is to place on the culvert, in order to shut water off to the lake from the river. There were two options, an aluminum one and a steel one. The problem now is that the flapper on the one in place now jams and water pours in as well as do carp, until the river goes down. Also, it is difficult to get at the jammed flapper when the river is high. The board discussed the future expenses and decided to table the purchase of the lamp until further review of the expenses in October. The motion also included purchase of the aluminum canal gate. The motion was approved.

Lake Committee: John Skalbeck:

The first treatment of the lake was performed on May 12, 2010. Brian sandbagged so the rain didn’t effect the treatment. Marine Biochemist will return on May 26-27 to finish the second treatment. Signs were

They observed a lot of carp when they were treating the weeds and other plant growth. They said we’d need a two cubic foot dumpster. The carp zapping will done in approximately two weeks. The issue remains disposal of the carp.

The board discussed if there was a stocking of the lake done. The last stocking was done in September of 2008. A number of people have caught large northern pike, so talked about a catch and release policy. No action was taken.

Architectural control: There was a complaint on signage. The board reviewed the language and one sign is allowed that a professional sign one foot square. A larger sign that is used for selling or renting the property can be used. Those signs can be five foot square.

The committee discussed the effect of the architectural committee. A discussion was held as to creating a higher awareness of the committee.

A discussion was held regarding the issue of trailers . The board discussed that the whole board is the architectural committee. There was the discussion about a chairman. Jeff Bloxdorf volunteered to be the chairman of the architectural committee and report issues to the board.

The board approved his position.

Old Business:

The directory is under review. John brought up the idea of putting the rules and regulations that have been passed since the 2005 covenant back into the directory. There should be added a subsection at the end of the directory titled “rules and regulations.” The board approved that such section must be added. That section is to be added to the new directory. Bill Stoebig will review those rules and regulations and get them to the secretary, Greg L. Bass. The language for complaint procedure will go into the rules and regulations. Greg agreed to write the initial draft of language for complaint procedure and get to the board.

New Business:

The board discussed the annual rummage sale. It is the first Saturday in June, this year it is June 5th. The village of Pleasant Prairie changes their collection time and places the parking sign.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved. The next meeting is on June 10, 2010 at Bill Stoebig’s house.